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Think intently
What do u do differently?
What’s it mean 2 U?
If 2 U it means a day off
Or sum retail sale
Then I’ll tell ya
U fail.
What it should entail?
Should be our Grail.
Let’s detail:
“We must accept finite disappointment,
But not lose infinite hope.”
Why we continually persevere
Hope helps us cope.
“Let no man pull u low enough to h8 him.”
We’re➕, we💜, even when things look grim.
“We are now confronted w/ the fierce urgency of now.”
We’ve gotta fix it
No more pointing a finger
Nor asking “this happened how?”
But above all
“Let us stick w/❤️
cuz h8
Is 2 gr8
A burden 2 bear.”
We’re all in this 2gether
Let’s help each other
Cuz there’s✌🏽💙&😁2 share.
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Made a tweet, regretted a typo, made my way outside. Sun was bright, bad news in the air. Worried about concentration camps in America while I hung out a bit and wondered if I’d see my neighbor.

My neighbor who survived Salzwedel, Bergen-Belsen and Auschwitz.

#OneVoice1 🧵
Every time I see my neighbor she tells me stories. Sometimes one I’ve heard before. But I always stop and listen. She’s walking wisdom.

94 years old and poppin like a boss. But shit man, I’m pretty sure her sister—also a survivor—is like 97.

I know right? Pretty awesome.
Sometimes my neighbor shows me her tattoo. It’s from Auschwitz. She never cowers from its ink, she shows me her mark bravely.

Neither should we cower. Let us face the past bravely. All we need to do is listen.

So listen.

Listen while I learn, and we can learn together.
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I was born into a cult I cannot name. You’ve heard of them. I can’t say their name b/c they scour coverage and I would risk attack. I am known to them, as is my family. I must protect my family but I also must share what I know.

The GOP has become just like them.

#OneVoice1 🧵
This cult holds people against their will. It segregates its own into castes, so’s to profit from free labor. It holds power and control above all else. To deviate from their dictates is to risk expulsion or death. This cult structuralizes itself against dissent.

Sound familiar?
This cult will slime your character and turn your family against you. They divide even the closest relations—parents, children—at the slightest hint of deviation from their views. I am fortunate not to have been raised in one of their churches.

Sound familiar?
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Oh have some ‘splaining to do!
You boys sure know how to leave a trail of evidence. Jay Sekulow, Lev Parnas, & Rudy Giuliani, would you just look at that Ukraine strong-arming..on behalf of the Tyrannical Tangerine Taintcicle.
Ooh, & what’s this here with Robert F Hyde & Lev Parnas, tracking the movements of US Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch.

“They will let me know when she’s on the move… They are willing to help if you/we would like a price.”

Um..holy shit! 👀🤯
Um, this was an interesting tweet you sent out during the impeachment hearing testimony of US Ambassador Maria Yovanovitch, Mr. Hyde.
You still think you’re running for Congress now?
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1/8 Donald Trump has just unilaterally committed an act of war without the approval of Congress. Not even the Gang of 8 was informed.

#GeeksResist #OneVoice1 #DemCast

#NoWarInIran #Soleimani #WagTheDog2020 #TrumpsWar #WarWithIran… via @HuffPostPol
2/8 Make no mistake. General Qassem Soleimani was an evil man responsible for the death of thousands, from employing sophisticated IEDs used against American troops to recent murdering of Iraqi protesters.

The Shadow Commander:…
3/8 None-the-less, this is an act of war, the assassination of a powerful foreign leader, the second most powerful man in Iran, at a time when Trump has just been impeached and is facing trial while ALSO up for re-election.

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1/ The 2020 Election will see an astounding record voter turnout.

Polling places are staffed by VOLUNTEERS - and there are never enough - even when voter turnout is low.

Not enough VOLUNTEERS & MILLIONS may not be able to vote!

2/ What can you do? Go to your county website and sign up to do one of the many essential jobs.

Jobs differ from state to state and even from county to county.

3/ You could be a greeter

Or the person checking names the list of registered voters in the precinct

You may be assigned to a ballot receipt or ballot reader stations

And there are also floaters to help anyone who needs it

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You know what they’re trying to do? They’re trying to squeeze out players. Vaping. Now CBD. Don’t be surprised when new alternatives get big and gobble up the spaces. Same thing happened w/ online gambling (poker). Hell, the internet!

Here’s a history and overview. #OneVoice1 🧵
This is how our economy is exploited; it’s a “pump and dump” on a societal scale. The same mobs are crashing storefronts, but now it’s big corporations racketing the shit out of small–midsized businesses. In every sector. Soon there will be no opportunity left—we’re almost there.
To those who say “This is how it is, that’s how it’s played, the economy is rigged…”

You’re absoforkintootly right.

At a certain point, corps—money aggregates—get large enough to “bend” the markets. They have gravity.

I call them Death Stars of Capitalism.
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1/5 Donald Trump, aka John Barron, aka David Dennison, is telling us "do not believe any article or story you read or see that uses “anonymous sources” having to do with trade or any other subject."

This is more than an attack on the #FreePress.

#GeeksResist #DemCast #OneVoice1
2/5 It is an attack on facts.

