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So the Trump card is "The Sun" (Tarot Card) from this thread by @JuliansRum . Hmmm🤔

Let's bring in the #SkyEvent Q drops, see where this goes?

What do you think Q is referring to here?

Signs in the skies? What the common object in the sky related to this beautiful display of colors in the sky? That's right it's the Sun. What else has being going on with the sun lately? That's right, we are in Sun Cycle 25. So what does this all mean?
"As a nation, we face a difficult two weeks as we approach that really important day when we're going to see things get better, all of a sudden," he said. "And it is going to be like a burst of light, I think, or I hope."

Sudden Burst of Light?🤔…
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And that's exactly why the 3 waves of volunteers come to earth, more or less to illuminate the dark from within. The only way to defeat darkness is to turn your lights back on while on earth. In other words just be your natural loving self that you already are. ❤🙏 ImageImageImage
But of course on a grandeur scale it is a free will experiment gone wrong, because of the degree of manipulation by those fallen angels of light. Those who choose to experience the dark path back to light. ❤🙏

And here we are in transmuting darkness from within, so without. We are all fractals of Source/God experiencing how it feels to be limited in a 3rd Dimensional duality experience. ❤🙏
#GreatAwakening #TransitionToGreatness
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1/ This message from Potus made me feel blessed to be alive again. Every day as I decode I think that I have NOW the absolute proof of the truth in the messages of Gematria. But with every further decode it gets topped.
Let´s start with proofs.
2/ Here come the biblical messages. Pay attention to the 188. 1+8+8 = 17.
Eternal salvation = 7 ( God´s number, coincidence?)
3/ Here was the point where I thought I was not seeing properly and I was blown away.
"Today is tuesday".
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Twin Flames! Relax 😄.... I asked if you found your flame because I know majority of you haven’t yet 😄 ... I came to gather you all together in one place...

The future is bright for finding your flame... 🔥

Divine timing is on a timeline here...
Also.... I know for a fact there’s people of all ages in this group, from the Starseed readings I’ve been doing..... you’re not the only one here that is your age.... 😄
If you showed up here... it’s because you’re supposed to be here...

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Q Sep 2 2020 11:53:16 (EST)
How is blackmail used?
Democratic Illinois State Representative, Keith Farnham, has resigned and was charged with possession of child pornography and has been accused of bragging at an online site about sexually molesting a 6-year-old girl.
#WWG1WGA Image
Democratic spokesperson for the Arkansas Democratic Party, Harold Moody, Jr, was charged with distribution and possession of child pornography.
Democratic Radnor Township Board of Commissioners member, Philip Ahr, resigned from his position after being charged with possession of child pornography and abusing children between 2 and 6 years-old. #TheStormIsUponUs
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When the Cabals been defeated by our GREAT #POTUS
with all the Patriots, soon we will become a Galactic Civilisation, so many good things are waiting, but first people need to accept and handle the truth. #WWG1WGA #TrustThePlan #GodWins
37 115, this may be the finial secret for the entire human race. The finial Covenant to witness. All the religions were telling us the same thing by numbers that God is real!
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QAnon - Players In The Game - #BeThePlan
1. President Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States of America.  Elected in 2016.  Commander & Chief of US Military Forces. Before entering politics, he was a businessman and television personality. #Patriot
2. Hillary Rodham Clinton, US career politician. Former Secretary of State under Obama. Democratic presidential candidate in 2016 who lost to Trump in a shocking defeat.  They never thought she would lose!
3. AnthonyWeiner, Disgraced former US Representative.  Jailed for sexting a minor.  Married to Huma Abedin.  His laptop was seized by NYC police and held alleged compromising materials (insurance file) on Hillary Clinton and associates. #WeinerLaptop
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2 Corinthians 13:5 Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves. Know ye not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates?

Q is deception...

Divided by God's word...we are set apart and strong! ImageImage
What exactly is Q telling you here?

Trust philosophy over the dogma or doctrines of faith in Jesus Christ and his word. The bible says we cannot serve two masters, guess which master #Qanon is telling you to serve here...

P.s. True Christians, Q views us as threats. Image
These are starting to make a lot more sense...if you want to take out an enemy as massive as christians, patriots, conservatives and gun owners, you don't do it head on.

