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#SGFreport Las Vegas 5-19-2019 - Reversion to the Mean™️ edition.

Model 3's sold: 12
Inventory S&X: 68

The gap between VINs has never been more egregious. Note that both cars have a 5/19 build date.

Hope this doesn't make @tsrandall nervous about his tracker being way off again.
Speaking of gaps... Here's a 5/19 build Model 3. This is just sad. The close ups are a rear tail light and the door trim gaps on the driver side, which are not even close to being the same size. Tesla still can't build cars.
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$TSLA Orange County update

Approx 900 cars in inventory

260 of these were used

Most I've ever seen was 550 at the end of the Q4 push. Inventory up substantially from 2 weeks ago

Dyer lot filling up again

#Tesla #SGFReport #SAF #SAF
Approx 350 at the Gillette lot
2 trucks dropping off Model 3s, many cars being prepped in the picture

This is the most inventory on this lot I've ever seen

#Tesla $TSLA #SAF
Main St approx 200 cars. More new inventory than 2 weeks ago.

Lots of Model S

$TSLA #Tesla #SGFReport #SAF
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1) #SGFreport #SGF #SAFreport $TSLAQ Pics coming. MAJOR find! Not as big as @Latrilife's report but still significant. Back story. I travel in the SE, GA, SC, and mostly FL. Ive checked the new Tampa Service Center before, but had nothing to report. Mainly empty.
2). With the Calgary SC closing, it got me wondering about the Tampa SC. I've been to the Tampa Galleria location (mall) but its been a while since I visited the Tampa SC. December was the last time. The place is YUGE. 30K sq feet, with 8K built out for offices. 384 parking sp
3). The place is surrounded by 6-8 foot chain link fence. Here is a picture of when Tesla took the space and before the buildout so at least you know what you are looking at. There is a side road to the rt of the parking deck, but the deck has tinted windows
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1/15 Thread: Dallas staging lot update. TONS (relatively) of inventory building. TONS (relatively) of turnover into end of quarter.
#SGF #SGFReport
2/15 First, I just want to note that it has been difficult to track all of the activity this week. I have done my best to track all of the VINs and trade-ins as best I can. It is possible that I missed a few, as they came off the carriers and were turned over very quickly.
3/15 Trade-ins: There were approximately 49 trade-ins this week. I believe that ~12 of them have already left for auction. This leaves us with ~35 trade-ins on the lot.
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1/10 Dallas staging lot update: First update that includes SR+ M3. A pickup in new vehicle turnover has occurred, though turnover of off-lease vehicles has crawled to a near halt. Another 7 days are covered in this update. Let's try this again.
#SGF #SGFReport
2/10 Off-lease first: Only a single off-lease vehicle has arrived. A vehicle that didn't clear at Manheim Baltimore. As well, only a single off-lease vehicle has departed. This gives us a turnover of literally 1. Off-lease vehicles remains at 12.
3/10 Trade-ins are finally turning over at a slightly faster rate. Though this only applies to non-Tesla trade-ins. I count 5 new trade-ins this week. For departures: 4 have departed for auction. For Tesla trade-ins, I still have not seen any of them leave for auction in months.
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1/ Boston #SGFReport update from the SGF Reserve Forces. There have been posts from others like @DeanSheikh1 noticing an uptick in sales activity in certain regions. I think we can state categorically that Boston area sales (four states) have been slow and inventory still sits.
2/ First, Norwell remains stuffed to the gills. We are doing VIN checks there regularly and have noticed many of the same cars sitting, in many cases for three months or more. Still 200+ cars in Norwell. Mostly 3's but many S's, old ones too.
3/ I mentioned last week that Walpole had emptied but those cars appear to have been moved to the "other" Norwell lot in the abandoned school. We know that because there are about 60 cars in this new lot and 80% of the 3's there were in Walpole previously.
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***Invasion Of The Short Range Shit Heaps***
1/ Las Vegas #SGFreport

