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Responding to @JacksonLeeTX18, @FBI Director Christopher Wray states that QAnon, although associated with some acts of violence (non-lethal), is viewed not as a terrorist organization but rather as a "complex set of conspiracy theories." @cspan…
Wray explains that the @FBI opens investigations based on:
1) Violence or the threat of
2) Federal crime
3) Motivation

It is therefore inaccurate to state that the FBI has labeled QAnon a "terrorist organization."

#factsmatter #fakenews
Further, since people use all kinds of excuses to commit acts of violence, it is unfair to censor the Q hashtag as particularly dangerous, especially in light of the disparate treatment provided to Antifa, an actual domestic terror organization.…
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1. Kamala Harris, Gavin Newsom trespassed in burned home for photo-op, outraged California family says:

'This isn't just devastation, this is our lives'

- Thread 9.18.2020… #California #Fires
2. News: Riveting! Steve Bannon Talks Trump and the Democrats’ Lawfare Machine on Tucker Carlson –

The War Starts After November 3rd… #Trump2020LandslideVictory #WAR
3. News: Corrupt SDNY who is After Steve Bannon, Brian Kolfage and Conservatives for Building a Southern Wall – Is Admonished by Judge for Corrupt Actions in Another Case…
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In March 1915, J.P. Morgan interests, steel, shipbuilding, & powder interest, & their subsidiary organizations, got men high up in the newspaper world & employed them to select the most influential newspapers in the US in sufficient number to control the policy of the daily press
This means that our reality is severely distorted by lies, half truths and propaganda that these people feed us with on a daily basis.
Mainstream media corporations are using the huge growth in global communications to further shape their science of targeting human consciousness.
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Hey @CNN, @MSNBC, @ABC, @CBSNews, @NBC, @NPR check it out.

For years, @FoxNews has been the leader in prime time & while sitting there, smugly touting their coverage as “Fair & Balanced”

They said, “We decide..”

Well we believed in them. We lifted them to the top
of the ratings across most time spots and most demographics.

After letting the cancel culture vultures drive @BillOReilly off the network, @FoxNews turned yellow as a network and began the long gruesome slide down into the swamp mud with the rest of you. Welcome your new barely
American colleagues.

It is sad to see, but yesterday, they consciously CENSORED the former Speaker of the House, @newtgingrich when he stated #GeorgeSoros was involved in funding leftist district attorney candidates across the country.

Two of the cohosts jumped right in and
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I just watched this on THEDILLEYSHOW=
@newtgingrich is shut down by #FakeNews Fox "News" Hosts for DARING to mention Soros's funding Radical DA's
After both Hosts firmly shut him down, Newt is heard to mutter...." it's verboten."
This information is from OPEN SOURCES.
FOX is **compromised** or Anti-Trump which means Anti-Law & Order.
Newt, preaching TRUTH gets silenced.
I'm sure he was flabbergasted at the CHANGE in FOX's desire to cover the fact Foreign $$$ is shaping US Policies, Courts & District Attorneys Nationwide.
I'm not.
FOX is now just one more casualty of Trump's success.
Well, I sure as HELL do!
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Probably the most commonly repeated question I get is “What if Trump is really DS and Q is a psyop?” So I’m going to do my best to share here what I tell those people. Short answer is this. If this really is one big scam then yes, we are in deep deep trouble. But here’s why...
... it’s not. First of all, at this point we now know what the plan was. Infiltration not Invasion. And not to be a smart ass, but it was working. Less than 10 years after 9/11 we elected a Muslim to our highest office. And he charmed the shit out of just about every fast...
... asleep American sheep out there. Personally I never cared for the guy. I questioned his meteoric rise back in 2006 but did I suspect he was part of some global Deep State hell bent on world domination?? Of course not. Nobody did. But in hindsight we now can see exactly what..
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1. News: AG Bill Barr Asked Federal Prosecutors to Consider Bringing Criminal Charges Against Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan For Allowing Anarchists to Establish CHOP/CHAZ - Thread 9-17-2020…
2. News: Subpoenas Authorized For Spygate Figures:
Sidney Blumenthal
Denis McDonough
Lisa Page
Joe Pientka
Samantha Power
Bill Priestap
Susan Rice
Peter Strzok
Kevin Clinesmith… #Trump #Russia #Spygate #TREASON
3. News: The Portland Riots Just Stopped...Why?

