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Humanitarian Wars for democracy and freedom are false and lying - 13

The so-called "moderate rebels"

#Syria #WarCrimes #FakeNews #lies #terrorism #aggression #Hypocrisy #FalseFlag #bastards #IillegalWar #Criminals #CriminalDamage #DoubleStandard #ModerateRebels
What was the UN created for?
What was the United Nations charter created for?
What were human rights associations created for?
What was the International Criminal Court created for?

Enough of double standars and hypocrisy. Enough is enough.
If wars can be started by lies, they can be stopped by truth.”
- Julian Assange -
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Reading Jake Sullivan’s latest @TheAtlantic piece, I wonder why such individuals & outlets are so alarmed about regime change in #Iran.…
Do they benefit in Tehran's mullahs remaining in power?
They may claim not, yet actions speak louder than words.
Sullivan’s entire argument is based on the fact that sanctions, and more generally a firm policy against #Iran, will bear no fruit. Taking a look at the past 15 months, in contrast to the #Obama years, much of Iran’s malign behavior has taken a nosedive.
Sullivan praises himself (& thus the #Obama team) of negotiating the #IranDeal. What he & others like him refuse to explain is the fact that the people of #Iran, #Syria & other countries across the region are paying the price of their “achievement” with their very lives…
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In 2007, Assad won the Presidential “Election” by a whopping 99.82% of the popular vote. Let me explain how that happened, as I played a small role in it. In that year, he ran unopposed and it was impossible under the Constitution to contest anyone other than him in #Syria. 1/
Elections in #Syria at that time and prior to them were litmus tests of people’s allegiance to the Regime. Failure to vote was looked at suspiciously, and you could be questioned for it. At the same time, voting booths were monitored for dissenters/opposition who dared vote no.
I woke up the morning of the election determined to vote “no” not because I hated Assad, I was indifferent then - but that he was not running against any candidate. The ballot had two comical choices, one was much larger than the other in case you couldn’t take a hint. #Syria 3/
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What happened in #Syria/n Air Force in #Hama
Nearby locals were burning the arid grass near the base

The fire spread to ammunitions which were deployed out side of depots
Minor explosions occurred then massive ones.
After the first explosion all the soldiers went to shelters.
4 ammo depots were completely destroyed.
Heavy equipment losses.
No martyrs only injures, because everyone took cover.
#Hama AB contains no #Iran/ian forces, they left the base before the #Israel/i attack on the 47th brigade.
I reported previously that the incident occurred due to a malfunction while welding an aerial bomb, but it was false.
This is the correct and accurate story told by my source in the AB.

I hope you understand.
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#Israel was permitted to join the #UnitedNations on 3 conditions:
1 The Status of #Jerusalem would not be altered
2 #Palestinians would be Permitted To Return
3 The Partition Agreement would become the Final Borders…👈😡#GazaReturnMarch #Palestine
#Israel's "Secret Borders"👇🤨
Letter is archived at the #TrumanLibrary:…👈🤓LETTER
The hidden documents that reveal the true borders of #Israel🇮🇱 and #Palestine🇵🇸‼️
#GazaReturnMarch #UnitedNations #PresidentTruman #ICC4Israel #BDS (Updated)…
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Breaking. Massive explosion in area of #Hama Airbase.
#Pt. 2 successive explosions in area of Airbase shook city of #Hama. Reason unknown.
#Pt. 3rd explosion few ago.
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Curious what facts MSM is not reporting about today's planned tantrum in #Gaza that Palestinians call the #GazaReturnMarch? Look no further and unwind this thread 👇 #Israel
These planned riots on the border between #Israel and #Gaza have been taking place for 6+ weeks and expected to culminate on May 15th (tomorrow), to coincide with the Palestinian “Nakba” day.
#GazaReturnMarch is of course named after the so-called "right of return" of 5 - 7 million refugees and their offspring because Palestinians are invested in the mythology that they flood and strangle #Israel, a country of 8 million. Keep dreaming.
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A THREAD ON #ISRAEL'S AIRSTRIKES IN #SYRIA. A relative of mine, who will remain nameless, is a source inside the Syrian Army. I recently spoke to him regarding the Israeli strikes. I told him that I did not believe #Russia would greenlight an Israeli strike of such magnitude...
I was told that #Putin, who many are saying gave #Netanyahu a "greenlight", did nothing of the sort. The Israelis were not given a greenlight by Putin, nor do they possess some magical airforce/bombs...rather, what they did was simplistic...and very stupid...
Russia and the U.S. have an understanding regarding the flight-paths of their fighter jets - they each have each other's unique transponder signals - the Israelis decided to fly into Syria, via Jordan, while transmitting a U.S. transponder signal.
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Responding to @jrezaian’s piece after the #IranDealWithdrawal, the fact that you “lived in #Iran for seven years” as a so-called journalist (knowing the nature of Tehran’s regime) and seeing your work, we are certain of your #Iran apologist background.…
@jrezaian claims the regime will respond “with the behavior of a bully, by ratcheting up pressure on the people it rules over.”
He doesn't mention how #Obama’s JCPOA gave #Iran the green light to continue its execution inside the country & havoc across the region.
Interesting how @jrezaian claims there “won’t be any attacks on Israel” and on the very same day #Iran’s IRGC-associated proxy groups in #Syria launched rockets towards the Golan Heights.
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Thread about the Russian promise to deliver the S-300 to #Syria

