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1. Yesterday #QAnon pointed out that "Obama Sr" and Stanley Ann Dunham both learned Russian in class together at University of Hawaii.
2. Also pointed out in yesterday's #QAnon's drops were the improbable circumstances of the death/disappearance of #LorettaFuddy. #Q
3. Responses to #QAnon's drops stir uncertainty of Hussein's true parentage. Some find no resemblance to Dunham. Particularly dissimilar is Obama Sr, & Frank Marshall Davis not so much. W no paper certificate in hand, & #Fuddy gone, #Q said "Connect via past religious leaders".
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1. #QAnon Stanley Ann Dunham allegedly met "Obama Sr" in #Russian class at U of HI during Cold War when Intel agencies needed Russian/American linguists.…. #Clowns
2. #QAnon #MSM'll claim these are fake, but clearly his parents were skilled in trade-craft. #Q
3. #QAnon Much of Hussein's true identity is still murky, but the origin of "Barry Soetoro", ties to Seattle, spiritual background, and time and place of death of Loretta Fuddy remain provocative. "Connect via past religious leaders" #Q
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Moar #Obama! #Qanon is dropping on the #Birthcertificate!

Read the thread, watch and research for yourself.
WHO IS #LorettaFuddy ?
Let's get you started with @realDonaldTrumps tweet (and my reply from 2018)
Here's a video.
Here is another one.

Download the video's. Things get deleted on youtube. Things get deleted on the internet as well. You know that #QAnon always tells us to archive offline.
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Loretta Fuddy was the State Health Department worker that signed off on Obama's birth certificate as legit.
This is the plane crash that killed her. I've seen toddlers on tricycles wipe out harder than this. So what really killed her is the question we need to ask. RT

Someone else posted this a year ago about the Loretta Fuddy plane crash - it DOES look like someone in scuba gear surfacing where Loretta is

#qanon #WWG1WGA #lorettafuddy #NOCOINCIDENCE
A little more on Loretta Fuddy you will find interesting.
Fuddy was a practitioner of Subud spiritualist movement, and she was the chairwoman of Subud USA's National Committee from 2006 to 2008
What is Subud?
An Indonesian cult with practitioners all over the world.
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What is this?!!

Q ID code brings up escape rooms on two search engines.

πŸ‘‰πŸ½ ceceab πŸ‘ˆπŸ½

Broward County, no less.
WTF is going on?…
That's a weird-ass ID code.

Half Q drops are trolling [them].
Remember Karate Kid? Filmed in Sedona, Arizona - remote location. You think cute Ralph Macchio escaped their darkness? Uh uhhh.

Who knows? weird...
[New York Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Children]

My digs on NYSPCC were so interesting, I'm glad I didn't find this obvious clue. History is insane!

An anon told me to use Google menu for clues.
Honestly, I thought I tried it, but look at this.. 😱
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