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1/ Thanks to @go4avinash via @kiranks @wataboutery

Friends, i have came across a post of 28 Fake, Half, Misleading claims, portraying negative picture of Indian Economy. Post was delibrately putting GoI in bad light with Misleading claims. This Propaganda Post is doing
2/ rounds on Social Media. I have tried to answer all points one by one. Please go through those.

1 - Jet Airways closed

Half News : Jet Airways will temporarily shut down operations, it is not permanently closed as projected (Read the official statement of Jet). Jet
3/ Airways has about $1.2 billion in debt. Matter will be resolved by Bankruptsy & Insolvency Law. However Jet is private company and Goi is not responsible for hefty loans thata private entity took at its own.

2 - Air India in Rs 7600 crore loss

Ex-minister Praful Patel
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Tonight’s @seanhannity Thread.

Breaking report from Catherine Herridge.

The court ordered the FBI to search for more documents from Christopher Steele.
Trace Gallagher with the update about Jeffrey Epstein.
The group @IlhanMN & @RashidaTlaib (#JihadSquad) used to plan their trip is ran by a bunch of Islamic extremists.
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Thread. 🚨VORSICHT🚨...You *MUST ALWAYS* get permission from #StephenPollard of the #JewishChronicle before you appear on a radio show. You are *FORBIDDEN* to use your own mind or appear on any media that zionists don't like. #EverydayFascism 1/5
🚨VORSICHT🚨 appearing in non zionist media shows will earn you the wrath of #StephenPollard. To appear on any radio show that Pollard does not like means YOU ARE AN IDIOT! 2/5
🚨VORSICHT🚨 Earning the disapproval of 'The Lobby' can mean a campaign of deligimisation against you which could mean the end of your political career. #Herem #Boycott is absolutely approved, but only when zionists do it. #BDS🙄 3/5
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Love him or hate him you’ve got to vote for him. The #FakeNews that hates him is praying for a recession and trying to push a fake recession in the media.
Let’s take a look at the real economy.
President Trump’s pro job policy has the real economy booming. The #FakeNews media is pushing for a recession using a fake economy ran by algorithms.
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President Trump stops to give the press an update of what’s going on. We all know if we don’t see it here will never hear it come out of their mouths.
President Trump talking about Greenland.

@realDonaldTrump it would be A great deal if Denmark would give us Greenland for A few years of military protection. We’re probably already protecting them for free.
President Trump says Tim Cook made a very compelling case for Apple regarding the tariffs on China. I hope @realDonaldTrump told Tim Cook he needs to lower his prices on Apple because their prices are absolutely ridiculous.
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1. #News ~ America Is Drowning In The Left’s Lies About President Trump - Witch Hunt!!… #Trump2020 #KAG2020 #KAG
2. #News ~ "These People Are Morons" — Tom Homan Has Some Hard Facts For Google Employees Who Signed Anti-ICE Petition…
3. #News ~ Democrat New Mexico Congresswoman, Deb Haaland, Defends Antifa as “peaceful protesters” Same Day Antifa Violent Attacks on Innocent People in Portland Saturday…
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Antifa is a production funded by George Soros

His companies are paying people to wreak havoc in the streets

They work with the #FakeNews media by calling them "protests" to make it appear we have civil unrest in America when we don't

It's a SHOW

#GreatAwakening #WeAreQ #KAG
Who is George Soros?


-Multi-billionaire funder of leftwing causes and groups

-Founder of the Open Society Foundations

-The prime mover behind the Democratic “Shadow Party” network… #GreatAwakening #WeAreQ #WWG1GWA #DigitalSoldiers

‘Make Soros happy’ Inside Clinton team’s mission to please billionaire

Emails posted by WikiLeaks show top aides to Hillary Clinton went out of their way to keep a certain VIP happy: Uber-liberal billionaire George Soros

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1. To ignore what #AndrewScheer represents, is to ignore the serious threat Canada is facing in this coming election. & it is a serious threat. Let's begin with a past tweet from Scheer. #cdnpoli #Brexit
Why is this #Scheer #Brexit tweet important? Because by all markers assessed by experts in the field, Brexit was a malign influence operation, fueled by #DarkMoney.… #cdnpoli
3. Russia has played a major role in helping to elect right wing chaos agents: Trump, #BorisJohnson, #ViktorOrban & others across Europe. In 2015 the US treasury department estimated $300B is laundered annually into the US via a variety of #DarkMoney sources.
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1. #News ~ FTC Prepared To Break Up Big Tech
– ‘If You Have To, You Do It’… #Trump #BigTech #TechBias
2. #News ~ Democrat Congressional Candidate Dan McCready of North Carolina Says Opponent Lacks Faith In Public Schools - Sends His Own Kids To $18,000 a year Private School…
3. #News ~ Randy Constant of Chillicothe, Missouri, Leader of Largest US Organic Food Scam Ever Gets 10-Plus Years in Priosn…
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Tonight’s @seanhannity Thread special host @GreggJarrett.

