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Pt. 1)
This man passes by, takes photos of the Banners and proceeds to tell me "You're breaking the law"...
My response?
"I stand under the Protection of the 1st Amendment of the Constitution Sir".... that didn't set too well with him.

Pt. 2)
He came back with "You ARE breaking the law", & of course I had an answer 4 this as well.
"If I was breaking the law, CPD would have been able 2 get me off 4 years ago, because I've been standing on this Bridge every single day, with Messages since April 18th of 2016.
Pt 3)
So, he proceeds on, phone in hand... & I have a feeling that he is calling CPD 2 complain. As he drives away, I notice stickers on the back of his car, and take photos of my own....
Lo and Behold....😊
I'm pretty surprised, but not really.
But just wait, it gets better.
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No vabbè, questo è troppo.

#OpenArms e #Tar
#PrinceAndrew che si ritira causa stress (ahahah😂 cioè #EpsteinGate😑)


#Epstein aveva QUESTO ritratto di Bill #Clinton in casa

E siamo solo a mercoledì.

Mi fa male la testa.

#EpsteinSuicide #CrisiDiGoverno
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(1/5) Offering a little "fruit for thought".

Do you know what it would mean for Barr/Trump to fake Epstein's death? It's illegal. Not to mention, there IS a body.

I'm assuming very few of us are forensic experts. Yet, many are stating conclusively that that body isn't Epstein.
(2/5) We need to be cautious in our conclusions...and even more cautious in sharing them. Look at the difference.

"Epstein's not dead, that body is a fake".


"There are some easily identifiable differences between the profile of that body and Epstein and it's suspicious."
(3/5) But even that cautious approach may be wrong. The 2 facial features people point to on the body that appears to differ with Epstein's photo is the curve of the nose and the ear. Remember's probable this body had substantial CPR performed on it. That's important.
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It's showtime! #TrustThePlan #WWG1WGA #QAnon #QArmy
So much is revealed about the upcoming movie if you look back and "re_read drops" on…
August 11th and beyond, BOOM week ahead of us in 2019?
Post by JoeM is insightful:
The script is written.

Everything shown has meaning.
You are watching a 'scripted' movie.
Q" (6/11/2 0 1 8:
---August 9th, 2 0 1 8:
---August 10th, 2019:
Jeffrey Epstein "dies of suicide". (
---August 10th, 2 0 1 8:
"They never thought she would lose. Now they all lose. Q+" (
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I dont think epstein is needed anymore as the cat is out of the bag .... andrew investigation is escalating ... maxwell and the victims are far more important witnesses ... epsteins belongings will be property of the government as they are part of several other investigations ...
... including his cache of damning videos .... which means the whole vile rat pack of st johns visitors will be exposed to the world as the pedovores they are which will change our society forever .... im not sure how the general public will handle the grizzly truth ....
.... i never dreamed cannibilism still occured in modern society, let alone torture and canniblism of babies and children, let alone by our so called hollywood and washington dc insiders .... i think epstein is safe and always was, disinformation is necessary,,...
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•An #FBI bulletin dated May 30, 2019 surfaces Aug. 1, 2019 calling out #conspiracies & #ConspiracyTheorist as being #DomesticTerrorism

•QAnon included…
•July 25, 2019 articles like this one by @RollingStone mocked #conspiracytheories, and their danger to public safety

“...and thanks to a hashtag, the baseless rumor likely has a whole lot of new believers”…
•Today as soon as #Epstein was found dead Twitter had 100 MILLION people making #Epstein, #TrumpEpstein, #ClintonBodyCount, #Clintoncide #EpsteinMurder TREND

•It’s a safe bet that the 100 MILLION people talking about Jeffrey were not all Conservatives/Republicans🙄
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New Acting DNI Director 🇺🇸
Honorable Joseph Maguire, current Director of the National Counterterrorism Center, will be named Acting Director of National Intelligence, effective August 15th
#QAnon #WWG1WGA McCabe
Q Drop On New Acting DNI DIR #Maguire
👉Joseph Maguire replaced Nicholas Rasmussen former Director of NCTC who now works for the McCain Institute

👉(Q) Nicholas Rasmussen (IMPORTANT name to remember) 👇…

FISA 702👇…
Meet our new acting DNI Director Honorable Joseph #Maguire
Former Navy Seal💥💥💥#TrustThePlan
SCARAMUCCI MODEL=Acting director will clean NSA & DNI of #DeepState
Military planning at its finest
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The Tangled Web of Curious Connections Lies Beneath, Patriots!

