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Investment Opportunities in Agriculture in Nigeria!!!

A Presentation by Edobong Akpabio at the Archbishop Vining Memorial Church Cathedral, Ikeja "Agro Food Processing & Packaging Seminar" on Friday 18th June, 2021.
#Nigeria🇳🇬 Image
What is #Agriculture?
There are various definitions of #agriculture but simply, it is "the science, art & occupation of farming for food, clothing, shelter, medicine, recreation, etc."

There are almost limitless opportunities for investment in the #agriculture sector in 🇳🇬.
You can find information on these opportunities in many platforms, most of them at the fingertips. They include:
1. Government policy
2. The media
3. Agriculture value chain
4. Agribusiness
5. Consumer needs, etc.

Anyone interested in investing needs good information.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 06/12/2021…
Persecution & Toleration: The Long Road to Religious Freedom

#BookReviews #history #ReligiousFreedom
If You Sell a House These Days, the Buyer Might Be a Pension Fund…

#RealEstate #investment #HousingMarket #PensionFunds
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Super excited to see our paper on #Covid19 #Fiscal Support and its Effectiveness, with Alexander Chudik @DallasFed & @mraissi80 @IMFNews, out in Economics Letters. You can read it (free access) from here: #TGVAR 1/n Image
With new variants/waves & reimposition of restrictions in some regions, governments around the world are calling for a careful assessment of the effectiveness of the adopted #Covid19 #fiscal measures before they embark on further easing or tailoring of measures 2/n
The #Covid19 pandemic led to a sharp tightening of global #financial conditions at the acute phase of the crisis and has inflicted large economic losses across the world (see Figure below) ... 3/n Image
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Some Financial Rules

Rule of 72 (Double Your Money)

No. of yrs required to double your money at a given rate, U just divide 72 by interest rate

Eg, at 8% interest, divide 72 by 8 and get 9 money 💰will double in 9 yes.

At 6%, it will be 12 yrs.

Will continue.
Rule of 114

No. of years required to triple your money at a given rate, U just divide 114 by interest rate.

For example, if you want to know how long it will take to triple your money at 12%, divide 114 by 12 and get 9.5 years

At 6% interest rate, it will take 19yrs.

100 minus your age rule

This rule is used for asset allocation. Subtract your age from 100 to find out, how much of your portfolio should be allocated to equities

Age 30

Equity : 70%
Debt : 30%

Age 60

Equity : 40%
Debt : 60%

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1/14 How to get the most from my #twitter feed (thread).

I have quite a few new followers, welcome! This post will help you understand the context of my tweets.
2/ I am an investment manager. The firm's flagship strategy is global macro.…. #FinTech is sometimes a major theme in that strategy.
3/ #Bitcoin / #crypto is a personal hobby. My firm does not directly invest in #crypto but will occasionally have thematic exposure to that asset class. Tweets are not always crypto-related.
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We have maintained our stand since the very begining that @FTIIndia has not committed fraud, No scam, no #investment has been made in junk bonds, not committed a crime. We still stand by the same. (1/n) #franklintempleton #mutualfunds #investments #DebtFunds #DebtMutualFunds
Payments are even coming from those securities whom naysayers claimed are junk bonds, which we told was not the case but these #investors were being mislead by them & even now they are trying to prove their mischevious intentions. Ultimately Action Wins, not noise. (2/n) @bsindia
As far as @SEBI_India order goes we will not say much as the matter is inbetween the regulator & @FTIIndia. Both details are out in public domain already. But, the forensic audit has been across all activities of #franklintempleton which includes each & every paper. (3/n)
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A kind request in the larger interest of #investors to @SEBI_India that if possible a forensic audit of all #MutualFund #portfolios where-in #Debt #investment is there can be done. It will help them to redevelop the kind of trust each #investor had in #Debt #mutualfunds! (1/n)
We believe that if this forensic audit is made mandatory in every 3 years for all #MutualFunds which has made any % of #investment in #Debt papers. It will ensure that events of past that are still ongoing will not happen. (2/n) @monikahalan @rohankaviraj @bsindia @IamMisterBond
Pleased to see that our regulator @SEBI_India has now issued circular yesterday pertaininig to 'Potential Risk Class Matrix for debt schemes based on Interest Rate Risk & Credit Risk' with effect from Dec 1, 2021, for all the
existing & new debt schemes. (3/n) #mutualfunds
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06-June-21 Update, Here's a weekly post answering where, what how much & why of the action in Indian Markets

