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What's this Fake Ass TRDJ+ now saying?..
Talking about getting intel.
Regarding Jessie Smollett.
Then says he called #Q told us in back in July #Qdrop #3435
Even POTUS called it in March.
#FakeIntel #NoIntel
Remember he tried to say that he doesn't have any intel comms with #Q now he's saying he has...
Make your Fake mind up.
#Q #QAnon #FakeIntel
Here he is now saying he has had Zero Deltas in the past...
He also goes onto say the @POTUS ended up tweeting a certain word he said...lmao.
As if @realDonaldTrump follows this fool.
#Q #QAnon #FakeIntel
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1.Since the #QAnon movement is getting more exposure I thought I’d share my perspective of the movement. First, my wife spent months trying to open my eyes and mind to the movement and the world around me. I thought she was going crazy. Now I realize she isn’t and never has been.
2.The #QPosts have never told people what to think. They give information and ask questions about various subjects. Then say think for yourself, investigate, question everything. If I blindly trust everything I’m told it’s my own fault for my position in life. #TheGreatAwakening
3.The #Qmovement is about logical thinking, questioning the world around you, growing as human being, and trusting yourself. Some call it a cult. If what I have laid out is a cult so be it. But honestly it feels more like a community of free thinkers that can even question...
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A year ago today news that I thwarted a would-be Presidential assassin became public knowledge

Two days earlier I had turned in the self-professed #MKUltra project #JeffBoyd

What happened in the 48 hour interim?

The MSM coordinated an attack to Malign ALL THINGS Q

Thread /1/
On July 31st roughly 3 hrs after I presented the a/v evidence to PA State Police I got a call requesting I meet an officer who had an "update"

That update was that Boyd had the means to carry out the attack he spoke of

The same hour Q posted "The World is about to change"

The SS took over & PSP issued a press release which received only LOCAL ATT'N the next day

Immediately a BOMBARDMENT of Q by MSM & Lib outlets occurred BEFORE the GOOD NEWS could go mainstream

The nat'l news got ahead of the story & painted #QResearch as VIOLENT EXTREMISTS

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1/ Dear @SebGorka
In the past, I enjoyed your commentary on Fox News. Recently, I was disheartened by your tweet that "Q is garbage".

Let me explain something. Please read carefully.
2/ You are no longer in the White House, so truthfully, you don't know if President Trump is directing Q or not. You don't have that level of knowledge.

But you've heard about it and know it started on the chans, and perhaps you think it's just a game, a LARP. But hear me out...
3/ Hypothetically speaking: Let's say that Q is a LARP. Millions of people worldwide follow Q. Q gets people to research & think for themselves. Q has created a movement; a movement that is #MAGA to it's CORE.

Not all #MAGA patriots are Q followers. That's okay. Keep reading.
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@SpeakerPelosi your broom awaits you. It's #Immoral to have a wall around your home in Cali Nancy. #BoozerNancy why aren't the #MigrantCaravsns living in your home Nancy? Nancy smh. Your pro-abortion and yet you dropped 5 babies from your twat right? How's nephew Gavin?
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1. @Americanlll @MastersShelby @Dina1trump @tedcruz @RealEyeTheSpy @GenFlynn @O_IrishT @prayingmedic @PatriotPlaceATX @qanon76 @WeAreOne_Q

#Q, #WWG1WGA, #MAGA, #TheGreatAwakening

The prior secretary of the Department of @ENERGY Ernest Moniz was a nuclear physicist with a PhD...
2. theoretical physics. Rick Perry has a bachelor's degree in animal science. What makes Perry eligible to run the department and responsible for issuing "Q clearances"?

Animal science has nothing to do with power and energy regulation.
3. Before Moniz there was Steven Chu, also having a PhD in physics and winning a Nobel price in 1997 for his work in cooling and trapping atoms with laser light. He's a professor of physics and studied at MIT. Before him was Samuel Bodman, also a MIT! And, he...
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QDrops for Wednesday August 1, 2018

Q had two Drops overnight that have been removed. I’ve removed these Drops but here are the article websites and pertinent info to the deleted Drops.


The World Is About To Change
First we have an article from Breibart and how the Dems

planning on trying to impeach @POTUS. Good luck with

that. Look through the 8 reason for impeachment and you

be the judge. I don’t see it happening even if the Dems

gain seats in Nov.…
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