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Does @JohnBrennan use plants on Twitter pretending to be MAGA people?

Who is a washed up AF Intel officer out for over a decade posting and mass reporting REAL MAGA like @goat_ramses because the DeepState knows they are going to meet their maker?
#deathrattle #SteelTruth
This fake MAGA chick doesn’t like good MAGA people like @drawandstrike #ThomasWictor #ImperartorRex or #RamsesGoat because they call out the truth of John Brennan’s sedition and treasonous acts.

Who is she? Come on. She’s a fake MAGA as a three dollar bill. She’s stupidly gives up her whereabouts on twitter. Dumb bunny. @drawandstrike
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1. There is a Hidden War underway Folks.
These 3 Fronts of this Covert War are being fomented by THE SAME ENEMY=The Left, both Foreign & Domestic.& none of this is
"just happening"
2. In the 8 Years of the Obama Regime Our Open Borders were exacerbated by the DNC's determination to flood the Nation with Illegals replacing Blue Collar Democrats
Drugs POURED in & now we have an Opioid Crisis Trump's trying to address & fix.
3. After Trump won the Election the Left got rocked back on it's heels in shock. But now we see their response taking Form.
FLOOD America with Illegals & Drugs.
Fentanyl, The Caravans & The War on Cops can all be laid at their feet.
ALL the Org.s fomenting this are on the Left.
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🚨 #QAlert 🚨

Q is back! I just got in, and the chans are lit! Buckle up! 😎

This will be my Q thread for Dec 6th

#QAnon #TheStorm #WWG1WGA
2. New QDrop 2560

Q links an article re: whistleblower that brought forth evidence in 2017 against the CF.

Q says: Read carefully
Why is the CF back in the news?

Article here:…
3. New QDrop 2561

Link to past drop & Q asks us to dig further into what role each person has. Scarramucci model? YES!

We dig and decipher further below
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OK in light of Twitter taking out #ThomasWictor, #MattGraver aka #HaroldFinch aka #NameRedacted and now #ImperatorRex.....

Here's what I've learned about avoiding the ban hammer on here from studying their cases.
1) don't engage trolls.

You will be able to tell in just 1-3 tweets if you are engaging a troll/fake account trying to bait you into something.

I don't really engage anybody on the other side here, except BRIEFLY. To announce I'm blocking/muting them.
I realize of course for a lot of people on here engaging 'the other side' and getting in their face and TELLING THEM OFF is most of what they want out of the 'Twitter experience'.

But here's the problem with that: this is not a level playing field. THEY mass report.

We don't
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@twitter you guys really siphoned all the fun out of your platform. @jack obsession with lopsided censorship is reaching new levels.🤐

Mere Conservative ideas; GOTTA GO! 🤬

Known, recognized terrorist organizations funding and recruitment;
meh, no biggie...🤯

This is 🐂💩!
What do I mean?
#JamesWoods #ThomasWictor #GavinMcinnes #OwenBenjamin to name just a few... Can't have them.
No no.
But this crap is perfectly fine...
I was watching a 1977 episode of 'Soap' last night, this program could not be produced today. Not because Billy Crystal's gay character was concidering a sex change, attempted suicide, then opted against the sex change... No, this scene cought my attention... 👇
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(1/9)The Twatter thread that got Thomas Wictor suspended by Social Media Nazi thought police leader Jack. #ThomasWictor #KavanaughHearing #KavanaughConfirmation #AlyssaMilano #Qanon
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