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4 Feb 20
Economically distressed underage girls were targeted as they were less likely to tell, have representation or be believed.

#epstein #qanon
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18 Jan 20
Looks like @aaroncarter is going for the trifecta of douche-baggery... and yeah don't use artist's stuff for personal gain without asking assclown.
He refers to himself as an artist and would rather give refunds than mea culpa in the situation.
Since Aaron Carter openly admitted to willful copyright infringement $150,000 per infringement is an available option for statutory damages!
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21 Nov 19
If you follow True Eye the Spy he's back and not mentioning his supposed drugging, child p*rn accusations over his "compendium" and now he's on the run between safe houses.
Says the account is going dark in 5 mins...
Go-bag protocol has been activated...that sounds serious and spy-like.
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15 Nov 19
Follow @TrueEyeTheSpy ? Here's what happens if you point out the absolute bullshit in the current narrative that he was arrested and drugged during questions over his "compendium" of child p*rn he collected against the deep state. This is better than when he was shot.
...aaaaand true eye the spy is back...i knew he wouldn't leave 86k followers...
I am not blocked suddenly.
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5 Sep 19
I was having fun with #TwitterPhilanthropy but it's time to jump.
Ties between Pulte and Soros are confirmed and this is a huge data collection thing.
Plus Jack Dorsey owns the $CashApp -I'm sure it fits in here too
Bill's daddy misplaced 900 million bucks.
If #TwitterPhilanthropy was real - you could question it and see answers. Instead, Pulte gets prickly and offended and blocks people.

That should tell you something.
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28 Aug 19
Disney needs to clean house
Just look this thread over and think about all the hours your kids (or grandkids or you) spent watching this crap with subliminal bullshit added.

We will start here with the original Aladdin

#qanon #disneypervs #pedogate
The Lion King Poster
Mickey Mouse you perv what are you holding onto?
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9 Aug 19
Here is an important starter document in the Epstein dump coming - it's got some good stuff in it and I'm about 6 pages in.


#qanon #epstein #TheGreatAwakening
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1 Aug 19
Why would magic guy David Copperfield leave Jeffrey Epstein a message of : "Jackpot"

Curious. Curious.

#Qanon #Pedogate #jeffreyepstein
Daily News owner Mort Zuckerman wants to "drop by" in quotes... that's an odd way to put it.

More pedo-code?
That cool time Jean-Luc Brunel procured a couple of 8yr old non-blonde Russian teachers for Jeffrey Epstein.

#Qanon #Pedogate #thesepeoplearesick #jeffreyepstein
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28 Jul 19
I'm kinda burned out talking about Iran, Hillary, DS, Popcorn, FISA, Treason and I wanted to kinda shift gears for a bit - so here's a screenshot of Twitter in 2007 when I joined.
Already nice visual updates in the 2008 screenshot
2009 looked like 2008 Twitter but 2010 brought some redesign - read the Chris Brown quote
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28 Jul 19
This is not being reported on here in the US but Germany, France, Britain, China, Russia and the European Union β€” come up with enough economic incentives to offset the U.S. sanctions that President Donald Trump reinstated after pulling his country from the nuclear accord.
Ilhan "Qatari puppet" Omar is with Pelosi "on vacation" in Italy when this meeting takes place but not attending ????


This smells like Hillary's armpit
(link: facebook.com/photo.php?fbid…) facebook.com/photo.php?fbid…
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28 Jul 19
Another twist in the Loretta Fuddy tale.
- Says Obama's birth cert is legit
-"Dies" in a plane crash that was softer than a toddler falling off a tricycle
-she was a chair for a US chapter of Subud (an Indonesian cult) whose founder is rumored to be Obama's father

Deliana Antone paid 3million for a boat?

