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@DarthTyranitar It is political correctness for a variety of reasons. I don't know how far down the rabbit hole i'll go so bare with me.

So let's break it down.

1. No sane person disregards discriminatory acts against people of any race as anything but atrocious and wrong.
@DarthTyranitar 2. No sane person denies discriminatory acts to divide, demean, abuse, deny access to education systems
& unjustly use as underpaid, underfed & under-appreciated labour that have occurred throughout history
- all over the planet.
@DarthTyranitar 3. To "cancel" Canada Day is to cancel this nations growth to socially unifying and discussing those problems that arose in the
the vault of history in a free and open forum.
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Americans, this wasn't a photo op, it was a DIRECT message to us to #HAVEFAITH!

Please watch the video and share if you like.

May God bless every Patriot helping in any small way to #WakeupAmerica and to ensure DJT is re-elected! #GODWINS
The "REVIVAL" Bible.
☦ Continued...
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1. To the black people that hate White people:
We get it we hate white people too, the white people that are keeping you down, the white people that are destroying your very own neighborhoods, the white people that have
2) ..enslaved all of us(which includes white people but not those white people). The problem is you need to understand where to place that anger, it is purposely mis directed at the very people that truly belive all men are created equal, it
3) ..should make perfect sense as to why, but they disguise it well, so i will explain. The White People #DeepStateCabal that you should be standing against are the ones, inciting you to destroy your own neighborhoods, the ones who let illegal aliens take your jobs,
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Dr. Jim Meehan speaks about #COVID19, herd immunity, our immune system, and vaccines at the Memorial Day Rally to #ReopenIllinios in Chicago, IL.
#TimeToWakeUp #TimeToStandUp #QANON
Shares truth about face masks...
Dr. Meehan came from Tulsa, OK to be a part of a Patriot Rally and to share facts with the people!
It is time we remember what America's forefathers, fallen heroes of our Military have done...standup to fear and overcome it together!
#UnitedWeAreStrong #Q #WWG1WGA
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At the #OpenIllinois Rally at Buckingham Fountain, Grant Park in downtown #Chicago, ran into one of my favorite Congressman and fellow Patriot, @RepVernonJones!
We #HonorTheFallen and FIGHT for our Freedoms/Rights!
Some more photos from today's #Chicago #HonorTheFallen #OpenIllinois Rally.
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Attention IL/IN/WI Patriots and Anons,
There will be an #OpenIllinois Rally peaceful Protest on Monday, May 25th - Memorial Day at Grant Park, specifically at Buckingham Fountain.
When: Mon., 05/25/20
Time: 12:00-2:00 pm

Bring 🇺🇸 flags, #Q signs, and smiles!
I'll have my new yellow Q #WWG1WGA Don't Tread on me there. If you show up, let's take a mass #Q photo together! #TogetherWeWin #WhereWeGoOneWeGoAll #UnitedWeAreStrong
Heard on Chicago AM radio whether 560 or 890 that @TheClayClark will be there among other speakers. Looking forward to seeing everyone!
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This woman is well-informed!!!
Take a listen #America!
#TimeToWakeUp #WWG1WGA #Q

#OrganizeAndBeHEARD #PowerBackToThePeople #UnitedWeAreStrong
Many are asking if she's on Twitter or any other social media platform.
I got the video from an IG acct by the name of:
@ the_real_hollyweird_is_evil

Nothing states where and when this was but appears recent due to topics passionately and well articulately delivered.
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Thank you, Mr. President!
The 'Private Help.' 😉 5x5!
We, the People, proudly serve in any capacity we can. Thank you from all of us!
#WRWY #WeWillPrevail #WhereWeGoOneWeGoAll
"...I believe it will BOOM!"
• Not about parties.
• Not R vs D.
• Good vs Evil.
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"I think we're going to BQQM!" - Greatest US President ever, Mr. President @realDonaldTrump

#InItTogether #WEwillPREVAIL #WhereWeGoOneWeGoAll
Re: "Surge."
• "We're ready to rock."
Other great screenshots:
• "You know you're FAKE."
• "Your whole network the way you cover it is FAKE."