On reality.

And on the #whistleblower.

Trump famously spreads disinformation with phrases like "people are saying", invoking phantom polls and friends and "everybody knows" when he wants to lie.

So he has no problem with "anonymous sources."
3/5 His problem is when others use REAL anonymous sources, like the #FreePress, law enforcement, or Congress, for all of whom these sources are vital to preserving our Democratic liberties by obtaining information people would otherwise not share for fear of reprisal or censure.
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1/Concerned about sneaky legislation getting through Congress while we are all distracted by impeachment?

Did you know that You can create an account at and sign up for email alerts, track legislation and follow activities of House & Senate?

2/ You can do searches for certain topics, like #GunControl and see who is co-sponsoring bills, and what the legislative support is on bills from certain Representatives and Senators. For example, I see #EdMarkey has co-sponsored a Gun Violence Prevention Research Act.
3/ From there, I can click on Ed Markey's name to get alerts so that I know when he is co-sponsoring and voting on bills.
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1/ Ohio bill HB413 - 1 of the most aggressive anti-women bills in history, orders doctors to ‘reimplant ectopic pregnancy’ or face 'abortion murder' charges (among other actions the bill defines as felonies). The two sponsors - one a woman - #RepCandiceKeller

2/ And the other, #RepRonHood - either do not know or care that such a procedure is impossible & would further endanger the lives of women with this life-threatening condition. They could GAF if families already in emotional pain are further traumatized.
3/ These two, together with the other 19 bill sponsors, apparently believe that a little thing called research isn’t part of their responsibility when drafting legislation for their state. That several are women makes it more egregious. Are you hearing me Tracy @Richardson4OH ?
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The Intersectionality of Control

(As pertains to authoritarian lockdown of shared resources vital to continued human civilization.)

A thread in 3 parts:

I. Social Drivers
II. Inciting Techniques
III. False Flags vs. Real Solutions

#OneVoice1 🧵
DISCLAIMER: With this thread I seek to dissect the 2019 manifestation of white nationalism on a global scale. Therefore, “global white nationalism” refers not to localized racism or violence, but the collectivized, global nature of such threats today, which is unique in history.
I. Social Drivers

Global white nationalism is founded not on racism but the climate crisis.

Ethnonationalists—perhaps unwittingly—serve to protect capital interests while capital interests abet racism as a tactic.

Both misrepresent white identity as a means for human survival.
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1/17 Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch is a hero.

Let's begin there.

She did not set out to be a hero.

She set out to serve her country with skills carefully learned over a lifetime in the Foreign Service.

And she did.

#GeeksResist #DemCast #OneVoice1…
2/17 A career diplomat, she served in the State Department since 1986. This means she served under Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr., and Obama before doing so under Trump.…
3/17 She is the Canadian-born daughter of Russians who fled the USSR & Nazis, served 30 years in the Foreign Service wing of the State Dept., moved 13 times to serve in 7 countries, & is former ambassador to Kyrgyzstan (2004-08) & Armenia (2008-11).…
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1/* (THREAD) This @Comey op-ed lays bare a glaring problem in #PutinsGOP's defense of #TRE45ON's total disregard for his oath of office - doing so is fundamentally at odds with, and violative of, their own oaths of office:

2/* What we'd witnessed during the campaign made very clear #TRE45ON exaggerated/lied about essentially everything, but I think many of us still held out hope things would improve once he realized the awesome responsibility of the Presidency:

3/* Obviously, that didn't happen, as immediately things got worse, "period!" This is a terrific piece by @benjaminwittes & @qjurecic examining the issue of how should 'We The People' react when the #PABOTUS daily disregards his oath of office:

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(Thread) Rep. Chuck Fleischmann’s Phony Town Hall

On 10/23/19, Rep Chuck Fleischmann held a phone “town hall”. I had been wondering for some time why he wouldn’t hold real town halls where his constituents could talk to him directly, face-to-face. (1)
Then, it became painfully clear. He spent most of the time patting himself on the back for his work in securing grants for various interests, bashing “Democrats” while ironically calling for an end to partisan divisiveness, and parroting GOP-issued talking points dripping (2)
with disinformation. He sounded like a wannabe Matt Gaetz. There was no hint of genuine concern for the thoughts/needs of the people he had been elected to serve.
If you had a❓for Chuck, you could press *3 and talk to an operator who asked for your name, etc. and your ❓(3)
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REMARKABLE comments from Hillary Clinton!

