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Today is the 32nd Anniversary of the release of #DirtyDancing-- many people's 1st exposure to #reprojustice. Come, let's talk about it.
For many, #DirtyDancing is their first exposure to reproductive justice. What is #reprojustice? @SisterSong_WOC explains…
@SisterSong_WOC In case you didn't know, the entire plot of #DirtyDancing is based on what happens when Penny can't access safe, legal abortion care and what it was like pre #RoeVWade.
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When I went to end my ability to reproduce, there were no protesters. No 1 tried to talk me out of it, talked about God or murder, or made me get my wife's approval. The surgery took 10 minutes & was covered by insurance. It should be that easy for women.…
To be clear #ReproductiveJustice should cover women, the Trans community, non binary people, anyone with a uterus, and more. Let's make everyone's reproductive healthcare & services as easy, professional, & uneventful as my vasectomy. 😁😳 #AlabamaAbortionBan #ReproductiveRights Doctor cauterizing Kamau'd vas deferens while Kamau lays down.
Fellas, in solidarity w/ #ShoutYourAbortion, #ShoutYourVasectomy.

Hat tip to @smartstatistic @FundMSabortions for the idea! 😎 Kamau getting a vasectomy from Dr. Joel Piser and an unnamed nurse.
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The Alabama abortion ban still allows for abortion if the pregnancy “avoids a serious health risk” to the person. I’m sorry, these assholes think pregnancy of itself is not a SERIOUS HEALTH RISK?

Time to spill the gory details & quit lying about pregnancy & birth. Thread.
When you ask a pregnant person how they are, and they say, “Great! A little tired. Very excited.” They are FUCKING LYING. Bc it is not socially acceptable to rant honestly about how pregnancy is 40 weeks of TORTURE, because if we did, it might mean the end of the species.
And if you’re like me, and you had a fourth-degree tear with your birth that left you disabled for a year, and with permanent pain and pelvic floor disfunction, causing you to end your career, it’s generally not polite to corner people at parties with your tragic, gory details.
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Lieber @jensspahn @CDU, ich habe mir mal die Mühe gemacht, Ihnen Studien aufzulisten, die a) die seelischen Folgen von Schwangerschaftsabbrüchen untersuchen und b) die seelischen Folgen & sozio-ökonomischen Umstände von Frauen untersuchen, denen eine Abbruch untersagt wurde
Eine US-Studie aus dem Jhr 2015: Mehr als 95 % der Frauen, die eine Schwangerschaftsabbruch haben vornehmen lassen, bereuten diese Entscheidung nicht. Lediglich 5% der Frauen gaben an, sich schuldig, traurig oder wütend zu fühlen.…
Eventuell hilft es Ihrem Assistenten, sich die Tweets unter #ShoutYourAbortion durchzulesen. Frauen wurden 2015 auf Twitter aufgefordert, über ihre Abtreibungserfahrungen zu berichten. Über das Ergebnis berichtete der NewYorker:…
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So, I had an abortion the other day. Among other things, my experience made me realize just how supremely fucked up these fetal heartbeat bills really are.
I meticulously chart my cycles, so I knew I was pregnant right away. At 4.5 weeks I went to my gyno and was told it was TOO early for an abortion—they couldn't yet see anything on the ultrasound.
I was told to come back in a week. At 5.5 weeks pregnant, I was able to be scheduled for their first available procedure...5 days away.
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