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REMINDER: Monday’s #SCOTUS decision affirmed abortion rights, but many still struggle to get abortions due to sexist, classist, and racist policies like the Hyde Amendment. Let’s talk about the politician behind this cruel policy + why our #BeBoldEndHyde fight continues. 👇
Henry Hyde wanted to ban all abortions but settled for banning them just for people struggling to make ends meet.
Henry Hyde made his intentions crystal clear when he said: “I certainly would like to prevent, if I could legally, anybody having an abortion, a rich woman, a middle-class woman, or a poor woman. Unfortunately, the only vehicle available is the Medicaid bill.”
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Hiiii @CNN & @nytimes, it’s us again. Think abortion access and ending the Hyde Amendment doesn’t matter to voters? We are paying attention up and down the ballot. #AskAboutAbortion #BeBoldEndHyde
@CNN @nytimes "Polling on the amendment has shifted significantly in the last 2 years. According to a Hart Associates poll released last week by RJ advocacy group @AllAboveAll, 62% of voters favor Medicaid coverage of abortion services, a 7% increase in support from a similar poll in 2017."
"Almost 70 percent of voters from 44 battleground districts support Medicaid coverage of abortion care, according to the poll.” -@transscribe #BeBoldEndHyde #AskAboutAbortion
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Today is the 32nd Anniversary of the release of #DirtyDancing-- many people's 1st exposure to #reprojustice. Come, let's talk about it.
For many, #DirtyDancing is their first exposure to reproductive justice. What is #reprojustice? @SisterSong_WOC explains…
@SisterSong_WOC In case you didn't know, the entire plot of #DirtyDancing is based on what happens when Penny can't access safe, legal abortion care and what it was like pre #RoeVWade.
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I’m glad to see people talking about the need to repeal the #HydeAmendment & its effect on low-income folks especially WOC, QTPOC and more.. Lets also acknowledge why it even exists.. There has always been attempts to attack & regulate our bodies. This isn’t new #BeBoldEndHyde
The systems of White supremacy, patriarchy and misogyny have always tried to regulate the bodies of POC. From slavery, forced sterilization of Black & Brown people, and through Hyde, the sexual & Reproductive lives of POC have always been one of attacks, regulation & denial
So as you continue to raise awareness, know that POC have always been leading this fight.. Fighting for autonomous sexual lives free from shame & discrimination has always been the life of POC & low income folks. Center them

Rant over #AbortionIsHealthcare
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Senator McConnell is speaking on the Senate floor about passing a bill to deny women comprehensive health insurance covering all reproductive needs-- including abortion care. No mention of paying federal employees though. Tell your senators to vote no:
S109 would make the Hyde Amendment permanent-- meaning McConnell is pushing a bill to deny federal employees health insurance coverage of abortion care while blocking bills that would open the government & give them a paycheck. #WheresMitch #NoOn109
Yesterday, we heard from a federal employee who, due to the #TrumpShutdown & the Hyde Amendment, is not able to afford the abortion care she needs. Fortunately, we were able to help her while she waits for a paycheck.… #WheresMitch #BeBoldEndHyde #VoteNo109
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Hoy recordamos a #RosieJimenez que murió de un aborto inseguro a la edad de 27 años. #BeBoldEndHyde
#RosieJimenez era una joven, de clase trabajadora, estudiante chicana y madre soltera. #BeBoldEndHyde
En 1977, #RosieJimenez trató de tener un aborto en su ciudad natal de McAllen, TX. #BeBoldEndHyde
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Today we remember #RosieJimenez who died from an unsafe abortion at the age of 27. #BeBoldEndHyde
#RosieJimenez was a young, working class, Chicana student and single mother. #BeBoldEndHyde
In 1977, #RosieJimenez tried to have an abortion in her hometown of McAllen, TX. #BeBoldEndHyde
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[Thread] The Hyde Amendment is a deliberate attack on low-income women’s reproductive freedom. #BeBoldEndHyde
The #HydeAmendment bans federal funding for abortion coverage through Medicaid. #BeBoldEndHyde
Abortion bans negatively impact health, economic security, & overall well-being of people of color. #BeBoldEndHyde
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