#stocks #stockmarket #dalalstreet #Trading #investing #investment #investing #tradenews #stockmarkettoday #sharemarketupdates #newstoday #Nifty ImageImageImageImage
(2/2) : Remaining of the list.

Don't forget to Follow Us & Visit at
for learn more. ImageImageImageImage
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In our latest @BlackRock Market Insights commentary we argue that #inflation’s role in the #economic order can be misinterpreted, and therefore that #policy seeking to achieve positive ends can ironically become the means by which those ends are undone:
Today, policymakers face a set of increasingly critical choices that could end up shaping our quality of life for a generation. Changes to the #Fed’s #inflation framework, without being fully debated, may ironically end up exacerbating the very problems they seek to alleviate.
One might paraphrase the #Fed mandate of full employment and stable prices as being intended “to preserve the purchasing power of as many as possible” – or, to create the best quality of life for the community. So, how do varying levels of #inflation impact that mandate?
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.@INCIndia trolls elated at minus 7.3% GDP growth in FY21,forgetting this was a #Pandemic year,in fact the worst pandemic in 102yrs

Good News in 4Q👇

GDP growth was 1.6% despite consensus of minus 1.4%

GVA growth was 3.7% Vs consensus of 2.6%

Industrial growth was solid 6.9%
In fact,both in Q3&Q4FY21,India reported positive GDP&GVA growth

Industrial growth also was +ve for 2 qtrs in a row at 1.7%&6.9%

Agricultural growth has been a positive 3%+ in every single qtr,in last 4 qtrs

Construction growth has been a massive 6.5%&14.5% in Q3&Q4
Some channels conveniently showing how WPI under @narendramodi govt has risen sharply,to 10.49% in April 2021

It is not #WPI but #CPI that matters& #RetailInflation measured by CPI was just 4.2% in April,with food inflation at 2.02%&Vegetable Inflation at minus 14.18%
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So Ramit is now arguing with the @B_REInvest @capital_sb crowd about accredited investor status not being worth anything?

I get that he has a book he wants to sell, but man... Talk about taking advantage of the common man's confusion on #investment.
Let me break this down for people.

Accredited investor status is basically "I'm a millionaire, so let me invest in seed round/pre IPO companies like a big boy, with minimal paperwork*."

*You can also qualify by making six figures a year; the exact amount is on the SEC website.
@capital_sb said, IF you have a network, accredited investor status can help get you in to really lucrative investments.

This is 100% true. SEC compliance is a pain in the ass. People are not looking to deal with it, and the easy button is "only deal with accredited investors."
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This is one of the few books that capture the Indian perspective very well & teaches us how to make money work for us rather than the other way round. I recommend this book to everyone who is working towards a financially stable future.

#LetsTalkMoney #ReviewsByPT
No matter how much you earn, the worries to earn more never really goes away. Adding fuel to the fire are things like paying bills, #EMI, retirement planning, etc. It is this that makes us work even harder than before. But the book makes you question, is this the only way?
‘Let's Talk Money’ cuts the jargon & the complexity associated with financial planning. While this is not a get-rich-quickly guide, the book helps you lead a smarter life instead of worrying about the ideal #insurance plan or the perfect #investment to be made.
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Thread #NPS #investment #Financialfreedom
National Pension Scheme
அரசு ஊழியர்கள் அல்லாதோர் தங்களின் சேமிப்பால் அரசு நடத்திடும் இந்த திட்டத்தினால் 60 வயதிற்கு மாதாந்திர ஓய்வூதியம் பெற முடியும்.
அரசு eNPS NDSL வலைதலத்தில் நீங்கள் நேரடியாக மிக எளிய நடைமுறையில் உங்களுக்கான PRAN கணக்கு உருவாக்கி சேமிக்க தொடங்களாம். ஒருத்தர் ஒரு PRAN மட்டுமே உருவாக்க முடியும், PAN கணக்கு போல.
உங்கள் 60வது வயதில் இந்த சேமிப்பு முதிர்வு அடையும்.
மொத்த சேமிப்பில் 60% தொகை நேரடியாக கொடுக்கப்படும் (taxable) 40% தொகை ஓய்வூதியத்திற்கு ஒதுக்கப்படும், இது 7 வகையான annuity ஆப்சன் இருக்கும், நீங்கள் விரும்பியதை தேர்வு செய்யலாம்.
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It is a currently a buyer's market in #Singapore due to the #Covid19 crisis hence property developers have to price property conservatively.

