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Embora eu concorde em grande parte com os caras que defendem a #redpill e os #mgtow, em certos momentos em tenho a impressão que a machosfera do Brasil parou no tempo, estão pelo menos uns 15 anos atrasados e ainda falam sobre os mesmos assuntos.
A situação caótica que os homens se encontram vai muito além de simplesmente mindset. A algumas semanas atrás vi caras fazendo o absurdo de defender a hipergamia porque "ajuda os homens a evoluírem".
Amigos, ou você é "redpill" de verdade, você NÃO deveria usar as escolhas sexuais de mulheres como parâmetro para qualquer coisa. É uma coisa ou outra.
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@koaleszenz: "Redpill will make you lonely and unloved"

There is a kernel of truth here: you can absorb the redpill truth and then go too far with it.

How does that work?
The #redpill in a nutshell is that women are nature's status/success selectors. They behave like investors, all trying to fomo into the few popular/successful projects and dumping everything else.

The mechanistic ("gears level") reason for this is evolutionary theory....
... where women invest 9 months into a pregnancy but men only have to invest 5 minutes, so there's a strong incentive for men to be extremely unselective about sex and women to be extremely selective.
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Que el gran maestro de la gran Logia de Inglaterra es el duque de Kent❓

Estos conspiranoicos... 🤷‍♂️
#StopNWO Image
🤔Qué me dices que Felipe VI es masón y pertenece a la orden de Malta❓
😂Quita conspiranoico que él nos va a defender de los globalistas y blablabla 🤷‍♂️
#WakeUp #StopNWO ImageImage
🤔Qué me dices❓
✔Que todos los "dirigentes" son títeres en manos de la misma mafia global y todos, consciente o inconscientemente, son "oposición controlada" con el mismo fin ❓

#WakeUp #RedPill #Killuminati ImageImageImage
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A verdadeira razão da Indústria do Ab0rt0 é atender a indústria farmacêutica, cosmética, alimentícia, c@nib@lismo e rituais s@tânic0s.

Por isso existe um movimento mundial para a normalização e legalização do abort0.

É um negócio de bilhões $$$
1)Os s@tanist@s fazem um avanço agressivo e não mais se escondem impondo fortemente sua agenda.

Por mais difícil que este assunto seja, precisamos enfrenta-lo.

Respire fundo e tome uma dose extra de #redpill

Siga a [THREAD]
2)Abort0 matou 42,4 milhões de b$bês no mundo em 2019, 3 vezes mais que doenças:…
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1. Let's first dive into Trump's groundbreaking Tweet.

What are some things that stand out?
- To talk about the virus, Trump used the term, "COVID-19."
- Trump Stresses rapid move to recovery.
- Trump Emphasizes the "get[ing] through this TOGETHER."


What does Q always say?

Who is Trump's mirror?

Let's dig into Melania's COVID Tweet.

What do we notice that Melania's COVID Tweet has in common with Trump's COVID Tweet?
They both end with the idea of "get[ting] through this TOGETHER."

Interesting, huh?

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United we Stand. Divided we Fall.

There is no truer truism than this.

Britain, America, & our entire civilisation are hopelessly divided & thus on course to fall. And it will not be long in coming.

We are committing #Ecocide, & #WhiteSelfGenocide.
#ClimateChange is contained in #Ecocide, which is a consequence of us prioritising economy (the household of man) over ecology (the household of our planet).

Our grossly materialistic, mercenary, rapacious & driven global economy is the goose which lays the golden eggs.
As in Aesop's fable, there is an insatiable collective desire for ever more golden eggs (i.e. money, which is the most versatile form of power). Thus the economy has to grow, which it does at the expense of the environment, sustainability, our children & future generations.
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CLONES [Thread]

Já existe tecnologia para fabricar clones humanos?

Utilizam de sósias ou outros recursos para substituírem pessoas?

Vamos mergulhar fundo nesta Toca do Coelho?

Prepare-se para uma dose extra de #redpill

Fonte: Telegram @saiadamatrixbr
1) Teoristas da Conspiração dizem que a clonagem é real e ocorre desde 1945, intensificando na década de 80.
Um Clone é um ser biológico idêntico a outro, criado artificialmente através de reprodução assexuada e manipulação genética.
2)Existem 3 tipos:
a)REPLICANTES: Implantado no útero da mulher de uma única célula retirada do corpo original crescendo naturalmente. Tem sua própria alma, personalidade e tempo de vida normal.
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MAN: Excuse me Christ, but you’ve no idea what I’m going through with #COViD19 etc, I feel like the #world is on my shoulders!

#JESUS: Before I was crucified I had the world on my shoulders, then after I arose back to LIFE the world’s now in the palm of my hand.

John 4:10🕊 Image
If you think #TheMatrix was just another film, think again #RedPill

If you think #Election2020 is/was just about saving America, think again #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE

If you think this world can offer you more than the promise of #Jesus, think again and seek the truth!