1- Syria and according to many sources was interested in buying the S-300 system from #Russia along with the Mig-31 Mig-29M2 and Yak-130 in 2009-2010
2- according to those sources #Syria signed the contract of the S-300 and transferred the entirety of the system price to #Russia
3- #Syria/n officers were sent to #Russia to train on the system, and they completed their 6 months training
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#Syria launched 10s of missiles against 4 #Israel/I military objectives in the occupied #GolanHeight in response to continuous Israeli provocation of war (hitting Syrian & allies' targets in various locations).

#Israel/I jets violated #Lebanon airspace last night to bomb #Syria
#Israel continuous provocation to trigger another war in #Syria w/ #Iran has been met with Iranian refraining from retaliating coz it is due to the hosting country to respond.

#Russia is constantly asking #Damascus to avoid falling into Israel's trap

#Israel intercepted 4 out of 20 missiles launched by #Syria air defence system into occupied #GolanHeight. 16 missiles reached their targets according to Damascus.

#Israel, before the Syrian retaliation, bombed several targets in #Syria for the fourth time in less than a month.
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#ASSAD TO #KATHIMERINI: “How come the supposed chemical weapons used in #Douma kill only women and children and not militants?”
#ASSAD TO #KATHIMERINI: “The chemical weapons story is a farce, a very primitive play”.
#ASSAD TO #KATHIMERINI: “Those who claimed there was a chemical attack have to prove there was one”.
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Just to state the obvious: This is largest confrontation between #Israel and #Syria since 1973; the first time #Iran and the IRGC themselves launched missiles at #Israel. Expect even more.
With all the targeting in Damascus #Syria, expect #Israel to go after the main IRGC headquarters near the Damascus Airport. Around 1,000 IRGC tend to be stationed there, along with senior leadership.
Suggestion: If you thought what the US did in response to the April CW attack in #Syria was strong, fasten your seat belts.
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Israeli army now shelling Hezbollah positions in Madinat Al Baath city in Quneitra… via @jisrtv #Syria
Reports of heavy Israel airstrikes targeting Assad's 10th Brigade in Qatna in Damascus countryside… via @SaadAbedine #Syria
Syrian air defenses engage another wave of incoming Israeli missiles… via @SkyNewsArabia_B #Syria
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Thread: Over the Last 24 hours a series of events have led to a dangerously escalating situation between #Israel, #Iran & #Syria
1/ #Trump withdraws from #IranNuclearDeal
2/ #Israel Instantly activates bomb Shelters in Golan Heights
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#SAA responded to the #Israel/i shells on #AlQunityra
By striking the Israeli forward outpost on Al Shaykh mountain north east of Al Jolan Heights, with heavy artillery shells.
#Update 1
#Israel re-targeted the same positions in Khan Arnabeh in #AlQunityra
#Update 2 #SAA re-targeted the forward #Israel/i positions with heavy MRLSs, explosions and sirens can be heard coming out from Jolan Heights.
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#BREAKING: Incoming rocket sirens heard in northern #Israel
#BREAKING: Additional sirens heard in northern #Israel’s #GolanHeight communities
Video of siren going off in #Druze village of Majdal Shams in northern #Israel moments ago
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1/ A summary of the suspected Israeli strikes in Al-Kisweh south of #Damascus this evening, hours after #Trump announced a withdrawal #IranNukeDeal
2/ Trump withdraws from #IranNukeDeal
3/ #Israel instructed local authorities in the Golan Heights to “unlock and ready bomb shelters”, after identifying apparent "irregular activity of Iranian forces in #Syria
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@realDonaldTrump announced the #USA revokes #IranNuclearDeal.

