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1. You might look at all the high volume, big media wailing and gnashing of teeth about #BorderBabyBrutality2018 and think that Dr. President Trump was in serious political trouble here, but you'd be completely wrong.
2. You'd be wrong because all the signs are showing that Trump has outplayed them again, and is in fact winning, bigly.
3. Trump has been both boiling the frog, and training his followers in the art of defeating the left.
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1. Note CF children drop in IG report.
Official doc statement.
‘The Beginning’
Not all are awake.

06/16/18 (Sat) 00:45:21 bb2ba6 No.1765157
#QAnon @POTUS #News #Trump #Patriots #Pray #Fight #PEDO #PainComing
#EVIL #SaveTheChildren #Immigrants #CHILDREN #PARENTS
2. Getting closer to JUSTICE! Bill/Hillary Clinton along w/ the rest, to be taken down for their horrible crimes against helpless children!…

#QAnon @POTUS #News #Trump #Patriots #Fight #PEDO #PainComing #EVIL #SaveTheChildren #Immigrants #CHILDREN #PARENTS
3. Left playing SHAME CARD on TRUMP & Republicans
over border kids, We KNOW WHAT U DID! WORSE than separating children from parents! So Stop BLEEDING HEART act!…

#QAnon @POTUS #News #Trump #Patriots #Fight #EVIL #Hillary
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1) Here's what's going on in Yemen. #GoldenVictory #Hodeidah
2) In 2015 the UNSC passed resolution 2216. It called for the Houthis to cease the violence in Yemen & relinquish control of major cities to the legitimate government of Yemen.…
3) Here's a major part...
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The DEMS & @joseiswriting @PaulMayATL is Circulating this Photo on Twitter and FB!! #WhereAreTheChildren @KamalaHarris @Alyssa_Milano

Please check Thread to find out more about this kids!! 👇👇👇
#WhereAreTheChildren #WhatHappened
KIDS IN CAGES in 2018 but It's not what you think!

The KIDS were USE for Protest against @POTUS immigration Policies Inherited fr OBAMA Admin but no one dared to speak during the "KING"s REIGN"

Libtards 💕Spreading LIES!
The little boy in the Cage is the same boy walking in front of the cage! 😂😂😂 #WhereAreTheChildren
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Suspicious of the upskirting issue in the UK? U should be.
Who are the real perpetrators of upskirting - Paparrazi. Who buys & promotes these images - Mainstream media. Who is playing innocent &supporting the cause - Trash MSM like these
@DailyMirror @DailyMailUK @TheSun
Why is the UK Gov all in to support this law - Never let a good opportunity go to waste - especially when a law can be used for 'other purposes' Is this proposed law an anti-male theme - most likely hence why UK gov is all in
All these images appeared in MSM.
MSM have portrayed Sir Christopher Chope as an upskirt evangelist. Do you believe the #fakenews media and feminist agenda or do you think there is possibly more to this law than first meets the eye.
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1/ Now I'm going to do a brief rant on the CROOKED and FAKE Democratic Party. 😇

- #FakeParty
2/ Everything about the Democratic party is crooked and fake.

Think about it.

Their "leader", or should I say "owner" Hillary Clinton is probably the fakest person I have ever seen in my life.

That's why I could never vote for her. 🤷‍♂️

- #FakePeople
3/ Their outrage is fake.

They don't really care about these children. All they care about is having something to make a stink about. Something for fake news CNN reporters to scream at @PressSec for. 🙄

- #FakeOutrage
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New #QAnon

Is #Q posting without a trip code here?

#Q says "Access Kills".

Who had access?

The #IGReport stated that foreign actors hacked HRC's private server & had access to classified information. The IG Report proves FBI knew about it.

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1. #QAnon: Rosenstein approved/signed FISA-warrant application(s) to extend surveillance on @POTUS/others.
What evidence to support?
[[Rod Rosenstein]] @ White House.
Why was Rachel Brand removed?

2. #QAnon

Tip top tippy top. Think timing.

"Why was Rachel Brand removed?
Critical thinking.

#SpyGate #HorowitzDay #CrossFireHurricane #TheGreatAwakening
3. #QAnon posts one of the @POTUS' perturbed tweets that shows 2 instances of unnecessarily capitalized R's.

Rod Rosenstein

@realDonaldTrump's seen the unredacted report, and redacted report, redacted to protect the guilty. Release the #Unredacted report!
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1) These people call themselves the "new media"?

Seems that they are same as the old media.

Lets have a look.

#QAnon #WWG1WGA @POTUS #GreatAwakenening #redpill #PatriotsFight
#MSM #FakeNews #FakeNewsMedia #DeepStateinPanic #DrainTheDeepState #DeepState #DeepStateAgenda
2) Twitter attracts fame whores. A following, to many, seems to be this moth to a flame, some kind of a drug. Follow me. Follow me.

