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Thread 2.5.2019!!
All Creation Praises Him
So will I!

Rev. 5:13 Every creature in heaven, on earth, under earth, & in the sea, & all in them, said Blessing, Honor, Glory, Praise, be to Him that sits on the throne, & to The Lamb for ever & ever!
President Trump’s Tweets 2.5.2019!!
1. 9:10:03 EST [17.56] Delta
#PrayForPresidentTrump #Pray @realDonaldTrump
Adding Q drops 910 & 1756!!
President Trump & General Flynn’s current Twitter banners!!
#QAnon #Patriots #TwitterBanners @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
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1. Trump Tweets seem to produce a pattern, when combined with Q Drops and are producing a message. As stated in Q Drop 310 “News (in all forms) unlocks the map!”
#QAnon #NewsUnlocksTheMap
@realDonaldTrump Thanks to @gholland04 for all of these great graphics!
2. Crumbs dropped will soon paint the full picture. The picture will open the eyes of the world!
#QAnon #CrumbsPaintThePicture #ThePictureOpensEyes
#GreatAwakeningWorldwide @realDonaldTrump @gholland04
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Oilers News conference:
"Elon Musk has bought the team and taking them to another dimension."

(1/4 )
"Hello, new employees of #SpaceX. As part of a new player and management bonding trip, you will get to fly on the Falcon, our great spaceship. No, no, Connor, you stay here with me at the controls. Bon voyage, Chia et al."
McDavid proceeds to push THE button Elon tells him that sends the entire Oilers organization to Pluto, minus McDavid. Musk relocates Edmonton to Houston.
"Houston, we no longer have a problem."
Ladies and gentleman, your NHL Houston Oilers...
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"This is an Emergency" <thread>

Friday's news of widespread @SpaceX layoffs changes everything

The real story is larger & more about @elonmusk specifically, his recent actions, & the acute/immediate threat he poses to Tesla

I labor to fill in media coverage gaps

<1/ $TSLA
Up front - These are my views only, not advice:
- Situation is critical
- $TSLA/SpaceX now forced to deal with @elonmusk
- Timeline image use is intentionally repetitive
- Claims not verifiable by required filings or basic knowledge of physics are labeled *Fraudulent

SpaceX Layoffs:

COO Gwynne Shotwell (whom I have the upmost respect for) has released communication on the layoffs.

CEO Elon Musk - has not.

Per SpaceX: "This action is taken only due to the extraordinarily difficult challenges ahead"

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10% SpaceX Layoff:

We now have some color on recent $TSLA insider selling.

We also have some MAJOR color on the events of Dec. 17-21. 2018

@WSJ article by @realrobcopeland mis-use of #SpaceX resources (aka embezzlement) by @elonmusk

12-18 ~6:30am: ~15 hrs later

- @WSJ article co-authored by @realrobcopeland on sudden $500mm #SpaceX "funding secured" from "existing shareholders" & @BaillieGifford

- SIMULTANEOUS $TSLA PT reiterations by investment banks holding @elonmusk's pledged $TSLA shares

- More heavy selling $TLSA selling following 12-19 selling
- 9:55am: Large trade block of 770,000 shares - $262mm

Was @BaillieGifford suddenly selling to fund a *struggling* #SpaceX at a higher valuation?

Or was another Major holder freeing up some URGENT liquidity?
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1/20 Connections to NK are everywhere.
Oh Look Bill Richardson and Eric Schmidt in NK in 2013
Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.#NK #Google #Qanon
Ex-governor in North Korea with Google chief; seeks American's release 🤔
2/20 We will go all the way back to 1999
‘That certification lifted a 12-year ban on the sale of U.S. nuclear technology to China, an action long eyed by American companies…

#NK #Qanon
3/20 US Energy Secretary Bill Richardson has come under fire on Capitol Hill over the disappearance of nuclear secrets from the Los Alamos weapons laboratory in New Mexico.
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Got to see #Starship under construction today!
@SpaceX wants to send humans to the Moon & Mars, they are building Starship to complete the mission. The first hopper test launch will take place in Boca Chica (Brownsville, Texas) around March/April of this year. #BFR #HappyNewYear
Took these photos today. This #Starship “hopper” version that's under construction, won’t reach the 348 feet height of the final version but its diameter of 30 feet does match the #SpaceX design plans.
So much to look forward to at SpaceX South Texas this year. Can't wait to see Starship take off... ♡
#DearMoon #Mars
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1/ Thread on @SpaceX trying to raise $500mn in the wake of a punishing @WSJ exposé based on our latest note:


