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Hey so let's say we are making a trans spider hero.

First thing we probably have to change is the loss of a caring parental figure do to their failure. Many trans kids just don't have one of those, so instead, a peer makes perfect sense. Found family, yknow?
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Now, it's a spider story so, despite having all this great power, our trans hero learns that it comes with great responsibility, obviously.

So, when our hero fails to save her trans peer, her found family, she dedicates herself to that responsibility.

How might that manifest? Image
Let's say when we see her world, through her eyes, it's literally coloured by the metaphorical colours a trans hero sees the world through.

So, when she has to "come out" to a family member, in a scene that represents both her strength in standing for who she is...
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Estuvimos conversando en nuestro grupo de telegram ( acerca de las diferentes Tierras en #Marvel, y por ese motivo, nace este Mega Hilo sobre El #Multiverso #MarvelRP
Antes que nada, debemos entender de qué hablamos cuando decimos #Multiverso.
La teoría nace de la idea de la existencia de varias dimensiones que coexisten en un momento dado, una sobre otra, sin que nos demos cuenta, existiendo de forma paralela.
#Marvel aprovecha este concepto y lo utiliza para ampliar los horizontes de sus historias, o bien explicar puntos complejos de unir.
Un ejemplo de esto es la mención que hace #Misterio en #SpiderManFarFromHome sobre su (falso) origen. Image
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Ok people, let's do this one last time...

The Art and Making of #intothespiderverse thread starts now! For a TON of art, interviews, and more, check out the blog >>>


#SpiderVerse #spiderman #MilesMorales #gwenstacy
#Spidernoir #spiderham
Alberto Mielgo was one of the first artists to jump #intothespiderverse and bring this world to life through his iconic style and bold concept designs. His influence on the rest of production is undeniable. #SpiderVerse #spiderman
Alberto Mielgo took the characters in a new direction. While they ended up looking much different, elements from these early designs, like the iris ink lines, made it into the final film. #SpiderVerse #spiderman #intothespiderverse
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Since we keep getting asked-- here's a very basic look at how we conceived of #spidergwen's design. Like all creation I'm certain a lot of this is assigning reason & rationale to instincts & impulses. But this is the nuts and bolts of how I remember it: (1)
Let's basically center on the 3 things that drove her design primarily. 1. Our re-imagining of Gwen's character. 2.The story. (and context for where & when & how it was published). 3. The desire to keep Robbi's enthusiastic for drawing it again & again. (2)
1. Character: Gwen's entire personality shifts when she's in costume. She goes from being the steady back beat of a band & the responsible daughter of a morally rigid police chief-- to being the focus. A full mask, initially allows her that release. But the hoodie-- (3)
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