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#AntifaTerrorists will be dealt with. #TimesUp You get what you deserve
The #QAnon Drops in order #2645
#QAnon drop #839
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(1/9)The Twatter thread that got Thomas Wictor suspended by Social Media Nazi thought police leader Jack. #ThomasWictor #KavanaughHearing #KavanaughConfirmation #AlyssaMilano #Qanon
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I believe #DrChristineBlaseyFord and after catching up on today's #KavanaughHearing I realize I should have expected even less from a man nominated by our current administration. Of course he's going to have rage issues and get oddly vague and defensive about his drinking.
And of course they won't pause for an investigation into serious allegations because the whole point is to "ram through" someone who mysteriously had up to $200k of personal debt mysteriously wiped away last year, not to hear and believe victim(s) of sexual assault.
I thought I knew why sexual violence was underreported based on stories from loved ones and friends. But to see it done like this in the I had no idea. How brave. How can anyone ever seriously claim someone is doing it for attention/revenge/money/politics?
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Brett Kavanaugh's opening statement makes him seem overtly political. Not a good look for a Judge hoping to be a Supreme Court Justice. #KavanaughHearings
HOLY SHIT!!! Did Brett Kavanaugh really just say this is a political hit by the Clintons?!! Really?! The GOP playbook is so predictable, and getting old, when in doubt blame the email lady. #KavanaughHearings
I cant even pay attention to the rest of Brett Kavanaugh's opening statement I am still dumbfounded that Kavanaugh really just said that this is a plot by the Clintons. How, why, what? How could HRC have orchestrated this? Its just utterly ridiculous. #KavanaughHearings
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FACT: Independent Counsels and special counsels are substantively and legally different. #SCOTUS #KavanaughHearing
Independent Counsels, as they existed under the now-lapsed statute, reported to a three judge panel and had no obligations to report to the executive branch. #SCOTUS #KavanaughHearing
Special counsels, on the other hand, are part of the Justice Department. They exist and operate under Department regulations. Special counsels maintain a level of independence from other Department activities but report to the Attorney General. #SCOTUS
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FACT: Judge Kavanaugh has actually argued in support of a more constitutionally defensible approach to independent prosecutors. #SCOTUS #KavanaughHearing
In 1998, Judge Kavanaugh made the case for a framework that would better promote independent investigations, with elements similar to today’s special counsel framework. #SCOTUS #KavanaughHearing…
Judge Kavanaugh’s 1998 proposal would make the special counsel answerable to the Attorney General and required Senate confirmation to insulate from political attacks. #SCOTUS #KavanaughHearing
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Justice Elena Kagan, then-Dean of Harvard Law School, at the Federalist Society’s annual student conference: “I love the Federalist Society!”
Chief Justice John Roberts spoke at a Federalist Society lecture in November 2007. #SCOTUS #KavanaughHearing…
Then-Judge Sonia Sotomayor spoke on a February 2009 Federalist Society panel in Connecticut. #SCOTUS #KavanaughHearing…
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The ABA’s Canons of Judicial Ethics forbid judges from making “public comment on the merits of a matter pending or impending in any court.” #SCOTUS #KavanaughHearing
#SCOTUS justices who have followed this rule during confirmation hearings include: Ginsburg, Breyer, Roberts, Alito, Sotomayor, Kagan & Gorsuch #KavanaughHearing
Senators have historically respected nominees’ need to abide by this rule. #SCOTUS #KavanaughHearing
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Good morning, all! It's Sam (@samsokol19) back live-tweeting Day 3 of the #KavanaughHearings. We're all a little tired 😴... but let's do this!
Yesterday, Kavanaugh dropped some major hints about how he plans to undermine church-state separation on the Supreme Court. #StopKavanaugh
Yesterday, Kavanaugh clearly stated that he thinks it's ok for the government to fund religious activities with taxpayer funds.

Each of us should get to decide for ourselves whether & how our money supports religion–that’s a guarantee of the U.S. Constitution. #StopKavanaugh
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FACT: The independent counsel law considered in Morrison lapsed nearly twenty years ago. #SCOTUS #KavanaughHearing
With no appetite to renew the authorities of an unchecked prosecutor, Congress allowed the statute to lapse in 1999. This was the bipartisan consensus in Congress at the time.