John 17:6-19✨
#Jesus👑 forewarned us many signs that would appear in the endtimes Age; like the lack of #love

Because iniquity will be multiplied, the love of many will grow cold.

Also read this scripture which is exactly to our times aka #EndTimes or #LastDays:
2 Timothy 3:1-7 The powerful bond bond betw...
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If I were to tell you that I am #TheOne, a real-life Neo, here to liberate humanity from its enslavement to #BigBrother & #TheMatrix of state & capital, you would take me for a nutter or a joker.

Nutters don’t usually realise they are nutters, so perhaps that is what I am.
Let’s assume, however, that I’m a joker, and that many a true word is sometimes spoken in jest.

The Matrix, as I see it, is not a near-future creation by intelligent machines, as it is in the film, but civilisation itself, now in the form of the #NationState & capital.
It's just an analogy, of course, as is that of Big Brother, but I find both very useful in understanding the nature of the beast to which we are all - rich & poor alike - enslaved.

If you are successful in your career & relatively wealthy, you won't feel enslaved, but still are.
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1/Did you follow the White Rabbit? What is the White Rabbit? What is a #redpill?

People waking up everyday. Are you one of them?

Maybe you found this because you searched #Adrenochrome #pizzagatelsreal #Pedowood or #pedogate2020 is REAL #QAnons

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Cosa accadrebbe se una squadra di militari usasse un canale secondario di comunicazione per formare un’alleanza coi civili per prepararli e guidare un esercito di soldati digitali per risvegliare le masse e combattere il deep state?
#QAnon #TheGreatAwakening #QArmy #Italia
Definiamo canale secondario di comunicazione (backchannel): un metodo di comunicazione non reso pubblico; un canale di comunicazione segreto, non ufficiale o informale utilizzato in politica o in diplomazia
Il nostro obbiettivo è #TheGreatAwaking,
risvegliare le masse diffondendo conoscenza (=potere).
Per farlo dobbiamo riprendere il controllo dell'informazione contrastando la narrazione [propaganda] dei #FakeNewsMedia.

Siamo noi le notizie ora.
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Chickensoilder on Tiktok
#Thread #LoveVictor #WWG1WGA #Trump
Supporting Trump everywhere he goes! @realDonaldTrump Washington to Hawaii. He aims at turning Washington RED & #TikTok Go show him love on his page & tell him I sent you! #MAGA2020 #QAnons
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Why does this sound exactly like what @elonmusk would do? Because it’s true. In today’s era of blue vs red ideologies @elonmusk is as close to center as you will ever find. He supports the ideologies of both red and blue, which is more true to American values then either side...
Honestly offers. @elonmusk is a true liberal conservative. The first era of what being a liberal and a conservative actual was; not today’s hyped up versions. @elonmusk is pro-freedom over everything else. This is also more true of what the honest Q movement is about as well...
It may have a conservative backing but the core of the Qanon movement is freedom of life and liberty than any party affiliation. @elonmusk is free to correct any misrepresentations I may have made, in which I will apologize in advance for. This is just my honest observation...
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Wake your mind up, clear your eyes up
Move and rise up before your times up
Clock is ticking, your caught slippin'
Stop to realize, look and listen
Well I guess that's life
When you see a dark road up the way
And I guess that's life
When you gotta roll through anyway
Now don't scream, don't fight
Fear never ever made it go away
Same ghost town as yesterday
Made you feel like love was miles away
Wake your mind up, clear your eyes up
Move and rise up before your times up
Clock is ticking, your caught slippin'
Stop to realize, look and listen
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Rather surreal watching pundits field the “where is all of this money going to come from?” question with ease now that we’re talking about an existential crisis unlike, I dunno, climate change.
Universal agreement among panelists on Don Lemon, moments ago, was: if not government then who? And also: think of the costs of inaction! Deficit spending was just accepted as a matter of course. Some muddled thinking about borrowing costs, but overall on track.
Here’s a little-known secret...It all comes from the same place. 😱 Sometimes, Congress votes to offset some of its spending with higher taxes. At other times, it decides to spend new money without offsets. But it ALL comes from the same place. #RedPill
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I felt the same way until a month after I was sworn in. There’s a duopoly here, run by Democratic AND Republican leadership. They’re the architects and benefactors of this broken system. Figure out which of the congressmen are enabling the duopoly and light them up.
🤦‍♂️ Meant to say beneficiaries.
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Just a short thread -- random thought -- about female sexual behavior. @RationalMale has written at length about solipsism as fundamental to female psychology. Guys often ask, "Why do women always take everything so personally?" The correct word is subjective. #RedPill
@RationalMale "Why can't a woman be more like a man?" Professor Higgins asks, in "My Fair Lady." Oh, perish the thought, Professor! No one should ever wish such a horrible thing! A mannish woman lacks the nurturing qualities which make women so desirable, and such a woman loves men less.
@RationalMale My point is that, however much men might lament women's (apparent) emotionalism, we would not love them so much if they were more rational and "objective" in their behavior. What is called "femininity" is a package deal. You must take the bad with the good. C'est l'amour!
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This is important to women's complaints about the shortage of "dateable" men, in that women's unrealistic expectations mean that the only men deemed "dateable" are those with relatively rare qualities, e.g., above-average height. @RationalMale
@RationalMale This goes to what I've called The 1-in-7 Rule: Only about 15% of the male population is naturally attractive to such an extent that, from a young age, they obtain female romantic companionship with little effort.
@RationalMale The 1-in-7 Rule means a majority of men (~85%) can only obtain female romantic companionship through persistent effort (self-improvement, developing "game," etc.) and even then, such men are at risk of losing out if any "Alpha" (Top 15%) male takes an interest in their woman.
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a #redpill in 10 minutes or less!