#QAnon #WWG1WGA @POTUS #GreatAwakenening #redpill #PatriotsFight
#DrainTheSwamp #DeepStateinPanic #DrainTheDeepState #DeepState #DeepStateAgenda
3) Strange how these guys all, in concert, say we are proven wrong over and over again. They're "sick of us" and have concluded without any doubt this is phony.

#Q #QArmy #POTUS #MAGA #Trump @realDonaldTrump #Crumbs #WakeUp #MakeItRain #Corruption #DrainTheSwamp
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1. #QAnon responds to anons' screenshots of yesterday's coded msgs by #Q that Q deleted almost immediately. Turns out to be another Q proof! "CASTLE ARRIVAL GOOD". History's greatest US President arrives home safely!

Busy Day.
2. Many think #QAnon's reference to "BLUE METAL" is AF1.
3. #QAnon'd told us "Iran next", now after historic summit with #KJU. #Q reveals that (no wonder!) many Iranian Freedom Fighters are following Q, looking forward to their freedom as well!

"Big things coming folks.
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!!!NEW Q DROP!!! 06/13/18 Busy Day at the Castle!! Q posted @POTUS_Schedule from this morning along with two previous Q drops!! Thank you, President Trump for the #QProof !! @formerlydoxed caught this Proof this morning!! See here: #QAnon @realDonaldTrump
!!!New Q Drop!!! 06/13 12:26 Q replied to his previous drop with this: Why are many Iranian resistance (Freedom Fighters) tagging #QAnon on Twitter?
Big things coming folks!! Remember, Q said Iran was next!! #IranFreedimFighters @realDonaldTrump Previous Q’s re. Iran below!
!!New Q!! 14:30 Q says to slowly & carefully re_read this article that he’s posted 3x now!!… Read it 10x 50x 100x stopping after each sentence to analyze & understand the significance!! Their only hope is to win in Nov.!! #QAnon @realDonaldTrump
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In 1944, Col. John S. Service, arrived in Yan'an, China on a diplomatic mission called the "Dixie Mission." His role was ostensibly to speak to Mao and the communists of the CPC and work out a unity government with the nationalist KMT party. But, he had an agenda.
Service was a Chinese-born American, the son of YMCA missionaries, who live most of his early life in China. An Oberlin College grad, he took the Foreign Service exam upon graduation, eager to join the the diplomatic core of the federal government.

A Lefty Globalist.
Service repeatedly heaped praise on Mao and his Communist Party describing its leaders as "progressive" and "democratic." He compared the CPC to European Socialists, drawing sharp distinction between their brand of 'agrarian socialism' and the more sinister USSR.
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1. This is going to come as a BITTER blow to Obama. Expect blowback, via his media slaves.

Remember, ALL the #FakeNews outlets are nothing more than slaves. If you analyze their reports and tweets, they often coincide to the same minute.
2. This is because their narrative & specific messaging is provided to them by Obama's team, currently operating in Washington DC.…
3. This people are consumed with hatred of Trump. And scared as hell about the trouble they have gotten themselves into.

Expect a slew of anti-Trump stories today, focussing on the way he treats 'allies' versus the way he treats 'dictators' & his affinity with 'dictators'.
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@squid1209 @micodo01 @SenSchumer *COULD have been swayed IF there was voter fraud, but there has been no evidence to suggest there was! As you point out - it wouldn’t take more than a 14k in key districts in 1 election to be meaningful - yet even that doesn’t exist (contd)
@squid1209 @micodo01 @SenSchumer The TOTAL # of proven cases NATIONWIDE in the last 18 YEARS of elections, according to the *conservative* Heritage Foundation, is 1,088 - and that includes citizens using inaccurate addresses, like this Republican:…
@squid1209 @micodo01 @SenSchumer A) the majority of the 1k total fraudulent votes - a nominal # out of HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of votes - were NOT non-citizens OR dead people
B) they weren’t all from one political party (ie Dems OR Republicans for that matter)
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Q Posts Thread 6/11 & 6/12 Singapore Summit
@realDonaldTrump & Kim Jong-un



No. 72
Where was Kim tonight?
How was this known?
You are watching a 'plan' being set in motion.
Enjoy the show.

Photo Filenames


Gardens by the Bay.
See prev pic.
Everything shown has meaning.
You are watching a 'scripted' movie.

There are No Coincidences!




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Petit thread pour revenir sur le mythe du « Nuage de #Tchernobyl » et cette obscure histoire de frontière française et de douaniers surpuissants... #FakeNews #Complot
« Le nuage de Tchernobyl s’est arrêté à la frontière, ont-ils voulu nous faire croire », « ils vont encore nous dire que ça s’arrête à la frontière » : combien de fois a-t-on pu entendre ou lire ces phrases et d’autres semblables,
ces vannes éculées depuis 30 ans, lorsque sont évoqués un incident, un accident nucléaire ou tout simplement le nucléaire en général ?
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1. On cue, 'El Presidente' of the EU, Donald Tusk, appears on twitter to ponder on the possible end of his corrupt little Brussels racket.

