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1. Things are starting to happen in #Syria. Aggressive Russian pilots flying over air space that had been deconflicted has today forced CENTOM to announce deployment of F-22s to the region.
2. Turkey has returned to drone attacks on the #SDF our #DefeatDaesh partnered force in Syria and is imposing more demands on Biden, NATO and Sweden to force Sweden to end Kurdish asylum and create conditions to force US Syrian withdrawal.
3. Iranian forces are a constant threat near Deir Ezor and Green Village. These events come on the heels of the Arab League lifting Bashir al-Assad's ban. The dictators want Syria. NATO head @jensstoltenberg was in DC. He and @POTUS need to set a course towards democracy
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1. @JoeBiden's comment about how #Russia should be concerned about the #F16s, is spot-on and consistent with my view that, when #Ukraine controls its skies the Russia forces will forced to withdraw. I report on the #Syrian war to defeat #ISIS. With US air power, light militia
2. forces were able to defeat a force of over 70,000 crazed ISIS terrorists. #SDF are brave, disciplined and willing to fight but until they had US air support they were unable to gain traction and had their backs against the wall in #Kobane.
3. I closely observed the way they were able to advance and that informs me on how the battle in Ukraine will change. First, the trench war will be over. Any Russian trench complex will become an easy target for massive US JDAMS that Russian forces won't survive. When Ukraine
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Turkey conducted a raid on ISIS in Jinderes, northwestern Syria, on April 28 that likely resulted in the death of an ISIS leader, but not the group’s “caliph.” Read this week's Salafi-Jihadi Movement Update here:… (1/4)
Turkish President Recep Tayyip #Erdogan claimed Turkey killed IS “#caliph” Abu al Hussein al Husseini al Qurayshi during the raid. #US officials said they could not confirm the raid's target was the #IS "caliph." (2/4)
#Erdogan may seek to inflate his military successes in #Syria to improve his standing ahead of #Turkey’s presidential election on May 14. The Turkish president is currently losing according to election polls.
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1. Why did Gulf kingdoms embrace Iran? When the #GulfArab states saw what happened in Iran over one #Kurdish woman who stood up to became the #Mideast version of Rosa Parks, they all panicked. Remember, the US lists as terrorists a group whose ideology seeks #genderequality.
2. That continued listing over an ideology we support is something @POTUS @VP and @SecBlinken need to explain. But in the interim, we are seeing the #Arab word suddenly embracing #Assad, a blood soaked chemical weapon-using, sociopathic dictator. Why?
3. Because he's the one they have tapped to eliminate the #Syrian #Kurds. And all the #misogynists cheer him as their standard bearer. And once the #SDF is gone and the #women once again relegated to second-class rights, they can get back to business
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1. The only way to stop the #Iranians from threatening our force in #Syria is to slam the door at #Baghuz. But that's the border and taking a border crossing is a big deal. We are with the #SDF on the other side of the Euphrates but the SDF has to deal with the
2. Russians because Tяump betrayed them by surrendering to #Erdogan. @POTUS kept status quo with Turkey - still murdering #SDF. #Israel approaches political disintegration so #Putin & #Iran think it's good time use #Kremlin's caucus of @HouseGOP to help them take all of #Syria.
3. #ISIS is still very active on the west side of the #Euphrates next to the Iranians. We should get them all out but past and present policies have a price and ours is that we have to do this with US and/or other partner forces because of @SecBlinken's misguided #Turkey policy.
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Chopper crash in Iraq exposes ‘secret air corridor’ of US-backed Kurdish groups: Report

According to Turkish sources, these helicopters – a total of four units – were rented from a local company by the #US government and given to the #PUK.…
“Such flights could only happen with the knowledge of the US govt since US forces control the Syrian & Iraqi territory,” the Turkish sources said, adding that the crash has exposed “a secret air corridor to transport senior members of the PKK between Iraq & Syria.”
“These flights have been continuing for the past two years, but they were unregistered ……
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#Turkiye to resume normalization talks with #Syria this week

Defense Minister Hulusi Akar expressed hope that #Syria would be understanding of its unwavering position regarding the #Kurdish presence on its border…
Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said during a press conference on 12 March that Ankara intends to continue down the path of normalization with the Syrian government.…
However, he also expressed hope that #Damascus would “understand” #Turkiye’s concern over the #Kurdish militant presence near its border – a main pretext for the #Turkish occupation in northern #Syria.…
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I’ve just returned from NE #Syria, where I visited the U.S. military’s RLZ base in Rumeilan, the al-Roj & al-Hol camps, as well as Ghuweiran Prison – all alongside @CENTCOM Commander Kurilla.