Here's more to go read if you are researching this : forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php…
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27 Jul 19
Loretta Fuddy was the State Health Department worker that signed off on Obama's birth certificate as legit.
This is the plane crash that killed her. I've seen toddlers on tricycles wipe out harder than this. So what really killed her is the question we need to ask. RT

Someone else posted this a year ago about the Loretta Fuddy plane crash - it DOES look like someone in scuba gear surfacing where Loretta is

#qanon #WWG1WGA #lorettafuddy #NOCOINCIDENCE
A little more on Loretta Fuddy you will find interesting.
Fuddy was a practitioner of Subud spiritualist movement, and she was the chairwoman of Subud USA's National Committee from 2006 to 2008
What is Subud?
An Indonesian cult with practitioners all over the world.
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25 Jul 19
Commit this to memory - scan it - retain it - archive it.
The classified procedures for raw signals intelligence by the NSA was declassed 22 years early!
Hmmm, why do you think that happened?
Read it yourself.


#Qanon #TheStormisHere #EnjoytheSHow
Note the signature page :
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21 Jul 19
Hey #Qanon and #CDaCN friends - I kinda consider this like a preview of the 2,000 pages of the Epstein case being released soon.
THIS is the 2018 guest list of Bohemian Grove and you know what goes on there.
#pizzagate #pedogate
I did not expect Conan O'Brien to be in this list.
It's nuts how many of these people have "schools" one dude I looked at in the Bohemian Grove list William Layton Thornton has an Adventure School for kids - I wonder how many more have "schools" a la NXIVM methodology?
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12 Jul 19
Another US/UK charity with ties to #JeffreyEpstein
The @TerraMarProject is #GhislaineMaxwell's. (his partner and alleged child procurer)
The TerrMarProject's website is offline - probably redoing that About Us page where it shows Jeffrey Epstein's partner founded it. I've seen numerous items shared that underage sex slaves were delivered to the Island via sub.
Oh look what Ghislaine can do
In 2017, Rob Foos was replaced with this dude as the Director.
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8 Jul 19
Since gross, deeply-connected pedophile Jeffrey Epstein appears in court tomorrow - let's look at some previous blinds about him.
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7 Jul 19
Regarding Jeffrey Epstein - dive down the Rachel Chandler rabbit hole. Qanon said she was Allison Mack x 100

Here's a "model" she's promoting on her instagram - read the comment by Mister Ricky Clifton - look him if you're not sure who he is.
This is a combo screenshot of Qanon posts regarding Ray Chandler and the activities on Epstein's island
These people are into everything from children to cannibalism.
Q said early on there people would not be able to walk down the street when things came out.
This thread points out Nancy Salzman President of NXIVM is Rachel Chandler's mother - also ... a lot eyebrow-raising stuff from their own Insta-pages

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5 Jul 19
Another great reveal from Enty
#LolitaExpress #jefferyepstein #pizzagate #pedogate

I know they thought they got away with it. When they threw that long time A list celebrity in his country under the bus after his death with planned leaks and a parade of victims,
they raised a toast with a bottle of wine that cost $25K while they watched child porn they had filmed and collected. Most of it they had filmed. One is a foreign born permanent A list musician who has briefly touched the third rail of child porn
but got away with his lame excuse because of his fame.

The other, a foreign born permanent A list socialite type who has been in this space before because of his banishment from multiple countries for similar offenses. Not so much child porn.
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4 Jul 19
Another great reveal from CDCN

See if you guess who it is before the end.

It was not that long ago that this sometime A+ list mostly movie actor who really hovers at the A/A- list range had to sell of a lot of stuff. Much like Johnny Depp, he had a ton of houses and possessions
but not enough cash flow. He also owed the tax man a ton of money. So, he had a fire sale and signed up for some easy paychecks. Road to recovery. One of the things he didn't sell, and that most people don't even know he owns is a motel.
Located in the heart of Koreatown here in LA, it is next to what Koreans would call a room salon. It is a place where men gather and have drinks served to them by barely dressed barely legal women.
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4 Jul 19
Following Bohemian Grove? You will be interested in this reveal

Not even a mile from the famed music festival in the desert are two separate compounds. One is the famed home of a long time entertainer who was A+ list and continues to make tons of money even after death
from the empire he established. One of the men he groomed is someone all of you know. There is a gap between the entertainer's estate and a subdivision that will never be zoned for construction. It is referred to in the compound as the gap.
If this was Cold War East Berlin it would probably be called the death zone. This gap is the length of a football field and runs around the compound much the same way a moat would.
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22 Jun 19
Remember Alice and Wonderland your choice to know?
Here is some great information


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