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1. There are days I think back to life before pizzagate - before I saw James Alefantis’ sick Instagram photos. pizzagate changed me...I always knew there were pedos in the world, but I did not realize how pervasive....#qanon
2....and widespread child rape, pedophilia, and SRA was among the upper echelon of the leaders and elite millionaires and billionaires of the world. To be honest, there are days i wish I did not know what I know and see what I saw...but then I think of the victims...the children
3...the child victims and the adult victims who suffered at the hands of these disgusting, evil monsters do not have the pleasure of erasing these thoughts and hurts from their lives...they live with it daily...the least I can do is support them and pray for them and...
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Clinton/Branson Elite Island Treasure Hunters?

Can you say "Cabal Central"?

What would #Q say?
--[[[[Hunters]]]]-- BECOME THE HUNTED-- ?????

Dig on em Anons!!

#QAnon #WWG1WGA #QArmy @POTUS…
This is gonna be GOOD!!!
"These People are Sick!! #Q
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This is very interesting shifting through the perception of @POTUS from an Asian country..The Japanese seem to love him..This translation is a bit loose, but what there’re saying is the staff of the media report have changed his words: That is why they call it fake news.

Probably the best news paper cover ever..
Love the Japanese, there’re not stupid they know exactly what’s going on..

😂 so good..Liberty magazine is the shit..

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73) Anons alerted #Qanon to the fact that four planes had to make emergency landings.…
74) Knowing they had been set up before by their enemies, #Qanon wondered if it wasn't another incident intended to point the finger of blame at the Q team.
75) Ananon posted a link to a BBC hit piece against #Qanon.

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1. Shortly after #QAnon'd mentioned "Xbox chat logs" being used by #DeepState, Xbox Live went down. Purging chat logs? Don't realize we already "have it all" anyways? #Q…
2. If #QAnon were a "theory" like #MockingbirdMedia tries to tell us, why would Xbox freak out? #Q
3. #QAnon: If Snowden were trying to seek asylum via travel to UIO, Quito, Equador from Hong Kong International Airport, why would he route through Russia? Was #Russia not the original destination all along, so #Clowns could hurt US-Russia relationship? #Q
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Oil & Gas Lobbyists Bundle for Clinton
Chevron Corporation
General Electric Co.
Marathon OilCorporation
Plains All American Pipeline,L.P.
Noble Energy Inc.
David Leiter
Scott Parven
Brian Pomper
Brownstein HyattFarber Schreck LLP
Alfred Mottur…?
Oil & Gas Lobbyists Bundle for Clinton
Capitol Counsel LLC
Richard Sullivan
Dow Chemical
Steven Elmendorf
Heather Podesta
Tony Podesta
Koch Industries,Inc.
American PetroleumInstitute
Edison ElectricInstitute
American GasAssociation
BP plc
Cheniere Energy…?
Oil & Gas Lobbyists Bundle for Clinton…?

Lario Oil & GasCompany
FTI Consulting, Inc
America's NaturalGas Alliance
Oxbow Carbon LLC
Energy in Depth
Freeport LNGDevelopment, LP
CobaltInternationalEnergy, Inc.
McGuireWoods LLP
Theresa Fariello
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1/ Psalm 23: a #qanon decode.
2/ The day before the Council of the Wizards and Warlocks go to war with the enemies of the world, #qanon wishes them Godspeed and salutes their heroism.
3/ The next day, Sat 4 Nov 2017, Saudi Arabia, with the help of a specialized US military force that can deliver EMPs and tungsten rods dropped from space to remote bunker complexes, rounds up a bunch of bad actors in geopolitics.…

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Codemonkey and Jim of 8ch are just really great people. They would get mad at me if I told you to follow them, because they're not in this for selfish reasons. I just want you to know that they're really good people who have helped me so much in life over the last 2 years.
Jim has been a fatherly figure for me. He always knows exactly what to say and when to say it. He's a busy man and still takes the time to care about his employees. Thank you Jim if you see this.

Codemonkey- has been a close & personal friend too.

I love you guys both so much-
Sometimes in life, we have to take the time to simply say "thank you," and this is my way of thanking you both, @5chan_nel @CodeMonkeyZ

You have both been some of the most positive influences on my life, as first and foremost my friends, and second as coworkers- I'm grateful.
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1) This is my #Qanon thread for August 17, 2018.

Q posts can be found here:

Android apps:

My Theme: Nothing to See Here
2) I'll begin with a letter from a missionary to France who asked me to share this with the #Qanon team.
3) #Qanon posted links to 2 videos that help explain what the movement is about.
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Gitmo Thread:

1). At a fundraiser earlier this week, @POTUS said: "I want to keep Guantanamo Bay open & use it for her."

2). Which now has me looking into any happenings regarding the prison in Cuba. And, there are definitely some happenings.

3). To start, let's go back to this Jan 13 Q post. Q tells us to "think budget." Specifically, if the govt shuts down, the budget wont pass to fund military projects.

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Suggesting that all people are radicals based upon the actions of one or a few people is preposterous.

The #QResearch #QAnon crowd are great people, God-loving Patriots.

Please stop slandering their legitimate research, over the rhetoric of a few clowns.

That's insane.
What's even worse?

The Blue Checkmarks slamming those who follow?

I bet you're not telling the public that you used to get your information from the very anons that you're now slamming.

