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Are y'all ready for a different sort of #LainaReadsAnne thread? Today we're going to be trying to figure out the time period that Anne of Green Gables is set in and talking about the fashion of that time.
#LainaReadsAnne This is going to be a multi-part thread with a lot of images. Seriously, I have like 10 pages of notes and a LOT of pictures bookmarked.

So I'm gonna ask y'all to be patient with the speed on this one, okay?
#LainaReadsAnne Let's start with what we know about the time period of Anne of Green Gables. (Not any of the sequels - in this thread, I will be treating AOGG as a standalone work.)

First, Montgomery wrote it in 1906 so it can't be any later than that.
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I don't have a chapter today but perhaps if you all wouldn't mind a little rambling, I'll talk about my feelings re-reading this and some of my overall thoughts and things along that line. I don't have any notes, so we're free-forming this today lol #LainaReadsAnne
#LainaReadsAnne First of all, in the course of whatever research I was doing at the time, I found a Heritage Minute which I think is really cool
#LainaReadsAnne (Heritage Minutes are these things we have in Canada, they're like minute long short films that teach you about Canadian history. They play on like CTV and stuff. They're actually really cool.)
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Well. Today's our last chapter for Anne of Green Gables. Are you ready? I'm not sure I am XD But let's do it anyways. #LainaReadsAnne
#LainaReadsAnne Marilla comes home from the oculist rather walloped by the news she got there. He said if she wears the glasses he gave her, stops reading and sewing and anyting that'd strain the eyes, including crying, her headaches will be cured and her eyes won't get worse.
#LainaReadsAnne If she doesn't, she'll be blind in six months.

The news hits her hard. She doesn't know what she'll do if she can't read or sew or how she's supposed to help that she's lonesome and cries.
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Okey-dokey. We've got a thread today that isn't necessarily long, but it is heavy, so shall we get to it?

Again, parental figure/grandparent death content warning here. This is a big one, and if you have to peace and mute this hashtag, we're cool. #LainaReadsAnne
#LainaReadsAnne Montgomery lost her grandfather shortly before writing Anne of Green Gables. Though it seems they may not have been very affectionate people, they raised her and it does feel as though a lot of this chapter perhaps reflects her own grief.
#LainaReadsAnne Either that or she just has a particular talent for making you feel sad as hell.
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Okay, so, we're all nice and updated and the surprise today is a bonus thread! Since these two chapters are fairly short/light on notes, we're doing two today! #LainaReadsAnne
#LainaReadsAnne As they make their way to where the exam results are posted, Jane is one hundred percent certain Anne will win either the medal or the scholarship. Like it's already a fact to her. Which is honestly super sweet.

Anne? Not so much.
#LainaReadsAnne There's already much celebrating happening when they get there - Gilbert Blythe has won the medal.

Anne is so disappointed in herself for a moment, especially of the idea of disappointing Matthew. Oh, sweetie. I don't think he could ever be disappointed in you.
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Alright, time for an Anne thread! And depending on how long this takes, we might get a surprise. #LainaReadsAnne
#LainaReadsAnne Just a note on a thing I didn't touch on before because it didn't fit the scene, but Carmody has a new train branch that makes it much easier for the Avonlea students to come home from Queen's on weekends as long as the weather is nice.
#LainaReadsAnne Diana and others are generally there to meet them and walk them home. Note that Gilbert walking with Ruby Gillis is coded as somewhat romantic.

Diana walks with Anne.

Just. Saying.
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Okay, I have tea and music and the master thread has been updated, so shall we do an Anne chapter? #LainaReadsAnne
#LainaReadsAnne They're getting Anne packed for school, and she has come a long way from owning three plain dresses.

"Anne's outfit was ample and pretty, for Matthew saw to that, and Marilla for once made no objections whatever to anything he purchased or suggested."
#LainaReadsAnne Marilla even had Mrs Allan help her pick out a delicate pale green material for an evening dress for Anne. She says they'll get Emily Gillis to make it, as "Emily has got taste, and her fits aren't to be equalled".
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Well, since I can't focus on anything today, let's do an Anne thread. #LainaReadsAnne
#LainaReadsAnne This also is mostly a filler chapter, honestly.

