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@realDonaldTrump @144000bound @DykstraDame @POTUS #BuildTheWall #StopTheCaravan #EndCatchAndRelease
YES! And cut off aid to every country in between who does not stop them at their southern border or assists! We need laws to stop people like George Soros from funding displacement of Third World people!
@realDonaldTrump @144000bound @DykstraDame @POTUS #Censorship #BuildTheWall #1A #RedWave #RedWave2018 #MAGA2018
I bet they arrive right before midterms with #FAKENEWS in tow to plaster the airwaves with pictures of children "separated" by #trump and the evil #GOP. The lack of originality is mind blowing!
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@realDonaldTrump @DykstraDame #Censorship #BuildTheWall
YES! And cut off aid to every country in between who does not stop them at their southern border & offers them assistance! We need laws to stop people like George Soros from funding displacement of Third World people!
@realDonaldTrump @DykstraDame @cpalumni2002 @ColumbiaBugle #Censorship #BuildTheWall
I bet they arrive right before midterms with #FAKENEWS in tow to plaster the airwaves with pictures of children "separated" by #trump and the evil #GOP. The lack of originality is mind blowing!
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Fauxcahontas likes to steal ethnicities that aren’t hers... and political slogans!

TICK TOCK @elizabethforma!

Consumer Protection Agency.
Sen Warren.

#Qanon #Qarmy #WWG1WGA
In July 2010, Congress passed the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, during the 111th US Congress in response to the Late-2000s recession and financial crisis. The agency was originally proposed in 2007 by Harvard Law School professor Elizabeth Warren.
On September 17, 2010, President Obama announced the appointment of Sen. Warren as Assistant to the President and Special Advisor to the Secretary of the Treasury on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) to set up the new agency.
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1. Am I the only one to notice that the Turks & #FakeNews have provided ZERO credible evidence to support their allegation that the Saudis murdered Kashoggi?

I don't like it one bit, either.

Who benefits from the US/KSA alliance being split?

There's your answer, when it comes to IDing the culprits behind this story.

We haven't even seen a dead body, for crying out loud.

It's Kavanaugh, Redux.
3. MBS is NOT an idiot. He knows full well that such an action would destroy Saudi's alliance with Trump & also, Israel.

Would he risk it by murdering a reporter in Turkey? NO.

MBS has no record of taking these extreme actions. Ergo, it's unlikely he'd start now.

Again, THINK.
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1. OK - I'm hearing @GeorgePapa19 was illegally taped by MI6 / UK intel assets.

Yep, you read that right. A UK intel agency taped an innocent American citizen, at the behest of the Obama administration, within the UK.

It gets worse.
2. The recordings are fully exculpatory of Papadopoulos.

A giant nothing-burger.

Which (if true) means:

- the FISC was not provided with this exculpatory evidence.
- Mueller either knew and ignored it, or was never provided with it.

And :
3. That the entire narrative used to justify the FBI counter-intel probe was FICTION.

Papadopoulos did NOT talk about Clinton dirt with Downer.

The whole story was made up, out of thin air, by corrupt scum & slave media, who wanted reward from a POTUS Clinton.
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1. SJ @drawandstrike is spot on.

People are out there saying that this is some sort of 'cover up' by 'Deep State' and that nada will happen.

It's nonsense. Why?

Because of this was a cover up, we wouldn't have ever heard of James Wolfe. Hence the term, 'COVER UP'.
2. The objective of a cover up is to CONCEAL criminality, NOT to REVEAL it.

If this was a cover up, we'd know nothing about it. Wolfe would have resigned quietly and walked away, allowing bad actors to put the leaking to bed.

Or worse - he would still be there, helping.
3. We'd know ZERO about a FBI/DOJ operation that went on for MONTHS, nor about #FakeNews corrupt reporter & tart Ali Watkins screwing this guy for classified information.

We'd know nothing about her being notified that ALL her comms & interactions had been monitored for MONTHS,
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The mother of all corrections? as pointed out by @LegInsurrection typical #FakeNews the run with stuff (perhaps printing a press rleass form @SenWarren) until the embarrassment builds up over non-factual junk to intolerable levels and then they quietly correct the correct again
So @SenWarren has just 1/1024 or 0.098% South American (e.g. Mexican, Colombian, or Peruvian) DNA. They didn't test for "Northern" Native American DNA.

