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In einer #Querdenker-Telegramgruppe aus #Stuttgart wird auf eine heutige Impfaktion an einer Schule hingewiesen. Man solle "Kinderseelen [...] retten". Adresse steht dabei. Im Kommentarbereich fragt jemand, ob der Bus schon da ist.
@PP_Stuttgart @stuttgart_stadt (1/3)
Narrative von angeblichem Kinderleid dienen nicht nur #Querdenker*innen als Rechtfertigungsgrundlage für ihre Handlungen. Ähnliches kennen wir schon lange aus der rechtsextremen Szene. Auch im Zusammenhang mit #QAnon spielt das Kinderleid-Motiv eine zentrale Rolle. (2/3)
In einer #Querdenker-Telegramgruppe wurde im Zusammenhang mit dem mutmaßlichen Mord von #IdarOberstein die Vermutung geäußert, der mutmaßliche Täter habe das vielleicht "für seine Kinder gemacht". Fairerweise: dafür gab es in der Gruppe harsche Kritik. (3/3)
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#PanQuake=#ScamQuake #TalkLiberation
#MongolsMC #Sturgis:One of the 1st requests #TrevorFitzGibbon made was asking for my #StopTPP videos, claiming he/#JacobAppelbaum (he liked to name-drop him, a lot, probably b/c I admired him) wanted to watch my "wonderful" videos, allegedly.
#PanQuake=#ScamQuake #TalkLiberation
#MongolsMC #Sturgis: I have no idea if #TrevorFitzGibbon is really in touch with Appelbaum and/or if his relationship is exactly how he characterized it...but what is clear is "Trev" probably targeted me for my #StopTPP work, IMO.
#PanQuake=#ScamQuake #TalkLiberation
#MongolsMC #Sturgis: I mean, why else would this creep, imo, being propped up by pro-#TPP #DevinNunes's attorney, inexplicably, be contacting a random, suburban activist, like me, for ~2+yrs, manipulating me, allegedly?
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Dies ist die erste #btw21 nach dem Erstarken der QAnon-Bewegung. Auch wenn es weniger Berichte über #QAnon gibt, ist sie noch sehr aktiv. Zurzeit streut sie in einigen Milieus erfolgreich Narrative, die die Legitimität von demokr. Wahlen in Frage stellen.
Im Rahmen des #CeMASWahlmonitoring analysiert @DittrichMiro für uns: Welche Narrative konnten im breiteren Diskurs besonders verfangen und welche Konsequenzen hat das für die diesjährige Bundestagswahl?
Durch die Nähe der deutschen und amerikanischen QAnon-Bewegung zu klassisch rechtsextremen Akteuren verbreiten sich über das QAnon-Netzwerk weltweit rechtsextreme Erzählungen – im rasanten Tempo. Ihre zentrale These zielt darauf, Misstrauen in den Wahlprozess zu schüren.
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Die #QAnon-Anhängerin und Impfgegnerin #NaomiSeibt verbreitet mal wieder Quatsch in Glückskeks-Form.

Sie behauptet COVID19-Impfstoffe würden "vom Markt verschwinden" um ein Monopol für Pfizer/BioNTech zu schaffen.

Super kurzer Thread warum das wieder Quatsch mit Soße ist. Image
Die Zulassungsverfahren sind von Land zu Land unterschiedlich.

Manche setzen auf die Notfallzulassung, andere prüfen länger und manche haben einfach nach der Verfügbarkeit der Impfstoffe verimpft.

Es ist also unwahrscheinlich, dass in jedem Land alle Impfstoffe zugelassen sind.
Und vonwegen die anderen Impfstoffe schlechtreden.

Diverse Studien beschäftigen sich immer wieder mit der Effektivität gegen Varianten (hier z.B. Delta).