@markbspiegel @TeslaCharts @BlondesE @WallStCynic @painfulshort @iamhubris @orthereaboot
2/ In its last funding round, in April 2018, #SpaceX was valued at $27.5bn. As of this latest round, it's now valued at $30.5bn. That is crazy for an unprofitable company facing a weak 2019 launch schedule & mounting competition. $TSLAQ

3/ The valuation is even crazier when one recognizes that, not only is #SpaceX unprofitable, it deliberately tried to deceive the debt market about that fact by excluding a number of critical expenses from its prospectus. Classic @elonmusk and $TSLAQ…
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#Hilo Atentos los fans de la ciencia y el espacio porque hoy os contamos una historia astronómica: La de Gwynne Shotwell, la mujer detrás de las naves espaciales de #SpaceX
“¿Cómo funcionan los coches?” Esa fue la pregunta que Gwynne Shotwell le hizo a su madre cuando aún estaba en su colegio de Illinois. Su madre, una artista perdida en el tema, le regaló un libro sobre motores y engranajes. Gwynne lo devoró en pocos días. Y así empezó todo
Con tan solo 15 años decidió dedicarse a la ingeniería y desde entonces empezó a formarse en física, astro física y mecánica. Poco después se graduó en la Universidad de Northwestern en Ingeniería mecánica y Matemáticas aplicadas
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1/ From the supporting documentation for the September 25, 2018 Hawthorne City Council Meeting - "The Test Tunnel will not be used by the public" $tsla…
2/ From the meeting on Sept 11th, 2018 - the Boring Company has proposed shortening the tunnel by 2600 feet (~.50 miles) and removing the cutter head via the residential property they own. $tsla
3/ Specifically mentioned in the same meeting by city planner is that vehicles specifically cannot exit the tunnel and leave this property as part of the zoning exception. $tsla
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Just 5 minutes now till the lift off of #SoyuzMS10 carrying Astronaut @AstroHague and Cosmonaut Alexey Ovchinin to the @Space_Station. You can watch the launch live at
Lift off for #SoyuzMS10 from Baikonur. Now on its way to the #ISS.
There has been "an issue" with the #SoyuzMS10 booster. No further information at this time.
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Did you know #NASA was crested by Nazi's

Operation Paperclip. After WW2 the #USA brought over 1,600 NAZI Scientists

Pg. 2
#RogerStone Posts Bizarre Pic of #Trump Allies Wearing Spacesuits With Swastikas

He was pointing out #NASA was created by NAZI'S
Operation Paperclip

#AlexJones… via @Splinter_news

Operation Paperclip
1,600 high ranking #Nazi
Scientists werebrout to the #USA
After WW2
Many were SS
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Real life Iron Man, aka @elonmusk has big plans for humanity.

He appears to be invested in a bunch of random ventures; rockets, $TSLA cars, tunnels..

But I think it's all connected. He's doing all of this with a very simple goal: the long-term survival of humanity.

A thread:
1/ #climatechange or #GlobalWarming is a huge threat. 14% of ghg emissions are from transportation, and 25% from electricity and heat generation. This is where @Tesla comes in. By electrifying our vehicle fleet, we can already eliminate a big chunk of emissions.
2/ The Semi will probably save more CO2 than all other #Tesla vehicles combined. Trucks drive an insane amount of miles compared to cars, & they pull a lot of cargo.

Second part of this is the energy generation & storage with Tesla Energy. Greenify the grid 👉 less CO2 emissions
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#SCOOP (thread): 13 rescue pods commissioned by #ElonMusk for the #ThailandCaveRescue have been flown to Thailand. They are designed to transport the boys by floating or submersion, and can also be used as a rescue sled. They are awaiting news about the rescue operation.
2/ Andrew Branagh of the northern California company Wing Inflatables states "The rescue pods are designed so they are like a belt chamber"
3/ Branagh says that when you turn the pods one way it allows them to float, and "when you turn them another way they sink."
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#QAlert 5/11/2018 This will be my thread for all posts for May 11, 2018.

“Welcome to the Deep State.
Future to prove past” Edition.

Let’s Go!

@POTUS #QArmy #QAnon #WWG1WGA #PatiotsFight
#QAlert 5/11/2018 Post 1336
Welcome to the Deep State.
Future to prove past”

#Q gives us an example of the corruption with the Clinton Foundation & asks us to read carefully.

