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Es halten sich hartnäckige Gerüchte, dass die syrische Armee im Oktober die nächste Offensive auf die Provinz #Idlib starten wird.
Dies sei auch die Grund für:
a) die massive russische Luftangriffskampagne,
b) die baldige Reise von Erdogan nach Moskau.
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Die russische Luftwaffe fliegt weiter massive Luftangriffe auf die vielen militanten Gruppierungen, die in der syrischen Provinz #Idlib aktiv sind.
Die Angriffe werden bei Tag und Nacht ausgeführt.
Die Rede ist von 140 Luftschlägen allein im Laufe der letzten Woche.
Insgesamt dauert die Luftangriffskampagne seit nun einem Monat, und das praktisch pausenlos.
Zuletzt verlegte die Türkei sogar ihre Flugabwehrsysteme nach #Idlib , dies hatte jedoch keine abschreckende Wirkung.
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#Syrien #Syria
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"Why are you angry Sarah?"

I'll show you shall I?


@VP admitting wars have been over oil,
Soon they'll be over water...

Saying it so casually..
Like America didn't destroy half the world with their genocidal oil wars,

The "news" are silent
#Iraq #Libya #Syria #China
No comment needed.
BBC casually admitting that they've been lying for 10 yrs

We are a monetarily sovereign nation & cannot go bankrupt.

-Which was never an economic need, it was/is an ideology
Has killed at least 150,000 souls in this very rich country,
As they lied for the government
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Update #Syrien
Die Lage bleibt extrem angespannt:
- die russische Luftwaffe fliegt weiterhin täglich schwere Luftangriffe in #İdlip ,
- Türkei verlegte zur Abschreckung Flugabwehrsysteme dorthin, erzielte damit aber bislang keine Wirkung,
- Gefechte gegen Kurden.
Die russische Luftwaffe fliegt seit nun drei Wochen täglich Luftangriffe gegen die vielen Gruppierungen, die in der Provinz #Idlib aktiv sind.
Viele dieser Gruppierungen gelten als pro-türkisch.
Dementsprechend scharf reagiert Ankara auf die russischen Luftangriffe.
Zur Erinnerung.
Bereits Anfang September bestellte Ankara im Zusammenhang mit den Luftangriffen den russischen Botschafter ein.
Damals hieß es auch, dass die Luftschläge türkische "Berater" getroffen hätten.
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#Syria #Syrie
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#BREAKING : Explosions near Al-Qaim on the #Iraq-#Syria border along with warplanes heard in the area.
U.S. has denied any such airstrikes targeting a convoy and two vehicles of Iran-backed Kataib Hezbollah (Iraqi militias) being struck (Allegedly)

So points it on #Israel 🔥🍻
Tell you this. Recently Russia said Foreign troops in #Syria is worrying. Russians speaking from the position of strength . Iraq situation is so bad #US troops had to hide inside their base few days ago on eminent rocket strike. It happened. Like Afghanistan Iraq a gonner for US
🇷🇺🇸🇾 President Vladimir Putin met with President of Syria Bashar al-Assad in Moscow.