In einer preprint-Studie wurde Moderna eine höherer Schutz gegen Delta nachgewiesen als BioNTech.…
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A mis- and disinformation superspreader event featuring @DefendingEd @KidsinSchoolPAC @NoLeftTurnElana, which should cover #COVID19 anti-mask propaganda, anti-#CriticalRaceTheory hysteria, anti-#DEI falsehoods, and more #BucksCounty #PA01 #PA #Montco #PA @PSEA
For some #BucksCounty #PA01 context highlighting local actors, read "Anti-Critical Race Theory hysteria revives McCarthyism, Klan politics" where I speak with @jasonintrator who provides a historical perspective to things happening on the ground in #PA.…
Still waiting for these folks to denounce and repudiate the local #BucksCounty #PA01 Three Percent cell - the Proud American Patriots Network militia. Amazing there was going to be a paramilitary picnic with #Reopen folks. So far, crickets...
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#McAfee #Afterlife dropped this PUBLIC PGP KEY earlier today. So I suppose if anybody needs to send him an encrypted message, you would secure it with this PGP key, and then only HE can read it.
go to:… Image
#Mcafee #Afterlife Telegram drop this afternoon: DATE WITH THE QUEEN and much more.
1/ Whoa! Some serious #McAfee #Afterlife drops tonight. No decoding necessary. "HILLARY, WE'RE COMING AFTER YOU."

Hey Killary Clinton
Remember Me. . .?
I’m Coming back to
Haunt You like You
Did to Me: +
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They're bringing crime. They're bringing drugs. They're rapists. It’s as if electing a self-confessed serial sex predator to the Presidency gave the whole @GOP a green-light to emulate their Dear Leader’s behavior toward children & “deeply troubled teens.”…
Liberty University sued by 12 women claiming school policies made sexual assault and rape more likely.

"There is a tacit policy that condones sexual violence, particularly by male student athletes, by weighing a denial more heavily than an allegation"…
Mitt Romney's niece @GOPChairwoman Ronna McDaniel now regrets throwing the RNC’s full support behind pedophile Senate candidate Roy Moore of Alabama.

The known pervert was banned by the local mall, but welcomed with open arms into Trump's GOP.…
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A l'époque où l'on avait fait ce thread qui avait pour point de départ la constitution de listes électorales soutenues par la mouvance Réinfo Covid, il y avait une information cruciale que l'on n'avait pas.

Les liens entre #Qanon et Réinfo covid

Pour pouvoir constituer des listes départementales il fallait à Réinfo covid pouvoir s'appuyer sur un réseau de groupes organisé localement. Et c'est là qu'entre en scène Johann Fakra
Fakra serait derrière plusieurs dizaines de sites conspis qui constituaient l'un des plus gros réseaux français de désinformation dont le site phare est Quartier Libre.
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I really hope someone doesn't see some of my PC heatsinks and think that I'm a fellow #QAnon believer and #5G conspiracy theorist.
OMG it gets better. This Ripple Cellphone EMF defense device plugs into your Type-C or Lightning port...
They've got ALL the bands covered! I wonder if they even have #CBAND support already, because you know, that's pretty new ;)
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Was explaining the crazy @GOP National & State 'tactics' to my lady yesterday.
She couldn't understand why they seem to want their voting base to risk dying by not getting vaxxed or wearing masks, & their big support for guns.
Here's what I spit-balled on this because...
...I am done trying to work out a LOGICAL explanation:

What if the @GOP is actually TRYING to "cull the herd"?

They rely on rich, white men that own corporations for money...PAC donations, Lobby Group bribes, post-political career board member positions.
...They don't really care about "the average #American" working Joe. Hence their opposition to a Universal Healthcare system, or an mandated decent minimum wage.
Those #Republicans think their country would be 'better off' WITHOUT "those filthy, under-educated masses".
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#Bombendrohung am #Capitol:
Die Polizei des US-Kapitols untersucht ein verdächtiges Fahrzeug auf eine mögliche Bombe. US-Medienberichten zufolge wurden mehrere Gebäude des Parlamentskomplexes vorsorglich evakuiert.
#USA #Kapitol #Washington…
DC: US #Capitol Police responding to an incident outside Library of #Congress #Washington #USA
Time Square in New York City wegen Bombendrohung ebenfalls evakuiert!
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When will you see ((they)) PREY on all of us. Then ((they)) laugh at us fighting each other. #COVID #COVID19 Population estimated decrease from 300 billion to 65 billion by 2024? A thread
Rothschild editor of magazine and yes #plandemic. Varients are planned!
#Fauci pulls the fake positive PCR test during HIV outbreak. He then makes money on experimental drugs and many die. Sound familiar? Why isn't this on T.V.? Really? Who pays for shows? Commercials. How many are for big pharma drug pushing?
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Guten Morgen - Tässle Kaffee? ☕️

