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1. Ilhan Omar: "Obama is a 'pretty face' who got 'away with murder'".

Just when you thought this woman couldn't get any worse...she gets better? She almost sounds like a #Woke #QAnon #PATRIOT! So, what gives?

These statements are indicative of a script.…
2. People have reached out to me about Omar and AOC, asking if I think there's a chance that at least those two are part of some scheme to undermine, upset, and divide the democrat party? Truth is, if they're real...their positions are truly dangerous. If they're not!
3. These two political extremists are working to turn the democrats on their heads. What if this was all scripted? Remember this...#Q and @realDonaldTrump have secured resources in their fight against the #DEEPSTATE. Should it surprise us to see plans to embed d-party usurpers?
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2. ...grow and develop, inventing new ideas and tools to make life easier. It's the common ground throughout history to search for and create new ways to make everyday tasks easier and our efforts more profitable. Basic survival is rarely the cause for development these days.
3. Medicine and medical skills being the exception, today's inventions are almost solely to make our effort more economical and less difficult. From cars to computers to building designs to clothing and so much more. We have invented so much to sustain our existence and to help..
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1. The Las Vegas Route 91 shooting. It happened. I have several acquaintances who were there, 2 of which are die hard patriots and would never lie about the incident. Those 2 are also combat veterans with a history of service to this country. Both believe there were multiple...
2. ...shooters that night as well. One of these men is a SWAT commander. I 1st met him 15 years ago at a law enforcement training session I was a part of. I spoke to him in depth about the shooting and his escape with his wife from the event. It happened, it was real. Period.
3. If it was a cover up or a false flag or a distraction, that's a completely different debate. He's got multiple combat missions and been in fire fights as a peace officer too. He's the best witness you could find. He saw people get shot as the masses were fleeing. He said he...
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Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: c56a7a No.2766234 📁
Aug 28 2018 10:41:01 (EST)
Watch IRAN.
Something incredible is about to happen.
[Hassan Rouhani]
The Good People of IRAN have the POWER.
#Standunited #FightForYourFreedomIran
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Sheldon Clare, president of @CanadasNFA: “We’ve been revamping and rebuilding our organization. ... We’re stronger than ever.” Annual General Meeting today in Hamilton, Ontario
Blair Hagen, Executive VP, @CanadasNFA : “If you own a gun in Canada today, you need to be politically motivated, or at least politically educated.”
Charles Zach, Ontario Director, @CanadasNFA : Out of 2.1 million PAL holders, “Less than 1 percent of people belong to a gun org. Not just the NFA, but any gun org.”


And: subscribe online to (It’s awesome!)
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