💬 #Putin: The main problem lies in the presence in some parts of the 🇸🇾 country of foreign armed forces without any mandate from the @UN or your permission. Image
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Initial unconfirmed reports on social media of an airstrike being conducted on the #Iraq/#Syria border.
According to reports a #PMU checkpoint was reportedly struck.
Two vehicles have reportedly been struck in the airstrike, no casualties reported.
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Update #Syrien .
Die Kurden haben ihre Angriffe auf türkische Truppen und pro-türkische Söldner deutlich intensiviert.
Nahezu täglich kommen neue Videos, wie sie mit Raketenangriffen, Sprengsätzen und Scharfschützen feindliche Stellungen attackieren.
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Zunächst zur Erinnerung.
Kurdische Gruppierungen attackieren seit nun einer Woche nahezu täglich (pro-)türkische Stellungen in #Syria .
Zuletzt vernichteten sie einen Stützpunkt sogar mit einer Untergrabung.
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Sie setzen dabei alle möglichen Mittel ein.
Besonders oft lenken sie Panzerabwehrraketen in die Stützposten von pro-türkischen Söldnern.
Von Ankara gibt es dazu meist keine Stellungnahmen, weil es keine Soldaten der regulären türk.Armee sind, sondern "nur" Söldner.
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The population of the Daraa al-Balad neighborhood gathers at the entrance to the neighborhood, waiting to return to their homes after the terrorists have been expelled from the neighborhood, army units have been deployed and the national flag has been raised.
#Syria ✌️🇸🇾❤️
Displaced people begin to return to their homes in Daraa al-Balad after security was restored
People start entering Daraa neighborhood to return to their homes after withdraw of terrorists from the neighborhood and installation of Army points.
#Syria ✌️🇸🇾❤️
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So much has happened in #Syria in the past week – world leaders must end their silence in the face of terrifying developments and the suffering of civilians across the country. Turning a blind eye to all these atrocities only gives the regime a green light to commit more. THREAD
#Daraa al-Balad has seen its autonomy crushed in the past days following 79 days of siege & heavy attack. Citizens now face additional military checkpoints, house searches & the threat of arrest for expressing opposition to the regime. 38k people remain displaced from their homes
Meanwhile the regime & Russia escalated attacks on NW Syria in the last 24h, striking towns, a camp & medical point killing 5 civilians & injuring 11. Since June over 120 civilians were killed incl. 45 children. #COVID in #Idlib is worsening with a record 1417 new cases on Friday
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"You're going to your death"

Since 2011, 6.6 million Syrian have fled violence & repression, seeking refuge abroad

Tmw, @amnesty are publishing a major new report detailing the brutal reception awaiting refugees when they arrive back in #Syria

For a copy
“I had nightmares, hallucinations. I’d wake up crying. The nerves of my right hand are damaged as are some of the discs of my back” (Karim, tortured by Syrian forces on his return)

Any govt claiming #Syria is safe is wilfully ignoring the horrific reality…
When Noor returned from Lebanon she was stopped by a security officer who said:

“Why did you leave Syria? Because you don’t like Bashar al-Assad...You’re a terrorist.”

The officer then raped Noor and her 5 year old daughter in a small room.
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The Higher Regional Court in Koblenz continues to refuse audio recordings of the al-Khatib trial, the world's first trial addressing #torture & human rights violations in #Syria. The courts reasoning? The trial is not of outstanding historical significance for Germany.
👇Thread Image
In July, together with Syrian, German & international scholars, activists & NGOs, we demanded to record the final phase of the #alKhatib trial to make it accessible to future generations.
Read the joint statement:…
The senate refuses a recording & states: The trial is important for the Syrian people but has no historical significance for Germany. By doing so, the court ignores its responsibility to those affected &fails to recognize: Syria's crimes affect the entire international community.
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1. Is Joey Hood trying to complete a #Daesh genocide of the Yazidi? What specific terrorist acts have #PKK committed in Sinjar? They are at most a separatist group engaged in a Turkish civil war for…‘Future-is-bright’-for-US-Kurdish-relations
2. over 40 years. The idea that the #KRG government will protect the Yazidi who they abandoned to #Daesh is absurd. This statement is going to give license to the Turks to attack more hospitals and refugee camps like yesterday's attack and they give license to the Turks
3. to kill our #SDF partners who, because they are Kurds, are all considered fair game by Ankara and apparently by the @SecBlinken @StateDept. IMO complicity in these political assassinations are EO 12,333 violations that can have people like Hood, @CENTCOM McKenzie and
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Thread: #Syria, Chemical Attacks, & Disinfo

Interesting outcome from "BBC's Editorial Complaints Unit" re 13-part Mayday @Radio4 series

