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We're live-tweeting @Southsomersetdc #areasouth virtually today - here's how to join us: Meeting ID: 775 475 691 Meeting Password: 016384 #LDReporter #Somerset #bravenewworld
Here's your agenda for today:… We get under way at 2pm. #LDReporter #Somerset #areasouth
Having some problems on here - lots of people coming on and trolling, with some rude names... #LDReporter #Somerset #areasouth
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Acceptance for chip implants grows, "despite fears of surveillance". COVID19 will assist in fast-tracking societal acceptance of implants as more & more businesses/corporations (that are permitted to remain open) refuse paper currency citing the virus. #4IR #WEF
"Bill Gates will use microchip implants to fight #coronavirus

Gates answer to how business will function w/ social distancing:

"Eventually we will have some #digital certificates to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a #vaccine who has received it."
The ‘digital certificates’ are human-implantable ‘QUANTUM-DOT TATTOOS’ that researchers at MIT & Rice University are working on as a way to hold vaccination records. #Gates had approached them about solving the problem of identifying those who have not been vaccinated. #COVID19
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#NewbornBiometrics This is terrifying news. People are being lulled into thinking this is a good thing.

Simprints to provide biometric tech and expertise to Bangladesh government for newborn healthcare… via @BiometricUpdate
2/ #NewbornBiometrics

NEC and Simprints join forces with Gavi to extend vaccination coverage with biometrics… via @BiometricUpdate

Programmers and policy wonks have lost their moral compass.

Injecting a child at birth with biometrically identifying information is akin to attaching an iron chain around their necks.

This is Digital Enslavement. #ID2020 #DigitalID
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Despite @JennyMikakos’ appalling disrespect of Victorian GPs, her statements in this #thread are correct. This signals a change in how we must approach potential illness at work as HCWs. Patients will need to understand when their appointments or surgery are cancelled. #covid19
Doctors are human too. Our health system is fragile and stretched to the limit by funding constraints, growth in disease burden, ageing population and unrealistic and unsustainable expectations of health outcomes.
The cost of efficiency and high healthcare availability is taxation, systematisation, centralisation, protocolisation, waiting lists, triage and strict severity criteria before conditions qualify for treatment.
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“Coincidentally...Encompasses Same Known Route As #DrugTraffickers & #ChildTraffickers ...& They’re Just Getting Started”

Let’s Call Them The #NewExploiters of the #BraveNewWorld 🌎

Lost Photos of #NeckerIsland ▫️…
“The Creature from (Jekyll) Necker Island: What is the Block Chain Summit? The answer may surprise you. It is not about money as we know it and there are no banks involved. The ketch to this riddle is to be found, not at the beginning of the story, but in the middle.” @BTCNYEX
“The Journey To Necker Island: The secret meeting on Necker Island in The British Virgin Islands at which the world of Blockchain,
Digital CUrrency and Bitcoin’s future was defined.” @BTCNYEX
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“Who Knew Clintons & Richard Branson Were Spearheading Energy Project Across Entire Caribbean Known As ‘Ten Island Challenge’..Locking In Every Island..Strategic Plan Involving Governments, Politicians, Billionaires, Power Companies & 1 Of Biggest Shipping Companies In World”
“Coincidentally...Encompasses Same Known Route As #DrugTraffickers & #ChildTraffickers ...& They’re Just Getting Started”

Let’s Call Them The #NewExploiters of the #BraveNewWorld 🌎
@POTUS @freedomcaucus @GenFlynn @TraffickStop
Does anyone know where this is?
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@bretthore91 @Wondesign @LandofDame_Slap @2CHECKFACTS @WgarNews @AshRi373 @LadyPoop2 @WhteRbbnAdvocat @nocrueltyatall @SNAICC_CEO @OddemocracyA @anne_clothier @RachelQuayle08 @JennyPineapple2 @colleenmenzies @AbSecNSW @georgina_116 @SNAICC @paddygibson @PipHinman @greenleftweekly @Absurd_Penguin @joewilliams_tew @SummerMayFinlay @BraybrookA @bevhenwood @indica2007 @rationalbitch No, history tells us that the formation of the @LiberalAus by #Menzies came about at the moment of the complete failure of the #UAP towards the end of WWII. The #UAP wasn't a modern party, just a bunch of morons doing whatever the leaders of industry in the #MelbourneClub told em
@bretthore91 @Wondesign @LandofDame_Slap @2CHECKFACTS @WgarNews @AshRi373 @LadyPoop2 @WhteRbbnAdvocat @nocrueltyatall @SNAICC_CEO @OddemocracyA @anne_clothier @RachelQuayle08 @JennyPineapple2 @colleenmenzies @AbSecNSW @georgina_116 @SNAICC @paddygibson @PipHinman @greenleftweekly @Absurd_Penguin @joewilliams_tew @SummerMayFinlay @BraybrookA @bevhenwood @indica2007 @rationalbitch @LiberalAus .#Menzies needed to set up a modern party that had widespread support which he could control in #TheHouse. The industry leaders went into @TheIPA to provide advice to the new party. So he needed a brand name that could coincide with a notion that it could "think for themselves"
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Why is WAPO dedicated to attacking this movement?
If we aren't a threat—or real—or simply just a conspiracy theory—why the [constant] heavy attacks?

[Information Warfare][IW] (…
#QAnon🦅 @POTUS

Your Country Needs You.
Your Vote Matters!
We, the People.

The Time is Now.
Patriots Fight!
– Ephesians 6:10-18
– Declaration of Independence
We Will Do Our Job to Protect the Vote.
Will You Do Yours?
Will You Answer the Call?
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