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Wenn die 2. Liga ein Open-Air-Festival wäre - was wäre das LineUp? Ein🧵…
Hamburger SV - Rolling Stones

Ihre größten Erfolge liegen schon länger zurück, werden aber immer noch zu den Topacts gezählt. #HSV

Hannover 96 - Scorpions

Waren tatsächlich kurz mal cool, und glauben, dass sie es immer noch sind. #H96

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Ich gehe dann mal jetzt die Tabelle der 1. und 2. Liga durch und nenne kurz, was ich an dem Verein scheiße finde. Dann können mich alle hassen und keiner fühlt sich ausgeschlossen.
#fcb : Junge, wo soll man da anfangen. Hoeneß, Katar, nervige käufliche Blogger, Mia san mia usw
#bvb Echte Liebe am Arsch. Eigentlich schon insolvent gewesen, von den Gläubigern und den anderen Clubs gerettet worden, null Demut, Watzke nervt af usw
#scf Generator, scheiß Auswärtsblock
#b04 Homophobe, sexistische Pissultras (Zitronenmann), Ausnahme für 50+1, Werksclub
#tsg Hopp, Hopp, Hopp
#sge teilweise extrem asige Fanszene, Überheblich af
#fcu Kultclub, mehrere rassistische Vorfälle, nervige Wagenburg-Mentalität
#koe EUROPAPOKAL, Poldi is ein Gott, Maleranzüge
#m05 egal af, Fans wollen sich damit nicht abfinden
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$TSLA Q4 delivery cycle in 🇪🇺 :

Concrete signs of weak demand, thread with proof:

1. Overnight $TSLA "unhid" about 12 M3 LR from Q3 and Q2.

No miles, so no test-drive.
Yet offered as "demo" at significant discount.

5% off this beauty in the Netherlands, sitting in Tilburg:
2. Ireland:

The first boat #DonPasquale arrived 10-18, perhaps too late for Q4 cars to reach Ireland.

So most likely the *single* car that $TSLA sold in Ireland for all of October (a M3) must have been a spillover from arrivals in Q3, during which $TSLA sold 168 M3 (0 MY).
Ireland ctd:

All the more surprising then that $TSLA Ireland is now showing only *1 single unit* of M3 LR, produced too late to be on the #DonPasquale, but probably in transit on the #Talia that left Shanghai 10-02 and arrived in UK yesterday.
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$TSLA Q1 deliveries in 🇪🇺:

Most data points towards "ok" quarter:
🔹Ship tracker
🔹Deliveries trackers by country
🔹National $TSLA sites
🔹my own #SGF reports

But this "ok" quarter seems to come at a cost of unsustainable one-offs. Not to mention

🔹Price cuts

Ship tracker:

Bulls claim "record" 10 ships to 🇪🇺, beating 9 for Q4 2020 and 7 for Q4 2019.

This may lead to a record in UK, which got RHD supply from 3 boats from Shanghai, in answer to *new* BEV incentives.

But rest of 🇪🇺 had to do with 7 ships vs 9 last Q (7 SFO + 2 SHG).
National delivery trackers:

NL+NO+SP seems more in line with Q1 or Q3 2020.
Far cry from Q4 2019 or Q4 2020.

Country $TSLA delivery data shows "ok" JAN+FEB, but declining market share. And definitely worse product mix as S and X have become negligible.
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Time for a Q3 $TSLA #SGF report. As has been the case all quarter, nothing at the marshalling lot @TESLAcharts @cppinvest 1/
However, thanks to TC we know that cars did arrive in Vancouver just very late in the game. $TSLA #SGF 2/
This left me with the possibility that they had switched lots or that they shipped directly to the retail locations so my young navigator and I decided to tour the 3 retail locations all of which are publicly available $TSLA #SGF 3/
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1/ As I've said before, I've spent whatever free time I could over the last week or so going back over $TSLA $TSLAQ earnings calls (back to 2012). It was quite a task. But, as promised, here is a thread on some of my favorite tidbits from those calls (in chronological order)
2/ 4Q12 Earnings call:
As we have all come to know, when Elon says "I'm highly confident that ________" whatever fills that blank has next to no chance of happening. In this case, it was an ex-ZEV credit GM >25%.
In 2013, $TSLA ex-ZEV credit GM was 14.3%
3/ 4Q12 Earnings Call:
The above holds true - this time he upped the ante. Elon was "really highly confident" that $TSLA would be profitable in Q2-Q4 2013. $TSLA posted a net loss in all 3 of those quarters, losing a total of $85.3 million.
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1) #SGFreport #SGF #SAFreport $TSLAQ Pics coming. MAJOR find! Not as big as @Latrilife's report but still significant. Back story. I travel in the SE, GA, SC, and mostly FL. Ive checked the new Tampa Service Center before, but had nothing to report. Mainly empty.
2). With the Calgary SC closing, it got me wondering about the Tampa SC. I've been to the Tampa Galleria location (mall) but its been a while since I visited the Tampa SC. December was the last time. The place is YUGE. 30K sq feet, with 8K built out for offices. 384 parking sp
3). The place is surrounded by 6-8 foot chain link fence. Here is a picture of when Tesla took the space and before the buildout so at least you know what you are looking at. There is a side road to the rt of the parking deck, but the deck has tinted windows
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1/ Had the AMAZING pleasure of meeting @Latrilife in person this week and our #SGF energizer bunny did not disappoint. Follow along....
2/ First, his amazingly detailed summary of the utter demand collapse at a premiere $TSLA delivery center - Marina del Rey. Down to one car every other day. You can't make this up. $TSLAQ
3/ But most interesting to me, down the road, right near the SpaceX/Boring Co tunnel, sits 700+ Model 3s hidden in a mostly dead mall parking garage. Sus bro. Very sus. $TSLA $TSLAQ
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Selbstverständlich finden alle Spiele Sonnabends um 15:30 statt, und alle Clubs bekommen die gleichen Fernsehgelder. #TraumBundesliga
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1/ Brief thread on $TSLAQ production & demand. These are 2 sides of the $TSLA narrative. It needs exponential growth in production AND the demand to absorb said production for the huge market cap to hold. We already know production has stalled out. Just look at Bloomberg's model.
2/ As we know all too well (and as we've repeatedly recounted), production can't be sustained at the rates @elonmusk has promised. Long gone is the 7k burst wk, let alone the 10k/wk M3 promises. Even the 5k/wk "sustained" rate has proven ephemeral. $TSLA…
3/ Thanksgiving was the last week of $TSLA "production hell", in which Elon fought to show a 1k/day extrapolation. Evidently, that particular flavor of flimflam has gone out of style. Unsurprising, since such bursts have proven busts time and again. $TSLAQ…
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