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Epik is an ICANN-accredited domain registrar and web hosting company that was founded in 2009 by Rob Monster.

It is known for providing services to websites that host far-right, Neo-Nazi, and other extremist content as well as those that sell illegal drugs Image

Bitmitigate is an internet security firm and subsidiary of Seattle-based domain registration company Epik.

Nick Lim of Vancouver was the founder and is former owner.

Nick Lim is Founder and current CEO of VanwaTech, an internet domain hosting, technology consulting and cyber security company. He was founder and former CEO of BitMitigate, sold to EPIK
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@RealJamesWoods When people show you who they are...

Believe them.

#TheGreatAwakening ImageImageImageImage
@RealJamesWoods #Qanon #133 & #189
Nov 2017

Does Satan exist?
Does the ‘thought’ of Satan exist?
Who worships Satan?

The ‘cult’ runs the world.
Fantasy land.
The world is fighting back (& destroying the cult).
20% public.
80% private.
👉The world would otherwise collapse.

#TheGreatAwakening ImageImageImageImage
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“Greatest Gematria Teacher Examine ALL Proof”
Mathematically Impossible Coincidences !
47 47 also 11:11.
God Is Good ALL The Time !
Now click on “Greatest Gematria Teacher... to LOOK further ...
Coincidences? ImageImageImageImage…
There are many more here than I have listed ... ImageImageImageImage
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#Q/ #QAnon "be careful who you follow"

re [DS] Turkic/ Mongolian Turano-Kushite/ -Aithiop Scythian Illyrian #VAN/ #BIANI "Dwarfs" matriarchist horde

Anything associated with the [DS] New Age "Indo Swiss" cult "spoof" & "spook" is [DS] DISINFORMATION
"Ultra Nation was founded in response to The One World Order Scam called Swiss Indo
Enter [Bali, Indonesia-based] Sasha Stone (Simon Jean Paul Sacha Adams), sex cult guru spoof cut out agent provocateur for many cult branches. Sasha Stone’s save the world plans are several.
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(cf) US Admiral Richard B Byrd...…

Did US Admiral Richard Byrd mistakenly find the exoteric #STARGATE/ esoteric #NEXION to leave our massively-manipulated, evil world via a North Pole dimensional gate, thus
travelling to another part of the Earth that has remained hidden however is alluded to by ancient occult cartographers?

[DS] Luciferian/ Satanic ONA aka The Sinister Masonic Order Of Nine Angles speaks of just such a phenomenon:
re 'Magian' NAOS Physis & Aeonic Magick
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1) Fil du 22/09/2020

Q#post n°4738 à 4741

3) @drsimonegold :
"Le Nevada est le 7ème État à revenir discrètement sur sa décision d'interdire l'HCQ pour le COVID-19. Les médecins du Nevada peuvent maintenant à nouveau prescrire l'HCQ.
Les gouverneurs ont menti et devraient être tenus responsables."
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What's with internal pressure in the #GOP to deny masks to fight #Covid19 - or even to regard #Covid as real? Another step into #QAnon abyss? Conspiracists control #TrumpCult news & are trapped. They must deny truth to maintain lies & can't get out.…
The #QAnon flame is like a #WestCoastForestFire burning through #GOP. Totally out of control & moving fast. Those who don't leave get scorched. How else can U explain Gov #Dewine & LtGov #Husted, both co-chairs of the #Ohio Trump campaign, getting booed at a #Trump event? #Masks
Will the #GOP, at the end of this exercise in fantasy, become a #Chernobyl-like wasteland? A place where no one will go except strangely mutated animals? #GeneticallyMutatedTruths become lies, and many of them will survive in the human wilderness. #QAnon
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💥‼️ALERT‼️💥 #ThreeGorgesDam. I have a theory. 1. The dam is approaching imminent catastrophic failure.

2. The CCP plans to blame the US and possibly use it as an excuse to go to war. (Can they be so stupid?!)

Evidence Below ⬇️⬇️⬇️
Evidence for suspected failure.

➡️ The dam is experiencing it's 7th flood wave this year NOW.

➡️ The flood season is not even 25% complete yet for 2020 and the CCP is reporting levels to be approaching maximum. (160/180m)

➡️ CCP reports that the dam has deformed in the past
Evidence for failure cont'd

➡️ Floods in China are at record all time high. Dam under extreme pressure.

➡️ The eyes of the world have been watching the livestreams of the da

➡️ A few weeks ago, the dam hit 175m and the livestreams remained up, full view of all sides and angles
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Some new #TrumpRussiaMatrix mapping related to #FinCen, Troll Farm, DailyStormer/#QAnon, #Cybernetics, RABBITS🐰, et al...
See, 'TRADE LEADER' iin the mix
MIC-BUNINO, Moscow, Russia
(see also, Andrey Ryabinskiy and 'mosipoteka' - and Sater and Cohen and Trump Tower meetings)
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(cf) #SloppyLuciferians thought Hillary [Illyria] Clinton was a sure win... (?)

re [DS] E-V13 Genetic code

Dardania/ Kosovo = "PAX ROMANA ABSOLUTUM DOMINION" mirroring Nimrod's aka Izdubar's creation (?)

re 1876 The Chaldean Account of Genesis by George Smith
[murdered by the cabal] 1) "The Izdubar Legends", Chapter XI pp 167+…
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“The President Of The United States Of America”
.@realDonaldTrump is DIVINELY protected. He takes all the slings & arrows for humanity. In #Gematria, further expand on “The President Of The United States Of America” see one layer deeper for .@POTUS ...
.....Here we see that the value of <1604> that resonates well with :
“I Am #Q White Hat Breaks The Code”.
👉Do I know that President Trump IS Q and is a white hat ?
👉Now select <I Am Q White Hat Breaks The Code> for further “clues” into Q (Gematria IS the Akashic Record)
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2/ THERE IS BATTLE IN THE HEAVENS TAKING PLACE ON EARTH. Depicted & explained in images.

