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1) #SGFreport #SGF #SAFreport $TSLAQ Pics coming. MAJOR find! Not as big as @Latrilife's report but still significant. Back story. I travel in the SE, GA, SC, and mostly FL. Ive checked the new Tampa Service Center before, but had nothing to report. Mainly empty.
2). With the Calgary SC closing, it got me wondering about the Tampa SC. I've been to the Tampa Galleria location (mall) but its been a while since I visited the Tampa SC. December was the last time. The place is YUGE. 30K sq feet, with 8K built out for offices. 384 parking sp
3). The place is surrounded by 6-8 foot chain link fence. Here is a picture of when Tesla took the space and before the buildout so at least you know what you are looking at. There is a side road to the rt of the parking deck, but the deck has tinted windows
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$TSLA $TSLAQ Friends, I have reasonably good information that Tesla is sending stale inventory back to inventory lots in California. Both addresses on theses trucking slips are to inventory lots in California.
$TSLA $TSLAQ These vehicles have been on the staging lot for some time. I believe since late 2018 (that is as far back as I have info for). Tesla already has low to non-existent margins, but now they are having to eat costs of trucking vehicles BACK across the country.
$TSLA $TSLAQ Final thing to note on this: Tesla is still not transporting its own vehicles with its own car carriers. So what was the point of purchasing them?🤦‍♂️
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1/15 Thread: Dallas staging lot update. TONS (relatively) of inventory building. TONS (relatively) of turnover into end of quarter.
#SGF #SGFReport
2/15 First, I just want to note that it has been difficult to track all of the activity this week. I have done my best to track all of the VINs and trade-ins as best I can. It is possible that I missed a few, as they came off the carriers and were turned over very quickly.
3/15 Trade-ins: There were approximately 49 trade-ins this week. I believe that ~12 of them have already left for auction. This leaves us with ~35 trade-ins on the lot.
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1/10 Dallas staging lot update: First update that includes SR+ M3. A pickup in new vehicle turnover has occurred, though turnover of off-lease vehicles has crawled to a near halt. Another 7 days are covered in this update. Let's try this again.
#SGF #SGFReport
2/10 Off-lease first: Only a single off-lease vehicle has arrived. A vehicle that didn't clear at Manheim Baltimore. As well, only a single off-lease vehicle has departed. This gives us a turnover of literally 1. Off-lease vehicles remains at 12.
3/10 Trade-ins are finally turning over at a slightly faster rate. Though this only applies to non-Tesla trade-ins. I count 5 new trade-ins this week. For departures: 4 have departed for auction. For Tesla trade-ins, I still have not seen any of them leave for auction in months.
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$TSLA Used inventory demand is another story. They have stopped selling cars through auction

Approx 330 cars

Used S/X but some 3s(could be new or used)

Bonus: Tesla did not pay their bills @ some Manheim locations in Socal back in Oct 18. Not sure of curt status
Las Vegas Manheim has 150 stored. There are some 3s in there

Reconditioning seems to only be with Adesa.
Could it be that $TSLA missed payments again to Manheim?


h/t @Benshooter
Las Vegas Adesa has 180 stored or being reconditioned. There are 3s at this location

I confirmed this location receives approx. 100 $TSLA cars a month

I posted a pic of the recon section

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1/ Had the AMAZING pleasure of meeting @Latrilife in person this week and our #SGF energizer bunny did not disappoint. Follow along....
2/ First, his amazingly detailed summary of the utter demand collapse at a premiere $TSLA delivery center - Marina del Rey. Down to one car every other day. You can't make this up. $TSLAQ
3/ But most interesting to me, down the road, right near the SpaceX/Boring Co tunnel, sits 700+ Model 3s hidden in a mostly dead mall parking garage. Sus bro. Very sus. $TSLA $TSLAQ
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1/10 Dallas staging lot update: Another 48 hours since my last update. Lot is filling up with off-lease vehicles. Very few vehicles turning over so far this week.
#SGF #SGFReport
2/10 Many of the trade-ins have departed for auction. Trade-ins stand at 6 (-4). No new trade-ins have hit the lot.
3/10 There has been a somewhat significant rise in prepped vehicles over the past week. Prepped cars on the lot now stands at 40 (+6). This has been a somewhat meaningful jump from the ~22 vehicles of 3 weeks ago.
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1/ I think $TSLA will disappoint on cash flow in Q4. I've seen estimates as high as $4bn of cash on 12/31 - I believe there's a reasonable chance unrestricted cash actually declines to the $2.7-2.8bn range. This thread will walk through the various drivers underlying my view.
2/ First, I believe the market underappreciates the cash impact of the elimination of the FSD option. At 30% penetration, this could be almost a $100mm drag vs prior quarters. There's a good chance that deferred revenue declines for the first time, resulting in cash usage.
3/ Customer deposits could also move to a sizable cash drain. Deposits includes full payment of the car prior to delivery, which would have been a healthy number on 9/30 given how many deliveries were delayed to Oct. Conversely, hardly any deliveries were made in early Jan.
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Selbstverständlich finden alle Spiele Sonnabends um 15:30 statt, und alle Clubs bekommen die gleichen Fernsehgelder. #TraumBundesliga
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Based on @TeslaCharts research on $TSLA registration delays, I've outlined what is the most obvious explanation for a sizable portion of these delays

Having 2 dealer friends that did the same #fraud & were caught, Its the same scam just @ a much larger scale
How it works for dealers:

Credit line (flooring) secured by cars @ 85% of value, 15% cash by dealer
Inventory must be in known location so it can be audited by lender. Lender is putting up $, needs to know where their collateral is.
Dealers have lots, also off site locations, but those don't change and are known by the flooring co

When car is sold, $ is received, Car is given to to new buyer with temp tags, the new owner leaves the lot.
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1/ Brief thread on $TSLAQ production & demand. These are 2 sides of the $TSLA narrative. It needs exponential growth in production AND the demand to absorb said production for the huge market cap to hold. We already know production has stalled out. Just look at Bloomberg's model.
2/ As we know all too well (and as we've repeatedly recounted), production can't be sustained at the rates @elonmusk has promised. Long gone is the 7k burst wk, let alone the 10k/wk M3 promises. Even the 5k/wk "sustained" rate has proven ephemeral. $TSLA…
3/ Thanksgiving was the last week of $TSLA "production hell", in which Elon fought to show a 1k/day extrapolation. Evidently, that particular flavor of flimflam has gone out of style. Unsurprising, since such bursts have proven busts time and again. $TSLAQ…
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Going to try a thread here (I'm new at this, give me some slack). #sgf report coming from Tempe, AZ.

1/ Observed the Tesla Holding Lot on Hardy Dr in Tempe, AZ this afternoon. Lot has approximately 250 vehicles of a maximum capacity of 350. Mix is difficult to estimate
2/ due to the property being sandwiched between multiple industrial properties, and there is no way to get a view of the entire lot, but my best guess is 10% trade-ins, 10% lot repairs, 40% Model 3 ready to sell, 20% S, 20% X.
3/ About ten people were on-site, including a hauler dropping off a load of 3s. Notably, Dent Wizard (a subsidiary of Manheim Auction) was running a small reconditioning operation (detailing and paintless dent repair). Recon is probably for new vehicles as well as trade-ins.
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1/ What do you get when you put over 7 million dollars worth of inventory in a old, defunct Fuddruckers hamburger, parking lot… #SGF…
2/ located in the north shore town of highland park IL, near a Tesla dealership..

car count
est 120
est 10 X
est 10 S
est 100 3s (est 5 performance) (est 10 AWD)
3/ some stickers
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