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Vorstand&Beirat des DSFI reisten unter Leitung von Frau Rita Süssmuth,vom21-23Okt.2018 nach Tirana,um die in Albanien lebenden Mitglieder der iranischen Volksmodjahedin zu besuchen
#Spiegel hatte im Nov eine Kopie dieses Berichts erhalten…
Rita Süssmuth,ehem. Präsidentin des Bundestages
Martin Patzelt,Mitglied des Bundestages(CDU)
Otto Bernhardt,Mitglied des Vorstandes der KonradAdenauer-Stiftung
Hille Gosejacob-Rolf
Christian Zimmermann
Thomas Nord,Mitglied des Bundestages(Die Linke)
Frau Süssmuth sprach zu den Exil-Iranern&sagte:„Ihre Lebensfreude bezeugt eine Kultur&einen Optimismus,der vielen Menschen abhanden gekommen ist.
Ich bewundere Sie nachhaltig,weil Sie immer wieder aus Trümmern einen Neu-Aufbau bewerkstelligen“
#Spiegel #FakeNews
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@iran_policy has published an interesting response to #Spiegel #Fakenews piece on #MEK
we will share the points raised in the statement

🤔Is this piece better fit for a tabloid or a respected magazine?

Your call!…
#SPIEGEL published a #FakeNews article on February 16, 2019, titled "Prisoners of the Rebellion," containing a wealth of shameless lies+allegations defaming the Iranian opposition #NCRI/#MEK.
This article is a blatant betrayal of responsible journalism
- misleading rather than enlightening
- defaming rather than doing justice to the truth.
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Why @hommer_ich #Spiegel lying piece is #FakeNews?In a gesture of transparency,#NCRI invited @DerSPIEGEL to visit #MEK in Albania frequently visited by politicians &dignitaries including former Bundestag President Rita Sussmuth. but the offer was rejected.…
However, @DerSPIEGEL did not reply to #NCRI's invitation. #Spiegel clearly had no inclination of getting to the truth of the matter &instead preferred to accept the regime’s lies at face value. #FakeNews #Spiegel_FakeNews…
Despite #Spiegel ignoring the invitation,the #NCRI& #MEK replied to the 10questions raised by @mathieuvonrohr in a 6,600-word reply just4days later. In this letter,they again extended an invitation to @DerSPIEGEL&implored them to visit the MEK compound.#FakeNews #Spiegel_FakeNews
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bare w/me as we debunk @hommer_ich #Spiegel #Fakenews article published on #MEK Iran's main opposition
There's been huge outrage by Iranian community,let's see why
The article doesn't meet any journalistic principles & is more fit for a tabloid
1-Let's start with the basics
Parts of the article published on Feb15 appeared in websites affiliated to #Iran's intel ministry btwn Nov24-26,2018
Q:if ur goal isn't smearing #MEK at behest of Mullahs,how did they have article 3mo in advanced?
2-professional journalism calls for unbiased reporting throughout this report we see adjectives being thrown around to demonize the group

let's start with the title and subtitle:
"cult-like group"?"political sect"?

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.@barbarahans I read your new negative piece on the MEK + their response that said Iran's state media published excerpts of it back in Nov 2018. A Google search today shows they're right. How could .IR websites run the text before it went live on @DerSPIEGEL?
FYI: @RichardGrenell
FYI for clarity here are the links to Iran's state media & Intelligence Ministry web pages that carried @hommer_ich's Feb 2019 report about the MEK. The links from Nov 2018 are still live:سرگذشت-غم-انگیز-یک-جداشده-به-نقل-از-اشپ/
It turns out @hommer_ich was granted a visa by Iran's regime to visit last year (see photo). Her report smearing @RudyGiuliani & regime's opponents smacks of collusion by @DerSPIEGEL & Iran's intelligence service. #Spiegel needs to be investigated for #FakeNews. #Spiegel_FakeNews
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After the outrage frm Iranian community regarding the #FakeNews article in #Spiegel @hommer_ich &the likes have tried to defend themselves saying anyone who writes a“critical report”against #MEK is smeared.Facts speak for themselves
Can we say #Relotius 2?!#Spiegel_Fakenews
some background on the #Spiegel reporter @hommer_ich:
studied in #Iran for 2semesters
was given permission to attend maneuver of Bassiji forces!(not given easily)
promotes Iranian "democracy" through tweets on "elections",downplaying #IranProtests

#Spiegel_fakenews #Fakenews
You can tell a lot by those someone follows on Twitter!
many of the well known faces of Iran's lobbys are followed by @hommer_ich
(the list was longer just didn't bother to insert them all)
#Spiegel_fakenews #Spiegel=#Fakenews
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