Trace Gallagher with the updated Jeffrey Epstein death. Some of the prison staff is not cooperating with the investigation.
The still worry about the bones and Jeffrey Epstein‘s neck been broke has not been confirmed yet. It was a story from the #FakeNews @washingtonpost.
After years of practice and thousands of autopsies this doctor has never seen or heard anything like this.
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"Parsing Bill" A Jeffery #Epstein timeline thread - 1992-2019

@realDonaldTrump on @BillClinton in 2015: “Nice guy. Got a lot of problems coming up in my opinion with the famous island with Jeffrey Epstein. Lot of problems.”…

"These people are sick" -Q
Our introduction to #JefferyEpstein, Island, pimps handlers, and role in the elite global child trafficking cabal was on 11 NOV 2017 via #QAnon drop 133, followed by 56 more drops revealing additional #Epstein information now emerging in mainstream news.
Today we know that #EpsteinIsland temple is a replica of a Turkish bath house in Aleppo, Syria called “Hammam Yalbugha” and sits atop a tunnel system:



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@SharylAttkisson Sharyl, I attended, against my older-and-wiser cautiousness, to see for myself how #fakenews would “interpret” the #TrumpRallyNH It was packed, w/ exception of seats behind large press stand & tippy-top rafter seats, obstructed views. Talked to ladies who arrived 6:30 from.. (1)
@SharylAttkisson ..Berlin, NH (3 hr drive) only to be denied entry because “they were dismantling the metal detectors”. Right before Trump’s entrance so I’m assuming part of security plan. Ladies not disappointed to be outside arena at Jumbotron, though. Don’t know how many were out there. (2)
@SharylAttkisson I stood in line for four hours in an empty lot surrounded by positivity, people sharing food & water on a super hot day, sharing excitement & stories about Trump - why they voted or did not vote for him before, why they support him now, how they deal with vehement or hostile (3)
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1. #News ~ President Trump: New Hampshire Speech Broke Elton John’s Arena Attendance Record

- Secret Service closed doors at abt 12,000 Capacity
- Thousands more people watched on large TV Outside… #Trump #KAG #Trump2020 #NH #Rally
2. #News ~ President Trump Rips Democrats for Calling Supporters NAZIS

"They look down upon the hard-working citizens who truly make our country run"… #Trump #KAG #Trump2020 #NH #Rally
3. #News ~ Pro-Trump Activists Targeted By Portland Stasi, Several Arrested, Warrants For Others - Stemming Back To Brawl W/Antifa clubhouse Cider Riot in May When Reporter Andy Ngo Was Assaulted… #Trump #KAG #Trump2020
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1/▶️Any body notice the Scarobs on Bush's legs in the painting???
▶️Check out M.I.A.'s cover for song Paper Planes
▶️Listen to her play on the words in the song, not the actual lyrics
▶️Might be even more relevant now #Comet P
TY @UQnMe 4 info🔥
2/ Paper Planes>trafficking>911>MIA baby w Bronfman->Soros->Haliburton>Goldman Sachs>Barrick Gold>Clinton F>Peter Munk>J Trudeau>911>Libya>Bush>Cheney>Rumsfeld>Clintons
Bronfmans>Figi>Resnick>Getty F>Trizec Hahn>Halliburton/Enron>WTC_>Bronfman>NXIVM>CF>Rothschild>McCain>Flake>U1
3/ NXIVM/Nexum Sex Slaves #Bronfman #Rothschild #Branding #SexCult #NXIVM-debt contract in the early Roman Empire #Nexum
Debtor pledged his person as collateral
Bronfman Music, Telcom, Liquor Industry
Follow the Owl & Y head
@POTUS @GenFlynn #QAnon #MAGA
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Every time I post something about Warren, this image pops up.

Those ARE NOT the same figure.

The one on in Warren's house is CLEARLY a figure with a brimmed hat, and it is not holding watermelon but those are arms and a rounded belly of a different color entirely.

One can dislike Warren without calling her a racist and spreading lies.

There are more than enough things to attack Warren over, without inventing new ones.
In fact, it is not even a figure, here is what 10 seconds of looking into it will get you.

It's a vase.

Don't be a dummy, take a moment to verify.

We do not need to be leftist hoaxsters.
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1. Let's get some perspective regarding Epstein's autopsy report. I keep reading people's remarks that are nothing more than copying and pasting #FakeNews talking points. Please stop that!

Do your own research folks, then make your own INFORMED evaluation and present findings.
2. I'm 280lbs. I used to lift weights regularly. I could bench press over 400lbs and single arm curl about 140lbs. I worked in security and law enforcement for a bit. While fighting suspects, I put several people in choke holds and/or carotid restraints. I never broke a neck.
3. I was very strong compared to 90% of the population. But, even with all that strength, my bear hug strength was about 350 lbs. I know because we tested our strength repeatedly. My hand grip strength was very high.

