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O ex-jornal, sem terceirizar a pretensão de impor censura à liberdade de expressão de cidadãos, dever apontar concretamente os supostos ataques de procuradores a advogados e jornalistas. As “tias do WhatsApp” aguardam a verdade, desde as eleições de 2018.
Ex-jornal lê apenas um inexistente artigo na Constituição. Art. Único. Toda #FakeNews publicada pelo ex-jornal é verdade. Parágrafo único. O ex-jornal tem direito absoluto de publicar #FakeNews e de censurar os cidadãos que denunciarem o engodo com pena de cassação da cidadania.
Fique claro! Tanto o ex-jornal quanto sua jornalista, bem como seus colegas têm todo direito de sair em sua defesa do que imaginam ser acusações infundadas, sem nenhum tipo de censura ilícita. Igualmente, os cidadãos têm direito de não lhes conceder ínfima credibilidade.
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Prosecutors DECLINED to PROSECUTE, haven't we seen this before, A LOT, about his involvement in a news media disclosure. Remember this, involvement in a news media disclosure #AndrewMcCabe #Fakenews #TwoTierJusticeSystem
Do you see the horns? Evil but it doesn't matter
The US won’t charge ex-FBI official McCabe, a Trump target
Prosecutors DECLINED to PROSECUTE, haven't we seen this before, A LOT, about his involvement in a news media disclosure. Remember this, involvement in a news media disclosure #AndrewMcCabe #Fakenews #TwoTierJusticeSystem
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I agree with AG Barr. I know the president is mad as hell, and rightfully so. But he has to let the AG do his job with out stepping on his message. The AG is on the precipice of getting this mess created by the left exposed @realDonaldTrump please allow him. Thank you.
I support the president 💯 but he must let us supporters do some of the heavy lifting. We know no matter what he does the left and liberals will say he did something wrong. It is they who are doing the wrong and being obstructionist.
Heck if I were in the President’s shoes I would go on the attack. The man is flesh and blood and for 3 yrs and even now they are trying to remove the #peoplespresident. We won’t stand idly by and let it happen.
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A jornalista da Folha já acionou judicialmente o cidadão Hans River, testemunha da CPMI das #FakeNews?
Em ação judicial, o ônus da prova é de quem alega. Quem acusa o cidadão Hans River de ter mentido e ofendido jornalista da Folha na CPMI das #FakeNews teria o ônus de provar perante a Justiça. Ônus do qual seus acusadores escapam, mantendo suas acusações nas páginas da imprensa.
Método usado pelo ex-jornal e seus asseclas espalhados pelas redações é tentar desviar o foco da sociedade dos ataques político-midiáticos contra a lisura das eleições de 2018 e a democracia, os quais foram denunciados pelo cidadão Hans River na CPMI das #FakeNews.
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New Q!

Highly sophisticated 'State-level' attacks [v 8kun] followed by FAKE NEWS attacks [v Q] the next day?
Ask yourself a simple question —– why?
It's time to wake up.
Coordinated #FakeNews push timed? #QAnon
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Do you know the REAL story about Roger Stone?
Now that we know:
-Obama was spying& @POTUS knew
-The Russia story was a hoax
-The Hillary emails came from DNC whistleblower #SethRich who was murdered for it, not from Russia
2/Remember how a giant SWAT team with night- vision goggles raided Stone's home at 6am with the lights from their assault weapons aimed at his house. They had a battering ram and some arrived by boat to surround the back of his house
3/ Remember how CNN happened to be at Roger Stone's house at 5am to film this entire tv ready scene? How did they know? Was this spectacle planned? For your entertainment? Why? For what intentions? To create Love or Not Love?
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O ex-jornal, por intermédio do seu leitor “laranja”, quer a prisão do suposto mentiroso, porque ele teria mentido, em 2018, para sua reportagem, ou, agora, para a CPMI das #FakeNews?
O leitor “laranja” do ex-jornal quer a prisão imediata de suposto mentiroso antes do trânsito em julgado em 4 instâncias?
O ex-jornal, por intermédio do seu leitor “laranja”, quer a prisão da própria fonte jornalística. Clara tentativa de se eximir da responsabilidade pelas #FakeNews que publicou com base nela.
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See thread explanation of theories:
(Focus on the words in @AZShopRGirl 's tweet - "Boom! #Qanon #WWG1WGA )