Since May 29th, Portland has been back drop of more than 100 nights of antifa, anarchist & BLM terroristic riots. They set fires, looted, intimidated people, threatened to burn them alive in their homes…
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How FAKE IS THE NEWS! Look at the Chyron marquee under photo YOU CAN SEE ITS A TRUMP RALLY BY THE SIGNS! #fakenews
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This peace deal with UAE and Bahrain is a huge deal that should be celebrated CNN and MSNBC are just going to ignore this monumental Trump administration accomplishment because, it makes him look good. The #FakeNews doesn't care what's good for America.
We can now see why moving the embassy to Jerusalem was such a huge deal. When the USA did this it provided legitimacy to Israel and it's Capitol.
In August the deal between UAE and Israel was announced which shocked this region of the world. Some quotes I pulled:

"Until now Israel has had no diplomatic relations with Gulf Arab countries."
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When are POC going to own up to this? #BuildTheWall Repeal the 1965 (((Hart-Celler))) Immigration Act. Over 2,500 #Whites are savagely attacked by 'POC' EVERY SINGLE DAY in the US alone‼️

END THIS HELL, @POTUS @VP @WhiteHouse Repeal the unconstitutional RECONSTRUCTION‼️
THREAD: MSM lies v. the REALITY of Crime in the US.
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1. News: Florida Latin Restaurant Owner Slams Kamala Harris For Showing Up Unannounced After Visit Sparks Major Backlash From Latino Community (VIDEO)… #Biden #Harris
2. News: Biden Makes No Sense in Florida Roundtable Event, Rambles About the 2nd Floor of the Ladies Department (VIDEO)…
3. News: BUSTED: The Media Continues to Declare the COVID Crisis Is In Full Force Despite Data Around the World Indicating The Worst of It Was Over Some Time Ago…
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Climate change will displace millions in America. Where will they go?…
@nytimes using an important technique of persuasion that people need to understand. They take the scientifically unproven issue of climate change & embed it in another issue: housing. Now they have people discussing housing & unwittingly accepting that the premise of CC is real.
This technique of persuasion is used to varying degrees by car salesmen, real estate agents and cults. And now the #FakeNews. Image
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Thread: WE ARE ENTERING **THE GAUNTLET** OF DEMOCRAT RAGE. We will be buffeted & pummeled in the next 50 Days as Fear Merchants on BOTH SIDES in Media try to **push** or **pull** you in the direction that suits THEM.
We are almost home.
Everything you are about to *see* will be designed to manipulate you or destroy your morale to FORCE you to do TWO THINGS=Not Vote or Vote BIDEN.
The Democrat Party's position is now crystal clear: Vote for US or we'll GIVE YOU HELL.
Pure extortion.
Wrong Country. Fellas
We HAD a Mafia. Where'd it go?
Let's ask this Guy= @RudyGiuliani. I know they still exist but the CONTROL they had over NYC & other places was broken.
Those that didn't go legit will soon be very sorry as the new technology is rolling up HUMAN TRAFFICKING.
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एक सवाल: वामपंथी खेमा किस प्रकार #Agenda_Setting करता की किसी भी फर्जी मुद्दे को अंतराष्ट्रीय स्तर तक पहुंचा सरकार एवं व्यवस्था पर दबाव बना देता।

#UmarKhalid की गिरफ्तारी के बाद रुदालियों ने जो क्रंदन किया, उससे ये खुद ही एक्सपोज हुए।

#Exposing_Left_Liberal_Agenda T-1/30
30 ट्वीट का थ्रेड शुरू करने से पहले आपको बता दें की वामपंथी बहुत ही योजनाबद्ध तरीके से काम करते हैं। सन 1950 से ये योजनाबद्ध तरीके से उन बुद्धिजिवियों की #Ethnic_Cleansing करते आए जो वामपंथ से विरोधाभास रखते थे।

आज 2020 मे इनका सिस्टम मजबूत हो चुका है

T-1/30 @vivekagnihotri
सबसे पहला काम: जनता की सहानुभूति हासिल करो।

बौद्धिक आतंकी उमर खालिद के केस मे वामपंथी लिबरल समूह ने एक स्ट्रेटजी के साथ काम किया। इनका एक खेमा केवल सहानुभूति बटोरने मे लगा रहा।

चाहे मीडिया हो या SM अकाउंट सभी ने एक से लेख लिखे जिससे खालिद को एक छात्र नेता बनाया जा सके टी-3/30
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É absolutamente SURREAL. @folha publicou "reportagem" a partir de "pesquisa" em DOIS locais em Palermo - bairro nobre de Buenos Aires onde até o ar pra respirar seria cobrado, se pudessem - dizendo que produtos estão "sumindo" das prateleiras. Moro em Mendoza e não sumiu nada. +
A matéria fala que não achou arroz comum. Fora o fato de na Argentina se come muuuuuuiiiiito menos arroz do que no Brasil, a autora só falou de UM LUGAR. Na sexta eu mostrei o preço do arroz no Carrefour aqui e me dei conta a prateleira pra arroz é pequena
É a "matéria" típica das reclamações dos "chetos" (esnobes com dinheiro) de Palermo, Recoleta e outros bairros da zona norte de Buenos Aires.