It takes 1000-1500 lbs of force to cleanly break a human neck.
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“That is the biggest collusion of our day—the collusion between the national media and the Democratic Party.”

@CarrieSheffield, National Editor for @AccuracyInMedia, discusses #MediaBias & #FakeNews on American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸
@carriesheffield @AccuracyInMedia 🔴LIVE on American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸:

“It's a way to fear monger. It's a way to divide the country.”

@AccuracyInMedia's @CarrieSheffield discusses how the mainstream media uses claims of racism and white supremacy to divide America.
@carriesheffield @AccuracyInMedia Watch:

@AccuracyInMedia’s @CarrieSheffield calls out the rampant misreporting about President Trump's comments about "fine people on both sides" in Charlottesville.

American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸
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Jeff Boyd is on his way back to OK tonight to carry out the remainder of his sentence

Unexpectedly today I was called to the stand after the defense atty successfully argued that nearly 13 mos in prison was sufficient incarceration

The defense viewed it as a victimless crime

The Federal Prosecutor then requested I testify as to the impact Boyds actions have had on my life

I expressed genuine fear for my safety which was, in part, amplified by a very chilling letter I received from Boyd last fall which WAS considered an attempt to obstruct justice

I also discussed the QUICKLY GENERATED #FakeNews that painted me "the REAL assassin" which brought about add'l danger

*2B CLEAR~I believe that was 2keep ppl from digging into the myriad of accts I used to Blow the Whistle on NJ+ Corruption & the INTENSE PERSECUTION 4 doing so

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"This is really the definition of fake news."

TONIGHT: @CarrieSheffield, National Editor for @AccuracyInMedia, discusses #MediaBias & #FakeNews.

American Thought Leaders 🇺🇲 with @JanJekielek | Watch:…
@carriesheffield @AccuracyInMedia @JanJekielek 🔴PREMIERE 9:45pm ET:

#MediaBias: “There is one phrase or one small fact that the national media latches onto and completely ignores the context of everything else…”

@CarrieSheffield, National Editor for @AccuracyInMedia, on ATL 🇺🇸 with @JanJekielek
@carriesheffield @AccuracyInMedia @JanJekielek 🔴LIVE NOW:

“Monmouth University found that 77% of Americans believe that the news media creates #FakeNews, and 65% say fake news includes biased information.”

@CarrieSheffield, National Editor for @AccuracyInMedia, on American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸
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Yesterday, #cdnmedia rolled out the #TalyaDavidson troll job w/out hesitation. Journos are trained to spot lies like this.
I don’t like the term “#FakeNews,” but the shoe fits.
Either 🇨🇦 MSM are incredibly unprofessional, or it’s part of what $600,000,000 buys you. 👎🤦‍♀️
The problem with the media pushing this story with zero skepticism, similar to what happened when they uncritically pushed the false hijab ripping story, is that even if they correct themselves and admit they were fooled, the damage is done. That is if they were genuinely fooled.
Millions of CDNs saw #TalyaDavidson pretend to be an @AndrewScheer supporter. Only a fraction of them will uncover the truth. The damage is done, thanks to journos like @davidakin giving the act legs. As the old adage goes, “falsehood flies, and truth comes limping after it.”🗣🦵
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Indian Army who came for rescue operations in Wayanad were denied Petrol by Pump owners. Under special powers for Disaster Management, Army then seized the pumps and left after filling full tank.
As reported by Kerala Kaumudi…
So now Kerala Kaumudi has edited the entire report. Pump owners & local police has rejected any such incident took place. Seems like a deliberate attemp to spread #fakenews & fuel tensions between Army & local population.

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This is huge.
NYT claims Oslo shooter posted on 8chan 2 hours before the attempted attack on Aug 10.
8chan is OFFLINE and has been since August 4!
NYT article (paywall):…
screen grabs below.
@JuliansRum @IPOT1776 @StormIsUponUs @drawandstrike
looking for other FAKE NEWS talking point reports now - so far here are the results.
The Verge has scrubbed but the google blurb is still there.
NYT hasn't updated & post is still live.
SCMP removed the ref to 8chan from the article but the crawled blurb still has it.
Here's what they're going to do - The Independent listed this story 1 minute ago and they've decided to change 8chan to 4chan.
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Low-lying fruit #wellhellzbellz

October: Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton announces run for President.

November: Robert Maxwell falls off yacht, croaks.

December: Seymour Epstein dies by heart attack, 74.

Bill, Jeff, Ghislaine enter national stage.

Audios Old Guard🙋🏽‍♂️
We need to ID the body. Christopher Wray, will you do the honors? AG Barr would appreciate it.


#FakeNews Who benefits?

Bill Richardson very powerful — his name hit headlines in the am.

The more you know..

He's not a U.S. Citizen. Daddy born on a ship & Mexican mom flown to CA just to have the baby.💩🤦🏽‍♀️💩

CIA/Sinaloa asset running NM, Dept of Energy, NK, GenieOil.
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