You get them to #TrustThePlan……
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“The Storm Is Upon Us Hidden Message”
In… , click on this phrase, this in turn ,gives you a plethora of information, going another layer.
See attached tweets below..
#TrustThePlan ImageImageImageImage
✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ ImageImageImageImage
✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ ImageImageImageImage
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@realDonaldTrump recently told labs to report cases directly to the White House from now on, shortly after he stated he was having these pressers again. This is to expose the lies and the manipulation of #COVID19 numbers.
In the next few days or weeks he will start to expose the #CDC, #BillGates and #AnthonyFauci for whom they are. #TRUMP is a 5d chess player. It's all about exposure.

Everyone is upset that he kept talking about #vaccines and #masks.
He has to act the part for now, he is showing support of the #democrat agenda as to not give the media a reason to destroy him politically.

If he came out on stage and said screw wearing #mask the #deepstate would manipulate the numbers overnight to destroy his credibility.
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Oh yeah, it’s about to get REAL up in this bitch. Did Q point to trust as in, they were necessary parts of a predictable plan but were never pro-Trump? Does that mean Sessions, Wray, Pompeo, Horowitz & Huber are all blockades? #ProjectLookingGlass!…
i.e. #TrustThePlan and the plan required these guys to do their part as #DeepState sleepers meant to be exposed one day and remove the blockades for D5. 😬 I think this is it!
I think the “ready to serve again” is none other than @GenFlynn. Wow, wouldn’t that be incredible. Q acknowledged #Flynn’s banner change to #GodBlessAmerica. This has to be it. #Wray>#Flynn BOOM!
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Let me tell you. I have being thinking about this. We are behind 3 years since this post. Everything that we are watching it already happened. Like Q ays We are watching a movie. Enjoy the show.
#Trump2020Landslide Image
Q took us to the future so, we can see the past.
Expand further.
Make the connection.
Map currently has 43 confirmed connections.
When this breaks many won’t swallow.
You are the voice.
We are here to help guide.
Future proves past
You are the calm before and during the storm
Q Image
We are behind 31/2 years!
Look to #POTUS tweet! 👀👇
#FutureProvesPast ImageImageImage
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I feel this ruling was full necessary to take the Clinton Foundation down! It shows NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW for state subpoenas and finical records can be used as evidence! Dems can dance all they want, I’m looking for justice! #WWG1WGA #TakeTheOath…
We needed SCOTUS rulings on measures democrats have hid behind for decades! This ruling allows DA’s to open #ClintonFoundation finical records
Also, remember Joe Biden, China, Ukraine, Nancy, Ukraine, thousands of US companies bribing her, VISA stock, Obama, Fast and Furious, Soros donations
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Watch "EP94 - 1 of 8, A Bible and A Letter" w/ @BardsFM

"EP95 - 2 of 8, The Offspring the Woman and The Offspring of the Serpent"

Watch EP96 - 3 of 8, FAITH, Prayer, Protest, and Hymn"

#InItTogether ImageImageImage
"EP97 - 4 of 8, Trust and Truth as the Pendulum Swings"

"EP98 - 5 of 8, The Masters Are Calling Their Slaves"

Watch "EP99 - 6 of 8, Shermans Philosophy of War, [PAIN] = Peace"

#InItTogether #BendedKnee ImageImageImage
Watch "EP100 - 7 of 8, Blessed Are The Peacemakers"

Watch "EP101 - 8 of 8, Fishers Of Men" w/ @BardsFM

#InItTogether #BendedKnee
#TrustThePlan #GodsPlan
#WhereWeGoOneWeGoAll ImageImage
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I have noticed many of the patriots express symptoms of burn-out, depression, and helplessness. Many who have spent a many of nights burning the midnight oil in pursuit of justice are growing weary waiting to see the fruits of the labor. #WWG1WGA
I asked for a daily call to prayer this morning at the times of 7AM & 7PM (no matter the time zone) for this very purpose. Our focused thoughts, prayers, and meditations in pursuit of justice, independence, & freedom to enjoy the human experience is very pwrful. #DigitalSoldiers
There is a time for individualism and there is a time for collective unity. For the battle we have taken upon us, I can think of no better time to withdraw from the battlefield to seek collectively divine wisdom, justice, and new oil for our lamps. #QArmy
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@nomagicbullets "JFK Jr. knew that the Clintons were going to kill him, so he faked his own death and has been laying low for the last 20 year, making plans in coordination with Donald Trump"

Show me a single Q post that says that.
@nomagicbullets "the fact that they needed Q to confirm this for them"

No!! We asked Q to confirm to SHUT UP THE SHILLS promoting the R Theory.