1. Series was on disinfo campaign -- pursued by #Russia, #Assad regime, and their allies -- contributed to death of James Le Mesurier

2. Series included episode on #Russia-#Assad-allies disinfo to deny #Douma chlorine attack, which killed 43 people, in April 2018

3. ECU outcome upheld series while criticizing "limited aspect" re ex-#OPCW staffer "Alex" (Brendan Whelan)


4. ECU said #BBC's Mayday should have been more circumspect re 1) possibility that ex-#OPCW staffer Whelan got $100,000 from WikiLeaks and 2) any Whelan belief that #Douma chlorine attack was "staged"

5. But ECU noted evidence for both points

Now the interesting part...

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Israel bombing Syria right now
I’ve lost count already how many times they have bombed Syria this year, never mind the last ten years. Israelis themselves admit its in the hundreds
Syrian air defense batteries are engaging the israeli warplanes over Damascus
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A thief & smuggler of oil, wheat & barley from Syria

In 2011 Syria produced about 380,000 barrels of oil per day.

Who are Syria's biggest thief & oil smuggler?🤨
Who steals & trades Syria's wheat & barley?🤨
Can you guess?🧐

🗣️📢Daesh learned from the master
#Syria Image
Syria condemns in strongest terms agreement signed between Qasad militia and U.S. oil company to steal Syrian oil
Damascus condemns "void agreement" between US company, SDF militants for stealing Syria oil
via @YouTube
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Great to team up with my esteemed @CarnegieEndow colleague @andrewsweiss for this de-mythologizing of Russian military, political & economic influence in the Middle East, covering #Syria, #Israel, #Lebanon, #Algeria, #Libya, & #Egypt. 1/…
Moscow's activism in the MENA is certainly formidable: it has adroitly deployed military forces in Syria & Libya & engaged with actors that are off limits to the West. A flat decision-making structure allow Russia to operate nimbly & without concern for domestic blowback. 2/
Russia’s opportunistic interventions across the region have adeptly exploited U.S. missteps, filled vacuums, and pandered to the insecurities & ambitions of local actors--all while trying to enrich itself along the way. 3/
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As we speak the people of #Daraa are dying under the barrage of rockets and artillery attacks by the Syrian regime forces and Iranian militias. The humanitarian and security situation is the worst ever since the siege began 70 days ago. 1/ #SyriaIsNotSafe
The militias of the Fourth Division and Iran are trying, to advance towards Daraa al-Balad and the refugee camps in Daraa under heavy cover of fire with “elephant” missiles and hundreds of rocket-propelled grenades. 2/
Hundreds of families have been displaced from Tafas and Jillin in west #Daraa as attacks intensify. 3/
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"The West had openly used terrorists to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad."
-Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov-
#US has been maintaining an illegal military presence on Syrian soil, collaborating with militants against #Syria’s legitimate government, stealing the country’s crude oil resources & bombing the positions of the Syrian army & anti-terror popular forces.…
The #US has also slapped sanctions on #Syria, which have targeted the country’s oil and banking sectors, and in turn, created deep misery for millions of innocent people.
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The Lebanese authorities have confirmed that they arrested six men last seen entering the Syrian embassy in #Lebanon to pick up their passports. 1/…
Given the fact on the ground, it seems very likely that the Syrian embassy in Beirut is complicit in the arrest of its very own citizens as the arrested men where informed by the embassy to pick up their passports prior to their disappearance. 2/
We do acknowledge that those Syrians have entered Lebanon illegally, however we do understand that they were forced to flee #Daraa because of the worsening security situation and the imminent threat to their lives. 3/
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BREAKING -- a U.S. drone strike has targeted #ISIS-K operatives in eastern #Afghanistan.

via @idreesali114
@idreesali114 The U.S. strike today targeted #ISIS-K in #Afghanistan's #Nangarhar province

Earlier, unnamed IC officials had said explosive devices & other materials had been sent by #ISIS from #Nangarhar to #Kabul in recent days.
@idreesali114 Earlier today, the #Taliban was reported to have engaged in clashes with #ISIS-K cells in #Nangarhar's Dara-i-Noor district.