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1. @MastersShelby can attest to the fact that the USMC were posting on a schedule at 0800 (8am) and 2000 (8pm) for quite some time. It seemed to start during the recent 93 days dark. Then came, RIG FOR RED. So, when this USMC Birthday post came at 0830, [30m] came to mind.
2. I'll be the first to admit, I don't understand all of this. I see pieces that line up, stuff that sticks out.

Let's work the drop.

T: B, F, J, 1,5,11-20, ^

Then, there's this:


This is a command, and it looks like it says to turn OFF the dark.
3. Then:


Perhaps a silent extraction or maybe extradition?



This could be exactly what Q verified...Comms are active, coming from the Castle (White House), and they're being secured by the Department Of Defense!
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1. Ever notice how #QAnon's most exacting insights manage to get suppressed, run over, hidden and censored? Two days ago I wrote this. I think most in #TheGreatAwakening knew it was going to be true! Yet, it's been held to just 63 likes and 36 RT's.

2. Biden admitted he blackmailed Ukraine for $1 billion, then...

"In 2013, then-Vice President Biden and his son Hunter flew aboard Air Force Two to China. Ten days later, Hunter Biden’s firm scored a $1.5 billion deal with a subsidiary of the Chinese government’s Bank of China.
3. Elitist son of a bitch abused his position as vice president to provide travel, assistance, and business ventures for his son...ON TAX PAYER DOLLAR FUNDED AIR FORCE ONE!

Biden, you're corrupt as they come. No more of that bullshit you asshole!…
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1. Oh my God. They're the descendants of or they are mimicking the Amorites, aka the Canaanites...some of the most wicked people to ever walk the face of the earth, worshippers of Moloch and Baal. Dear God, this battle is for the human race! Epstein's temple ties it all together.
2. Recently, a photo was produced that showed a bath house in Aleppo, Syria that looked very similar to the temple on Epstein's Little Saint James island. Q showed us the discovery in drop 3346. I looked up that bath house in Syria, the color pattern continues inside.
3. But, Epstein's temple matches more than just that bathhouse. In fact, quite a large amount of architecture in Aleppo, Syria has similar color patterns, archways and golden domes. You can see here, Aleppo has these patterns on much of its structures.…
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If you know, you know.

"Thank You"
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QDrops For December 2018

These will be the QDrops for the month of December 2018.

Big month ahead on all fronts. Looking forward to D5 myself. I

hope all of you have a safe and joyous holiday season.

Merry Christmas 🎄




QDrops For December 1, 2018
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Investigation Underway into Alleged Failed Hack By

Democratic Party Of Georgia


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QDrops for September 5, 2018

Good Morning #QArmy! Having to switch things up today

as it seems some apps and sites are down at the moment.

Today we’ll be using for our updates.





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QDrops August 31, 2018

The @NSAGov is Watching You & Me Edition.

No surprise in this as this new facility stores everything

and I mean everything. Not surprised either that Q

dropped during #NoName’s funeral either.



This what I mean about them watching us.
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QDrops August 27, 2018
Whistleblower Exposes Key Player in FBI Russia Probe “It

was all a Set-up”
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QDrops July 31, 2018

Good Morning, Afternoon & Evening #QArmy. We have

two overnight Drops from Q. Today we have JA,

Vault 7 and an unsealed indictment.







Finds from the board.…


Unsealed indictment.

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BREAKING: Putin ha dato a Trump 160 Tera di dati: vorrei che vi concentraste un attimo su quello che significa. Grazie
2) Niente arresti, ne' processi: la STRATEGIA del Plan è adesso chiara, e Q l'ha sempre proclamata: "Le strade (per loro) non saranno più sicure".
The Beam of light: illuminare ciò che è nascosto.
Forare la narrativa dell'MSM con le sue stesse armi: #TheDelivery ...
3) Nel chip del pallone c'è una verità accessibile a tutti #RedPill: chiunque lo abbia può accedere ai 160 Tera di dati, può CAPIRE da solo, può giudicare e in quanto #WeThePeople, emettere sentenza.
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💥💥💥💥Happy Birthday America 💥💥💥💥
(((Shills))) going nuts tonight, something yuge must be coming this week.

Several months late on whining about Iran, back to spamming "LARP boomer schizo" from the 4ch days. Sad!
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