#Iran will follow & is expected to deny any access to #IAEA inspectors to any nuclear facility in the country and re-open closed nuclear facilities.
Iran will never renounce on its missile development.
The @realDonaldTrump will sign in few moments (as he said) more sanctions on #Iran as #USA withdraw from the #IranNuclearDeal

#Iran has prepared for this day its financial and business backup in other countries but will be affected by #USA decision.

#Russia is also expected to take a position in relation to @realDonaldTrump withdrawal from the #IranNuclearDeal

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#Lebanon: The final analysis of the #LebaneseElection2018 shows (a.) the electoral triumph of Hezbollah,Amal&allies (b.) division of Sunnis, with weakness of PM Hariri, & (c) a lesser division of the Christians. (1)
The Sunni vote was distributed among PM Hariri, Miqati, Karami & few others. Hariri, being not objectionable by Hezbollah, can still get another term. But this will depend on orientation of his program’s regional relations. (2)
President Aoun will be challenged by the new gains of the Lebanese Forces, but not a challenge strong enough to undermine his current position. (3)
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Wow! I am watching @almanarnews discussing the parliamentary elections and they have shown videos in some voting locations of #Hariri men distributing money to voters waiting to vote. #lebanonelections2018
However, preliminary indications are that the candidate challenging #Hariri in his home turf #Saida, Ousama Saad, will be elected.
Polls will close in 4' in #Lebanon, the access to vote has been slow, news anchors are calling on voters to enter voting locations, even if it means they will be packed to earn the right to vote after 7 p.m. local because there will be no extension. #lebanonelections2018
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In his take @SinaToossi claims the “Clinton and Obama administrations” thought about the Iranian people, conveniently forgetting how Clinton did nothing in the face of #Iran’s 1999 students uprising crackdown & Obama turned his back on Iranians in 2009…
@SinaToossi blows his cover by mentioning “regime change,” making clear his mission, being a Tehran apologist, of devoting his “journalism” to preserving a regime with a grotesque human rights dossier in power.
Over 3,000 executions under #Iran's “moderate” Hassan Rouhani.
@SinaToossi voices his main concern, being the #IranProtests, by attempting to downsize the 2017/2018 uprising to “parts of Iran.”
Reminder: Over 142 cities were scenes of unprecedented revolt, prompting the regime to kill more than 50 protesters & arrest over 8,000.
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We will look back on the belittling, dismissal or denial by prominent Western figures of the Assad government's crimes in the same light as we look back on the denial of Stalin’s crimes. #Syria
Thread …
I say this as someone who is *opposed* to Western military intervention in Syria, which I believe can only make a terrible situation worse. It would be nice to be able to speak out against Assad’s war without being called a warmonger, but this is a looking glass world
The major difference between Assad’s crimes against humanity and Stalin’s is that Assad’s are much better documented. There is a massive trove of forensic and testimonial evidence. They are among the best-documented war crimes in history.
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Thread on Compulsory Syrian Military Service: This has arguably been one of the most important social & Eco issue that has confronted every Syrian male for decades (since the uprising it has become even more critical. This note will call for the need to PUT AN END TO THIS POLICY
2-Currently, military service is mandatory for all Syrian males over the age of 18. Students can delay their service while males who who are only sons are exempt from military service. Men may also be exempt from military service for medical reasons. There are other exemptions
3-Syrians born outside of Syria and residing abroad until the age of 18 can pay for exemption. Syrians born in Syria, but who left Syria before reaching the age of 11, have their own fee. In effect, there are various fees ranging from $500 to $8500 depending on person's situation
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