We do get some really great details about how Anne's room and how it's changed. Let's actually recap how it was four years ago - I went back to the first chapter it was described in for this, even.
#LainaReadsAnne Described are painfully bare whitewashed walls, a high, old-fashioned bed, a three-cornered table with a pincushion and a small mirror over it. Between the bed and table is the window, with an "icy white muslin frill" and opposite the bed, a washstand.
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Alright, we're gonna start the thread but keep in mind I'm eating and also watching something so IT MIGHT BE SLOW don't yell at me, thanks. #LainaReadsAnne
#LainaReadsAnne June ends and with it does Miss Stacy's time in Avonlea. Diana says it feels like "the end of everything". Aww. She'll be returning to school next year, but Anne won't if all goes well.
#LainaReadsAnne Anne is convinced she won't do well even though she did great in Mss Stacy's practice exams, which were very hard.
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Okay, several hours of researching beluga migration later, I need a break. Wanna do an Anne thread? #LainaReadsAnne
#LainaReadsAnne Early into Anne's summer vacation, the doctor who treated Minnie May's croup saw Anne at a patient's house and became concerned. He sent Marilla a letter telling her to keep Anne outside and not let her read books "until she got more spring in her step".
#LainaReadsAnne This convinces Marilla that Anne is in immediate danger of dying of consumption, and gives her plenty of freedom over the summer. Honestly, the poor thing was probably overworked, and a summer spent picking berries and playing and dreaming does her well.
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Let's do a bit of an early Anne thread today before I get completely distracted by work lol. #LainaReadsAnne
#LainaReadsAnne It's now November and Marilla and Anne are spending a quiet evening together. Anne was reading, but is now just daydreaming about adventures in Spain that *don't* end in mishap.
#LainaReadsAnne Interesting linguistic note - Anne is described as sitting "Turk-fashion" which is a term I hadn't heard before for sitting crossing-legged/crisscross applesauce. Obviously not a great term to use these days but I hadn't heard that one before.
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Alright, I need a break from the book I'm reading so let's do an Anne thread! #LainaReadsAnne
#LainaReadsAnne (Sidenote before I start - did I have to look up "epoch" for this chapter? Well, let's just say that an epoch is an event or time marked by an event that begins a new period or development and you can decide for yourself :P )
#LainaReadsAnne Come September and Anne is bringing the cows home from the back pasture... and "till the cows come home" isn't actually that late, is it? What is it, like, twilight?

Anyways, Diana comes to see her with very important news and tries to get her to guess it.
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Okay, got distracted for a minute, but it's time for #LainaReadsAnne
#LainaReadsAnne It is midsummer now, so either July or August. What midsummer is kind of varies depending on where you live, I've found, but since we know their break is July-August, I assume late July to early August.
#LainaReadsAnne Idlewood, the pretty little circle of trees where Diana and Anne made their playhouse once upon a time, was cut down in the spring. Mr Bell didn't feel as romantic his back pasture as they did.
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Y'all ready for today's Anne thread? (Also omg I've done a ton today already, you have no idea.) It's a really fun one, I'll tell you that now. #LainaReadsAnne
#LainaReadsAnne Marilla is on her way home late one April evening and realizes winter is gone and spring has arrives. (Take me there, please.) The narration says Marilla pretends she's thinking about the Aid Society but underneath she's taking in the beautiful scenery around her
#LainaReadsAnne She's especially glad that she'll be coming home to a nice fire and the table set for tea by Anne. It's honestly a really sweet scene, and so lovely to see Marilla expressing gratitude for Anne's presence in her life.
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Are you all ready to Anne? I am! #LainaReadsAnne
#LainaReadsAnne So, after the lead up to the Christmas concert of the last chapter, the youth of Avonlea, and especially Anne, is finding it a bit hard to settle down after the anticipation.
#LainaReadsAnne Anne supposes that's why Marilla disapproves of them as she's very sensible. Anne doesn't think it'd be very fun to be sensible as sensible people are so unromantic.