Yet the insane liberals ran with he story like @SenWarren deserved to be Harvard's 1st "Woman of Color"
So sad @SenWarren keeps up with her "entitlement" narrative - it is a pathetic bald face lie. In reality she's about the "whitest" person in America, and she stole an affirmative action slot form someone else - @SenWarren has no shame.
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BREAKING NEWS: "Strong evidence" Elizabeth Warren is LESS THAN 1% Native American!
"Strong evidence"
"Strong evidence"
"Strong evidence"
"Strong evidence"
"Strong evidence"...

...that the mockingbird media is #FakeNews.
So, if Warren is between 6th and 10th generation Native American, then that's about 1.5% to .09%.

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Leslie Stahl's trainwreck of an interview with Trump on @60minutes is useful as a window into the ignorance - as well as arrogance - of the elitist left.

Stahl appeared confused on the facts and unable to understand the responses. Easy game for Trump 👇

One thing that really struck me - after I realised that she was sober - was how SIMPLISTIC and SHALLOW her understanding was.

It's a zero-sum circuitry:

Obama - GOOD.
Trump - BAD.

Evidence and facts be damned.
For example, she seemed incapable of accepting that Obama also separated families and children at the border, as well as detained kids in CAGES.

It was cognitive dissonance. When Trump pushed the point home, she ran for the hills.…
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Looks like these fake accounts were all made on the same day by the same person
and you can see this man claiming that Scots are xenophobic....many people who were at the game claimed that this didn't happen
They like to cause controversy ..this man is claiming Irish fans are racist

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1. The purpose of this long and detailed thread is to pull back the curtain on the global warming / climate change hysteria that saturates our #fakenews media.…

#QAnon #PatriotsFight #WWG1WGA #QArmy #TheGreatAwakening #WeThePeople #UnitedWeStand 🇺🇸
2. Anyone that wants to acquaint themselves w/what George Soros or the UN wants YOU to believe about climate change only needs to turn on the TV, or glance through the pages of any mainstream online news source, newspaper or magazine.…

3. It has been presented almost without challenge by every conceivable means—books, school curriculum, movies, speeches, editorials, pamphlets, posters, textbooks, and broadcast news 24 hours a day.

#QAnon #PatriotsFight #WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakening #WeThePeople #UnitedWeStand
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Let's talk about @Greg_Palast and his left liberal biased 'purge list' hysteria & why he's focusing only on sharing it only w/liberal democrat voters.

1) Votes by republicans & Libertarian votes also can & have been cancelled (Spoilt).

Greg fails to mention, reasons cancelled (spoilt) votes, happen. Reporting a cancelled vote (as republican / independent/Libertarian) to Greg means, he'll pretend it's a Democrat vote.
#1A #15A
2) In many instances, it's a lThe correct terminology is not 'purge' as it's actually called a 'cancelled' or 'Spoilt' vote.
Spoilt vote, Wikipedia:…
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I'd like to explain to you why facts matter, especially in the context of political debate. To do this, I'd like to bring you a small extract from the book "ON BEING CERTAIN: Believing You Are Right Even When You're Not" by Robert. A. Burton.…
The central theme of this book is that the "feeling of knowing" is different from "knowing". The former is, indeed, just a feeling, like anger or envy. Understanding this difference is crucial to throwing off beliefs that no longer serve us. Let's bring this to life.
I would like you to read the paragraph below, paying attention to how you feel as you read it. What do you notice?
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Okay fam, there's a lot going on with Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Buckle up fam, going to drop a thread and explain some things you may not know.
1. First, I have no dog in this fight. IMO, we should kick Turkey out of NATO, demand the Europeans seal Turkey off from Europe and repatriate all the pro-Erdogen freaks that are part of the Hiraj, or invasion through migration.
2. As for the Saudis, a good oil embargo would do the trick, along with letting Russian oil on the market as a substitute, provided the Russians helped end Muslim migration would do the trick to whack the Saudis. 3000 dead on 9/11. Like Turkey, they are the enemy.
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Those hating on Kanye

A list of EVERY murdered victim in #Chicago for 2018
Young males 15-30

2018 = Almost 1,500 shootings in Chicago.
100,000 gang members

@Diddy + all you other FAKE washed up MC's

Hate on @kanyewest
for wanting to make change
Kanye's full visit with #Trump
Thank you.

@kanyewest you have so much support.
It's sad how diagusting and dishonest the Libera media has become.

We are living in the days of Noah again.

People are put down for positivity and praised for Evil.


Thank you Dave Chapelle
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.@marthamaccallum had on some woman talking about this Saudi WaPo writer who appears to have vanished from the Saudi embassy in Turkey.

I call total shenanigans on this, and it's because of Martha's segment.
The woman she had on said several things that got my spidey sense tingling. I'm way more keyed into #FakeNews weasel words these days.