Of course, he uses the NYT #FakeNews to do it.
2. Here's a simple fact that tells you all you need to know about El Presidente. He has FIVE personal limousines at his beck and call.

His other cronies in the EU cartel ALSO enjoy benefits, usually reserved for tin pot African dictators:…
3. No wonder the EU's accounts have NEVER been audited by an external, independent expert.…
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#GreatAwakening #Trudeau #Happy611 Great commentary by our truth-teller brother, Zackery West ⬇️

"Trudeau eyebrow coming off is provenance. Seriously. It's like Hillary falling down getting into the Scooby Van just before the election - on video. #QAnon
The Kennedy guy having spittle on the corner of his mouth in his response to the SOTU. It's like Pelosi calling Trump 'Bush' five times. #GreatAwakening #QAnon #RobertDeNiro #Trudeau

They roll out these puppets and clowns, and they're exposed, and the people see them for what they are. There were court jesters who brought down dynasties. Seriously.
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1) The real news of the day is embedded in the #FakeNews #MSM - Basically all you have to do is read the Paper and put 2 & 2 together. We're coming to a point in time where it will be IMPOSSIBLE for the #NWO / #DeepState to hide the arrests & takedowns of #PedoGate
2) What do the Royal House of Holland, Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade have to do with each other? 1st let's look at the #FakeNews #MSM cover stories.…
3) Now here's the Kate Spade story -… … - Already the death of Spade, Ines Zorreguieta & Bourdain are being tied to a narrative of Mental Illness, even though all 3 individuals were highly successful, well connected and independently wealthy.
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and I came up with an idea 💡 to make our threads and digs more appealing to others, another way we can spread truth across platforms in the hopes to awaken more people..The First thread we’re working on is the
#cemex #OperationBackyardBrawl #SaveTheChildren
As it’s one people should Really be aware of and understand who these monster are.I recommend you read the dig on @ElemiFuentes page first, if you haven’t already and I’ll post as fast as possible to catch up.Hopefully this makes a difference to help red pill others😁
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1) To the #MSM & #NWO - Bang - You've got it - America is a Ponzi Scheme - You nailed us. We built a Ponzi Scheme Constitution...
2) Our 'Ponzi Scheme' built on checks and balances structured between The Federal Gov & the State Gov. Then in a State Gov you have the check & balance of The State Gov & and the County/City/Municipal Gov in the States.
3) And the foundation 'racket' of our 'Ponzi Scheme'? That ANY power not listed in the Fed & State Enumerated Powers rest solely in the hands of the City/County/Municipality hands. Let that sink in...
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RETWEET to #RedPill the masses.

1/84-In 2016 @realDonaldTrump "woke" me to the #GlobalistAgenda:

It's no longer Left vs Right, it's:




2/84-This is going to be a LONG thread... for those in a hurry, here's @RockingMrE w/the Globalist Agenda Explained in 11 minutes:

Don't take his word for it, RESEARCH #NWO & read this thread when you have time.

@POTUS #MAGA #KAG #QAnon #GreatAwakening
3/84-I'd like to start by saying I'm NOT an expert on the #NWO. I'm simply a patriotic American, who's been wondering WTH is happening to our nation?

Which is why... as I listened to @realDonaldTrump speak about Globalism, it resonated w/me & I became curious enough to research.
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#TFC: #Trump family curse: Part 1
"Father I am bored" Whined #DTJ, "I want a pet"
"Son, Remember I gave you #ScottBaio and you forgot to feed him? #Trump replied.
"I didn't like him" Jr said stomping his feet, "He is always whining about this career he had and also he bites".
#TFC: #Trump family curse: Part2
"Father" #DTJ said in a much lower voice, "Can we speak of the family secret."
"You mean #Russia" #Trump snarled as Junior recoiled
"Just kidding, everyone knows about that" #Trump said
"The OTHER secret. like why we love the #NRA" Junior replied.
#TFC: #Trump family curse: Part 3
#FAKENEWS Roared #Trump slamming the door.
"Father please it's why we hunt and need big things and..." #DTJ said
"SILENCE" #Trump interrupted handing his son a piece of paper.
"Take this and Summon #PaulRyan, he will show you the way, now leave"
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Trump: Day 497
-Told 3,251 False/Misleading Claims
-Meets w/NK Sanctioned Spy in WH
-Violated Law w/Job Report Tweet
-Mar-a-Lago Trips Outspend Probe
-Cellphone Spying Found Near WH
-Tariffs Would Cost 195k Auto Jobs
-Doesn’t Recognize #PrideMonth
-Pruitt Spent $1,560 on Ink Pens
Day 602 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 470 since Donald Trump held a news conference.

Trump’s first and only solo news conference was on February 16, 2017.

What is he afraid of?
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