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"Define Psychological Projection
A theory in psychology in which the human ego defends itself against unconscious impulses or qualities (both positive&negative) by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others"

"These people are SICK" get it? The truth is killing them. Their supply of human food (CSF, blood, Adrenochrome) is cut off. They are DYING & DESPERATE. They are GOING EXTINCT #ByePhoenicia

#NewQ #QAnon #TheGreatAwakening @POTUS #HivitesGetLit #ItEndsNOW

'Narcissists' are renowned for using 'psychological projection' to blame other people, even when it is entirely apparent that they are the ones in the wrong.
#QAnon Post 1925 Aug 19 2018 13:03:32 EST


But they are PHYSICALLY UNABLE to confess
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(2) I'll just pull quotes.

We don't need a wall?


We needed a wall forty years ago.
(3) One.
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!!NEW Q Drop!! 8/19/18 13:03 Fascism: The forcible suppression of opposition. Censorship: Institution system/practice of censoring. Narrative: Way of presenting/understanding a situation or series of events that reflects & promotes a particular point of view/set of values! #QAnon
2. Projection: Attribution of one's own ideas, feelings, or attitudes to other people or to objects; especially: the externalization of blame, guilt, or responsibility as a defense against anxiety? The forming of a plan: scheming! #QAnon @realDonaldTrump
3. Psychological Projection: Theory in psychology in which the human ego defends itself against unconscious impulses or qualities (both positive and negative) by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others! #QAnon @realDonaldTrump
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New #Qanon #Aug19


Actions of [ANTIFA]:
Actions of [FAKE NEWS]:
Actions of [TWITTER, FB, GOOG, YT, REDDIT, etc..]:
-Aggression (Projection)
-Suppression (Fascism)
-Censorship (Narrative-Dogma)
The More You Know....
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1) Many people are frustrated by the Mueller Special Counsel. I say don’t be frustrated and here’s see why.
2) This is the letter appointing the Special Counsel.…
3) The letter was written by Acting AG Rod Rosenstein on May 17, 2017. Important part: “The Special Counsel is authorized to conduct the investigation confirmed by then-FBI Director James B. Corney in testimony before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence on...
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1) Article by writer with @thehill trying to divide American along radical lines.
2) The link to the article has a video at the top. The video is a Democrat pollster saying racial relations have gotten worse under Trump.
3) The article underneath is about a 20 second video from Facebook where it's claimed by the person filming a white girl was calling the cops on him (a black man) for breaking into his own car. The link the Facebook video gave me this...
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[thread #Vajont] épisode 4
Pendant que l'eau s'élève dans le barrage, les interrogations sur la faille sur le Mont Toc (à gauche sur l'image) se multiplient...
Le fils de Semenza, géologue, rend son rapport. Et il a travaillé sérieusement. Il arrive à peu près aux mêmes conclusions que Muller et se rend compte que l’eau pourrait accélérer le processus d’éboulement de cette gigantesque zone qu’il estime à environ 200 millions de m3.
Il en explique même l'origine : il s'agirait d’un éboulement datant probablement de la préhistoire qui se serait tassé sur le fond de la vallée, selon un plan de glissement malheureusement très difficile à déterminer.
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#InfoWars #AlexJonesBanned #QAnon
#InfoWars #AlexJones #QAnon #FakeNews
#InfoWarsBanned #SpaceForce #QAnon #FakeNews
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1. Watch this latest interview between ⁦@maddow⁩ and #JohnBrennan. If you listen very carefully you will surmise a few things.…
2. He walks back his bold statement that @Potus meeting with Russian President was #Treason
3. Former #CIA director, John Brennan has ALL of the intelligence regarding the Russian meddling in the 2016 Election. ALL OF IT, make no mistake!
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1/ Let’s speak the truth

We know @JustinTrudeau no idea what’s happening on files he’s coached to read a script. ADMITTED he’s ceremonial leader.

@realDonaldTrump hands on & active on 100s of VERY IMPORTANT files - no script- just hard work—and #FakeNews chides his every word.
2/ no person I know can be so actively engaged, direct such transformative change with so many files and keep it together.
Look at @elonmusk - he’s falling apart and he’s got 1/1,000,000th of problems facing @realDonaldTrump

@JustinTrudeau does NOTHING gets a free ride from MSM
3/ .. And let’s not forget both Justin Trudeau (46) Elon Musk (47) young enough to be @POTUS sons.


If #FakeNewsMedia wasn’t gripped with such vile #TrumpDerangementSyndrome hate they’d see super human energy and great resilience.
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Oh,i had missed that:
After a 4 year procedure, French court sentence Twitter to delete 250 clauses of its CGU as they are abusive/illegal. (Consider private data public, send them to another country w/o precision, responsability 0 if there's a leak, aso).…
Also, the "send us your phone number to make sure you're human" seems to be quite common in France (sort of a "random check?") to spot bots.
70 *million* #fakenews accounts have been deleted in May & June (&not all are gone yet) =roughly 1m a day.
When roughly 336m Twitter users.
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(1) Either WE have new weapons, or the Gulf Cooperation Council is secretly fighting in Afghanistan.