If you're #Singaporean, here's a thread on why you might want to consider a new private property 🏘️ in Singapore:

2/ Prior to 2013, people could easily flip #property and make tens of thousands just by buying an option to purchase.

Fast forward to 2013, various measures were introduced (#TDSR, #ABSD, #SSD)

This curbed demand lead to - /3…
3/ How is the #Singapore #RealEstate market different today?

- Healthy demand and less speculative buying
- Ample liquidity & low interest rates
- Declining unsold supply
- People are upsizing due to Work From Home (#WFH) changes…
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Sudden turns in macroeconomic policies before Q3, 2021 would be inadvisable, says Zhu He, CF40 Research Fellow. It’s not yet time for macroeconomic policies to change direction, not to mention the speed of the turn, he says. 1/8…
Recent data suggest a slowdown in China’s recovery, with the output gap closing at a slower pace. It remains uncertain whether #export and real estate #investment can sustain momentum in the next two quarters. 2/8
Any weakening of domestic #consumption or manufacturing investment before they return to normal levels would be a big drag on aggregate #demand and economic recovery. 3/8
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Peering into the near future of the Chinese #economy, Dr. Zhang Bin thinks there will be rebound in #consumption and slowdown of #investment: 1/6…
Household consumption in #China remains significantly lower than the pre-Covid level, with great potential for recovery. As Covid’s impact lingers, service consumption growth in China remains significantly lower than its pre-pandemic levels. 2/6
Household savings maintain steady growth, with newly-added household deposits coming in at RMB 6.68 trillion in 2021Q1. Going forward, as the temperature rises and the virus is further contained, service consumption will recover further, driving rebound in general consumption.3/6
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When you want the thread about Kotak Mahindra Bank?

Kotak Mahindra Bank.

Just for study purpose how to study a company before INVESTING into it.

Remember you are buying a company,not a stock


Today our topic of discussion is Kotak Mahindra Bank.
Here we shall watch this company's business model , financials and valuation.

Let's start with the history.
History of this company is very interesting.
As you may know,Mr. Uday Kotak is the (2/n)
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𝗛𝗼𝘄 𝘁𝗼 𝘀𝘂𝗿𝘃𝗶𝘃𝗲 𝗡𝗶𝗴𝗲𝗿𝗶𝗮’𝘀 𝗴𝗮𝗹𝗹𝗼𝗽𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗶𝗻𝗳𝗹𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 𝗿𝗮𝘁𝗲.
An undisputed certainty is that individuals that hold a large percentage of their assets in cash will experience a loss because of inflation.

Credit: @ubahjc
Nigeria’s inflation rate continues to uptick rapidly. Over the trailing 20 months, the year-on-year inflation rate has increased from 11.02% in August 2019 to 18.17% in March 2021.

Notably, March 2021 inflation rate of 18.17% is at the highest since February 2017.
As has been acknowledged by the Central Bank of Nigeria in its Q4-2020 economic report, a major driver of Nigeria’s current inflation is food price inflation which was 22.95% (March 2021). This is the highest level of food price inflation over the past fifteen years.
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Indices have beaten the majority of the equity funds in the market. Due to this, it has been difficult for fund managers to justify their remunerations. But, this SEBI rule has changed everything for the managers! (1/8)
A thread 🧵👇
#financewithfinology #mutualfunds #Investment Image

On April 28, SEBI issued a circular regulating fund manager compensation. The new rule makes it compulsory for top officials of mutual funds to invest 20% of their salaries in their own schemes.