An incredibly insightful trip, with a lot of takeaways.
After arriving on a C-17 at RLZ -- the beating heart of the #Syria-based mission – I saw how U.S. troops operated multiple drone flights, collected & assessed ISR, monitored air traffic for hostile threats, and coordinated D-#ISIS operations across the northeast. Image
From Rmeilan, Arabic-speaking U.S. troops & civil-military teams are working closely with the #SDF, Asayish, tribal councils in #Iraq & #Syria and the Iraqi government to facilitate the return of 600+ Iraqis from prisons and camps every 4-6 weeks -- an absolutely vital effort.
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NEW: US support for #Turkey following the earthquake

- US aircraft at #Incirlik AB in #Turkey began Tuesday transporting 1st responders to most impacted areas
- @DeptofDefense transported 2 civilian search&rescue teams to #Incirlik - arrived today

per @PentagonPresSec
MORE: US support for #Turkey post earthquake

-@US_EUCOM establishing team at #Incirlik AB to help @USAID's Disaster Assistance personnel
-EUCOM "actively working to preposition additional assets to support the relief efforts & respond to any new requests"

per @PentagonPresSec
MORE: US support for #Turkey post earthquake

-USS George H.W. Bush "in the Mediterranean is moving toward #Turkey to be in position should Turkey request additional assistance"

"We remain ready & willing & eager to support any way that we can" per @PentagonPresSec
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NEW: Guilty verdict for a #Brooklyn #NewYork man who joined #ISIS, rising through the ranks to become one of the terror group's emirs

Ruslan Maratovich Asainov, now 46, was convicted yesterday on all 5 counts against him, per @TheJusticeDept
Asainov had been charged with:

-conspiracy to provide material support to ISIS
-providing ISIS expert advice/assistance/weapons
-receipt of military-type training
-obstruction of justice
-material support to #ISIS that resulted in the death of 1 or more person
Asainov "was so committed to the terrorist organization’s evil cause that he abandoned his young make an extraordinary journey to the battlefield" per US Atty Breon Peace

"... & even after being captured still pledged his allegiance to ISIS’ murderous path"
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According to recent leaks, #ISIS's evolved administrative structure is ruffling some internal feathers in the #MiddleEast.

The crux of internal tensions lies in the increasingly blurry lines of authority over operations, leadership succession & resource use in #Iraq & #Syria.
Leaks claim #ISIS's "Ardh al-Mubarakah" office manages operations in #Syria, #Lebanon & #Turkey, while the Bilad al-Rafidayn office runs #Iraq.

The latter was also running ops in #Iran -- until recently at least, when #Iran was folded into the #Afghanistan "Al-Siddique" office.
These recent leaks - from normally reliable sources - claim Abu al-Hassan's succession in March 2022 was decided by the Ardh al-Mubarakah office, without any consultation with the Bilad al-Rafidayn office in #Iraq.

He then risked locating to #Daraa, also without any consolation.
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Yesterday saw an intriguing incident outside al-Bab in northern #Aleppo:

- A prominent member of a pro-#HTS [semi-breakaway] wing of Ahrar al-Sham, Saddam al-Mousa (Abu Uday) was killed outside his home in what was described as a "drone strike."
Abu Uday had become notorious for facilitating #HTS's advance into northern #Aleppo in Oct 2022 -- & in its wake, he secured control of the valuable al-Hamran crossing (to #SDF areas) & agreed to share its revenue streams with #HTS.

He was also a known player in the arms trade.
Abu Day's stubborn refusal to back down & turn al-Hamran back to the Syrian National Army (SNA) had become a source of acute frustration for #Turkey -- both #TSK & MIT.