@POTUS #QArmy #QAnon #WWG1WGA #PatiotsFight
#QAlert 5/11/2018 Post 1337
Facebook is listening to you 24/7/365.
[F9 algorithm]
Are they recording/safe-housing?
Metadata collection?
Building 8.

@POTUS #QArmy #QAnon #WWG1WGA #PatiotsFight
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This thread relates to recent #Q posts and gives a big-picture explanation of the massive #Treason that #POTUS and #WhiteHats have been fighting. This almost led to a military #Coup against #Traitor44's regime.

Graphic below acts as a map to clarify key elements.
Many of the crucial components of the #Treason are contained w/in the "Shell Game" report compiled by #Patriot #ScottBennett. This was recently publicized on the internet, explained in this thread:
Ever wonder why #DEM AND #GOP leadership opposed #Trump w/such animus? #Flynn and #Trump knew about the level of #Corruption/#Treason involving the elite, on BOTH sides of the aisle. Trump would discover, reveal, and punish their crimes (#DrainTheSwamp).
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@elonmusk @Tesla @TeslaMotorsClub #Tesla 5285 is pissed. since my Tesla is out of warranty. Since I see everyone having issues. I'm going to tear my pos lemon apart. I diagnosed the door, expect a door teardown of why the window does not work right. Fix your QC Tesla.
Thanks for flooding my car, the smell of mold is bullshit.
Next week the #tesla teardown begins. #lemon #designedtofail #tesla

Thanks @Tesla for selling me a $104,000 pile of shit.
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1) Today's story is called The Brink.

They never thought she'd lose, now we understand the #NWO plan to destroy America, see 1991 Bush I vid. Obama took over the process from Bush II and embarked on an 8 year wrecking ball. #QAnon #GreatAwakening @POTUS
2) For years rogue operatives have been getting installed. Shadow government/#DeepState. All centers of #Government. Controlled by the wealthiest on the planet, most rogue was the CIA. Goal was complete control to dismantle. Check Out Barry's Book: Post American World #QAnon
3) The systematic leaking of classified intel was everywhere, so was exposure of #military assets. Instead if de-funding military (bad optics), you starve thru corruption. Notice #Mattis has a massive audit of DOD? Think why.……
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I've been trying to figure out what the "Intelligence-Gathering Vessel" was that the @RoyalNavy (infuriatingly) wouldn't name or post pictures of that crossed the English Channel on Christmas Eve. Because of the timing, I strongly suspected it was the Viktor Leonov AGI. #SpyShip
I can now say, with a high degree of confidence, a Russian Navy AGI stopped in Trinidad & Tabago 2018-01-11 to restock, and they have likely left by now. I suspect, but cannot yet confirm, that AGI is the Viktor Leonov|Виктор Леонов, the Vishnya-class intelligence ship. #SpyShip
You may remember the collective freak-out when there was a Russian Navy intelligence gathering vessel off the US East Coast last Feb-Mar. That info was Secret(or higher)-classified Navy intelligence, leaked by the Pentagon, but there was no investigation or pursuit of the leaker.
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There's a co-ordinated plan going downright now, set up and orchestrated by the controllers of The Matrix - the most recenbt being release of 'secret Pentagon' videos showing Navy jets chasing #UFOs
2. Before this we had the appearance of an 'Intersteller Object' in the solar system that, we were told, could have been an alien spaceship #FolllowTheWhiteRabbit
3. And not to forget Elon Musk's very strange tweet regarding his #SpaceX launch
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This is YUGE!!. Clinton Foundation Member Frank Giustra (Uranium One) also owns Lithium-X. Who needs Lithium? Elon Musk. NK has lots of Lithium. Musk gets Lithium, develops missile for NK. Is Lithium also used in Chemtrails? #SnowWhite #QAnon #SpaceX #ZUMA Bread Baking
Bread Baked.…
NASA is using #SnowWhite Lithium in Chemtrails, works with Elon Musk to develop delivery system #ZUMA in exchange for Lithium for batteries. No wonder he wants self driving cars and robots and AI. Depopulation!!
@Scaramucci 40,000 ft
Think about this one. Remember the Red Mercury scare in Atlanta? Lithium 6 is Red Mercury. North Korea reportedly has a Lithium 6 manufacturing facility.
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