(2) This is a fuel-air explosive (FAE) that used a directed blast wave.

First, this is the slowest aerial munition I've ever seen.
(3) The cloud of explosive vapor is ejected to the UPPER LEFT of your screen.

You can see the fuse on the munition go off, and you can see the light from the detonating vapor on the upper left.

Go back and forth between these two frames.
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Thread: An Old IC Guy Resurfaces to Weigh in on Brennan, McRaven, etc.

1. Former CIA director (and perjurer) John Brennan was skewered by Sam Faddis, a retired CIA operations officer in an open letter some weeks ago. Let’s start with a couple of excerpts from it:
2. “I implore you, however to cease and desist from continuing to attempt to portray yourself in the public media as some sort of impartial critic concerned only with the fate of the republic.”
3. “I beg you to stop attempting to portray yourself as some sort of wise, all-knowing intelligence professional with deep knowledge of national security issues and no political inclinations whatsoever.”
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The press and social justice crowd have been hounding @draginol and #StarControl for the past month now, on the eve of it’s release.

The smears and lies are flying, all because Brad was falsely accused by the press. The subsequent lawsuit and public apology make them look dumb.
Year ago, Brad refused to take the false accusations of harassment lying down and won his case in court. The woman even publically apologized.

But the press *continues* to act as if this is fact, spreading fakenews and innuendo to try to drag a great game dev down.
Fast forward to today, and Brad and #StarControl are being accused of hatred, misogyny, and IP theft. All made up junk. They even are going after him for hiring @AdamBaldwin for VO work.

The accusations have zero basis in fact, but that doesn’t stop the #fakenews
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1. While the #FreePress was throwing their tantrum,
President Trump held a Cabinet meeting where some
extremely important issues were addressed. Since you
probably didn't see or hear about it, let's take a look
#MAGA #KAG #BigPharma #PrescriptionDrugs
.@realDonaldTrump .@SecAzar
1st time in history, President Trump is
-importing prescription drugs that do not violate
intellectual property rights & not under patent protections
(competition=lower costs)
-bringing negotiation & discounts to our #Medicare partners
50% of savings go back to the patients
President Trump explains how the "rich middle men"
are angry at him. He can't be bought.
He also explains how the #democrats are extremely happy
about this and have told him so personally (but wont tell you)
#MAGA #KAG #BigPharma
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@secupp Good grief, what a narcissistic, self-obsessed word salad. Guess what, S.E.? No one annointed you keeper of the 1A flame. You self-identified with the #FakeNews, lying press, which is the enemy of the people. That’s not the press which has integrity, honor, trust & objectivity.
@secupp Oh, look, S.E., from NPR.…
@secupp WaPo: 91% of network coverage of President Trump is negative.…
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Let's talk about #FakeNews @CNN's latest manipulative piece about #Iran.…
This is enough for me to realize the entire piece is full of lies.
If Iranian President @HassanRouhani is a "moderate" as @CNN claims, why did the world witness the enormous crackdown of the Dec/Jan uprising spread across over 140 cities throughout #Iran?

If he is a "moderate," how would CNN explain this?…
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New #Qanon posts! You can read them on

With regard to yesterday’s drops, here’s what I’m researching now...


What are the origins of charm bracelets etc, their origin, purpose, and meaning...…
These charms have an ancient magical utility for protection and/or spells...
The first charm bracelets were worn by Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, and Hittites and began appearing from 600 – 400 BC.
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1. Good article here by Peter Pry on how @FoxNews is spreading feel-good clickbait #FakeNews.…
2. I understand why news companies would want to upbeat articles to get clicks


is it really the smartest thing to do when it comes to national security? Does the mainstream media need to disinform citizens about real threats?
3. Here is Trump. This is what he thinks. A nuclear threat from both China and Russia is real.

He is taking a lot of heat for it from opposition but he still thinks it's critical.
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Before @realDonaldTrump was @POTUS 80% Americans didn’t have great confidence in MSM

Trump identifies failed Duty. #FakeNews

What does MSM - fix the problem?

Collude with 300 Media outlets to shoot the messenger.

1st step to problem solving - admit you’ve a problem
2/ Media only Industry protected in Constitution -1st Amend

Imagine if 2015 Poll on US Judiciary found 80% DIDN’T have great confidence.

2017 President addressed problem.

W’d you pleased if 3000 Judges signed collective letter about independence of Judiciary -attacking @POTUS
3/ Dear 300+media outlets publishing coordinated attack on @realDonaldTrump re #FakeNews
your beloved liberal environmentalist god went much further than Trump

You really have to focus inward— you have real credibility problem with 80% of Americans…
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1) My thoughts on why our #MSM being called a #FreePress is...

Complete bullshit.

2) Our #FreePress never challenges Democrats on their talking points. Only Republicans get this 'privilege'.

@AdamSchiffCA is on TV all day talking about how their is proof of #Collusion, but we've yet to see ANY.

Anchors just sit back and listen to the narrative of the day.
3) Anyone anti-Trump gets to make the rounds everywhere spouting nonsense against @POTUS.

You'd think a #FreePress would of learned after Wolfe's book backfired, but instead...

Here's comes @OMAROSA who gets more insane with each interview.
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