read the unclassified phone memo between trump and ukraine president zelenskyy ~5-7 mins 👇…

then... watch adam schiff completely lie (sedition/treason) about it's contents. starts at 3:30-5:15 👇

they truly cannot make it any more obvious

he knew damn well that he was simply creating a sound bite that the media/news outlets could run with. they won’t show this “apology” and admission.

[they] got what they needed to further brainwash their sheep

if you honestly read the phone memos in entirety, then watch the ~2 minutes of seditious, made-up lies by rep. schiff, you'll either see whats really happening in our country/world, or you may be too far gone (4-6%).

i think most will see as it couldn't be any more obvious.
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I went on a dive simply to find info to out Alyssa Milano as the obnoxiously divisive paid for mouth piece she is, so we don't have to hear her irrelevant name again and again. GUESS what I found...

(&reply w/your finds below plz. Let's hold up the mirror for her)

Those Who Scream the Loudest, right?
She was part of that child actor group Corey Feldman keeps talking about as having been used as sex slaves. Milano dated Corey Haim from '87-90 (whom Feldman alledges was severly raped & abused again&again until he eventually died)
Milano is now married to David Bugliari of Creative Artists Agency(CAA) representing Joe Biden across all areas including his initiative to end cancer&the Biden Foundation as well as 'Cait' Jenner, Oprah, Beyonce, Jimmey Fallon, Colbert, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Alec Baldwin...
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1. Duplicity Abounding: A @KosChertified examination of how a nexus of organizations make a living branding Hate on targets they don’t like. Who could foresee that educating consumers on a food certification would attract such wrath? Welcome to The…
2. The Machine reveals itself as a modern reincarnation of A. Solzhenitsyn’s controversial work, NEVER published in English. The fulcrum is in Academia. From there the nexus is sanctioned as “projects” w/in a well funded Journalism Department. How’s your Russian translations NYU?
3. The projects targeting our simple consumer shopping aid stemmed from New York University. Who would have guessed that? Professor @JayRosen_NYU oversees two journalism projects, and @MembershipPzzle. PressThink institutes a “Hate Beat”.
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1) Chalk this up to rumor, but from a few perspectives, it makes sense.

Look at all the fake news directing this at Trump. Meanwhile, many of the closures are outside the US.

#QAnon #WWG1WGA @POTUS #GreatAwakenening #redpill #PatriotsFight #walkaway
2) Anyone on a Hillary short list for anything cannot be trusted.…
3) The VP shortlist is sourced here:…
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1) So out of nowhere #Russia is taking on hostile acts against #Ukraine.

Is it out of nowhere, though? And who actually provoked this?

#QAnon #WWG1WGA @POTUS #GreatAwakenening #redpill #PatriotsFight #walkaway #BLEXIT
2) For one, Huber is testifying on Dec 5 regarding his investigations into the Clinton Foundation. #QAnon #D5…
3) Clinton Foundation leads to Uranium One. Uranium One leads to Russia. It also leads to a host of cover up actions by the Obama admin to get their "reset." #QAnon…
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1) Have any of you ever had "caravan illegal" types do any work on your house?

I have.

You hire a reputable company, and out of their truck is this dangerous looking group of guys.

#QAnon #WWG1WGA @POTUS #GreatAwakenening #redpill #PatriotsFight #walkaway
2) It's not the brown skin, in case the idiots are watching, it's the eyes. The anger. The lack of socialization. Pissing behind a tree. Taking loudly in your home. Eyeing your possessions.

#QAnon #WWG1WGA @POTUS #GreatAwakenening #redpill #PatriotsFight #walkaway
3) This isn't a joke. I had a recent experience. 4 un-socialized fighting age men in my home. Kids. My wife. My mistake was not keeping the door closed and letting the contractor know I changed my mind.

Instead, I holstered, had some backup clips, and...
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