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A THREAD - #MateGate
When Scott Morrison added the word "ritual abuse" to his apology 22/10/18, it was at request of notorious Satanic Ritual Abuse conspiracy theorist Fiona Barnett via his good friend Tim Stewart. This is the 1st time much of this evidence has been published
@eliahi_priest was asked to set up an encrypted Zoom conference between Tim & Jesse Stewart, Isaac Kappy (now dec.) and Fiona Barnett so that Barnett could discuss how to get Morrison to include "ritual abuse" in his speech. Here are the screen shots from that conference:
And, thanks to Peter Priest, here is the full text exchange between Tim, Lynelle and Priest which also includes an invitation to Priest to Stewart's home for dinner and pick up from airport. Here is exchange Oct 15 re Zoom conf.
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Is the Prime Minister being influenced by his bizarre circle of QAnon friends and employees?

Claims of "ritual child sex abuse" and mandatory federal laws (coming out of nowhere) on child sex offenders would seem to indicate he does.

I've added a few more tin-foil hat Qanoners to my blocked list so at least this tweet has been handy in flushing them out. Like putting smoke up a drain pipe. :)
I'd really like people to think hard about this.

Tonight we've seen the deluded & the unhinged come out of the woodwork. People who believe Trump is Jesus, pedophiles run the world & chemtrails are real.

And the Prime Minister of Australia has these people as his close friends.
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I'm a former apprentice of the year, ran my own small business at 21, worked & consulted with ASX top 100 companies. In 2017, as a constituent, I approached (now) PM's office for support for promoting good governance in SME. Ignored. #mategate #auspol…
But sure, If you have someone who is a mega celebrity, multi millionaire with guaranteed income for life; who will appeal to 40 year old male apprentices....go for it!

THIS is how out of touch our politicians are.

You only get a go, if you are in the know.

#cronyism #mategate
*2018 -
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#QAnon #QAnonMateGate #MateGate. Does anyone else find this headline in The Guardian odd:

'Revealed: the QAnon conspiracy theorist who is friends with Australian PM Scott Morrison'

Except that the identity of the conspiracy theorist WAS NOT REVEALED! Should it?
True public interest investigative journalism usually reveals the name of the leading actor, ensuring, of course, you don't defame them. Perhaps The Guardian had some kind of deal with @burnedspy34 to elicit a response?
If you'd like to know the identities of the actors involved, other than the source whose identity was kept secret (no problem with that), I suggest you follow me on Twitter.
At both Westy & I have undertaken numerous public interest investigations.
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A thread. #QAnon #QAnonMateGate #MateGate ScoMo's mate Tim Stewart (@burnedspy34) and his son Jesse (@jesse_onya_m8) support many disturbed people, one of which is Fiona Barnett and her outrageous slurs against many high profile pollies (mostly Labor). @threadreaderapp unroll
Here's some weekend reading for you to start with. Fiona's latest book 'Eyes Wide Open' guaranteed indeed to open those eyes and have you asking "how does she get away with this scurrilous defamation of highly respected politicians like Paul Keating?…
Here's an example:
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A thread: Here's more weird stuff to ponder on when you get to questioning PM's judgement. His mate @burnedpy34 is a mate of notorious hoaxter Fiona Barnett. She's variously accused President Nixon, Walt Disney (who BTW died before she was born) and a string of Labor PMs as pedos
Check her out on YouTube being interviewed by OOTG 77. Title: "In Bed With Fiona Barnett"! Seriously.... it's all there... CIA spies at Bond Uni, Paul Keating, Nichole Kidman. Oh, and of course JESUS - the imagined friend of many disturbed people.
@burnedspy34 is a supporter judging by the many times I found her name popping up on his Twitter feed.
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