Hillary Clinton suggests Putin has kompromat on Trump, Russia will back Tulsi Gabbard third-party bid - The Washington Post

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1/5 Excellent article detailing the planning and process involved when the President speaks on the phone with a foreign leader ... as opposed to what #TRE45On does - and although it's about what you'd expect, it's still jaw dropping ⚖️🙄🇺🇸
2/5 For those who've heard about it but haven't read it, this is an annotated version of the whistleblower complaint that basically provides CliffsNotes giving extra details and context to each section:

3/5 Here is what's being called the "transcript" of the call, but more accurately described as a "read out" in that although it's still a really bad look for #TRE45ON, there appears to be some missing content. LOTS of "Rudy Giuliani" mentions:

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1/9 (THREAD) Although impeachment investigations against #TRE45ON are currently focused on the Ukraine call, as the inquiry expands, there needs to be a concurrent investigation into AG Bill Barr's conduct, because nobody has done more to destroy the rule of law:
2/9 People worried about who would replace Jeff Sessions were relieved when Barr was nominated because supposedly was "a rule of law guy." However, in Barr's previous stint as H.W. Bush's AG, he devised 41's "pardon away impeachment" strategy:

3/9 Confirmed in February, Barr immediately began his assault on the rule of law by ending DoJ investigations that were initiated based on evidence of criminal activity uncovered by the Mueller investigation, but not in Mueller's purview:

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1/5 Minneapolis has it right: #TRE45ON's campaign boasted about raising $15M in just the 3 days following @HouseDemocrats' announcement of formal impeachment proceedings, yet his campaign has left a trial of financial destruction in its wake
2/5 #TRE45ON's campaign rally in February cost the City of El Paso $470K - which he still refuses to pay. Adding insult to injury - and despite being asked NOT to come, he visited the grieving City right after the shooting he helped to cause.

3/5 Minnepolis and El Paso are far from alone - at least 10 other cities are hurting because #TRE45ON's campaign refuses to pay the costs these cities incurred having MAGA rallies imposed on them:

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Disinformation defined: false information which is intended to mislead, especially propaganda issued by a government organization to a rival power or the media.

This tool will help you recognize fake news🔽

#ChaosControl #OneVoice1
TY @chrisehyman
Many people get away with blatant lies because other people are reluctant to call them out as being lies

Not naming lies gives them credibility

Individuals and the media should not be afraid to be honest and truthful

Call them what they are: lies

#ChaosControl #OneVoice1
Before you gasp at something in shock, yell “no way” or jump up and down saying “finally!” make sure what you’re reading it accurate.

Give or a try to verify.

Be careful of disinformation!

#ChaosControl #OneVoice1
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Saudi first: Trump wants to start a war with Iran when MBS gives the order by @mehdirhasan
On the word of a single, likely compromised, U.S. official, CBS says the Saudi oil attack was approved by Iran's supreme leader.

This story deserves our skepticism.…
I gotta say, this doesn't FEEL smart.

Under Trump arms deal, US smart bombs to be built in Saudi Arabia

We should not hand the Saudis valuable weapons tech given the kingdom's conduct in Yemen and its human rights record.…
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Hi Twitter Fam 👋 I'd like to thank all of you for not abandoning me. I know I haven't tweeted much lately. I'm currently experiencing a relapse in my mental health issues. I'll be contacting my doctor next week. Which leads me to the topic of #SinglePayer / #MedicareForAll
I currently see a psychiatrist about once every 3 months about medication. My insurance doesn't cover him, so that's $100 out of pocket every visit. He and I both agree I should be in therapy. Unfortunately, even if my insurance covers it, the co-pay is $40 a visit.
For those of you familiar with how most therapy works, when you start, you may need to see the therapist 3-4 times a week. That's $40 each visit, out of pocket. So let's say it's only 3x a week. That's $480 a month. I can't afford that. So, the only way I have to manage my
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So, I am so torn over this....

I, of course, never want to make light that suicide rates are up or that any one is in this (or any) kind of distress.

But, in my little black heart, I am angry with these people & am having touble...


finding the mercy in my heart that I know I am called to have.

A large part of me feels that you'Reap what you Sow'.

Farmers, as a group, have been the single biggest recipients of true #socialism in this country for generations through farm subsidies & programs...

that pay for them to NOT grow certain crops.

The only larger group to benefit from #socialism in this country are the corporations but more on that in another thread.

They traditionally vote in blocks touting #2A, ending "the welfare state" pretending that they are not

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As I sit here drinking tea and thinking about the state of the world, a bumble bee flew by and landed near me.

I thought to myself, will there come a day in the future where people tell their children, "I remember bees. Yes, I remember having ample food..."

#BeTheChange 🐝💚🌎
"More than 500 million bees were found dead by beekeepers in Brazil over a three-month period earlier this year. Now, scientists are linking these mass bee die-offs to an increase in the use of pesticides [..]"…

#BeTheChange #BeTheChange4Earth

There comes a point where we have to ask ourselves if we care about having a future on Earth. Not just for humans, but many, many other species.

The survival of bees and the fate of our own species are 100% intertwined.…

#BeTheChange #BeTheChange4Earth
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I was born into a cult I cannot name. You’ve heard of them. I can’t say their name b/c they scrub coverage and I would risk attack. I am known to them, as is my family. I must protect my family but I also must share what I know.

The GOP is becoming just like them.

#OneVoice1 🧵
This cult holds people against their will. It segregates its own into castes, so’s to profit from free labor. It holds power and control above all else. To deviate from their dictates is to risk expulsion or death. This cult structuralizes itself against dissent.

Sound familiar?
This cult will slime your character and turn your family against you. They divide even the closest relations—parents, children—at the slightest hint of deviation from their views. I am fortunate to not have been raised in one of their churches.

Sound familiar?
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