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About a quarter of uk population fall into the category here; and as described tagged by me above; this is a very broad grouping; lets add in #Reform and #Reclaim
#Ukip voters, we know your'e out there; we see the uk accounts with those in your Twitter timelines
The #MAGA #QAnon pro-Trump accounts; in UK; This MEANS YOUR Right to Protest will now lie SOLELY in the hands of your local Police, if this bill is passed, TODAY ;Against the Expresed will of your Mps.
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🧵Unraveling the Web: QAnon & Cicada 3301 - Deep Dive into the World of Modern Conspiracy Theories w/ @defango Image
QAnon conspiracy theory weaves together many other conspiracies to teach people how they work. It started as a puzzle called Cicada 3301🕵️‍♂️. Their goal was to create organic virality on the internet, and they use psychological tactics to manipulate intelligent people.
The use of artificial intelligence to track down disinformation was discussed in a government meeting. QAnon supporters and antifa are isolated groups, thanks to confirmation bias. The point is, humanity has failed a test and has not progressed as hoped🤔.
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Nachtrag zum Stadtfest "Plauener Frühling" in #Plauen.
Ja wer hätte das gedacht das Landrat Hennig mit Jana Sammer schunkelt.

Ok wir haben nicht wirklich daran geglaubt das unser Thread irgendeine Auswirkung da in #Sucksen hat.

Und ja uns war klar das diese Infos wahrscheinlich nie beim Landrat oder der Orga des Festes angekommen.
Geschweige denn das man da irgendwelche Konsequenzen draus ziehen würde.

Für die #NieMehrCDU ist das Internet halt noch immer #Neuland.
Bedenklich allerdings ist die Normalisierung dieser Leute, die man landauf landab durch die Gemeinden und die Gesellschaft sieht. Der Großteil, so scheint es, will die letzten 3 Jahre einfach vergessen und so weitermachen wie zuvor.
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If swivel-eyed anti-woke alt-right populist nationalist #QAnon #ProLife #Brextremist #TuftonSt #Manosphere #Christofascist conspiracy theorists organised a conference, sponsored by libertarian billionaires...

National Conservatism conference, May 15-17, Marsham Street, London. ImageImageImageImage
Keynote speaker at #NatCon, Heritage Foundation President: “Heritage’s position, to be really plain, is that marriage is between one man & one woman, full stop.” Asked if that means annulling existing same-sex marriages, he says “I hope so. That would be good for civil society.” Image
What follows is a summary #THREAD of the 'Statement of Principles' offered by 'National Conservatism', a Christian nationalist project of the Edmund Burke Foundation - a lobbying 'institute' founded in 2019 with the aim of strengthening the principles of national conservatism".
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Josh Duggar
Roy Moore
Ruben Verastigui
Anton Lazzaro
George Nader
Tim Nolan
Ralph Shortey
Ben Gibson
Adam Hageman
Joel Kostan

Have you ever seen a Moms for Liberty statement against any of the #DadsForLiberty caught raping children?

#Hypocrites #GOPGroomers Image
Meet the child rapist #QAnon wackjob who spouts the same "pedophile" and "groomer" BS you hear from the vicious political operatives at Moms for Liberty.

Maybe protecting children isn't their real goal?…
Moms for Liberty have no problem with all the incest and rape in the Bible.

They seemingly have no problem with all the groomers and pedophiles lurking in "Christian" churches they send their kids to.

Maybe protecting children isn't their real goal?…
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1. Thread on Legend and Teigen - chrissy teigen, john legend... #johnlegend #chrissyteigen #luna Image
2. This is not a deep dive, it will mainly be a series of tweets from Teigen of a pedophilic nature that Chrissy Teigen was allowed to get away with in Twitter 1.0 #chrissyteigen #pedophiletweets Image
3. Chrissy Teigen likes seeing little girls do the splits half naked, knows its wrong but still tweets about it and was allowed to get away with it.... #chrissyteigen Image
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#QAnon (This is not an endorsement, on the contrary.) #SGTReport is/was a YouTube channel and a blog dedicated to spreading pro-Q propaganda. This video is from early 2018. The title of the video is "Qanon- This is Either Fantasy or a Dream Come True." We can observe several……
This is Robert David Steele (RDS) and the video corresponds to the same time period. Here we see the seeding of the idea of #JulianAssange being transported to the US, RDS talks about his friend #BillBinney (remember that Binney talked directly to #pompeio about the leaked……
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Last week, Arizona Sheriff Mark Lamb officially announced his candidacy for the US Senate. Like other named “constitutional sheriffs,” Lamb has close ties to border militias and far-right #extremists in #AZ and beyond. (1/7) Image
On June 25, 2021, Lamb spoke & held a banner alongside Veterans on Patrol (#VoP) militia leaders at a #nativist Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) rally along the US-Mexico border fence (2/7)
A few months earlier, Lamb gave far-right activist Christie Hutcherson and sitting US Sen. @MarshaBlackburn (R-TN) a “border tour” on March 21, 2021.