Then-Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder testified before Congress that the law was “too flawed to be renewed.”…
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The most interesting answer of the AM at #KavanaughHearing was the judge’s explanation of Casey being precedent not just on reproductive rights but also on precedent itself. “Precedent on precedent.” I don’t think Ranking Member Feinstein’s team served her well there. A follow
up asking simply “Can you expand on the importance of ‘precedent on precedent’ would have served everyone but especially progressive critics of #JudgeKavanaugh best. The judge is clearly qualified, clearly will be confirmed, but his commitment to the testimony he gives was a big
part of one answer. Thus Ds should want to hear more —much more— about precedents on precedents. As for his 4 greatest moments in #SCOTUS history, Marbury Brown and Nixon don’t surprise but Youngstown did. Since #POTUS power interests Ds that could be fruitfully explored as well
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THREAD from #Kavanaugh confirmation hearing Day1. Day2 begins. GOP chair Grassley said yesterday’s protesters plotted w/ Democrats to disrupt hearing. “Today is different,” he said. Protests continued. One said: “I’m offended; I called out Durbin. I didn’t coorindate w/Democrats”
Feinstein starts questions on gun regulation & “common use.” She said she never thought she’d see children mowed down in schools. #Kavanaugh: “It’s all about precedent. If a type of firearm is widely owned like assault weapons, then it’s unconstitutional to ban them under Heller”
Feinstein asks about Roe: I don’t want to go back to those numbers [women dying in back alley abortions]. #Kavanaugh: I don’t live in a bubble. I understand its importance. As a judge, Roe & Casey are long-standing Supreme Court precedent. (Implying it should stand, it seems.)
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The Federalist Society is not a “shadowy” group. In fact, Supreme Court justices have a record of speaking at its events #SCOTUS #KavanaughHearing
Then-Harvard Law Dean Elena Kagan attended a Federalist Society banquet in February 2005, saying “I love the Federalist Society“ #SCOTUS…
Chief Justice John Roberts spoke at a Federalist Society lecture in November 2007 #SCOTUS…
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🔥Democrats ask GOP Judiciary Chair Grassley to adjourn Kavanaugh hearing over withheld documents. Blumenthal asks for vote on motion. Booker appeals to decency. Feinstein discusses context of Trump admin corruption. Grassley denies motion as out of order. It is not. GOP=Thieves.
Leahy: I’ve been in the Senate for 19 Supreme Court nominations from Repubs & Democrats. What’s being done here is unprecedented. I’m just sorry to see the Senate Judiciary Cmte descend this way.
🙄GOP Cornyn: This is mob rule.
Blumenthal: We simply ask for regular order.
One after another Democrat raises issue after issue on how rushed, hidden & unprecedented Kavanaugh process is. Chair Grassley reads responses, prepared in advance for the many objections. He knows full well how out of order his process is. Repubs are used to stealing & cheating.
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WATCH: @KamalaHarris leads the charge, interrupting @ChuckGrassley @SenBlumenthal moves to adjourn the Kavanaugh hearing.
Protesters shouting. Chuck Grassley is NOT pleased.
Follow @atrupar for updates.
#TuesdayThoughts #StopKavenaugh #TuesdayMotivation
Ugh, I've been spelling Kavanaugh wrong all morning.
I broke the first rule of tweeting:
never tweet before my third cup.
#KavAnaughHearing #KavaNOPE #NoKavanaugh #TuesdayThoughts #tuesdaymotivation #SCOTUS
"You have said multiple times that your staff has already reviewed the 42k pages of docs produced at 5:41pm yesterday.The docs weren't available until 6AM this morning. How's it possible that your staff concluded its review before the docs were even loaded? Blumenthal to Grassley
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Chairman @ChuckGrassley opens day one of hearing for #SCOTUS nominee Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh…
Chairman @ChuckGrassley: One of the Senate’s most solemn constitutional duties is to provide advice and consent to the President on his nominations of Supreme Court justices. #SCOTUS #KavanaughHearing
“We are here this week to hear from Brett Kavanaugh, to hear about his exceptional qualifications, his record of dedication to the rule of law, and his demonstrated independence and his appreciation of the importance of the separation of powers.” #SCOTUS #KavanaughHearing
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