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Dec 24, 2019, 7 tweets

Added a scanner to scan the nse stocks based below conditions.
With advanced patterns, much stocks can be filtered.…

Just select Select Investment pattern.

Stock investment pattern and positional buy pattern gives the best results for investment.
Positional Buy: cmp > ema5 > ema20 > ema50 and cci > 100 (alignment + momentum)
Stock investment: cmp is 50% up from 52weeks low and cmp > sma50 > sma200.

Investment pick based on above patterns.
Multi time frame upside.

Why this stock?
Stock is more than 50% up from 52weeks low and trading above 50 sma and 200 sma and cci > 100
Recently break out.
Targets 140, 155
SL: 116

Always has risk reward ratio and do the position size. Never risk more than 1% in a single trade.
Here is a example:
If my entry at 126 and sl:116, risk: 10
Target: 150, Reward: 24
These made using position calculator…

Here a lesson from Rayner. Very good point.


Almost first target done.
nMDC at 138

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