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ignore the wonky titles; @akvanh and @alainadev are software engineers at *Honeycomb*, and if you're going to #leaddevnewyork you REALLY do not want to miss this talk.

i mean.. only if you're into first-hand testimonials on building teams that are sustainably high-performing. 😉
@akvanh @alainadev i actually livetweeted a much earlier version of this talk, seen here:

a taste of the good shit:

* real world examples of life-changing instrumentation
* cultural ripple effects of putting software engineers oncall
* why new hires need puzzles & buddies
* why having distributed team members makes your team stronger
* bringing everyone up to the level of the best debugger... in every subject area
* how engineers and non-engineers use the same tooling to do their jobs, and why it matters
* and even some juicy outage stories.
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Final talk of #LeadDevNewYork: @jewelia on scaling as an engineering lead.
Infrastructure quickly becomes a scaling limit during periods of explosive growth. So @jewelia's challenge was growing infra from 10 people to 100 people in 3 offices, to scale with the product needs.

She's now back to doing product eng #LeadDevNewYork
What are the dimensions of growth? (1) horizontal scale from rapid customer growth, (2) vertical growth in terms of number of distinct large customers (e.g. fortune 100 customers) who could individually take out a shard, and (3) platform API usage #LeadDevNewYork
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Vehemently disagreeing with Kwame Thomison's suggestions to use "5 why" to find "the root cause". See instead @allspaw's infinite hows.

5 whys is both blameful and too simplistic.… #LeadDevNewYork
It is 2019 and we can move past using the 5 whys. You are not going to get any singular "root cause" from any sufficiently complex system. Outages have contributing factors and proximate triggers but never a root cause. #LeadDevNewYork
I was nodding along about systems thinking until we started talking about holding up 5 whys as the pinnacle of systems thinking practice. #LeadDevNewYork
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Next up at #LeadDevNewYork is @adriennefriend on crucial career conversations.
@adriennefriend Help people find the *right* spot on your team, and unstick them if they've turned into glue by mistake.

It's not checking a box. [ed: hi, Google, "my manager has had a career conversation with me in the past 6 months" checkbox] #LeadDevNewYork
Career conversations really matter to people. This is a case study about using the Radical Candor framework by Kim Scott, with some adjustments for putting it into practice. #LeadDevNewYork
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Lightning talk time! @lolarobot on leading eng teams through disruptive change. #LeadDevNewYork
@lolarobot Many kinds of change: tech, culture, business, and org. Everyone in the room has led people through it in the past year. It's a thankless job. #LeadDevNewYork
Reach out for peer coaching, advice, and support from people inside and outside your networks. Don't be afraid to cold email.

Also, have a framework for change. (1) what phase are you in, and (2) what leadership qualities are needed right now? #LeadDevNewYork
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Next at #LeadDevNewYork is @whereistanya on glue work (e.g. eng leadership work).

Glue work is expected if people are senior, but we penalize junior people who do it.
@whereistanya She's telling a story about the engineer who does a bunch of "important" glue work, is regarded as an unofficial lead, but is resolving to write more code soon... for two years straight. #LeadDevNewYork
This winds up being a lack of good management -- a lack of communication about expectations and standards. Being glad the work is getting done != ensuring it's the right thing for the person doing the work. #LeadDevNewYork
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.@rodbegbie: being right is only half the battle.

and now some bold claims: he will teach us how to read minds, control reality, and predict the future. but only if you're using it for good! #LeadDevNewYork
@rodbegbie Reading minds: ask questions! replay what you heard back to them. "did I get that right?" [ed: my favorite VP at Google, @btreynor, loved even encoding a replay of the question... into his answer. "If I understand you correctly, you were asking..."] #LeadDevNewYork
I'm hearing another argument for SLOs from @rodbegbie -- that it's wasteful to aim for 10/10. and that we should aim for incremental improvements if they're worth it. #LeadDevNewYork
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.@anjuan says: "any system that is always on will eventually fail." people burn out of tech. #LeadDevNewYork
@anjuan .@aneika defines burnout as emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and reduced personal accomplishment. #LeadDevNewYork
There's a connection between people being highly motivated and having work consume their lives and sense of self. #LeadDevNewYork
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Next up after the break #LeadDevNewYork is @iamagiantnerd on documenting architectural decisions!
@iamagiantnerd Because everything magically spontaneously comes out of the ground when we delegate as tech leads, right? How do we make sure our systems are maintainable and observable? #LeadDevNewYork
People need to be able to understand the why of the systems they're supporting:

arch decision records, enterprise arch guilds, and reference implementations. #LeadDevNewYork
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Next up is @kmkwesteinde on decomposing monoliths! #LeadDevNewYork
@kmkwesteinde Shopify has scaled up >10x in the past few years.

In order to scale, you have to make the right technical decisions for developer productivity. #LeadDevNewYork
Shopify is a Ruby on Rails shop. Rails unfortunately made it easy to share code between different unrelated components.

It's still fine to start with a monolith; excess complexity is not worth it while trying to get to market. @martinfowler's design payoff line #LeadDevNewYork
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First up at #LeadDevNewYork is @polotek, on engineering career ladders!
@polotek He's created career ladders at several companies, but before becoming a manager never worked at a company with a career ladder; raises and perf reviews would appear to come from nowhere and there was no roadmap. #LeadDevNewYork
Three areas: why, what, and how.

Why? nobody has a flat organization. (remember when people would tout how "flat" their org was? and how it "freed" engineers to not think about careers?) #LeadDevNewYork
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