This is gonna be a little long since I have a lot of thoughts on this that are a little nuanced. Also, apologies for missing last week's check. For starters, here's the updated VIN sheet.
2/ The sheet is getting pretty long but they still have some ancient inventory sitting around that hasn't rolled off the sheet yet and keeps reappearing, so I broke it into three sections above to make it easier to see. So, first off, you'll notice several sequential and nearly
3/ sequential VINs. This indicates that those vehicles are just being batch built, rolled onto a truck, and dumped at a certain location. IE, inventory, not built to order. Looking at the sheet, the SRs are easy to identify by having a very high number range on the VIN as such:
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$TSLA Used inventory demand is another story. They have stopped selling cars through auction

Approx 330 cars

Used S/X but some 3s(could be new or used)

Bonus: Tesla did not pay their bills @ some Manheim locations in Socal back in Oct 18. Not sure of curt status
Las Vegas Manheim has 150 stored. There are some 3s in there

Reconditioning seems to only be with Adesa.
Could it be that $TSLA missed payments again to Manheim?


h/t @Benshooter
Las Vegas Adesa has 180 stored or being reconditioned. There are 3s at this location

I confirmed this location receives approx. 100 $TSLA cars a month

I posted a pic of the recon section

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Just passed by $tsla "delivery hub" in Zurich, Switzerland #SGFReport

Nothing big, little activity, about 40-50 cars sitting there, charging
Location is a little peculiar, in the middle of nowhere in an industrial area.
Chatted a bit with the delivery guy, who said they didn't od many deliveries today because (get this) they received the wrong cars from Tesla/Logistics
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1/10 Dallas staging lot update: Another 48 hours since my last update. Lot is filling up with off-lease vehicles. Very few vehicles turning over so far this week.
#SGF #SGFReport
2/10 Many of the trade-ins have departed for auction. Trade-ins stand at 6 (-4). No new trade-ins have hit the lot.
3/10 There has been a somewhat significant rise in prepped vehicles over the past week. Prepped cars on the lot now stands at 40 (+6). This has been a somewhat meaningful jump from the ~22 vehicles of 3 weeks ago.
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1/ #SGFReport Observed the $TSLA Tempe, AZ DC and Service Center today. Only DC in AZ, 1 of 2 AZ Service Centers. Open from 9-4 Saturday, closed on Sundays. I observed from 9-1. 68 degrees, beautiful weather.

Saw one delivery, a Silver M3 around 12:50pm.
2/ Assuming they did two today and closed tomorrow, that would be roughly one sale a day in the entire state of Arizona. Still not even sure how that’s possible but it is what I saw. Assuming 2% of the country’s sales, that’s a pace of 1400 US sales for Tesla in February.
3/ Yes, that’s a lot of jumping to conclusions based on one small sample. But my biggest takeaway was just how visibly dead the delivery center side could make a case it was overstaffed still even after the layoffs. A few cars pulled in to walk around and browse.
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#SGFreport thread I'm in the market for a new car and I have shortlist of a couple of PHEV/BEV cars. I have a bit of range anxiety, but want to give $TSLA Model 3 a fair review. I went to Tesla European HQ in Amsterdam /1
The SC is on a weird location on the outskirts of the Financial Districts next to the exit of the highway and parking space was tight (one small space left). I was really afraid to scratch 2 Model S P100D on the left and right. I thought the location was buzzing /2
When entering the building, to my surprise it was really small (3 cars on display) and only one guy looking at the model 3 and one sales person, 1 hour before closing time. The guy left after 5 minutes. The Model X P100D looked flawless, Model S 100D was okish, some panel gaps /3
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An #SGFReport and #OperationSnapshot update from Boston. You filthy animals can stop speculating: the Glovis Captain has docked in Boston. How else to explain this?
Here is last week.
There is a new row of cars this week underneath The Chateau. The row with two white 3s and two red. Here it is closer.
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