Numerous attempts were made to evict him, by force & negotiation & their failure was grating Turkey-SNA ties.
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The Syrian Democratic Forces (#SDF) announce that it busted large number of #ISIS terror cells in the towns of Tal Hamis and Al-Hawl and captured 52 terrorists during the “Al-Jazeera Thunderbolt” campaign. Image
Anti-ISIS cleansing operation in Hawl and Tal Hamis
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1. Kuwait halts construction projects in Syria
2. One would hope that this is a signal that Qatar, KSA and UAE will soon stop their financing of the Turkish Al-Qaeda and ISIS mercenaries in Northern Syria including the area where they attack coalition partner #SDF forces.
3. IMO Erdogan is the most dangerous terrorist on Earth and at some point our leaders, diplomats and IC will have to face the total failure of the policies that they have advanced in Syria and Iraq thinking Al-Qaeda were our pals.
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Turkish forces conducted targeted strikes against Kurdish militia gathering points in and around the town of Ain Issa and its agricultural areas as well as along some points on the M4 road in northern #Raqqah province.
#Syria #Turkey #SDF #Syrianarmy🇸🇾
Turkish strikes targeted Kurdish militia the sites in the surroundings of the villages of Tel al Ward and the agricultural areas south of Abu Rasin in the northern #Hasakah countryside.
#Syria #Turkey #SDF #Syrianarmy🇸🇾
Turkish forces also renewed its bombing of the village of Tal Tamr in the northwestern countryside of Hasakah, causing material damage.
#Syria #Turkey #SDF #Syrianarmy🇸🇾
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There were clashes between ISIS militants and Kurdish militia on the outskirts of the village of al Zar in eastern #Deirezzor.
The fighting took place in the irrigation canals fields in the agricultural area outside the village.
#Syria #SDF #Syrianarmy🇸🇾
Kurdish militia shot 1 person was killed and injured on the Euphrates shore near the town of Zagir Shamia in western #Deirezzor.
The Kurdish patrol caught the group attempting to smuggle diesel to Syrian government controlled areas on the other bank.
#Syria #SDF #Syrianarmy🇸🇾
A U.S. military convoy of weapons and logistics equipment consisting of about 40 trucks entered #Hasakah via the al Waleed crossing with northern Iraq.
#Syria #Syrianarmy🇸🇾
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3 elements of the Kurdish militia were shot by ISIS militants after their military vehicle was targeted with machine guns near the roundabout junction near the village of Hassan located west of #Deirezzor city.
#Syria #SDF #Syrianarmy🇸🇾
After extensive protests by parents and teachers, the Kurdish administration #Deirezzor Civil Council Education Committee has started today the distribution of classroom heaters / warmers to the schools of Forat Educational Center.
#Syria #SDF #Syrianarmy🇸🇾
There was an unidentified aircraft in the atmosphere over the city of #Qamishli along border zone between northern Syria and Turkish territory in northern #Hasakah province this afternoon.
#Syria #Syrianarmy🇸🇾
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Three Kurdish elements were injured after being shot by what’s likely ISIS militants riding a motorcycle along the main roundabout junction in the town of al Hassan located in western #Deirezzor province.
#Syria #SDF #Syrianarmy🇸🇾 Image
There was a joint US Army and Kurdish militia patrol that roamed a,ong parts of the M4 road and surveyed a'ong the Turkish border in the #Hasakah countryside.
#Syria #SDF #Syrianarmy🇸🇾 Image
4 Kurdish militia were killed after ISIS attacked a Kurdish military barrier in eastern #Raqqah.
ISIS targeted the Kurdish checkpoint with small arms and RPG’s then abruptly dispersed before Kurdish forces could organize a response.
#Syria #SDF #Syrianarmy🇸🇾 Image
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1. Can Syria be fixed? Spoiler alert. Yes. Syria can be fixed.