You did. I know it. You know it. I was one of the ones who fed you information. Fact.
There's millions of people, many of whom transitioned from other research boards, many of whom work in law enforcement or the intelligence community who participate in #QResearch together.

To attack those people, who are doing God's work, is like trampling on the American flag.
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Do you prefer reading #QAnon crumbs on where the Q Team actually posts on #PatriotsFight #QResearch?-


Do you prefer to read them on rehosting sites (elsewhere)?

Poll for all in the #GreatAwakening-

BTW- 8ch does NOT profit off Q, in any way.
When I mention 8ch or QAnon I remind readers that yes, I work for The Goldwater, who is owned by the parent company

I do not allow this to influence my opinion on the matter but I believe in transparency.

I do believe 8ch is better because of anons.
There's something about the context of a free speech website that is incomparable, especially with the censorship that exists on Twitter/Facebook/Reddit/YouTube, basically all big tech platforms in 2018. stands for #FreeSpeech-and it terrifies globalists
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"We can't keep on playing this song
We can't move on so we make up
& carry on like nothing's wrong
How long before we face up?
You & I are like oil & water
Clash at every corner
Plain & pure disaster
Why can't we #WalkAway?"


"I will hold you accountable for your actions. Because I exists as well as you, and my will is strong enough to challenge yours now. Your behaviors and mine are mutually exclusive, and that fact can't be avoided for ever."
#ByePhoenicia #TheGreatAwakening #QAnon @POTUS
#Hivites & #WeThePeople are like Oil & Water. We just don't mix. We cannot ever join together in harmony. The one will always suffocate & isolate the other. "Clash at every corner" It's time for ALL the GOOD people of the world to #WalkAway & decide to finally see & live in TRUTH
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1-Where R men of Arkansas!
A Baphomet statue sits in AR State Capitol!
-"Wonder Y The LITTLE ROCK, home of Clinton Satan worshippers is in AR 2?
Get Ur ropes, pickup trucks & pull that thing down, be4 God Himself punishes U"-by @EarnestDenaro

#QAnon #WeThePeople #MAGA #WWG1WGA
2- --"LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — The Satanic Temple unveiled its statue Thursday of a goat-headed, winged creature called Baphomet during a First Amendment rally at the Arkansas State Capitol to protest a Ten Commandments monument already on the Capitol grounds.
3-Several speakers called for the removal of the Ten Commandments monument or for state government officials to install Baphomet as well. The Satanic Temple said the Ten Commandments monument violates constitutional freedom of religion rights.
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Fritz Springmeier
Trauma Programming:

Step 1. Induce Shock
Step 2. Insert Programming

When subject is traumatized, they enter a trance. You can hypnotize or program someone in a trance. They will believe anything: Magic bullet, box cutter.
Hidden knowledge is the keystone of Satanism. Mind control is how ot stays hidden by splintering knowledge into several alters who perform a small piece of a larger ritual. They never know the deeper intention. Masons, actors, politicians, academia, "They know not what they do."
13 dark mothers impregnated by their fathers each sacrifice their first child to the "system." Abramovic. Think cog of a machine. One of 13 familes, one of 13 dark mothers. Alters are drones in a hive. The Machine is controlled by no man. Evil is the evacuation of man. Mkultra.
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Anyone have problems w/ their 'XBOX Live' accounts shortly after the drop yesterday?
How many coincidences before mathematically impossible?

Nothing to see here.
Drops equate to reaction/action?

Ask yourself simple questions.
If ES was trying to travel to UIO from HKG.
Why would he route through Russia?

Logical thinking.

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Concernfags crying about the parade being postponed until 2019 should probably read this.

2018 Amendments to the Manual for Courts-Martial, United States…

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When do we blame the media? We call two kids "stupid" for not knowing the truth about what's out there. But we are raised blindfolded. The cabal laughs at us. They call us stupid. And how could we not be? Is the media EVER going to be responsible?
We are raised standing naked in the mirror, fondling our own racism with the door closed. We've got no clue what a window to the world looks like. We are dripping in the shower with no towel. We build a future from the lies our taxes trained us to regurgitate. Who teaches us?
Who controls our eyeballs with pixels? Who tweaks the algorithms. Who is this whispering creature on our shoulder with a list of recommendations. The new public square is a jail cell if we're not careful. We need to punch holes in it. We need to bring in more sunlight.
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QDrops For August 16, 2018

Another busy day with Q. So let’s jump right into it. Today

we revisit #XboxLive, FISA, Bill Maher “Red shoes,” big

reveal on that mystery man in 🇨🇳, another wave of attacks

on Q, U.K. has a problem and much more.



Anyone have problems w/ their 'XBOX Live' accounts

shortly after the drop yesterday?


How many coincidences before mathematically


Xbox Live is Down, so how will teens yell at me now?
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1) FB will not let me post the link to the most exhaustively comprehensive fake news montage on the web.
WHY are they so frightened of the truth being exposed? There are individual vids of all of the
#QAnon #Q
2) msm being caught staging scenes all over YouTube, but went those links are combined, so it’s censored. Ridiculousness I say, especially when it’s all open sourced information.
Some of you have asked me
#QAnon #Q
4) who is Q? I don’t know. I do know that whom ever it is, he, she, they are putting their lives, and the lives of their families, on the line everyday to protect the US Constitution and the sovereignty of our nation while
#QAnon #Q
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