Footage of the tour (ID'd by @FC_inquiry) was shared widely on Facebook & other platforms, including Lamb's official accts (3/7) Image
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A thread on using better judgment on following, liking, and retweeting content from subversive propaganda accounts, and/or foreign influence trolls who operate behind anonymity.

Because not all anonymous bullshit accounts are as obvious as #Qanon

If you're following anonymous accounts that obsessively post at all hours of the day and night, hundreds of thousands of times within a few years, or thousands of times within just a few months after creating their account, you're following an inauthentic propaganda account.
If the anonymous account you follow engages in personalized attacks on strangers, uses propoganda sites/fake news/tabloids to defend their attacks, & comments on every single mention of any single topic or person, then you're following a paid disinformation agent/psycho or both
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A #THREAD on the UK @Conservatives' & US Republicans' mobilisation of “woke” as a pejorative term to describe progressive policies in general, & how the Left should respond.

Increasingly, everything the right-wing don’t like is described as woke - a scapegoat for any bad news.
This #THREAD is based on two recent articles by Gil Duran & George Lakoff, the American cognitive linguist & philosopher, best known for his 'framing' thesis that people's lives are significantly influenced by the conceptual metaphors they use to explain complex phenomena.
To 'frame' something is "to select some aspects of a perceived reality & make them more salient in a communication text, in such a way as to promote a particular problem definition, causal interpretation, moral evaluation, and/or treatment recommendation for the item described."
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I've been trying to figure out who this "enforcer -#metatron" that Kim Goguen mentions. here is a bootleg clip from the vid. #kimgoguen
Them Fuk'n lying b'stards #qanon whitehats in re to #nesara #gesara…
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It seems my Birthday Gift this year was some validation on a Year's old Qanon Situation. People said I was lying about stuff and all of a sudden Microchip is in court spilling the beans. All of this started in 2018 for me and now 5 years later things are going off the deep end. Image
We did a Huge Thread going over my history with giving the idea of Qanon to some operators and how the debunk started in 2018. Now it's all coming out. Are you still going to trust the plan? The actual storm is here and no one is paying attention.

You see Douglass Mackey has been in court over this Hillary Clinton Election thing and Microchip testifed at his trial. @bellograppa did a great thread with sketches of the event and boy was it an eye opener for me.

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#J6 2021 ~ Capitol was off limits to public access. 12:53pm #MAGA #QMAGA #QAnon forced their way onto the premises resulting in bodily injury to many on duty DCM Police Officers.
Here's Michael Fanone's testimony.
@TuckerCarlson will have you believe the breach was peaceful.
Here's Tucker downplaying the events as he relentlessly propagandizes you.
In order for the mob to gain access to the Capitol they resorted to violence against police shown in the video above. Correct?
Fox News is not your friend.
Tucker said they poured thru 1ks of hours of video - what they did was cherry pick the softer side. This is evidence of how stupid they think you are.
Let me ask you something.
Does this look peaceful?
Does this look like a "handful" of vandals?
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🧵 A few years ago, Canadians associated #conspiracytheories with harmless lunacy promoted by nutbars. Then the COVID19 pandemic brought them to the forefront during the so-called #FreedomConvoy and #OttawaOccupation.
From #QAnon , #SoldiersofOdin, #Diagolon, #YellowVests so-called Christians etc. passing as truckers while spouting hateful white nationalism, racism, Islamophobia rhetoic and backed financially by several American far-right groups, the craziness revealed was much closer to home
Ir was so close to home that the Interim CPC Leader Bergen, past CPC Leader Scheer and current CPC Leader Poilievre met with them. The latter even provided donuts and marched with the so-called protestors who plotted a coup of a duly elected govt.…
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🛡️#T3 - #QAnon Makes a Comeback
#dont March 4th, 2023 at #CPAC
Remember in Q Post 111 when he said:
"POTUS is our Savior"?🤣
Hey QAnon, go fuck yourselves, you're pathetic!
"that #BeautifulShot"🤣
Q born from Soviet #ProjectLakhta
Here's how team Q gets you committed to the program.
You suckers fell for this hook, line and sinker.
Here's #QAnon #RedPillRecruiting for Women.
Here's #QAnon #RedPillRecruiting for Your Wife.
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I hadn't heard from Karen in a while. Turned out she passed on. She didnt take the jab.
Though she told some truths, she was also a misinformant. Her biggest folly was insisting global military were conspiring to take down the cabal. That we should just sit back and trust.
She was pushing this idea years before #QAnon appeared in 2017.
At one point I figured she was either part of Q team or her work was used in the Q script knowing they could play off of an already growing movement. The later is a typical tactic of the Internet Research Agency
I'm sure I'm one of only a handful of people who actually read Robert Mueller's FBI report where he exposed a covert RU team, the IRA, in the US pushing political propaganda to incite division&help get #dont elected. The OP was called #ProjectLakhta 🔻…
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The Influence Continuum with Dr. Steven Hassan
Shadow Network: Media, Money, and the Secret Hub of the Radical Right with Anne Nelson

