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Thread of locations of #American bases in #Syria
The #US Heemo base is located to the West of the city of Al Qamishli near the village of Heemo of #Hasakah province…
The #US Tal Baydar base is located near Tal Baydar town of #Hasakah province. It includes the old airstrip about 900m that is sufficient for landing all types of cargo aircraft and various warplanes…
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The #Assad regime convert the #Syria|n people's assembly to "#Assad's puppets assembly". In this video the currently member Mohamed Kabnad said "Bashar Assad never sleep & at least we should kneel to him".
The election play tomorrow is one more message to the world the #Assad will never accept ANY political settlement. It is one more reason to see Assad as the part of the problem not of the solution.
In the constitution of 2012 the position of president has more power than the assembly, government, army & court together. Actually the assembly has the role to discuss unnecessary decrees for #Assad and some decoration proposes.
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"Life Inside #Syria's al-Hol Camp"

- After interviewing 20 camp residents, @MEI_CTE scholar @vera_mironov delves deep into who lives in al-Hol? How do they relate to #ISIS? Who's escaping? How do they acquire money? & more.

REALLY important work:…
@MEI_CTE @vera_mironov According to @vera_mironov's work, only a small minority of al-Hol residents genuinely support #ISIS - many others fake loyalty as a source of financial support (from #ISIS directly or foreign donors).

This drives many expressions of ultra radicalism or fake claims of attacks.
@MEI_CTE @vera_mironov One al-Hol resident claimed to @vera_mironov:

- "What #ISIS enforcement can we talk about, I feel like we're in #Europe here. Many females have sex with male camp workers... We constantly hear about 13-year-old boys having sex with girls or even try to rape other younger boys."
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This is a masterclass in research by @Elizrael & @Qussai_jukhadar -- I'm proud to be publishing it on @MiddleEastInst.

- "Ravaged by war, #Syria’s health care system is utterly unprepared for the #COVID19 pandemic."…
@Elizrael @Qussai_jukhadar @MiddleEastInst #pt: While most health experts project terrible #COVID19 implications for #Syria, the @WHO insists a "minor outbreak" is more likely.

Why? @WHO's analysis is based on #Wuhan/#China data - which is absurd, given the contrasts in governance, security & healthcare capacity.
@Elizrael @Qussai_jukhadar @MiddleEastInst @WHO #pt: If equating #Syria's capacity to deal w. #COVID19 with #China's wasn't crazy enough, @WHO went further - predicting #Idlib would witness a 50% less infection rate than #Wuhan:

- 2,413 infections
- 121 ICU cases

Out of 4 million people, most in IDP camps w. no services.
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NEW THREAD as #ISIS insurgency entered the 3rd year in the Eastern #Syria|n desert (W. of #Euphrates). For details:
- (Homs) by @CalibreObscura
- (all E. areas) by @GregoryPWaters
Below schematic map showing main areas of IS attacks
E. #Syria: #NDF in #DeirEzzor announcing multiple losses on front vs #ISIS:
- its commander for S. #Mayadin sector following an "incident". He was from #Latakia province
- 2 fighters killed during IS attack on Palmyra-DeirEzzor road (area of Shula).
E. #Syria: photos showing the "combing operations" vs #ISIS carried out past days in E. #Homs desert, from Shaer gasfield to Sukhnah. Arty strikes were also reported last night in #DeirEzzor desert.
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Confirmed by multiple sources that two former #IslamicState women from #Belgium & #France have managed to escape from the #SDF detainee camp in #Roj, #Syria. It has happened two weeks ago, and both fugitives have been recaptured and imprisoned since (1/6)…
The Belgian is Cassandra Bodart, a convert from Jemeppe-sur-Sambre who joined IS in 2013. After two years, she wanted to leave - but she had to wait until the death of French-Algerian husband Abdel Hamid Derguiani in August 2017 to turn herself in (2/6)…
The French woman is Saïda El Ghazi from the Lunel region - long known as a hotspot of jihad in France. She made headlines after she accepted to be separated from her two children in June, so they could be repatriated (3/6)…
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1. I think the US may be engaged in slight policy shift in #Syria re #SDF though I don't think the rules of engagement have changed, this statement today by #Coalition Spox is a big deal IMO:

