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Re: Corona, harming the innocents is not part of this transition. It is a cover story for the covert ops (hunting of the real pedo/cabal minions) in China, as this is the only way to lockdown the city/cities to make their mass arrest covertly w/o panic/civil war.
I know that some of the vids can be disturbing, but all one can do is 🙏 for safety of the patriots w/in China trying to clean up/purge evil activities for the transition into peace/harmony. This is a majestic agreement, N most sleepers can't comprehend at this time. #PANICWW
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Telling you all optics from SCOTUS w/ Gen Flynn/JoeM (he knows them), to be part of the #EnjoyTheShow on twitter land. It's a test on discernment. Just like Q+ who loves to stir the pot, calling out few covert 🇺🇸s; SCOTUS w/ other 🇺🇸s. #TrustThePlan
As far as judging him for having a line/merch, how about POTUS w/ his merch. Both of them have the right to have their followers/supporters to show love/support 4 them. It's time for ppl to stop making judgement, N just enjoy these two 🇺🇸😇 making it fun/not fun for those
who don't see what's going on BTS. But I know ppl will still make their judgment of others, as they see fit, bc there are still purging that needs to be done when those negative emotions get stirred/triggered by these two adv 😇. Triggers R part of the process to resurface those
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I don’t lose hope in our justice system until @realDonaldTrump and Q tell me to. I don’t doubt #TrustThePlan until those who follow Q humbly admit to me that they were wrong. While I remain on the fence about Q and I’m frustrated as well, we cannot lose focus....
....we cannot let our anger at the #twotieredjusticesystem cloud our judgment. I fear this frustration will cause Trump to lose his base. I have full faith in what he’s doing. I think McCabe is going to squeal. Let the little fish go to catch the bigger fish.....
...If Q were fake, Trump would’ve told us in a tweet long ago. Just look at the swamp draining that has happened so far. Vindman and Sondland fired. 70 Obama holdovers fired. Jussie Smollett indicted. Micheal Avenatti charged. Roger Stone and Michael Flynn will be pardoned....
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1) NEW #Q!
@realDonaldTrump @SenWhitehouse
#QAnon 3861...
Link 2 #WashingtonExaminer ==> #Durham's scrutinizing @JohnBrennan's handling of #RussianInterference in 2016
It'll be good 2see #Smiley removed from the general public!
@realDonaldTrump @SenWhitehouse @JohnBrennan 2) #QAnon 3862...
Link 2 @Strandjunker Tweet.
#Q 🤔
Text: If the facts are absorbed by the masses prior to testimony, the awareness bolsters presentation of the facts.
#AGBarr will testify when the time has ripened.
#INSTABLOCK once upon a time.
@realDonaldTrump @SenWhitehouse @JohnBrennan @Strandjunker 3) #QAnon 3863...
Seems we have an instant classic here.
This was likely an image drop from #Q. There's been a stretch of recent time where #8kun was attacked & image upload has failed over & over since.
1. #Github
2. As seen on 8kun' w/Anon's file up 4the screen cap.
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This video will get Donald John Trump elected President of the United States of America... AGAIN!!! #Trump2020Landslide 🔗
With that WIN, the BONDS OF SLAVERY WORLDWIDE will be SNAPPED & TYRANNY CRUSHED! #justiceIScoming #TrustThePlan #wwg1wga #WWG1WGA_WORLDWIDE
Thank Patriots WW, ThankQ, THANK GOD CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH for His Eternal Grace, Everlasting Sovereignty & Omniscient Providence!
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Be advised..
You ARE witnessing/watching the systematic destruction of the OLD GUARD.


#WWG1WGA #QAnon @GenFlynn @NSAGov @780thC @1stTSC @US_CYBERCOM @WhiteHouse @POTUS
History is being made.

Future will prove past!

JUSTICE is coming. 🎯

#EnjoyTheShow 🍿🍿🍿
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These hospitals seems more like prisons cells to me. Corona scare is nothing but a cover story, to purge cabal minions. N if these minions (high prob) were cloned avatar brought up to the surface to create havoc, thus an emergency purge is a MUST.
Getting hyped to fear monger news only lowers ones vibes/Hz. When one has ascended, and knows how to maintain to be in higher vibrations, their 5D crystalline upgraded light body is protected by divine energies all around us, specially GAIA's healing green Hz, aurora borealis,
if one is willing/learning to rtn home & be reconnected to GAIA, by loving and spending more time in nature. She holds the key to everyone's ascension codes... her living library codes are being released now thru out her wonderful/beautiful majestic kingdom.
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#QAlert 2/8/20 This will be my THREAD for all #QPosts for Saturday February 8, 2020. Trust and believe in yourself. The Silent War Continues….

Let’s Go!

@POTUS #QAnon #QArmy
“For every item that carries the darkness of humanity there's one that holds the light. And that light is worth believing in. Not just in others, but in yourself as well.” ― C.M. Rayne
Trust and believe in yourself.
The Silent War Continues….
YouTube video from Q3843
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@realDonaldTrump President Trump is acquitted. Now is our turn to vote [them] out of the House and Senate.
#POTUS have been accused of everything [they] are guilty of.
It's time to move on Demo🐀🐀🐀🐀 but, straight to GITMO.
@realDonaldTrump The best speech ever in History at the #SOTU20 The President of the United States has done more for the Country and for the American people than many presidents together.
Thank you Mr. President. @realDonaldTrump

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Result of public arrests: dirty players would immediately dispose of evidence, including witnesses, start mass casualty events.

This REALLY is bigger than we can imagine!

Based on my story alone, it involves every level of gov't in virtually every state.