3 scenarios. (1, 2, & 3 explained ⬇️)
1.) #Qanon has posted that:
#DoubleMeaningsExist 4x's
Question from John Roberts > @johnrobertsFox "Do you know who...Anonymous is?"
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@realDonaldTrump #pizzagate was coined by #fakenews 2manipulate the minds so the viewers wud believe it was a conspiracy. #mindcontrol
#pedogate research-->#tedgunderson #martyr #FBICorruption #darktolight ... once u can c how dark the world really is, when u open up ur mind - u can never go back
@realDonaldTrump The truth is out there. #truthneverdies #speakout Save a Life. No greater love than to sacrifice for others. #digitalsoliders #ForGodForHumanity #thesepplrsick
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@DanPatterson @CBSNews ⚠️ 25 questions to ask yourself about Q – by @martingeddes

1. Do you agree that the MSM has synchronised messages and similar wording when reporting on QAnon? Does this appear to support or refute the #FakeNews hypothesis?
@DanPatterson @CBSNews @martingeddes 2. Do you agree there appears to be little to no diversity of editorial approaches and opinions on Q or POTUS? How do you make sense of this near unanimity across the MSM?
@DanPatterson @CBSNews @martingeddes 3. The MSM has not reported on the specific content of the Q drops, only referring to them indirectly. How do you account for this journalistic choice?
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In the seventeenth century, Hamburg's printer and newsdealer Georg Greflinger published an influential newspaper: the "Nordischer Mercurius".

Yet, only a few copies are digitized:…

A short thread about #earlymodernnews for #newshistory and #bookhistory
In August 1674, Greflinger commented (once more) on the uncertainty of news flows present in Europe, and the levels of #fakenews and #falsenews being copied and spread in the European media systems. By the way, this was the normal case for all newspapers at the time.
Greflinger used this phrase in 1674 to commend on the common practices of the news business:

Everyone says their best / even though you have nothing certain (in German: "Ein Jeder sagt sein Bästes / Und hat man noch nichts festes")
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So there is this 'black power' account here on twitter, who from time to time will @ me with out-of-context nonsense regarding racial crime rates. Calls himself 'Brother Saye', & it makes sense the his initials are 'BS' because that is what he pushes.

Thread 👇🔽⬇️
He says he is a Pan African, but also a debunker of race realism & HBD. So race isn't real, but black people should all unite together as one people regardless of where they live today.

Race isn't real, but garish shoes are.
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1/21 @ElectionsCan_E @DLeBlancNB @PrivyCouncilCA

I have a simple solution to resolve dark money & foreign interference in #CDNpoli elections & democracies in general

► Any third party ads must be approved by a candidate

(See #thread for more details)…
2/21 @ElectionsCan_E @DLeBlancNB @PrivyCouncilCA

Elections Canada can require 3rd party election ads to include a stamp of approval from any registered candidate, so if there's a problem the onus is on the candidate to research & ensure the integrity of said ads

Con't #CDNpoli
3/21 @ElectionsCan_E @DLeBlancNB @PrivyCouncilCA

If candidates complain it's too much responsibility to be liable for 3rd party elections ads, they don't deserve the responsibility of running a country

Ensuring the integrity of messaging is half the job of an MP

Con't #CDNpoli
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No folks,
Lt. Col Alexander. Vindman was not fired.
The #FakeNews just doesn't stop twisting the facts.

Vindman was reassigned to another position in the @DeptofDefense

@POTUS is the Commander in Chief. @realDonaldTrump sets foreign policy

#MSM #Trump2020LandslideVictory
Lt. Col A.Vindland
(before Impeachment) was working a foreign policy position under the Commander In Chief.

He has been relieved of those duties and reassigned to a different position within the Dept of Defense.

Politico reported the truth

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Two things DeAnna likely does not appreciate:

1) How is a Republican going win on a platform at odds with Ronald Reagan’s? Reagan created #FakeNews when he “ government out of our lives...” by having the @FCC eliminate the Fairness Doctrine in US broadcast
media in 1987. (see:…).

2. SCOTUS has already affirmed in Packingham v. North Carolina (2017) cyberspace is considered a "protected space" under the #1A for lawful speech.” and ”To foreclose access to
social media altogether is to prevent the user from engaging in the legitimate exercise of #1A rights.” @Facebook, @Twitter, & @LinkedIn specific. (see:…).

