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I want this real bad but $549.99?? That is just lakdjfskdfjlsd
I'd really love to see Lego release some solid, small minimalist sets aimed at adults for <$20. The cost of sets is getting *nuts*
Lego is absolutely selling sets for *less* than what they likely should cost when you factor in all the pieces, print material, and packaging. I don't think they're like, getting away with robbery here. Just would love more entry points for casual collectors.
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My theory about the Teen Vogue / Facebook fiasco is that it was a classic corporate cock-up on both sides. (1/5)
On the FB side, one part of the company decided to sponsor the Teen Vogue conference, and buys a package that includes website sponcon. So they say "here, write an article about these women," make the necessary introductions, and are then promptly forgotten. (2/5)
FB dutifully trots out the women for Teen Vogue, which equally dutifully writes the puff piece, which then gets dropped into the CMS and inadvertently published without the necessary #sponcon disclaimers. When Conde realizes the error, they put a disclaimer at the top. (3/5)
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That Instagram influencer I occasionally check in on because she's The Worst is now charging $165 for a 4 hour "seminar" on how to be yourself.
Important update: Said "influencer" just put down a deposit on a venue for her "seminar" and is conveniently upping the number of available spots for attendees. Methinks she just realized how pricey her scam was going to be and is now trying to widen those profit margins.
Further update: The "influencer" sold out her seminars! So she's netting a gross profit of like $15k (more than my annual wage), so pardon me if I spend today feeling like hard work and talent are a tad pointless.
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