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#QAnon bible students.
Remember people talking about prophetic dreams/visions of earthquakes, particularly on the west coast? Of the Hoover Dam failing? Let's talk about those.
#QAnon bible students
Face the north. What is on your "left"? West coast. Almost all liberals/Dems, referred to as "the left".
What were they expecting to happen from this Russia investigation? Trump removed, jailed, etc.
#QAnon bible students
They had agood-sized "earthquake" on 9 November, 2016, when Hill/Jezebel lost. Their entire world upended. What did they often say?
"I'm literally *shaking* right now!!"
This is worse. Major "earthquake" upcoming, right?
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Was hoping to hear from Q today on such a BIG NEWS DAY!

#QAnon #TheStorm #GreatAwakening #ReleaseTheMemo




[8] FIRED.


Possible SUICIDES.

++ / + TICK TOCK.

#QAnon #ReleaseTheMemo
3. Forgot the screenshot.

#QAnon #ReleaseTheMemo
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#ShadowBanning Hi friend and #Patriot. It looks like you were was many of your posts. I am very familiar with the censoring techniques utilized by #Twitter. I think the technique they used is what I call #EchoBanning or #BubbleBanning. Explanation...
2. What I have figured that they do, is that #Twitter targets for #Censorship with these methods.
- User account. Account pushing too much of the inconvenient #TRUTH are put on their list. This essentially targets #Conservatives or even #LEFTISTS who espouse #FakeNews positions.
3. Literally exposing #Censorship itself is banned. Other taboo topics include real exposure of #Corruption that they have identified to specifically block, such as #PizzaGate or #PedoGate. This is why #LIBS will sometimes be blocked as well (blocked ideas).
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1) Gotta have a thread featuring memorable reports from the #FakeNews industrial complex as we head into the first annual #FakeNewsAwards hosted by President #Trump
2) Our friend @SpayMsm provides an introduction to some of tonight's recipients.

"We, represent the DNC Guild, the DNC Guild, the DNC Guild. And in the name of the DNC Guiiiiiillllld! We'd like to welcome you to #FakeNews Land..."
3) Dr. Sanjay Gupta #FakeNews Medical contributor for CNN diagnosed POTUS with Heart Disease.

Wonder how he felt after hearing the results from a doctor who actually examined #Trump
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bannon, manefort, gates & pop were CIA-ONI plants all along.
#Saipov #UzbekTruckers haul heroin & #opioids under #UraniumOne color of law smuggling cover it was designed to be from the start.…

#Bernie2020 #FakeNewsAwards flake brexit
Has #Qanon offered any practical advice or plan of action yet other than to make a bowl of popcorn & stay inside when SHTF? #Qanon8chan
@esoteric_ed @DestroyIllusion @tracybeanz @RoystonPotter
@realBobWoodward & @carlbernstein were ONI w/ GHW 86d Nixon in a Black OP. Bannon=ONI.
ONI fed Saigon disinfo & killed Paris Peace Talks; LBJ thought it was Nixon but could do nada as he'd found-out b/c Hoover bugged the palace. LBJ may've have realized it was CIA & so did not run for a 2nd term. 12 year wars are just good business & still are. Rummy (ONI) was...
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Ok I'm just a lady from Texas but here is why Haiwii happened and the motive behind it! The EAS sytems has no cancellation feature. There is good reason for this. It was and is a direct unfiltered communication of @POTUS to the people directly. No cancellation for that reason
This stunt was no accident and the fact that news outlets where there at the time is also no accident. This incident is a FF to get the ability to put in a cancellation feature to interrupt Potus communication to the public.
Note they are now calling for a cancellation process. No no no. This was no accident they want to be able to cancel and override @POTUS !
#qanon #FollowTheWhiteRabbit #TheStorm #hawaii #HawaiiAlert #FalseFlag
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1. 🔺FINALLY received this copy of America’s Secret Establishment focusing on the Order of Skull & Bones.

... crazy how inconvenient it was.🔻

#QAnon #FollowTheWhiteRabbit #MAGA
2. 🔺Kinda ironic that there’s no kindle version available (despite a previous version being available).

It also wasn’t available with Prime shipping, and didn’t arrive for nearly a week.

I also paid double the price of the actual sticker on the front of the book.🔻
3. 🔺it’s almost like some powerful people don’t want anyone reading this book.

Ironic I’m starting reading it today, considering it’s these people who conspired & had #MLKJr taken out. 🔻
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1) If you'll forgive a bit of sophistry, impotent anger, and a point that runs counter to the common mindset, I'd like to talk about #qanon.
2) I'm obviously not a fan of Q. You can see my profile blurb, it is very much making fun of the #qanon #followthewhiterabbit, replacing them with #banon (bourbon anon) and #followthevomittrail respectively
3) See, the first point about Q is that Q claims to be someone with the equivalent of I believe a top secret security clearence, but for the department of energy, a q clearance. I only claim to be a drunk asshole on twitter who should not be taken seriously. I'm nobody.
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Part 1) #Haiti #Pedogate #ClintonCorruption thread. Laura Silsby (Galyer) and “missionaries” were arrested for trafficking 33 kids in Haiti...all had living parents (later reunited, thank God). Stopped w/ 40 kids before.
Part 2: Silsby's missionaries had a legal advisor: Jorge Puello. "Legal adviser to the American himself facing allegations of human trafficking in El Salvador and human smuggling charges in the United States.” Of course he is.…
Part 3: The #Clintons intervened, got reduced charges for Silsby and freed the others. Bill said Haitians were "not looking for some big fight. They just want to protect their children”. True. But Bill just wanted to protect the Clintons and stop the anger…
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When Conspiracy Theories Meet and Make Friends. . . #UraniumOne
The Department of Justice announced the indictment of Mark Lambert on 11 charges on January 12th, and tweets appeared not long after attempting to tie this event to Hillary Clinton. In the limited searching I did, I was unable to find such a connection.…
Here's the volume of tweets containing "uranium" and at least one of "indictment", "bribery", and "one" since the DOJ announcement. Total of 132031 tweets. 10301 of those came from accounts with default profile images and less than 20 followers, suggesting bot activity.
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1 of 35. #TRUTH #TwitterStorm PLEASE read, #Share, and #Retweet this Very Important thread. Use it on 1/17/18. I will highlight key developments, based on my analysis of #QAnon and ACTUAL events. Many pointers to this, but original source to dig is here:
2. To interpret things:
- I will reference #QAnon material in these posts with {}.
- I will generally place my interpretations OUTSIDE of {} but will use parentheses within to help. Reference web link in post 1 to SEE original Q content.
3. #QAnon is REAL, VERY REAL. There's a massive effort by #DeepState to discredit or label #QAnon as a #LARP.
Q (1/14/18):
{Boards changed due to statements re: private comms - FALSE.
Boards changed due to failure to IDEN accurately.
Boards changed due to MISINFO…
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Yo! @HillaryClinton. I have a question.


Why at 6:00 am on THE MORNING OF SEPTEMBER 11, 2012 were you asking #miuslimBrotherhood sympathizer #HumaAbedin for A COPY OF A MOVIE?

Were you already looking for someone to blame for that night's attack?
Because when you were for some crazy reason looking for a #VIDEO the brave men in #Benghazi were getting very afraid.

You were up early and just 2 HOURS earlier Christopher Stevens ASKED FOR HELP.

INSTEAD. You ask #Huma fora f***ing Video?

#qanon #DrainTheSwamp #Benghazi
His last entry. ....."Never ending Security threats"

The cable Stevens sent did not say. "Look for a video to blame this mess on!"

#qanon #Benghazi #TheStorm
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