"MC: I’d like to take a moment to describe some more of our relationship with the SDF.
2. We are… the Coalition, the US-led Coalition is on several bases in NE Syria. The bases we live on are Syrian Democratic Forces bases. Today, you came and you saw SDF soldiers and guards who let you into this base. We exist in full partnership with the SDF.
3. This partnership goes beyond the security of our bases. Outside the bases, we have joint patrols where SDF and Coalition troops provide regional security, search for outlaws and protect critical infrastructure. We also have training.
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#BREAKING: Angry over his inability to drag #NATO into #Syrian war, dictator #Erdogan has ordered #Turkish security forces to open borders and let #Syrian refugees travel freely to #EU among them there are hundreds of #ISIL members which #Turkey recently released in NE #Syria!
#BREAKING: This video is reported to be showing the first group of #Syrian refugees walking toward #Europe after #Turkish Gendarmerie opened the borders on order of #Erdogan. There are #ISIL members among them who are recently released from the #SDF's prison camps in NE #Syria.
They are on their ways to #Europe now. Tens of thousands of refugees from #Syria, #Afghanistan, #Pakistan & other countries are now walking toward the borders with #Bulgaria to immigrate to their future home, #Germany! They are thankful of #Erdogan!
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In 85 days, ~1 million people have fled their homes in #Idlib, #Syria.

60% are kids & 20% women.

They're now homeless, hemmed onto a shut #Turkey border. There are no tents left & little food. Kids are freezing to death.

Where the Hell is the world's attention? WAKE UP.
#pt: The #Idlib crisis is unprecedented, BUT not just for #Syria - this is the biggest humanitarian crisis in modern history AND it happened rapidly, in 2-3 months.

This isn't just "someone else's problem," it's a global one. If left untouched, the consequences WILL be global.
#pt: 1 million people, including 600,000 kids, with the clothes on their back & some blankets, if they're lucky. In the winter.

The @UN has run out of cross-border funds & #Syria is blocking supplies from elsewhere.

Meanwhile, #Russia is flattening hospitals, schools & markets.
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1. The @nytimes is wrong on the facts. There is an alternative. MT Syria’s Drawn-Out Agony
2. Times: “there remains no viable resistance inside #Syria for #America to support.”

That’s factually incorrect. AA of #NES is an oposition group. The Times doesn’t distingush between “Rebels” (mostly jihadists including #ISIS and Al-#Qaeda) and the #SDF, the brave fighters
3. who fight shoulder-to-shoulder with @SOJTFOIR in the war against terror. #Turkey armed and financed Al-Qaeda & ISIS. Syrians should not be left with a choice of either ISIS or Assad. In NES folks are free. The misguided uniformed people on Times Editorial board threaten NES
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1. #NES #Syria: I see what appear to be propaganda based reports amplifying a perceived conflict developing between #Russia and #Turkey. There are reports citing Pentagon source but I can find no Pentagon statement to confirm it. Absent that, I'm considering it propaganda.
2. ENKS appearing with Turkey and appearing to have rejected reconciliation in Syria is a serious development. Because I conclude Turkey is a fully corrupted society I suspect #ENKS has been co-opted. The point of this is it appears that ground is being prepared for another
3. Turkish attack on US force areas. Yesterday's strident propaganda piece in @kommersant that I read as an official statement that includes more propaganda to alienate Syrians and create a more dangerous situation for US forces supports Turkey's goal to advance ISIS restart
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Forget about #Idlib bunch NE #Syria will be a flash point. Mark my words
#USA flag removed from APC after protests in #Hasakah CS which culminated into gunfight. At least one of villagers killed #Syria
One more video of confrontation with #USA forces near #Hasakah #Syria
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This is Hevrin Khalaf. A 34-year-old Syrian Kurdish political leader. She was respected internationally, as someone striving for peace in the region. But on the 12th of October she was silenced forever. Watch the BBC documentary right here :
On the 12th of October, Hevrin Khalaf set off from al-Hasakah around 5.30am with her driver, Farhad Ramadan. They were heading west on the M4 motorway. Earlier that morning eyewitnesses report, a #SNA military convoy was seen crossing into Syria from Turkey.
This video, filmed by an Ahrar al-Sharqiya fighter, shows the sun has just risen, putting the time between 6.30am and 7am. It was the same time that Hevrin Khalaf was using the M4, to get to her office that morning. #Syria
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1. In the late summer of 2014, I begged the Obama administration to provide cover & JPADS drops to save the few hundred #Kurdish YPG YPJ left surrounded by #Daesh in #Kobane. And he did it. I have reported every day on their courageous battle against Daesh. My YouTube channel
2.every Pentagon briefing from 2016 to #Daesh's surrender. IMO Trump's betrayal was a greater blunder than killing #QassemSoleimani.

