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Video on how #Turkey and the #Kurds got to where they are now, at war with one another

Video provided by @VICE

Key points:
▫The Kurds deserve a State of independence and deserve to rule their own affairs.
▫The Kurds were in the process of achieving independence before the war in Iraq.
▫Turkey is backed by Iran.
▫American weapons are being used on the Kurds.
How powerful #Turkey's military?
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Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Sunday that Turkey "appears to be" committing war crimes in its incursion into northern Syria.
"US official say the situation in NE Syria is deteriorating rapidly. US Forces are at risk of being isolated and the risk of confrontation between Turkish proxies and US Forces is high. Extremist Turkish proxies are wearing SDF uniforms and killing civilians". Per @foxnews
Trump golfs while Kurds burn.

Our only true muslim allies in the middle east have been abandoned to be slaughtered by Turkey. We knew Trukey would do this. Trump would rather rent the US military to Saudi Arabia bc they pay cash. #KurdsBetrayedByTrump
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If only there was a Trump Tower Kobani.

US is deploying an additional 2,800 troops to Saudi Arabia, along with 2 fighter squadrons, two Patriot missile batteries and a THAAD system #KurdsBetrayed
"Given the Turkish military offensive in north-eastern #Syria, the Federal Government will not issue any new permits for any military equipment that could be used in Syria by #Turkey."

#Germany bans weapons exports to Turkey #KurdsBetrayed…
"I need to know if you are capable of protecting my people, stopping these bombs falling on us .. If not, I need to make a deal with Russia & the regime now."

Military leader of Syrian #Kurds tells US: "You are leaving us to be slaughtered" #KurdsBetrayed…
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Turkey is not fighting against the Kurds, but against the PKK who are terrorists-communists armed by Obama
PKK a designated a'Terrorists Network' by Turkey, EU & US
Obama armed the PKK and ISIS

#KurdsBetrayed #WednesdayThoughts #ThursdayMotivation
Antifa illegally crossing the Syrian border to receive military training from militias as part Antifa, anarcho-communist Kurds members of ISIS
YPG linked to the PKK terrorist organization
👉Turkey not going after Kurds…
#KurdishGenocide #ThursdayMotivation
Kurdish militia trained Antifa fighters in Northern Syria
Antifa is YPG tied to PKK which is a Terrorists Network
Soros funds Antifa
Obama armed PKK&ISIS
It's time to stop #EndlessWars
Trump thanks OAN for reporting #TrustThePlan #Syria

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Turkey-backed Free Syrian Army #TFSA Commanders gathering their forces for the upcoming #OperationPeaceSpring in both Northem #Syria and Northem Aleppo after US #SyriaWithdrawal
Ready to launch #OperationPeaceSpring
#TFSA enroute to the frontlines #OperationPeaceSpring
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Trump’s Northern Syría Decision (Involving Türkey & The Kürds) Explained.

How Syria’s Kurds are trying to create a democracy.

Turkish-Backed Fighters Train for Syria Incursion.

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A word about this. A working theory, if you will.

This is a highly complex. It's not as it seems on the surface, as it has been presented by MSM today. I don't trust 'em. I asked myself questions all day.

Here's what I came up with...
The Landscape

Along with the major flagged countries, several groups exist within Syria all fighting their own fight, for their own reasons. Major Kurdish-based ones to know...

•Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)
•Peoples Defense Units (YPG)
•Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK)
When the #MSM uses the word, "the Kurds" , they are either intentionally blurring the lines or trying to over simplify things. Either way, they take us all as dummies and it's disingenuous.
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Here's video of Trump attending the grand opening of Trump Tower in Turkey. Ivanka even thanked Erdogan on Twitter for this deal.

Gonna say it loud and clear:

#TurkeyIsNotOurFriend #KurdsBetrayed
How many thousands of innocent people are going to die so the Trumps can have a hotel in Istanbul?
Don't forget:

Last year, the American Turkish Council’s annual conference on U.S. - Turkey relations was held at Trump hotel in DC.

Everything Trump does is either about money or serving Putin.…
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Turkey is bombing Northern Syria.
U.S. Troops have not completely withdrawn.
Turkey has no idea where U.S. Troops are or will be.
In essence Trump has given Turkey permission to invade and a pass if our Troops are harmed or killed by friendly fire.
This is exactly what Putin wants. Kurds gone. Nothing stands in the way of Russian naval sub base. This will stop the Qatar Natural Gas Pipeline and now Europe is 100% dependent on Russia for Natural Gas.

It's always about the oil.
This is a distraction to the #impeachmentinquiry, Trumps Taxes, #UkraineScandal, #WhistleBlower. Everything Trump touches is destroying our Nation, Our standing in the World and our commitment to our Allies.
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Saudi first: Trump wants to start a war with Iran when MBS gives the order by @mehdirhasan
On the word of a single, likely compromised, U.S. official, CBS says the Saudi oil attack was approved by Iran's supreme leader.

This story deserves our skepticism.…
I gotta say, this doesn't FEEL smart.

Under Trump arms deal, US smart bombs to be built in Saudi Arabia

We should not hand the Saudis valuable weapons tech given the kingdom's conduct in Yemen and its human rights record.…
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