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Oct 1, 2020, 8 tweets

So I didn't have a Wednesday Weather Word (a subsidiary of the #ScienceBehind franchise) yesterday. So here's one for you on this (not) Wednesday: #BlueMoon

Yes I know this is astronomy not weather but it's timely so stick with me here
#13newsnow #STEM #Astronomy #fullmoon

Check out this stellar (or should I say 'lunar'?) photo on our Skyview from this morning.

This month we have TWO #fullmoon, the first is today's #HarvestMoon and the second, a rare Halloween Blue Moon.
#13newsnow #STEM #astronomy

Last time there was a #FullMoon on #Halloween visible across the world was 76 years ago in 1944! Most people should be able to see it, weather permitting

The next time we may see a spooky full moon is 2039 as a full moon occurs on Oct 31st every 19 years

Back to the blue moon--
On average, a monthly blue moon happens every 2.5 years or so.

The last seasonal blue moon? Not as long ago -- May 2019.
#13newsnow #ScienceBehind #STEM #astronomy #fullmoon

Both #fullmoon this month are also micromoons.
Meaning that the full moon coincides with aphogee - the farthest point from the Earth in the moon's orbit.

The next micro full moon after Oct 31? Not until Nov 2021
#13newsnow #STEM #astronomy

(micromoon not to be confused with Chibi Moon)

Thanks for reading this week's edition of (not) Wednesday's Weather Word!

Have a stellar (or lunar) day, everyone!
#Stem #Astronomy #ScienceBehind

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