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Sebelum nonton film #SpiderManAcrossTheSpiderVerse yang bakal rilis mulai 31 Mei ini.Mari kita bahas semua hal penting dan refrensi yang perlu kamu tau sebelum nonton biar kalian bisa ngefresh dan catchup lagi dengan cerita dari filmnya


#SpiderVerse #SpiderVerseID Image
Setahun setelah kejadian Spiderman Into The Spiderverse ketika Miles & spider people berhasil menghentikan super collider yang mengancam multiverse. Miles tiba2 didatengin sama Gwen Stacy yang mengajaknya buat menjalani misi baru untuk menyelamatkan universe dari spiderpeople ImageImageImage
Gwenpun membawa miles ke the lobby markas dari Spider Society yang merupakan tim spider people yang dilead sama Spiderman 2099 demimelindungi spiderverse. Tapi hubungan mereka menjadi buruk ketika miles berusaha melawan takdirnya yang jadi kunci menyelamatkan Spiderverse ImageImageImage
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Bonjour #AnnecyFestival! It's only Day 1 and our Spidey Sense is already tingling. Watch this thread for updates directly from “Sony Pictures Animation Presents: ‘Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse,’” starting shortly! 🕷🧵
This is the EXCLUSIVE Spider-Man: Across the #SpiderVerse lithograph for #AnnecyFestival attendees. Artist: Jesús Alonso Iglesias
Take a breath and a leap of faith… Sony Pictures Animation Presents: "Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse" at #AnnecyFestival starts NOW.
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@GraceRandolph crítica de @RottenTomatoes, contó en su canal de YouTube que veremos una gran batalla entre #scarletwitch y #Agnes en el final de #WandaVision
Y que además romperá el #Multiverso
Y eso no es todo... en su cuenta de instagram @iamjamiefoxx posteó varias imagenes de #Spiderman y #Electro... pero la que mas llamó la atención es la que se ven los 3 #Spiderman... confirma el #Spiderverse??
Luego de unas horas, borró el post😱 Image
Seguimos a full con los spoilers!! A raíz de un juguete de @Hasbro se reveló la fisonomía de #Kro (y descripción), del villano de #Eternals

Bastante distinto al de #MarvelComics verdad?

#Marvel #MarvelStudios #MarvelPodcast #MCU ImageImage
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RUMOR (?) 💨💨💨

Según algunos sitios, que no suelen ser los típicos insiders de #Marvel (👁️) @TobeyMaguire estaría negociando para aparecer en #DrStrangeITMOM... Incluso se aventuran a decir que sería nuevamente #SpiderMan...

Cómo lo ven?
#MarvelPodcast Image
La verdad creemos poco probable porque eso lo llevaría a negociar con #Sony, quién tiene los derechos de todos los personajes del #Spiderverse...
Sin embargo, estando Sam Raimi en la dirección, un cameo para el fan service no se descarta.

A vos... En qué papel te gustaría ver a @TobeyMaguire si no fuera #SpiderMan ?? Te leemos!

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Estuvimos conversando en nuestro grupo de telegram ( acerca de las diferentes Tierras en #Marvel, y por ese motivo, nace este Mega Hilo sobre El #Multiverso #MarvelRP
Antes que nada, debemos entender de qué hablamos cuando decimos #Multiverso.
La teoría nace de la idea de la existencia de varias dimensiones que coexisten en un momento dado, una sobre otra, sin que nos demos cuenta, existiendo de forma paralela.
#Marvel aprovecha este concepto y lo utiliza para ampliar los horizontes de sus historias, o bien explicar puntos complejos de unir.
Un ejemplo de esto es la mención que hace #Misterio en #SpiderManFarFromHome sobre su (falso) origen. Image
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My niece and nephews are discovering Tobey Maguire’s #SpiderMan movies. “Tom Holland is still the best Spider-Man.” Hold up now. #UncleProblems
“Why is Aunt May so old in one movie and so young in another movie?” And that’s how an 8-year-old discovers Hollywood ageism and sexism. #SpiderMan
Forgot that Pete and MJ made out at Norman Osborn’s funeral. Now that’s how you troll a supervillain. #SpiderMan
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(1/14) A lot went into animating these shots of the #SpiderVerse crew hiding from Miles's roommate, Ganke. It was a collaborative process, went through a lot of iteration, & it was also quite a technical challenge.

Here's a thread about how the animation came together! 🕷️
(2/14) First I need to thank my Lead, Julie Bernier-Gosselin, & Supervisor, Josh Beveridge, for trusting me with these shots. It was through them that I was able to work on such a visible part of the movie. They guided & collaborated w/ me throughout the whole process. 🙇‍♂️
(3/14) To start, I reviewed the "Launch", a recorded discussion between the directors and the animators where the dir's go over the storyboards, explain their intentions, and tell us what they're looking for in each shot.

Below: Boards by John Puglisi
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Fun #SpiderVerse Fact!

