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1/102-My story begins in 2016, when @realDonaldTrump's speech on Globalism, woke me to the corruption in our government:


It's no longer Left vs Right, it's:

WEALTHY CRIMINALS = #Globalists #DeepState #NWO


#WeThePeople = Patriots & @POTUS
2/102-I'm no expert on the #NWO & I don't expect you to take my word for this corruption. I'm simply a patriotic American, who's been wondering WTH is happening to our nation?

Which is why, as I listened to Trump's speech, it resonated w/me & I became curious enough to research.
3/102-In this thread, I'll share MY #RedPill journey... the questions I asked, answers I found & conclusions I've drawn. I'm not arrogant enough to think I know everything or that all my theories are correct. So I look forward to learning more from YOUR comments & links. #MAGA 🤓
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(1/8) One thing that happens when an account is #QFDbanned is that tweets from that account will typically NOT show up in a (Twitter default mode) search of certain keywords/hashtags.
(2/8) One can get a general idea about whose voices Twitter is suppressing (via #QFDban) by comparing search results of a hashtag unlikely to be used by one side of political debate. Compare results of search in default mode w/ results of search when "quality filter" turned OFF.
(3/8) For example, here are results of search I did of tweets posted 7/27/18

Default mode ==> 13 tweets
Quality filter OFF ==> 69 tweets

Twitter suppressed (by hiding them behind “quality filter”) tweets posted by people who tweeted #EndTheWitchHunt 7/27/18.
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There it is !!! Jack Dorsey admits that there is a left leaning bias on Twitter!!!! @realDonaldTrump

Share and RT if you are a center/right thinker !

We don't have a bias but our bias is left leaning ~ Jack Dorsey

Say what?? 🤔
Jack Dorsey says they look at behavior to rank people. So if I start retweeting leftists and engaging with them only , will my #QFDBan be lifted? Asking for some friends.
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In many places you will get assaulted for wearing a #MAGA hat.

Conservatives have been banned from speaking on college campuses.

Now Big Tech is purging conservatives from their platforms.

Freedom of speech & freedom of expression are under attack & many are still silent?🤔
Some Republican politicians and Pundits will briefly talk about it but I have yet to see anyone with any serious clout, make this ( The censoring of conservatives) their primary focus.
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Ohio's 12th District
✔️Vote for @Troy_Balderson
✔️Endorsed by POTUS @RealDonaldTrump
✔️Tuesday, August 7th
✔️Delaware, Licking, Morrow, Franklin, Marion, Muskingum, & Richland counties #OH12


Today, AUGUST 7TH, is Election Day

Ohio, Michigan & Missouri are states Trump won with Corrupt democrat Senators. We need to vote in overwhelming numbers to restore Our RIGHTS back to PEOPLE
🚨#ElectionDay in OHIO🚨

Vote for @Troy_Balderson #OH12

✅ Lower taxes
✅ A stronger economy
✅ Safer communities
✅Restoring of Your Rights
✅ Defeat Communists democrats To make sure Nancy Pelosi never becomes Speaker
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