📢If you haven't listened to this you MUST. I've been listening to all your podcasts, retweeting all your posts etc. You've all done an....
incredible job. Many of us are deeply grateful for your work. Steven new podcast is an absolute must if we are to get out of this insanity. He summaries what is going on in an easy to follow big picture way. Please use your influence and spread the word. @CultExpert @jentaub
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The phrase “Great Awakening” has been used extensively by Alexander Dugin, QAnon, & the NAR (a dominionist movement whose leaders have heavy Kremlin leanings). 2/
3/ Alexander Dugin & the Great Awakening.…
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@vpkivimaki @kokoomus @PiaKauma @oikeuskansleri
#GoldmanSachs on tuottanut sovitut vaalitulokset #Scytl laskennalla, alkaen 10/2007, jolloin #ETYJ sai porttikiellon Suomessa vaalien tuloslaskentaan, koska liikesalaisuus.
Eduskuntavaalien tulokset etukäteen tiedossa…
@vpkivimaki @kokoomus @PiaKauma @oikeuskansleri #Vaalit #DEMOKRATIAA? | 25.1.2008
Electronic Frontier Finland ry:n (#Effi) kertoo, että #OM: n vaalijohtaja #Jääskeläinen kieltäytyi antamasta järjestölle tietoja, miten lokakuun kunnallisvaaleissa koekäytettävä sähköinen äänestysjärjestelmä on toteutettu…
@vpkivimaki @kokoomus @PiaKauma @oikeuskansleri Critical U.S. #ElectionSystems Have Been Left Exposed #Online Despite Official Denials | Aug 8, 2019
An ES&S documents clearly shows the #modem #transmission of #votes from the company's #DS200 optical scan voting machines going over the #internet.…
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@realDonaldTrump @QLightening @elonmusk Q: An example of stoic, calculated discernment, cares about abused children and those who are otherwise politically unrepresented.

NeverQ: You are crazy you are dumb you are a joke you are wasting your time
@realDonaldTrump @QLightening @elonmusk #NeverQ : "I will never do research on the corruption of the individuals and institutions that Q has mentioned. If I do any research, it will be to discredit Q and anons. But, I've found it's much easier to just make fun of them."

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@niinisto cc: @ s_m_marandi:
"#Merkel and #Hollande admit the west didn't want to achieve piece in the #Donbas through the #MinskAgreements (2014 and 2015).
- They wanted to give the coup regime in #Kiev time to #prepare for #war - to help #crush #ethnic #Russians
@niinisto cc: @ TaranQ
#Poroshenko has admitted that the 2015 #ceasefire (#Minsk) in #Donbass, which he negotiated with Russia, France and Germany as president of Ukraine, was merely a distraction intended to buy #time for #Kiev to #rebuild its #military.
@niinisto The conflict in #Ukraine was not opened by #Russia on Feb 24, but by #Ukraine a week before.
- The #OSCE #France is a witness to this.
#BULLETINNo27 | MAR 2022
- Il pourrait s’agir de #mercenaires de la #CIA...
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Human Rights First a publié en décembre 2022 un nouveau rapport titré "soldats numériques". Il enquête sur la manière dont le mouvement extrémiste QAnon travaille à exploiter l’armée américaine pour ébranler la démocratie US. Les points à retenir en 32 tweets, suivez-moi ! #qanon
1/32 QAnon ou "Q" est un mouvement extrémiste conspirateur né autour de la croyance que l'ancien président Trump et l'armée américaine planifient secrètement une guerre contre une cabale d'élite satanique pédophile qui aurait corrompu tous les niveaux du gouvernement.
2/32 La mouvance comprend un vaste réseau de théoriciens du complot ayant une interprétation extrême de la corruption gouvernementale, appelant les partisans de Q à "réveiller" le reste de la société et les convaincre qu'une cabale corrompue domine le gouvernement.
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#TheGreatAwakening #DIREITAforteUNIDA

Porque Bolsonaro e Militares ainda não agiram?

Para responder essa pergunta é preciso saber primeiramente, quem é o nosso INIMIGO, bem como sua origem, sua religião, sua ideologia e sua história:

Não é um inimigo qualquer, pois são poderosos, controlam o sistema financeiro, controlam a maior força militar e até a maior religião do Ocidente.

Não se vence esse inimigo, pois formalmente não existem! ImageImageImageImage
Washigton D.C, a capital dos Estados Unidos da América não é parte dos EUA?

Bilionários compraram os EUA em 1927, tiraram dinheiro de circulação e criaram o CRASH 1929, para comprar o resto todo em liquidação! ImageImageImageImage
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