Same as we had him confirm Earth is a Globe and the moon landing.

Suddenly Flat Earth posts on qresearch ended 99%, as well as R
@nomagicbullets "Maybe Q really is a high ranking officer, maybe he is Trump?"

Trump is Q+, not Q

You really have no idea what you are talking about, do you...
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1) #Comey is a #DeepState player.

Why did he sell Hillary out?

Comey & the #FBI of course have massive amounts of #Kompromat (компрометирующий материал) on Hillary (#FrazzleDrip) & Bill via Wiener's laptop & #Epstein's videos which they have had access to for many years ....
2) long before Epstein's brief incarceration and "death."

He was an intel asset (everyone knows this) and the #FBI and #NSA had access to many of his videos which were of course circulated throughout the IC, because so many people of power and influence have been compromised.
3) The graphic videos of pedophilia in their possession allow them to manipulate some of the wealthiest people on earth - as well as some of the most influential politicians - from dozens of countries.

That is why the #PedoIntelOp was allowed to continue for so long.
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Open thread
🎶#QAnon music🎵

Since we're watching a movie, it couldn't be without a soundtrack.

In this thread I’m going to include all the music linked by Q and other music contents, ‘cause since we are talking about QAnon “EVERYTHING HAS MEANING.”

#TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA
Let’s start with Pavarotti's version of Nessun Dorma, often used at #Trump rallies.
This song is on the soundtrack of the movie THE SUM OF ALL FEARS, often references by Q in his drops >
h ttps:// Image
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Coronavirus Jumps the Border, Overwhelming Hospitals in California

Hospitals are airlifting patients to facilities hundreds of miles away to handle an influx of Americans and U.S. green card holders sickened in Mexico.

[camouflaged by protests_riots]
COVID-19[2] positive patients in MEXICO were quietly transferred [routed] to CA.
"The swelling numbers of COVID-19 patients entering the United States from Mexico comes as many parts of California have pushed down their infection rates, enables many counties to lift stay-at-home restrictions and reopen businesses."
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I’ve been thinking about the term, “draining the swamp” & criticisms I’ve seen about “nothing’s happening, no one’s getting arrested.” When I VISUALIZE “draining a swamp,” seems to clear things up better. NO ONE SAID ANYTHING *FISHING* THE SWAMP!
Visualize a SWAMP. What do you see? Water & vegetation. Doesn’t APPEAR there is anything else there, right?
Focusing specifically on the critters that live IN the water of swamps, mangrove swamps specifically, short list that would be EXPOSED if swamp was drained: crabs, sea snakes, crocodile, alligator & shark, and of course variety of fish.
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A true "summer of love" is suddenly arising in The Hague.
This morning there were summary proceedings at the Justice Court. Willem Engel (@dancalegria) of @viruswaanzin makes a great case for freedom.

People were handing out ice cream and chalk sticks.
#WWG1WGA #QSentMe Image
With a Q-shirt you easily meet nice people!
Here are @MettesMireille and I.
#WWG1WGA Image
What a great idea by one attendant to hand out chalk sticks! Small investment, great impact.

At first I felt a bit insecure drawing the big Q,
but of course it was really easy.

"You have more than you know"
#ChalkForFreedom #WWG1WGA Image
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In the Bible, Jesus fed the 5,000, & we see the doubt of Jesus’s disciples & the provision of God through a miracle.
5 loaves of bread & 2 fish became enough to feed 5,000 with leftovers.
When Jesus landed & saw a large crowd, he had compassion on them and healed their sick.
Everyone-men, women and children-ate as much as they wanted.
Jesus miraculously multiplied the loaves and fishes so there was more than enough.
Then he told his disciples to gather the leftovers so nothing was wasted.
They collected enough to fill 12 baskets.....
The crowd was so overwhelmed by this miracle that they understood Jesus was the prophet was promised.
The feeding of 5000,providing bread for Israel in the wilderness is reminiscent of God’s supernatural feeding of the Israelites with manna in the wilderness in the days of Moses
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