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Dear Friends,

Implemented system to scan the bullish and bearish candlestick patterns
Eg: U can scan for Dragon fly doji, u will get the list.

Once u get the list, click on any stock and see the chart
Eg: Today scan found #BLUESTARCO Image
Now open the chart of #BLUESTARCO,

> Now click on patterns > candlestick > dragon fly doji pattern
> It will highlight on the chart where it occurred in the past also.
> Now u can check whether this pattern is respecting this stock or not.
> It is easy to backtest with ur eyes. Image
> U can check the same thing for Daily/Weekly/Monthly also.
> Once u found , stock is respecting this pattern then take position based on that.

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Dear Friends,

When I was new to trading, I was not sure how to draw about the support and resistance lines.

Was looking for a system to draw automatically support and resistance. But those systems are not for free and had limitation for free use.
It is better to draw manually so we can learn how to do that. Once u practice it, it become simple.

However, I decided to implement draw support and resistances automatically.

I believe this will be most useful, at least for me.

Check the stockinfo page
Toolbar has option to select how many support/resistance lines u want see.

eg chars are here
#ssstockalerts ImageImageImage
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Dear Friends,
If your are a positional/swing trader, then it is for U.

Added Patterns to detect HHHL & LHLL
1. Higher high higher low
2. Lower high lower low Image
What is the use HHHL?
- It tells trend is changed
- price action is changed and price is making higher high
- Ride ur runners.
- These swing points can be used as support and resistance. Image
What is use of LHLL?
- Price action changed
- Can take a short position.
- Use this exit your portfolio stocks so u run ur winners till they making lower low.
- Use as portfolio exit rule so when ever stock making LHLL, u will get email
- Use SL as price action based. Image
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How to find reversal of trend?
In an uptrend, prices usually open higher, then
break sharply to the downside and close below the previous
day’s closing price.

#Reversal #Trend #SSstockalerts… ImageImage
Eg: Image
How to find it?

Scans -> advanced patterns -> Select 'OPEN_HIGH' and 'Close Below Previous DAY Close'

If you want save this as your favorite then save it using save button. Image
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Dear Friends,

If your are a positional/swing/long trader, then it is for you.

Added multiple portfolio support to the system.

What is use of having multiple?
Track multiple stocks based on ur criteria.

Add exit rules. Image
Exit rules:

Set your own exit rules for your each portfolio.

What is exit rule?
Define a rule for exit, When you want either book profit/loss and come out of the trade.

Eg: For my short term portfolio, I want exit stocks which closing below 50SMA. Image
What is the use of exit rules?
- U no need to analyse your portfolio stocks constantly.
- Define a rule/Multiple rules which ever works for you then System automatically send an email to when ever a stock from portfolio matched to ur exit rules.
- Do once, and check ur mails
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Dear Friends,

If u r following any patterns and u want track those stocks how they r performing on next few days, there is Save as watch list feature added.

Give it a try and give your idea and suggestions. Image
What is use of it?
- No need to track these stocks manually
- Automatically will added all stocks to watch list.

I want to track break out strategy by Donchian Channel and verify whether these breakouts are working or not.
1. On day 1, perform the Donchian channel breakout pattern and save as watchlist.
2. From day 2 to 5, just watch your watch list, find how many are showing profits and losses.

3. If that pattern alone not working for add volume patterns also using advanced patterns.
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Chande Momentum Oscillator (CMO): Scanner

Dear Friends,

One of the user asked us to add scanner based on the CMO. Added below patterns to the site.
1. CMO Trending Up: CMO has crossed 0 from below is bullish.
2. CMO Crossed Above 50: CMO has crossed 50 from below is bullish. Image
3. CMO Over Bought zone: Bullish indicator. Greater than CMO value 50 signifies bullish.

4. CMO Trending Down: CMO has crossed 0 from above indicating bearish.
5. CMO Crossed Below -50: CMO has crossed -50 from above indicating bearish.
6. CMO Over Sold zone: Bearish. Image
Chande Momentum Oscillator: Thread

You will see a line between +100 to -100, that forms part of the Chande Momentum Oscillator, appearing in the lower pane in the chart below. Let us understand them. Image
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Dear Friends,

Added 8 new patterns based on Ichimoku indicator.


What is the Ichimoku Cloud?
The Ichimoku Cloud is a collection of technical indicators that show support and resistance levels, as well as momentum and trend direction. ImageImage
1. The Ichimoku cloud was developed by Goichi Hosoda, Japanese publisher.
2. The Ichimoku Cloud is composed of five lines.
> Conversion Line (Tenken) = (9 days period high + 9 days period low )/2.
> base line (Kijun) = (26 days period high + 26 days period low) /2.
> Leading span a (Senku A) = (Tenken + Kijun) /2
> Leading Span B ( Senku B) = (52 period high + 52 period low) /2
> Lagging Span (Chikoku span) Image
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Dear Friends,

I have implemented the below patterns based Money Flow Index (MFI).

What Is the Money Flow Index (MFI)?
The Money Flow Index (MFI) is a technical oscillator that uses price and volume for identifying overbought or oversold conditions in an asset

#ssstockalerts Image
1. It is like a RSI with volume. Considered as Volume RSI.
2. It moves between 0 to 100
3. Where < 80 considered as Overbought
4. Where > 20 considered as Oversold.
5. General period for MFI is 14.
6. Divergence can be helped to track trend.
7. Overbought and oversold doesn't necessarily mean the price will reverse, only that the price (factoring for volume) is near the high or low of its recent price range.
8.A divergence between the indicator and price is noteworthy.

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Hi Friends,

As per Prem idea, Going to add a feature
Add advanced patterns (combination of multiple patterns) and save them so when even any stock qualified for this pattern then email will be triggered.

Share your ideas, definitely will add them by soon..
Hi Friends,

Just save your patterns.
It may be a simple pattern or advanced pattern.

It may be on daily or weekly or monthly or even combine them based on your strategies.

When any stock matches to that criteria
Will trigger a email.
Eg: Image
Example for bullish harami pattern Image
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Added a scanner to scan the nse stocks based below conditions.
With advanced patterns, much stocks can be filtered.…

Just select Select Investment pattern. ImageImage
Stock investment pattern and positional buy pattern gives the best results for investment.
Positional Buy: cmp > ema5 > ema20 > ema50 and cci > 100 (alignment + momentum)
Stock investment: cmp is 50% up from 52weeks low and cmp > sma50 > sma200.
#investment ImageImage
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Lesson learned from Rayner is:
1. Trade near an area of the value. Should buy at a trend line or moving avg. (Means when stock respects moving average or trend line, should not buy the stock when the price is too far away from the moving avg or trendline.) Image
2. Don't chase the breakouts. means, if stock gave a breakout and missed that opportunity then should not enter at a high price after break out. It will be difficult to put the stop loss.
3. Always set the stop loss away from the obvious level. Means stop loss should not be at the exact swing low or at the pivot point. There are maximum chances are there to hit the SL. keep 2-5 points away from this level.
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#EIDPARRY Stock in the upwards trend channel. Waiting for a pullback above the trend line as the highlighted.

Get the positional stocks here:…

#Ssstockalerts #positional Image
Update #EIDPARRY Image
Still running in the trend channel. Image
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