First, the involvement of Islamists like Turkey, Iran and certain Gulf states is a major factor preventing the UN mandated political processes advancing to a successful completion. That has to stop.
2. Second, we have to cease treating Assad as a permanent dictator. Under the UN ordered process, it is not likely Assad will retain power. Third, the Alawi, who make up Assad's base, rightfully fear a bloodbath if the Sunni Jihadists take over. Similarly, Idlib and other Sunni
3. areas must be protected and demilitarized under a peace keeping or interim security force. Fourth, absent UN peacekeeping #SDF and its allied force components are the only force capable of establishing security in the north and in Idlib while the Constitution
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NEW - #ISIS announce the death of leader Abu al-Hassan al-Qurashi -- "killed in action," but no details as to when or where.

His replacement is named as Abu al-Hussein al-Husseini.
Lots of rumor swirling re. #ISIS's leader's death.

- Some (linked to #SDF) say he was killed in a joint US-SDF raid in NE #Syria.

- Some (linked to opposition) say he was killed in #Idlib, either (a) Nov 19 during a reported #HTS SSG raid, or (b) Nov 26 in an unreported op.
- And still others (mostly observers) think this is all a ruse & #ISIS leader Abu al-Hassan is still alive.

As always with #Syria, it'll take time for reality to emerge. Time to do some digging.
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1. #Syria: No recent reports of Turkish attacks beyond the reported bombing of #Managh airbase near #Afrin and harassing fire in the #Darbasiyah district. A review of the Turkish media found nothing in the three main English daily papers. The Turkish language Ankara Gazeti
2. had an article quoting DM #Akar that Tukey's actions are legal under international law presumably reaction to reports where he was seen admitting to using #chemicalweapons in #Iraq. Not a very strong position and could indicate that behind-the-scenes diplomatic engagement is
3. not very positive for the Erdogan regime. #Turkey has air power and heavy guns but a poorly trained conscript army that will be chewed up and spit out by the US SOF trained SDF in urban warfare. Erdogan may have played his hand in the belief that he could extract concessions
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1. I've looked at the documents, noting that the July 5th Accession document does not appear to be online, and I see no argument based the NATO Treaty language that supports a view that the US does not have a @NATO Art 5 obligation to both #Sweden and #Finland. Turkey agreed Image
2. to a unanimous "invitation" in Barcelona that was the only thing the Treaty requires. It says nothing about ratification. Erdogan & Orban, both allied with the war criminal Putin, have yet to approve the protocols. We should not let these two anti-democratic corrupt autocrats
3. control NATO. The US is the force that brings safety to members from #Kremlin aggression by being a counterbalance to the #Russian strategic missile forces. That is what makes NATO work more than any other factor. We cannot tolerate #Oban and #Erdogan
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Nach den schwachsinnigen Äußerungen des türkischen Innenministers zum "#Taksim-Anschlag" in #Istanbul, kann man vermuten, dass der türkische Geheimdienst MIT involviert ist.
Es deutet nichts auf die #PKK hin und erst recht nicht auf die #YPG.

Solch ein Anschlag entspricht nicht der Handschrift der PKK, es gab auch nie Hinweise auf einen solchen Anschlag und es wird abgestritten (normalerweise bekennt sich die #PKK zu jedem Anschlag). Ziele der PKK sind Militär, Politik oder die Polizei. Niemals Zivilisten!

Die #YPG ist eine Volksverteidigungseinheit in Nordsyrien und kämpft dort gegen den #IS und andere Dschihadisten. Sie operieren nicht in der #Türkei und haben noch nie die Türkei angegriffen. Sie verüben keine Terroranschläge und sind keine Terrororganisation.

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for your information: #pkk attacks military targets in the rural southeast of #turkey. and kurdistan freedom hawks (tak)? tak hits military/police targets in cities. yesterday's bombing was aimed at innocent civilians, which fully rules out pkk and tak.
and ypg and ypj in #syria? that's, if possible, even bigger nonsense. they defend the autonomously administered regions in #syria, they don't do cross-border ops, only extremely occasionally retaliation at turkish military targets outside civilian areas in border provinces.
ask yourself: who profits from this #bombing in #istanbul? it's fully against the interest of the #kurds in #syria, they will actually be targeted now. this bombing is exactly what erdoğan needs: a reason to invade syria again.
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