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#SpaceForEveryone - @cboldenjr talking about how he got here and getting in as a member of the NASA Family. I was most proud to have served under the 1st black president, Would like to see a female NASA Admin.
Never dreamed of flying in space, went through life taking advantage of the opportunities presented to me. Was embarrassed about applying to become an astronaut by Ron McNair.
Bolden said that McNair asked him if Bolden was going to apply he said no because they'ed never pick me. McNair responded that is the most stupid thing I've ever heard. Said that he was going to apply and just have a good time in Houston. George Abbey called after & offered it.
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Polk said that the Objectives aren't to keep you from flying a mission its to protect you from the space environment Saying too we would have never known about some of the issues like the eyesight adeama's being reported. Also saying that a Flight to Mars will be different.
On Standards: We almost make them sound biblical you are really holding firm to maintain the quality and safety of the mission requirements are different and can be waived. Requirements are areas we can address the risk & get ti back into the standards.
This also impacts requirements on the vehicle design fonds on circuit breakers or controls for instance. and can they be adjusted for different points in a long-duration flight?
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Elon Musk at #codecon, on the #Inspiration4 mission:

"It's got a bit more gravitas than simply tourism. It's not like going to Disneyland, it's more profound than that. Sometimes people use tourism in sort of a negative way, but ... they shared their experiences with the world."
@inspiration4x @SpaceX @elonmusk Musk: "I recommend watching the Netflix show 'Countdown.' It's awesome. I didn't have anything to do with it, and the production value on the Netflix Countdown documentary is amazing."
@inspiration4x @SpaceX @elonmusk Musk adds that "there was an element of tourism" to Inspiration4 but the "technology is expensive at first. You can't just try and develop brand new technology, it doesn't become instantly cheap and affordable."
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SpaceX and #Inspiration4 are hosting a post-splashdown briefing by phone, with:

– Inspiration4 mission director Todd “Leif” Ericson

– SpaceX human spaceflight programs senior director Benji Reed

Late addition: @F16Kidd4 is joining the call from SpaceX's recovery ship, with an update on the crew.

"They're taking selfies, they're having a good time, they're eating, they're drinking, standing up and walking around. Just an amazing ride for everyone."
@F16Kidd4 Poteet: "The group is in great spirits, they're having a blast and everyone's looking forward to reuniting with their families in about 30 minutes." #Inspiration4
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Crew Dragon capsule Resilience touches down in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida:…
#SpaceX #Inspiration4
#Inspiration4 commander @rookisaacman gives a callout after splashdown:

"Thanks so much SpaceX, it was a heck of a ride for us!"
@rookisaacman The SpaceX recovery crews are now headed out to Resilience to secure it before loading it on the recovery ship.
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SpaceX is livestreaming the return and splashdown of #Inspiration4, with Crew Dragon capsule Resilience carrying commander Jared Isaacman, pilot Sian Proctor, medical officer Hayley Arceneaux and mission specialist Chris Sembroski.

Thread with updates:…
The SpaceX livestream has begun, and a quick look inside mission control in California shows president Gwynne Shotwell front and center:…
#SpaceX #Inspiration4
Live inside Resilience as the crew heads back:…
#SpaceX #Inspiration4
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The Inspiration4 astronauts — commander Jared Isaacman, pilot Sian Proctor, medical officer Hayley Arceneaux and mission specialist Chris Sembroski — are giving a live video update from orbit for about 10 minutes.

Thread:… #SpaceX #Inspiration4
The crew are giving a look out the cupola, but it's a bit dark as the capsule is currently above Europe:
.@DrSianProctor created art using markers, and drew "the Dragon capsule being carry by a dragon off Earth."
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As promised, here's your who's who and what's what guide to #Inspiration4, the first privately crewed orbital flight. THREAD.

First up - who's who:

1) US technology billionaire Jared Isaacman - Commander and funder of the venture.
2) Physician assistant Hayley Arceneaux - survivor of childhood bone cancer and now employee of St Jude Children Research hospital, the very place that saved her life and the benefactor of this mission. Chosen to represent St Jude's. Will be first to space with a metal leg pin.
3) Geoscience professor Dr Sian Proctor - Mission pilot. She'll take over if anything goes wrong. Narrowly missed out on becoming a NASA astronaut in 2009. Excellent science communicator. Won her place through a competition.
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Tonight a bunch of @SpaceX folks were geeking out on our internal company chat platform about #Inspiration4 and specifically how it demonstrates the upcoming accessibility of space, and surprisingly it turned into a long company-wide chat about imposter syndrome.
The entire world has imposter syndrome. But especially about space. Practically no one on Earth believes they will ever go into space. But also about literally everything.
#Inspiration4 is actually an amazing demonstration of the current and future state of the accessibility of space to the average person. The first part of the conversation was about addressing some takes by folks in the media, who said it's no different than Bezos & Branson.
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#Crew2 post launch press conference starting on NASA TV.
Steve Jurczyk (NASA): 3 crew launches in 11 months! Hard to believe. Impt for regular cadence to and from ISS. #Crew2
Elon Musk (Sp-X): thrilled to be part of advancing human spaceflight, going to Moon and Mars, making humanity a multiplanet species. #Crew2
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