One of the reasons is that some fund houses take excessive risks while chasing returns thereby jeopardizing the investors in the schemes. So this rule aligns fund managers to investors.
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How to Buy a Car without a Loan? Read on...

1. Get the price of your favorite car (Assume 10 lakhs)
2. Find out what's the EMI payable for that car for 3 years (₹31,336).
3. Start saving that amount and invest it diligently for 3 years
(for people who think #3 it's not possible, imagine that you have already got a loan and imagine that bank is debiting that EMI from your account. Would you be giving any excuses then???)
4. After three years, you would have around ₹13 lakhs (at 10% growth in Index funds).
5. Your choices after 3 years.
(a) Buy your favourite car (new) for the entire amount (₹13 lakhs).
(b) Buy a used car of the same model for half the price and invest the remaining (₹6.5 lakhs)
(c) Buy a used car (luxury), a segment above for the entire amount (₹13 lakhs)
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With @Citadelrealtyae as your trusted real estate investment company, you can get UAE residency as a homeowner in Dubai. We have partnered with leading developers in UAE to provide access to the best homes.
When you purchase a home in Dubai from us, you get a 10% Rental Return yearly, 5% Capital appreciation yearly, and a UAE Bank account opening assistance. There are also tailor-made travel packages exclusive for investors.
We also have alliances with some of the top developers in the UAE; Sobha Realty, Emaar Properties, Aldar Properties, and Dubai Properties. If you are looking for an investment property to profit from, look no further. Secure your future investment today.
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(1/n) Some notes from my trading journal – A thread
With this thread I shall attempt to explain how I select my trading picks.

I have learn't this concept from @markminervini 's books. Hope it helps.

#Trade #Investment #invest #StockMarket #stocks #india
(2/n) Stock trading above 200 and 50 DMA

Buy high to gain higher. CMP above 50 Day Moving Average (DMA) and 50 DMA above 200 DMA signifies the stock to be in an uptrend. This is an uncompromisable rule. @ZerodhaVarsity @zerodhaonline
(3/n) Volume

Volume is the key factor. The stock should show clear signs of accumulation. Generally, accumulation should happen over multiple periods of time. Attached image in the case of #BALAMINES can be used as an eg.

#stocks #StockMarket Image
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#Crypto Investment Tips: HOW TO RESEARCH CRYPTO COINS.

It is advisable that before you invest in a coin for long term holding, you need to thoroughly research the coin to avoid holding a shitcoin or coin that can quickly lose its' value.

#cryptocurrencies $BTC $ETH
Well, here are simple steps you can follow to research any crypto coins.

1. Read the whitepaper to understand the crypto project.
2. Try to find out the people behind the crypto project—what’s the track record.

#cryptotwitter #investing #UnknownGunmen smart Adeyemi Remi Tinubu
3. Market product fit and use cases: check to know if the crypto project has achieved market product fit.

4. What is the press saying about them and who are their partners?

#CryptoNews #Defi #DogecoinRise #research
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"Greta Thunberg... WHO is grateful for your generosity in donating €100000 to @thewhof in support of #COVAX..."

Perplexed. What #WHO #Foundation?

Dec 8, 2020: "health expert Anil Soni has been appointed as the 1st CEO of the newly launched The WHO Foundation..."
The #WHO #Foundation - is not part of the WHO. It operates "alongside" the WHO.

Soni joined the Foundation (Jan 1, 2021) from #Viatris, a global #pharmaceutical corporation.

Nov 18, 2020: #Pfizer's Upjohn spinoff completes merger w/ Mylan to form new generics giant #Viatris.
"Before joining the #WHO #Foundation, he was Head of Global Infectious Diseases at #Viatris, working across the #pharmaceutical co... Anil has been a senior advisor to the #Gates #Foundation & Born Free Africa. He is an alumnus of #McKinsey..."
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