Taking down CIA blacksite in Iran was MASSIVE!

Now onto smaller cabal/CIA blacksites like Venezuela, Cuba.

Congress is obnoxious, but relatively powerless rn. We control military.

Seems we've dismantled top of Cult & flipped world's powerful leaders.

Timing is everything. -Q
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The info in Q drops was given so far in advance that people were quick to scream "LARP."

All is being fulfilled... cancer cure to pedophiles exposed, to traitors.

The greatest military intelligence operation of our time! #DeepStateExposed

Ty #Q & #Anons
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Plans A, B, C failed..
Plan D

They don't care about Dem. candidates, all laughing stock.

Pence is their boy.

Pence resigns as VP, declares run against Trump, cites Impeachment mess, Savior of Constitution, blah blah blah.

RNC nominate Pence/Haley.

Ronna McDaniel is a Romney.
@betheawakenig Q worried Dems are boring us. Why not entertain w/speculation?

We have everything. Trump/Q lead people into traps.
War Powers, never worry.

Pence can't run against Trump while VP. Bad optics.

#ImpeachHoax intended to smear Trump, not remove. Plan D prep.

Trump thrives in mud.
Pence would resign, then forfeit Constitutional protections, which are HUGE.

VP enjoys same protection as POTUS, elected in his own right — Pence cannot be fired or arrested until January 2021 when VP Pompeo takes oath of office.

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Worth Remembering

Who interviewed Flynn?
What redacted texts were released yesterday?
Why did Flynn take the bullet?
Rubber bullet?
Lawmakers make public?
Lawmakers learned gmail draft comms yesterday?
Lawmakers go hunting?
What is the purpose of a laser pointer?
If the FBI found NO evidence of lying why was Flynn charged?
Expand your thinking.…
1 & 1 don’t equal 2.
These do not match.

Re_read drops.
Future proves past.
You have more than you know.
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#Qanon drop at 4:56pm est. @realDonaldTrump tweets at 5:13pm est. 17 min delta.

17th letter of the alphabet?

Minutes later > USAF C130 takes off with call sign CASTL12. 17 minute flight. Reached 1700' altitude before descending.

At what point is it mathematically impossible?
Castle clean = White House clean?

Clean of what? Deep State, leakers. Who? Andrew Peek?

...and it just so happens that Vindman (Deep State turdburger) was reporting to Peek.

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USMCA, China signing soon for phase 2/3 leads to ending the FED/Central Bank WW, ending the FAKE financial system. We are going Quantum financial system. All gold reserves, created by the light long ago, was meant to free humanity from the dark system, w/c was meant to occur in
2001, but 9/11 happened, bc of [them]. So GFL had backup plan, for RESET of the technology w/in Mother Earth's core, w/c led to all the keystones/energy ctr inserted in time, per my guides. This is the Great Wall of 5D New Earth Hz, to end darkness. #NothingCanStopWhatsComing
Q+ have hinted it before, w/ his coded light msgs (only frontline ground crew knows what the mission entailed) on what really was happening BTS, for new sacred vortex working. 💙🌠😇
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Credit: @AmericanThinker

We’re living in a unique time in which citizens around the world are collaborating to understand & expose the corrupt system that rules us. The system thrives on deception, & the task of The Great Awakening is to penetrate lies & reveal truth.

3 phases of The Great Awakening:

The Great Awakening #1: Heightened awareness of the Deep State-the interlocking Gov't entities that operate outside the law to expand their own power. Elections & popular opinion don’t impact the ability of the [DS] to enforce its agenda.

The Great Awakening #2: Investigates the Deep State’s alliance with other powerful sectors: the media, Hollywood, charities & non-profits, public schools & universities, religious organizations, medical, scientific & financial institutions, & multinational corporations.
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My response to “Donald Trump will FOREVER be IMPEACHED.”
1. You have been *well* framed for crime you did *not* commit
2. You are arrested
3. You now “FOREVER HAVE CRIMINAL RECORD” (“forever impeached” credibility)
Q: what happens when “evidence” is *DESTROYED* IN COURT BY *MORE VERIFIED* evidence?

#wehaveitALL #boomerangreality
Esther3-]7[ #HamansGallows
#militarytribunals #nobodywalksawayfromthis
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I wanted to do a thread about THE PLAN, God plan & Q’s plan. I see many lost, and confused about so much disinformation, so this is my attempt to clarify. We must start by trusting Gods plan first as our foundation.


✝️❤️ redemption
2. Q points you to the scriptures, back to God. God alone is in control, not man. ✝️ Ephesians 6:10-17 ✝️👇
This is something I think many lose site of, as we struggle with patience in seeing the evil ones punished.
3. What is Q? I’ll post the link here that explains, for those that are new. It is a military operation that gives information and clues as to what’s going on, what has gone on in the past, and helps us research for truth, bypassing the FAKENEWS media.…
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They're letting the impeachment charade get everyone's attention before they reveal WHY this is occuring in the first place by declassifying and disclosing evidence of crimes against children. Keep the faith.
Impeachment goes both ways
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@GenFlynn, you're a hero to us all, especially the men & women who've served under your command. They have complete love for you! Thank you, General 🦅🇺🇸❤

April 2018 #QAnon drop...
@GenFlynn set to withdraw guilty plea
Jan. 14, 2020
@genflynn Guilty Plea WITHDRAWN ‼

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.@SecPompeo showing his support for the Iranian protesters.
#Soleimani what is the biggest terrorist in the world. The only one with more American blood on his hands was #OsamaBinLaden.
.@SecPompeo says there is a bigger strategy here at play with what @realDonaldTrump and his national security team is doing. They’re trying to reestablish deterrence.

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