The OVERALL CONTROL OF BOTH HEAVENS was broken some time ago. Hence the resumption of this Battle.


There are two ways to explain this to avoid thinking they
3/ are two separate entities.

1: The Pyramid System. Where the top 3 layers are LOGOS while layers below are Mythos. Think of Pyramid System on Earth where those in the bottom layers have NO idea of what happens in the TOP LAYERS. Think Mystery Schools like Freemasonry, Large
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1) Fil Q du 20/09/2020

Q post n°4686 à 4737

Thème: "21-25 SEPT [suivez et pistez les événements]"
3) Q post n°4686

Q publie à nouveau l'image du "punisher".
La Justice est la seule voie à suivre.
Transparence et divulgation.

Q nous invite à suivre de près les événements:
- du 14 au 18 Sept
- du 21 au 25 Sept
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NOM – Nova Ordem Mundial
Conhecidos por ILLUMINATI e outros nomes, os Teoristas atribuem a eles a implantação da NOM.
•Quais são as 13 principais famílias?
•Quais são as principais Sociedades Secretas?
•A quem servem e qual o seu plano?
•O que controlam?

Siga a Thread
1)Agenda da NOM
2)Berry Smith, da Austrália, escreveu em seu livro Aviso Final p. 9, “Existem 13 famílias ou grupos liderando o plano do Governo Mundial:

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4 new Domains added to my #QAnonMaps

via #TrumpRussiaMatrix Files

#QAnon Com
2ch TK
DailyStormer HK (New IP/ROUTE Linked)
Further linking Jim Watkins, Nick Lim and Andrew Anglin and Company Image
Seem HJIM_WS and Friends screenshot dated Friday, September 22, 2017 at 8:59 PM Image
Seem HJIM_WS (aka Deplorable Cool) screenshot dated Friday, September 22, 2017 at 8:59 PM Image
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!!New Q-Drop 4734


Focus on content [information].
Research for yourself.
a person that controls access, as to information, often acting as an arbiter of quality or legitimacy:
an open internet allows innovators to bypass traditional


gatekeepers and promote their work on its own merit.
a guardian; monitor
Deploy camouflage.
Drop all references re: 'Q' 'Qanon' etc. to avoid ban/termination _censorship install.
Algos [sniffers] bypass.


Keep charging, Midnight Riders!
[Revere's 'Midnight' Ride]
Delivery of free-information.
[bypass controlled media narrative].

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#QPost Sep 16 2020 15:51:34 (EST) NEW
We know Disney is a Pedowood.
Mickey Mouse's penis is pointing to 6=30
SEP has 30 days
15 days to OCT
Mickey Mouse it's pointing to 10:09:06=16
The clock has 8 REDs
@realDonaldTrump Image
If we think mirror
Mickey mouse is pointing to 1:51=7
Mickey mouse penis stays at the ALARM=6
ALARM at 6
7=[G] ENOU[G]H
6=[F]=[F] pocket-controlled [D]
1= Jan
JAN 6 [2]y D
#QPost 477
Think clock
Wind the clock w/ all markers.
Future proves past ImageImage
Q !!
Sep 17 2020 16:02:29 (EST) NEW
RIG FOR RED. Mickey Mouse Clock Post
All The Wacky Submarine Terms You Never Knew You Wanted To Know…
Standing by
#MAGA2020 ImageImageImage
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09-17-2020 15:20:28 EDT…
Sometimes non_domestic sources of information provide a more accurate report.

09-17-2020 15:36:21 EDT

This should be also.
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Probably the most commonly repeated question I get is “What if Trump is really DS and Q is a psyop?” So I’m going to do my best to share here what I tell those people. Short answer is this. If this really is one big scam then yes, we are in deep deep trouble. But here’s why...
... it’s not. First of all, at this point we now know what the plan was. Infiltration not Invasion. And not to be a smart ass, but it was working. Less than 10 years after 9/11 we elected a Muslim to our highest office. And he charmed the shit out of just about every fast...
... asleep American sheep out there. Personally I never cared for the guy. I questioned his meteoric rise back in 2006 but did I suspect he was part of some global Deep State hell bent on world domination?? Of course not. Nobody did. But in hindsight we now can see exactly what..
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Happening now: @HomelandDems @HomelandGOP hearing on worldwide threats to the homeland

Chair @BennieGThompson slams @DHSgov acting director @DHS_Wolf for not showing up, accusing him of reneging on a commitment while having time "for no fewer than 4 appearances on Fox News"
.@HomelandDems Chair @BennieGThompson says @DHS_Wolf is ignoring a subpoena by not showing up
"We continue to face grave threats to the homeland, including the rise of domestic terrorism, ongoing foreign interference in the 2020 elections & a #coronavirus pandemic" per @BennieGThompson "As the person running the Dept of Homeland Security, Mr. Wolf should be here"
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Thread about the phrase "You have more than you know." It appears 37X on #QPosts
Jewish Gematria:3328=Mortuus Ambulare A Virus Causing Zombification.
Have you ask yourself why there are flies and all kind of insects on Biden's body, Hilary's body & Obama's body?
Let's find out. ImageImageImageImage
Check it out by yourself.
A fly in his eyebrow and a cockroach near his neck. I wonder how many more under his clothes.
@DanScavino tweet this. Is Dan telling us Biden is taking care in a basement? Is he sick, is he dead, is he a zombie?
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