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As an avid rereader of Harry G. Frankfurt’s masterful, “On Bullshit,” (On Bullshit…) the definitive academic standard on bullshit, I know one of the most salient features of our culture is there is so much bullshit. Everyone knows this.
Each of us contributes his share. But we tend to take the situation for granted. Most people are rather confident of their ability to recognize bullshit and to avoid being taken in by it. So the phenomenon has not aroused much deliberate concern. We have no clear understanding of
what bullshit is, why there is so much of it, or what functions it serves. And we lack a conscientiously developed appreciation of what it means to us. In other words, as Harry Frankfurt writes, "we have no theory." Frankfurt, one of the world's most influential moral
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@roxi_usa @BACFA @Kinseymax @PatriotsSoapbox @RepRatcliffe @ChuckGrassley

7 Feb 2020


Archive Link ->

Beginning with #3835

"Accountability is coming"
@roxi_usa @BACFA @Kinseymax @PatriotsSoapbox @RepRatcliffe @ChuckGrassley 3)


💥Read the entire Q post very carefully..staggering!

"Sold out US to benefit Russia for personal financial gain?Risked US National Security for personal financial gain?How was payment made to US person(s)? Think Ukraine. Think Iran."
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New #QAnon.
No. 3835...
@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse
#Q just dropped this #WaExaminer article letting us know that @ChuckGrassley, & #RonJohnsin asked for #Biden activity reports back on 5th Dec '19.
Time for a #SwampDraining!
#LockEmUp [ ] [ ]…
@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @ChuckGrassley 2) #QAnon 3836...
Note: Q = question early in this drop.
We're seeing the priming for the move 2bring the #BidenCrimeFamily, & then beyond, to #Justice.
#DrainTheSwamp #LockEmUp #GTMO
@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @ChuckGrassley 3) #QAnon 3837...
#Q drops a rundown of the dots connected to the actions of those that have long been attempting 2attain power & thus control #America & thereby the world.
Many spent time in #Iran. Many were embedded during the #HusseinAdmin.
#PeterStrzok #LisaPage #VJ
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@realjuliasong Am in WeChat now with someone in Wuhan, not providing details. Dr. Li Wenliang was NOT an ER doctor, he was an EYE doctor, the powers that be didn't like his reveal so they sent him to work in the ER as a death sentence.
@realjuliasong After Dr. Li died, the powers that be put him on an artificial lung to pretend he was alive for a day. Until the truth came out.
@realjuliasong Dr Li's "announcement" of #coronoavirusoutbreak was actually a posting to former med school colleagues on a private WeChat group. One of the group members cut out a snippet out of context and told the authorities.
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1) Have just read the Deep State hit piece by @joshgnosis.

Very shocked that so many lies have been printed in one article.

The author has deliberately lied and falsified my entire case.
2) I did not submit anything at all to court or contest my case even though I pleaded not guilty.

I did not even attend court.
3) This is because I could not ethically and professionally put at risk any colleague who I needed to ask for a full formal report to counter Dr Murray Wright.

After the Medical Council of NSW had bankrupted and removed my right to practice medicine I knew any RANZCP colleague..
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I saved a few tweets from “Verified” accounts when the #ImpeachmentHoax started. I’ll start it off with the ringleader #Schiff4Brains.
“After hours of debate, one thing is clear:”..... @realDonaldTrump is still your President!😎 Enjoy👌🏻#AcquittedForever #DemsAreCorrupt
Here’s one from #FakeNews @washingtonpost but yeah not propaganda......
The #TDS is palpable.
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1) @realDonaldTrump was elected because he believes in the Constitution and loves this country.
He didn't have to do this job and receives no pay instead donating it every quarter to various government agencies. He gives back instead of talking.
2) Some time before the end of @BarackObama last term in office he was in danger of a coup de tat in which he would have been forcibly removed from office. They refrained because they talked @realDonaldTrump into running for office to legitimately root out corruption.
3) The intelligence we have a lot of the inside script and QAnon is the military.

@realDonaldTrump will not be removed from office; he is there for some time to come. You can listen to @CNN or the #MSM #FakeNews but they have it wrong.
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.@TomFitton says the @JudicialWatch investigation shows there’s way more people on the voter roll then there is people that’s eligible to vote in Iowa.
.@JudicialWatch is under attack. @Facebook has them labeled as putting out #FakeNews.
.@TomFitton says Ukrainian embassy was asking the state department to help monitor names and keywords. The state department got back to them and said they’re not allowed to monitor private citizens whether it’s public accounts or not.
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