Em NENHUM momento a "reportagem" fala das dificuldades logísticas por conta da pandemia, de problemas sazonais de alguns produtos... +
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The coin of the realm for the media is words. Not deeds. Words. Hence, Bob Woodward is praised for his latest work of fiction. Because it's filled with words. And Trump is condemned and vilified for not ratcheting up tensions and spreading panic in February and March. Words.
But Trump is not about words. He's a man of action. He drew up a plan of action. Not speeches and press releases. Every step of the way, the media opposed whatever action Trump took. The travel ban. Racist! Overreaction! The lockdown. Draconian! Lifting the lockdown. Too soon!
Trump was supposedly "slow to respond". Vaccine before Nov? Too quick! Trump endorsed Hydroxychloroquine. Immediately, the media covered it as the world's most deadly poison. The #Fakenews media is truly the enemy is the people.
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I started my journey 5 years ago- Twitter was the battlefield to vote in Trump who is an amazing man fighting to save the US from the evil clutches of Satan and the Luciferian ran world-

I hope to help others around the world to keep their #EyesWideOpen and know the #Truth.
The #Q operation was started by JFK- who was assassinated for trying to expose that the CIA / Deep State was in reality the one running the world. Black hats thought they won that day but actually the #QAnon operation continued......
In actuality Trump was recruited by Military Generals and asked to run for President against the evil one Hillary Clinton. Trump ran to save America and finish what JFK started. There are many similarities in how Melania Trump & Jackie Kennedy dress....
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In order to leave the "Cult of #QAnon", what do you have to believe? That Kevin Clinesmith is innocent? The @ClintonFdn is just bad at admin, not corrupt? Mueller really found Russian Collusion™ in Trumpville? There is a happy reason the media covers for Epstein/Maxwell clients?
We have entered a period where many people, often of good intent and who wish no harm, have invested themselves completely in the #OrangeManBad propaganda narrative. But this is objectively discredited by reality: no WW3, good economy until China virus, support from minorities…
When people are anxious they tend to behave badly; when fearful, they can behave appallingly. The #FakeNews media has whipped up a tornado of trouble, making normal people see everybody else as a vector of infection. Dissenters are enemies, and dehumanised as a cultural disease.
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90% of the media is owned by SIX corporations and they are owned mostly by foreign adversaries. Here's a serving of bullsh*t…
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36. The FIRST RESPONDER - that we heard on the original 911 recording which is now MISSING - what was HIS name?
37. The Armenian Power Gangs and the MS13 are the Henchmen of the Cabal (more so the MS13 - way more powerful) - and these winners were hired to do the dirty on many "suicides" under Mossad supervision.

You can read more about them here:…
38. 38. And since this article was literally SCRUBBED I just happen to have a nice hard copy HERE about the Armenian gang connections to the MS13 - man they are good at covering their tracks. But NOT that good.
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@DanScavino tweet 2:01 PM · Sep 10, 2020
#Q said, Highly coordinated [funded] _domestic terrorism.
Q !!
Sep 10 2020 01:20:58 (EST) NEW
Highly coordinated [funded] _domestic terrorism.
FEDs involved [US rights [c]_surveillance]
[D] controlled areas.
Media blackout.
Election gaming.
Q !!
Sep 10 2020 01:20:58 (EST) NEW
Highly coordinated [funded] _domestic terrorism.
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Hoy sale a la venta el libro, "Bulos científicos: de la tierra plana al coronavirus", mi primera incursión seria en la divulgación científica y que llega después de unos años dedicados al estudio de las revistas científicas pero también las #fakenews
Ha sido publicado por @OberonLibros y he tenido la suerte de contar con @Magia_cotidiana como editora. Os presento el sumario y a continuación un hilo sobre los distintos tipos de #buloscientificos que aparecen en el hilo.
En primer lugar, los tres capítulos iniciales tratan sobre distintos aspectos relacionados con el coronavirus, que también han sido mi objeto de estudio y transferencia de conocimiento durante el confinamiento, como puede verse en…
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1) I really don't wanna be that guy. But I can't help feeling that there was something a bit hinky about the arrest of Avi Yemini. Seemed reminiscent of when Omar Jimenez of CNN was arrested while live on TV in Minnesota. #DictatorDan #Stage4
2) Watch video of Avi. He's talking about arrests and there are coppers all around, tryna look tough as like Paul Hogan's Leo Wanker. Tall plod enters screen, says "This guy is not here for any demonstrable reason" zif someone said "action".…
3) Surely the cops knew who he was. They could also see his cameraman filming. You'd think they'd jostle cameraman out of way, or obscure shot at least. No such effort made. (Same with Jimenez arrest.) They allow brutal arrest to be clearly recorded uninterrupted. #Stage4
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