We need a place to go. The #SDC and #SDF can administer a save civil society based on self governance and the Golden Rule.
3. Free, secular and Democratic. It may not be too late. But we have to act fast. Ask your members of Congress to support the SDC and SDF and demand Turkey withdraw from North and East Syria. Turkey is booting us. Now Iraq. We need trusted friends. @SenatorRisch @senatemajldr
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Hours away to end 2019, the new stage of Syrian war has officially settled down, where politics decisions have replaced in an important way the military campaigns, mostly focused on the last terrorist reducts: (1)
2019 started as 2018 ended, #SDF continued #CizireStorm operation against last #ISIS stronghold, battle proved difficult & took 3 month to liberate the last 70 Km^2 under #ISIS control. On March 23 2019 #ISIS finally lost the last urban territories & became an insurgent group (2)
Turkish pressure had delayed any military operations in "Greater #Idlib" during 9 months since Sochi agreement. However, the continue violations of this agreement force #SAA to launch the first stage of #IdlibDawn. Between (6/5/2019-6/6/2019) #SAA liberated 134 Km^2 (3)
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1. I remember Nasser. As a boy I thought he was cool.

Imagine an integration of Iraq, Syria & Lebanon as members of the United States of the Levant. Oil, gas, hydro and fresh water with motivated educated populations. None of that is possible under Islamist extremism.
2. Absent an integration, the great powers will forever use this region to compete. Clearly an international integration is a dream. But the federalization of the independent states, particularly Iraq & Syria, would result in a decentralized political system that is
3. self-defending. These nations will not survive outside of a secular society. They will continue to erupt on a regular predictable basis.

I have not seen any study on it so I will comment from my own observation based on mostly anecdotal evidence. Regions of Syria that
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1. Unpleasant as it may be for many, the current trajectory of the war in #Syria will require the US to work with the #Damascus government to keep the country from becoming an even worse terrorist breeding ground. When we overthrew Saddam we destroyed the military too. The result
2. was #ISIS and chaos on a massive scale. #Geneva process when accomplished will create a democratically elected Syrian government. It will still have to fight the terrorists that #Turkey & Qatar finance & arm.

#SDF is not a separatist force. They are a loyal opposition force
3. Loyal to Syria that they fight to defend. The goal of a federal Syria is the principal part of SDF's ideological thinking that ties them to Abdullah Öcalan. The federal system is not the PKK's ideological creation. It's America's. Local governance brings stability in diverse
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1. #Turkey is affiliated with both #ISIS & Al-#Qaeda. Congress should give @RTErdogan days to begin full withdrawal from all of Northern Syria: Afrin to Sere Kaniye. Barring it Turkey's economy & war making power must be sanctioned. @NATO must be anti-imperialist to survive.
2. Turkey's strategic objectives in the invasion were to free #Daesh, seize oil & gas and Syrian territory. The US, Russian and SAA redeployment prevented them from achieving the first two objectives so they were left with just seizing territory, committing mass murder,
3. pillage and genocide.

Since 2014, I have closely observed the #YPG & #YPJ initially and then watched the formation of the #SDF, a combined #Arab, #Christian & #Kurdish force. #SDF is a liberation force. They do no acts consistent with terrorism and only people who need fear
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