The Epstein rabbit hole is deep!! Got yer shovels handy??

#QArmy #QAnon #DarktoLight #WeAreTheNewsNow
Many thanks to Rusty Shackleford (IF that IS your real name 😂) on YouTube for his excellent drone work! SO MUCH has been revealed through these vids.

👆🏻Even the shaky vids open up a ton of info!

Certainly a lot of traffic on that island 🤔
Here we have a featured business on Epstein Island folks!

Blue Sky is an international marine container leasing company providing containers and related equipment on operating and finance leases to the container industry
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1. My deepest dig. I believe I've found the meaning behind many of #Q's latest drops, establish what recent events are all about and why they're happening. You must understand, this is NOT a game. We are at war. They've killed to stop what's happening.

2. We see in #QDrop #3570 that the meaning of [C] and [D] has been cleared up. [C]oats before [D]eclas. But, the rest of the drop may still be a mystery. I hope I can help.
"The month of AUGUST is traditionally very HOT.
You have more than you know.
3. Each year congress takes several extended breaks. Right now they're out for the August break and will return September 9th. Something most people don't understand is that these people are protected from arrest for most crimes while they're in session.

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Think [Comey] memos-Comey Memo's before IG Report
DECLAS pre or post IG report?
[Comey] pre or post IG report?
C comes before D
[Comey] Memo's👀👇…
The biggest sting in history
@POTUS confiding in [Comey] about Hookers😂
Leakers exposed
These people are stupid
FISA works both ways
Patriots are in control #TrustThePlan
Comey memos: 6 biggest claims

@POTUS Comey setting up @GenFlynn 1/24/2017 #ClearFlynnNow
▪️One of the FBI agent is willing to defend Flynn
▪️Flynn does not lie
▪️Flynn was under investigation in 2016
▪️They had a transcript of his conversations because of the illegal spying of Flynn by the Obama WH
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The Kingdom 5KR (originally named Nabila) is an 85.65-metre (281 ft) superyacht built for Saudi billionaire Adnan Khashoggi

Khashoggi (in #JeffreyEpstein 's book) was a middleman in #IranContra

One of the 1st superyachts w/ helipad

The ship was sold to @realDonaldTrump in 1988
@realDonaldTrump [2] We could have learned a lot about what happened on the yacht from the amazing helicopter pilot (Michael Green) who had the talent back then to land on it

But it appears that the folks behind #Qanon probably had him assassinated, using it as #QProofs
@realDonaldTrump [3] Watch everyone at how little visibility the above Tweet will get. It will never be allowed to get 100 RTs

Twitter supports #Qanon

Twitter wants you blind - Twitter wants you to be a sheep - Twitter wants you to be labeled a violent conspiracy theorist
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Tip of the iceberg.

How many coincidences until mathematically impossible?

Hold on tight, anons. The attacks will only intensify.

#TrustThePlan #QAnon
H/T to the makers of these graphics.
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Long meetings held within a SCIF [unusual] usually indicate something 'highly important' was discussed [planned]?
I'm convinced we can trust WRAY.
Never telegraph your moves or become predictable. This isn't a Class C Traffic ticket, this is not a game. Even journalist have no idea what President Trump's moves will be.…
A military operation involves deception. Even though you are competent, appear to be incompetent. Though effective, appear to be ineffective.