Hammer-Nerd-Satz von Hans #Blumenberg in „Arbeit am Mythos“ zum Sonntag: „Die gnostische Dämonisierung der Welt macht die Lage des Menschen in ihr zum Notstand.“ Vgl. #QAnon, #Querdenken, #Rechtsextremismus, #BDS, #Daesh…
Für noch sehr unterschätzt halte ich den #Gnosis-Schaden durch sog. Crash-Propheten (!) wie #MaxOtte & #MarkusKrall, die mit pseudo-ökonom. Wissenschaftsleugnung inkl. #Verschwörungsmythen Ängste schüren & Papiergeld abzocken. Via @VerschwoerungYT
Als Kollege Felix Klein, @anetta2552 & @KuehniKev mit dem antisemitischen Verschwörungsmythos des sog. #Kulturmarxismus angegriffen wurden, verteidigte ich sie. 👇 #Krall klagte gegen mich & verlor. Verschwörungsunternehmern geht es nicht um #Freiheit!…
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#GOPPedoRing trends after prominent Republican indicted for sex trafficking a minor: 'Hey #QAnon we found them'

Strategist and campaign manager #AntonLazzaro was indicted Thursday on 5 counts of sex trafficking and 3 counts of obstruction of justice

Speaking of wrestling, Rep. #GYMJordan (R-#Ohio)is accused of looking the other way as more than 100 former #OhioState students were sexually assaulted by a former athletics doctor.

Six athletes said that Jordan had to know what was going on.

Then there's Judge #RoyMoore, who allegedly molested multiple teen girls.

Oklahoma Trump campaign co-chair, state Sen. #RalphShorty (R) was caught in a hotel room with underage boys.

Don’t forget about #Trump entering the dressing room at Miss America pageants
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@MadetojaStig @AnneTorppa Soundtrack - 'Ali Sanna and 83 bandits'.
The Prime Minister's Office of Absurdistan presents.
- Does not include: Breakfast, wedding, boat battery, chin-up bar, sun lounger, sofa, bed...… Image
@MadetojaStig @AnneTorppa Knalli Ja Sateenvarjo Ministeriön Erikoisosasto Vauhdissa
- Tervetuloa ministeriön erikoisosastolle, jossa sekä aatteet että vaatteet seuraavat aikaa herpaantumatta.
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#TereSammallahti toivottaa tervetulleeksi #disinformaatio'n, #salalliittoteoriat ja muun huuhaan. #AlfaTV:llä levitetään mm. #koronadenialismi'a ja vieraina studiossa #QAnon-hörhöjä.

Kanavan taustoista kertominen on muka "epäjournalismia".

#journalismi #kokoomus
Vahva lukusuositus, jos haluaa tietää AlfaTV:n taustoista:
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1: 📍You can do a lot with data. 📍

As the founder of the #ProudBoys incident map, I hope to explain the value of a comprehensive Proud Boys dataset.

Looking at 2021 events in Sacramento, reported by @borwin10, & @misstessowen, you can see transnational, thematic similarities.
2: On January 29, 2017, six men were murdered at a Quebec City mosque.