- "We don't need evidence, I think we all know what happened."
- "MBS put all those officials in a five-star prison with no charges filed."
The first one is REALLY bad. That is NEVER EVER an acceptable statement or argument.

The second is still bad, because it completely rejects the mountain of evidence we have that Al-Waleed bin Talal was a corrupt financier of the Clintons.
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A couple months ago I was in #Walmart had my #Maga Gear on. This woman out of the blues started bashing #Trump
So I ask Why don't you like Trump?
She named 3 or 4 things off.
I pulled my phone out of my pocket, & started showing her what really happened I pulled up about 6 sites. Let her read them . After reading them she started looking things up on her phone!
So at that point I went on about my shopping.
Got ready to walk out. She ran up & said your right #MSM has been lying as she showed me the sites she had looked up.
All I could do is smile and say "Don't trust the #FakeNews Research before you believe!
As I left #Walmart
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1) ****THREAD****

What is Operation Mockingbird?

It's time for everyone that doesn't know what #OperationMockingbird is to understand it. I tried to keep this under 40 slides. Each slide has meaning & importance.

What is

#WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening #Qanon #FakeNews #MAGA
2) Then CIA dir, William Casey, openly admitted on national TEL-LIE-Vision, in a 1975 congressional hearing, to controlling & infiltrating the MSM. The CIA creates & uses disinfo against the American people.

They named it Operation Mockingbird.
3) Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) the CIA had to disclose, in detail, the specific outline of this operation. This link is literally from the CIA website..…
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Here's the intrepid @OliviaNuzzi being given a special conference with @realDonaldTrump & his chief of staff, John Kelly, where they try REALLY HARD to convince her Kelly isn't leaving/about to be fired.

Watch how she covered this.…
No matter how hard they try, the President and Kelly *can't* convince Olivia that Kelly isn't going to be fired.

See, Olivia has SOURCES. Very, very anonymous sources who've been telling her & other reporters for MONTHS that Kelly hates his job/wants to quit/will be fired
"The leaks are real, the news is fake."

He told them this. Right to their faces. They still don't believe it.

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1) The networks are talking big about resist with confrontive overtones. Portland letting gangs take over intersections.

Give me a break. Do you know how many people we're talking Nationwide?

Under 50,000 active paid combatants, under 10 million loudmouthed 'Resist' members.
2) Now you put that into 370 Million Population we're talking 3% max of the Population making all this noise ONLY because of the #FakeNews #MSM of their stories. We were literally letting 3% of the population abuse 97% of the population.
3) Folks, the curtain has been pulled back. It's all a ruse. They have no Power, the only advantage they had was the rigging of the World Financial Market & now that's gone.
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Google's #TheGoodCensor is as bad as you probably assumed.

They know what they're doing. They're entirely cognizant of the protections offered by a 1996 law.

Except that controlling content IS taking an active role in that content. @RepMattGaetz @Jim_Jordan
The "Arab Spring" was a deep state, manufactured scam to justify assassinating Gaddafi and flinging Libya open to millions of "economic migrants" invading Europe through the Iberian peninsula.
You know, people can avoid all this shit by not engaging with assholes on the Internet.

Just get over it and move on with your day.
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1. #QAnon cites that "Baker told Congress last week that McCabe was dead serious about the idea of surreptitiously recording 45 & using it to remove President Trump from office.. a real plan being discussed..It was no laughing matter for the FBI.”… #Q
2. #QAnon "But Baker’s testimony revealed more..Mother Jones' David Corn had been communicating with British spy Steele, hired by Fusion GPS who'd been paid >$9M to allege Russia Trump connections by DNC & Hillary campaign.. Corn gave dossier to FBI" #Q…
3. #QAnon So,
Is it a Coincidence the news today is focused on Niki's resignation?
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New York deadly limo crash. Owner was an FBI informant involved in multiple sting operations. His FBI handler knew about 9/11 before it happened:…
2. About Shahed Hussein, the owner…
3. Details of the accident. Limo went through t-intersection at 60mph, hit an unoccupied parked car:…
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I was with you up until this point Grummz

The problem we face is not external it never was

Don't get me wrong here, the enemy is at the gates rn, but before you can win that battle the key thing republicans need to contend with is years of programming by the left
If you're thinking in terms of defensive actions you've already lost. The left's guiding principle is to attack and, in doing so, force the right onto the defensive

On a long enough timeline a continuous defensive position leads inexorably to defeat
Look at all the accounts that have fallen one by one on here. Some to lack of technical knowledge, some to sheer frustration and some to abject fear

But the numbers of those that do keep strapping back in are falling by the day
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