The #Taliban-#ISIS conflict has been centered in #Nangarhar & neighboring #Kunar provinces.
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1. When @CENTCOM McKenzie gets our forces out of Kabul, IMO his relationship with the Turks has made him unable to complete the Defeat #Daesh mission in #Syria. The perception is his hands are still covered with Kurdish blood from both of #45 Syrian Kurdish betrayals.
2. Doing nothing, that is the apparent @CJTFOIR plan, is clearly giving Russian Iran and Turkey an opening to wipe out the Kurds and allow Daesh to re-surge in #Syria and #Iraq. If the @POTUS @JoeBiden @WhiteHouse political shop likes loosing one war against terrorists this month
3. they're about to find out what it's like to lose two. And for @CYBERCOM_DIRNSA. Even a dog knows the difference between being stumbled over and being kicked.

Turkey has funded, supplied and given tactical support for #Daesh and TSK is fully embedded with al-Qaeda in Syria.
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The number of victims at #Kabul attack rose to 90 of which 77 Afghans, among these children and women. Only 13 #US soldiers were killed. 150 were wounded. #Afghanistan.

28 of the #Taliban were killed in the attack at #Kabul airport yesterday. #Afghanistan.
Islamic State in Afghanistan calls itself the "Khorasan Welayat" (ISIS-K) claimed the responsibility: one suicide bomber got within 5 meters’ of #US troops, careless about the #Afghan civilians, always considered by ISIS-K as "collateral damage".
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1. In Northern #Syria members of al-#Qaeda and #Daesh fka #ISIS are embedded with #Turkish #TSK forces conducting daily attacks on US partner forces #SDF and civilians including #Kurds, #Ezidis and #Christians. IMO Turkey force is funded by #Qatar that with #Turkey and #Pakistan
2. forms a terrorist front that advances both ISIS and Al-Qaeda. Both Turkey and Qatar use the US bases and Pakistan uses US overflight as the way to keep our eyes averted to their terrorist affiliations. We will never be free of the FTO threat if we ignore state sponsors.
3. We need to give Turkey and Qatar 48 hours to disclose all their terrorist affiliations or @StateDept should list both as State Sponsors of Terror and block assets. This will never happen because both @StateDept and @CIA are fully infiltrated by Turkish intelligence service as
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1. Concerning signals coming from #IS in #Afghanistan.

After a months-long period of resurgence, its activities have fallen off a cliff—and this is not in response to any known counter-#ISKP operation.
2. In June 2021, #ISKP reported 19 times as many ops as it did in June 2020.

This month, it's reported just 11 attacks and been totally inactive for 11 days—that’s three times less activity compared with last month and the longest period of inactivity since October last year.
3. #ISKP’s recovery in #Afghanistan began in June last year. This follows its being declared ‘defeated’ at the hands of the #ANDSF at the end of 2019 (with help from the #Taliban).

Since then, its ascendancy has been fairly steady, as noted here:

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There's lots of first-hand accounts of this from recent days -- intensifying over time. For now, the window's closing/closed for #Afghans, as the U.S. & others prioritize their citizens' evacuation.

This was all inevitable given the tight timeline, and it'll worsen too.
More than any other aspect of the #Afghanistan withdrawal, this is what should have been 100% avoidable.

And as @RepAdamSchiff has just stated, the IC *did* warn of a swift #Taliban victory -- this was *not* an intelligence failure, it was a political/decision-making one.
@RepAdamSchiff The #Taliban aren't stupid; they know the U.S. (& #NATO allies) are under pressure -- #Taliban fighters have significantly increased their intimidation of Afghans outside #HKIA - countless reports of beating, whipping & even gunfire.

And they're blocking known meeting points.
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