Mrs Rachel says there's no danger in that happening XD
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Had to update the #LainaReads masterthread before we got started on today's chapter. I actually can't believe I only missed 3 days. I was feeling so guilty for it being so long. It felt like at least a week!
#LainaReadsAnne Well, fittingly, since we closed the last chapter talking about him, this chapter is a Matthew chapter.
#LainaReadsAnne It's a cold, grey December evening and Matthew is basically trapped in a corner. Unknown to him, Anne and a group of her schoolfriends (plus Josie Pye) were rehearsing "The Fairy Queen" in the living room.
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Okay, now gonna lie, I kinda flopped early with a headache yesterday, so let's get started on today's Anne chapter. It's gonna be a very long one! #LainaReadsAnne
#LainaReadsAnne So, it's September, and school has been in session for a couple weeks. The way Anne and Diana walk there is super nice, gorgeous and also less dusty and hot than the main way.
#LainaReadsAnne Let me point this out. "Anne thought those walks to and from school with Diana couldn't be improved upon by imagination."

That's just sweet.

And also super queer am I wrong I am not
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Are we ready for the next Anne chapter? This is a good one #LainaReadsAnne
#LainaReadsAnne So one thing I didn't do very well last chapter was describe Marilla's brooch. It's an "old-fashioned oval, containing a braid of her mother's hair, surrounded by a border of very fine amethysts". A seafaring uncle gave it to her mother, who passed it down.
#LainaReadsAnne It's her most prized possession.

And it has gone missing.
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Okay, I'm ready for today's Anne chapter - are you?? #LainaReadsAnne
#LainaReadsAnne It is now August and everyone has pretty much settled in nicely, but Anne is slacking a bit on her chores. Today she's stayed playing wih Diana for half an hour longer than she was supposed to, and now she's hanging out on the woodpile talking to Matthew.
#LainaReadsAnne Who's basically hanging on her every word, which is adorable.

Meanwhile, Marilla has been waiting on Anne and she is 45 minutes late. And Marilla is a busy lady! She keeps not only the house but the farm going.
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Okay, I'm excited about this chapter today! Took yesterday off, but this is a good one, so let's do it! #LainaReadsAnne
#LainaReadsAnne Marilla doesn't find out about Anne's flower hat until the next Friday. When scolded, Anne points out that lots of the girls at Sunday school had bouquets pinned to their dresses and asks what the difference was?
#LainaReadsAnne Honestly Marilla doesn't have an answer for that. "Marilla was not to be drawn from the safe concrete into dubious paths of the abstract."
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Okay, today's Anne chapter write-up is going to be super short because it's about Sunday school and I don't care that much lol. #LainaReadsAnne
#LainaReadsAnne Most interesting part of this chapter to me is that Marilla has made Anne three new dresses. One for church, and two for school in the fall. One is "snuffy-coloured gingham", one is "black and white checked sateen", and one is "a stiff print of an ugly blue".
#LainaReadsAnne They all consist of "plain skirts fulled tightly to plain waists, with sleeves as plain as waist and skirt and tight as sleeves could be".

So, historical fashion experts, what say ye? Examples, time period?
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Alright, Anne time! #LainaReadsAnne
#LainaReadsAnne So, to recap last chapter, Anne yelled at Mrs Rachel when she insulted Anne, and Marilla decided Anne would stay in her room until she was ready to apologize.

Anne has spent the last night and the current day in her room, honestly kind of sulking.
#LainaReadsAnne Marilla is also kind of sulking when she tells Matthew what's going on as Anne isn't at the breakfast table and he noticed her absence.

Matthew calls Mrs Rachel a "meddlesome old gossip" when he hears what happened. Go off, Matthew.
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Alright, it's 2:30, so let's get down to Anne-ing... this was a weird sentence. Anyways, it's #LainaReadsAnne!
#LainaReadsAnne So, remember Mrs Rachel Lynde from the first chapter? After Anne has been at Green Gables for two weeks, she's arrived to... snoop, basically, because she's nosy.

She's been unable to do so until now due to "grippe" aka the flu.
#LainaReadsAnne Also it's probably June now.

Anne has been exploring Green Gables and the surrounding area and is seriously in love with the nature, which is described wonderfully. She has time to play like a normal kid, and that might be a first for her.
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Today's Anne chapter has a surprising amount of notes for a chapter where not a ton happens #LainaReadsAnne
#LainaReadsAnne It's now the next day, and Marilla still hasn't told Anne she's staying. She's not really sure why. Maybe she's nervous, even.

She has been having Anne do chores all morning though - not to the extant of the other people she lived with. Just normal chores.
#LainaReadsAnne Like, Anne's 11 and she's just moved to a farm. A certain amount of work was expected of children that age back then, and really should be of most kids now, and she's not raising peoples' children or anything.
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