--Sun Tzu
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What is going on here.
Are we making all this research for nothing.
Are we awaking the masses for nothing?
Are we working overtime for this?
Where is the law?
Where is justice?
Are we being fulled?
Please somebody help me understand this corruption.
This is a very bad news.
Thank you Q, for answering my question from last night. I was frustrated after reading and listening the DOJ was not going to prosecute Comey for leaking memos. Today's, #QPosts 3569 and 3570 were my answer for my anger and frustration.
Something Big Is About To Drop
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Interesting. The #QAnon movement needs to be nonpartisan when it comes to examining these things. If we look at Nancy and Maxine this way, we must look at ALL of our representatives this way. I find it fascinating to see this strategy being mirrored by some high profile accounts
Remember this is about TRUTH & JUSTICE. Partisan politics are a deception and a distraction. The duty of all citizens is to monitor our government and hold representatives accountable when they violate the law or their oaths. Party considerations are irrelevant #theGreatAwakening
Recall that @RonanFarrow wrote a piece about @umathurman. Just because some of these people aren't able to say EVERYTHING they know doesn't mean that they aren't trying to help with disclosure and ending this abuse cycle. Optics are misleading by design. #TrustThePlan
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Christopher Wray is an American lawyer currently serving as the eighth Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He is a Patriot.
#Q has told us to TRUST WRAY MANY TIMES.
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See something
Say something

That's two fires, a gunman at UGA and now this, and it's still early evening...

#HiviteTactics There must be something HUGE about to break. I think it may have something to do with @DevinNunes...
@DevinNunes 2 fires (SFO and Exxon), 2 gunmen in public, & 1 downed fighter jet at CHINA LAKE of all places. All in the same day.

What is the MSM talking about? Fake outrage at @MarioLopezExtra for nonexistent "transphobia"

#HiviteTactics #MindControl #FalseFlags

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@realDonaldTrump asked #JamesComey to investigate @POTUS and his Administration.. to prove he and team was innocent...but during investigation they found the spies installed. 😎
#MuelletInvestigation #Misfud #FusionGPS #ChrisSteele #Misfud #HRC #FVEY #QAnon #DarkToLight
Comey Corn ready to Harvest.
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1) @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse
New #QAnon just dropped on #Q's #PatriotsFight board.
Text reads:
[Placeholder - [DECLAS] Exculpatory Evidence [Illegal Hold-Non_Report] FISA_T_SURV]
The #DECLAS will reveal that exculpatory evidence wasn't reported when the #FISA
2) #QAnon 3548 cont...
applications were submitted.
#FISA DECLAs holds a place in time whereby its release will give the maximum benefit to the effort 2 #DrainTheSwamp.
3) #QAnon 3548 cont 2...
Having taken a moment for thought, the "T" could be for telephone, but we know it's for far more, so that doesn't really work.
As it's a capital "T", #Trump fits nicely...

"FISA_T_SURV" = #FISA Trump Surveillance...
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Who Is British Socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s

Longtime Partner?

By Ed Dickson
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1) @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse
#QAnon 3507...
Corporate news outlets don't practice truth, they are, in their minds, the entertainment biz overtly & at their heart, they are propaganda disbursers.
#FoxNews ==> [D]s are moving on #Impeachment, using a tact that 4many months,
2) #QAnon 3507 cont...
has been known 2be a dead end effort, a place 2go, which will cause reactionary outbursts, as the data sets within the #GuandJury evidences, won't be fully revealed, until after those proceedings.…

#TheNationalReview ==> from
3) #QAnon 3507 cont...
5th April 2019 ==> Do 2both court rulings & Rule 6(e) of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure #AGBarr Must Redact #GrandJury Info from #MuellerReport or break the law. That is precisely what they are counting on.
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You heard the testimony at the hearing. If Mueller was truly a black hat out to get Trump, he could have easily recommended prosecution and gotten away with it. I'm SURE Weissman wanted him to. The fact he didn't is VERY telling to anyone with their eyes open. So open them.
You heard the news reports. Everyone said Mueller HURT the Democrats and HELPED Trump. If he were truly a black hat, THAT would NOT have happened.

Not only that but he planted the poison "exoneration" pill right in the middle of his strongest case! Mueller torpedoed impeachment!
Throughout his testimony when, the Steele Dossier was brought up, Mueller said, "someone else is working on that." How the hell does he know THAT unless he is in on the whole sting?
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