2120 - GRK - Greek Diner

1) This seemingly simple sequence changed constantly throughout production. It kept getting turned over to animation and then put on hold for major re-cuts and re-writes. It was so tough to nail down because...
2) It followed the sequence, 1750 - TMU - Teaming Up, where Peter and Miles exposit a lot of information about the situation while walking around the rooftops (and walls... <— SpiderPeople). That sequence also went through MANY major re-writes and cuts. As TMU changed...
3) more info started to seem redundant between the two sequences.
You may remember a bit from the trailers where Peter uses French fries to describe the multiverse. You can see this bit in the Alt Universe Cut when you buy the digital release. Well...
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It's *women* getting "Notorious" handles! #RBG anyone? Desus gave @AOC the title on @SHODesusAndMero On-the-floor 🤣. This is as close as I'll get to #Notorious but we *are* synching to @TokyoDiiva & @scottyrebel and they *are* from the #Bronx! 💯
#WhitePowderPerm writers include @JustinTranter @colewhittle @bigdannygrip, & Stevy Pyne , formerly @preciousweapons. Pyne directed. Love these guys a lot! Justin's a collector of sculpture. She's synching with me. Old school fun‼️
NOTORIOUS B.I.G. – #Notorious series. Shot this after seeing #SpiderVerse with my best movie friend, @iamsheadiamond. No one is more fun to go to the #movies with than this #transbeauty. #womenrule #LGBTQ #trans
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Fun #SpiderVerse Fact!

1) To cut the post credit scene our assistants downloaded the 1960’s Spider-Man episode “Double Identity” off of YouTube. @philiplord, @rodneyrothman, and I were writing the scene on the fly and scratching dialogue to keep trying out different things...
2) The problem was we only had a few weeks until release and one animator left on the show (Joshua Beveridge?). We had one chance. We quickly workshopped and I cut the picture from the youtube video to match the dialogue we were trying, ignoring the pointing action at first...
3) When we were happy, I looped the footage of the pointing to match the dialogue which was a rudimentary way to “animate” this in editorial. I also comped the head of ‘67 Spidey on his body so I could loop his mouth movements to match his speech. I turned over to animation...
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I didn’t get much of my #SpiderVerse work released online but I did get to animate this Gwen drumming shot SO! here’s a very long thread about less than two seconds of #IntoTheSpiderVerse
Julie Bernier Gosselin was the lead on the sequence and offered the shot since she knew I play drums and would love to animate it (and because she’s awesome)
Side note: Julie is not on Twitter but Twitter should still know her work on #SpiderVerse was KEY. Seriously, it’s insane.
As a drummer myself it was amazing to get to animate this. I also though hey! I can play drums, I can animate, this shouldn’t be too hard!
But then it was. So hard. Animating drumming is SO hard. Ugh. Why did I even like drums in the first place?
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Ok people, let's do this one last time...

The Art and Making of #intothespiderverse thread starts now! For a TON of art, interviews, and more, check out the blog >>>


#SpiderVerse #spiderman #MilesMorales #gwenstacy
#Spidernoir #spiderham
Alberto Mielgo was one of the first artists to jump #intothespiderverse and bring this world to life through his iconic style and bold concept designs. His influence on the rest of production is undeniable. #SpiderVerse #spiderman
Alberto Mielgo took the characters in a new direction. While they ended up looking much different, elements from these early designs, like the iris ink lines, made it into the final film. #SpiderVerse #spiderman #intothespiderverse
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I've been thinking of the B in Peter B. Parker as "Bum" but it occurred to me it's just as much Peter "Burnout" Parker. #SpiderVerse
No wonder older millennials relate to him so hard. A generation of very smart kids who tried so hard and got our asses kicked by life and are just so so tired.
I keep thinking about that 5 second montage of him getting injured over and over again AFTER his divorce and like, you know he probably doesn't have insurance or a very good plan and even spider powers don't perfectly heal everything and SO RELATABLE.
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1) Years ago when I wrote for David Letterman we would make these fake broadway shows and put them on at the end of the show and never tell the audience they were fake. No one ever knew.
2) Afterward the crowd filed out as if they didn’t happen. It was so anticlimactic and I wondered why I wanted to do them. Dave loved them though. Did em with @CarterBays @HimymCraig and @TheTweetOfGod himself David Javerbaum.
3) Eventually we created a boy band no one knew was fake. They appeared on TRL and received 10s of 1000s of emails from fans. It was @Matt_Morrison’s first acting job!
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1. So a few more scratching vids - Here's @DJBlakey doing some epic 'laser cuts' with some electronics I'd made - we used these over the very opening logos and glitches at the start of the film...
2..which you can hear here -…
3. We then go into the intro.. For this we re-scratched a bunch of orchestral horn blasts we had recorded, looped the bars round and did a zillion takes and then edited the best bits together...
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There is so much great #SpiderVerse behind the scenes content on Twitter if you start following some of the artists who created the film
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Creating animation with halftone:
(a) In TV medium creates flicker effect
(b) In digital requires high data rate & less compression
I think remaking #SpiderMan: Into The #SpiderVerse trailer would be a challenge. A fun challenge where there are scenes with halftone & misprint colors.
Going to be an ‘expensive’ challenge since the cheapest halftone/screen tone sheet I found in NYC is $7.96. Imagine frames of animation with multiple halftone 😂
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More #SpiderVerse fan art. This one’s a bit older, made it before production started ramping up and it’s the only one I could finish before the movie was done. We had a print of this up on one of the anim sweat box’s walls :)
First thing I made in @Procreate too!
Time-lapse! 1/2:
Time-lapse 2/2 —I had totally forgot what those framed ads were 😂😂😂
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1. OK..<EPIC THREAD> on making the Prowler 'Elephant' noise for #Spiderverse and other ELECTRONIC NOISES. I did some sessions with a good friend of mine Brian Dougans who has an amazing collection of electronic gear. You might recognise this sound...
2. We used a huge array of electronics both old - like the EMS Synthi (well known to diehard #DrWho fans) - and new - like the FSOL Digitana SX-1 (which Brian helped design!), through pedals and things to jam out a whole bunch of crazy noises...
3. The unstable and analogue nature of the gear would create a really unique and menacing sound that cut through like nothing else. The most recognisable of these is probably the Prowler sound which you can hear on this track here:…
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