As originally reported by @ARCCollective, PEGIDA, a known Islamaphobic group, pushed for making the anniversary "Hijab Hoax Day," intended to diminish the suffering of an already traumatized Muslim community.
3: What occurred instead, on January 27th, 2018, was a PEGIDA counter-demonstration AGAINST rallies memorializing the victims of the Quebec City mosque. This counter-demonstration was co-attended by Proud Boys, Northern Guard, and III%ers.
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Draad 🧶 met antivaxxers die overleden aan Covid-19 👇Bergbeklimmer John Eyers (42) geloofde desinformatie over coronavaccins. Hij betuigde spijt nadat hij in ziekenhuis belandde met coronabesmetting. John overleed vorige week, laat 19-jarige dochter na.…
Fitte nachtclubmanager David Parker (56) bespotte constant gevaccineerden op zijn sociale media. Hij stierf afgelopen maandag na coronabesmetting. Zijn familie roept nu op de prik te nemen: 'RIP Uncle David, it could have saved you!'…
Talkshowhost Dick Farrel raadde op Facebook coronavaccins af. Nadat hij zelf besmet raakte veranderde hij tegen zijn vrienden van mening: “I wish I gotten it’
Hij stierf 4 augustus aan de complicaties van Covid-19 en laat ‘love of his life’ Kitty na.…
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THREAD: Dies of COVID #COVIDIOTS #COVIDIOTHallOfShame: 9 of 9 (100%) elected Federal or State elected officials dead of COVID are Republican/GOP. Let's visit some of them. Here's the first:
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#CapitolRiot: Good morning. We start off today with a status conference/arraignment for Jennifer and Jamie Buteau, two #QAnon adherents from Florida. The DOJ recently filed a new indictment against them in connection w/ January 6. @wusa9 @EricFlackTV…
#CapitolRiot: As I previously reported, Jamie Buteau is facing the more serious charges of the pair. That includes assaults on federal officers inside the Capitol. @wusa9 @EricFlackTV
#CapitolRiot: The DOJ is asking for a 60-day continuance. Says plea offer still has not been made to the Buteaus. No objection from the defense. @wusa9 @EricFlackTV
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🔥Israel begins an investigation into the NSO Group spyware abuse allegations. It will be so interesting to see how Netanyahu is connected and who he and Trump targeted.…
💥Israeli media reported that the Foreign Ministry, Justice Ministry, Mossad, and Military Intelligence were looking into the company following the publication of the Pegasus Project.
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Parkland Shooting was a "drill." It makes it so easy to dismiss these psyops with headlines and blue checks. I have written extensively on how #QAnon is Steven Bannon but David doesn't want to get to the bottom of #QAnon...

He's hunting people who doubt the government.
2) Staged terror has been documented since Rome. Why do people think the same government who injected citizens with syphilis would never dare stoop so low as to stage a school shooting? Seriously naive people calling themselves reporters.
3) Smith-Mundt says it is the duty of the government to conduct psychological operations on its citizens for national security. We have been in a state of perpetual domestic war since 9/11. It would be unpatriotic for the FBI not to do these things.

Terror is a motor.
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#FoxNews Implements Vaccine Passports for Staff

The system allows for employees to self-report to #Fox the dates their shots were administered and which vaccines were used

Of course #Hannity #Carlson… still support ANTI-VAXX LIES

#FoxCorporation, the right-wing talk channel’s parent company, has quietly implemented the concept of a vaccine passport, they self-report to the dates their shots were administered and which vaccines were used… they can then bypass the otherwise required daily health screening

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Q et le New Age!
Nous connaissons bien QAnon et ses théories conspirationnistes délirantes qui se sont répandues au sein de la fachosphère. Pour Q, l'étape suivante était alors d'atteindre ce public parlant de Yoga, de chakras, de cristaux et de thérapies holistiques (1/31)
2/31 : Le terme New Age désigne au sens strict un mouvement historique californien caractérisé par l’attente d’une nouvelle ère appelée l’«Ère du Verseau». Au sens large il se développe dans le sillage des courants de la contre-culture nord-américaine.
3/ Le New Age est une expression générique désignant une multiplicité de nouvelles spiritualités, teintées de développement personnel, d’orientalisme, de sagesses indiennes, d’ésotérisme occidental et d’amérindianisme
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