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🌟 Let's meet one of history's most influential scientists.

Galileo Galilei, born in 1564, revolutionized our understanding of the cosmos.

Volume⬆️ [Note, I made this AI-generated content with #midjourney, #ChatGPT, #11labs, #Photoshopbeta]
2/ Galileo's use of the telescope changed everything. By peering into the night sky, he discovered celestial wonders, including the craters of the moon, the moons of Jupiter and the phases of Venus. His observations challenged the prevailing beliefs of the time. #Astronomy <<<
3/ Galileo's discoveries clashed with the teachings of the Catholic Church. His heliocentric views, supporting Copernicus' theory that the Earth revolves around the Sun, brought him into conflict with religious authorities, shaped his destiny and the course of science. painting of Galileo Galilei...<<
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To this day we don't have a picture of our home galaxy, from the outside. This is because it is so large that sending a probe far enough to grab the selfie would take far too long. If we can't see it from the outside then how do we know its size and our location within it?⬇️1/6 Image
Harlow Shapley, an American astronomer (1885-1972), began by studying the distribution of globular clusters (dense collections of ancient stars) in the sky. He noted that these clusters were not uniformly distributed, but instead were more concentrated in one part of the sky⬇️2/ ImageImage
Shapley used variable stars within these clusters to estimate their distances. These variable stars have an intrinsic (actual) brightness and apparent (what we see) brightness. By comparing the intrinsic and apparent brightness, Shapley estimated how far away they were.⬇️3/6
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1/ 🌌🧬 Delving deeper into the realms of AI, consciousness, and the cosmos, we'll explore emerging technologies, theories, and insights shaping the future of our understanding. Get ready for the next chapter in this exhilarating adventure! #AI #Consciousness #Cosmology
2/ 🔮📡 As technology advances, we're witnessing the rise of quantum computing, neuroprosthetics, and brain-computer interfaces, expanding the horizons of AI and consciousness research. #QuantumComputing #Neuroprosthetics #BrainComputerInterfaces
3/ 🧠💡 Cognitive science and neuroscience have made strides in understanding the mind's inner workings, contributing to our grasp on consciousness and its connection to AI. #CognitiveScience #Neuroscience #Mind
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ఖగోళ శాస్త్రము (#Astronomy) అంటే నభోమండలం గురించిన అధ్యయనం. అంటే అంతరిక్షశాస్త్రం. అకాశంలో మనకి కనిపించే సూర్య, చంద్ర గ్రహ, నక్షత్రాదులతోపాటు విశ్వంలో ఉన్న అనేక ఖగోళ వస్తువులు/ పదార్థాల ఉత్పత్తి, ఉనికి, లక్షణాలు, నాశనములను శాస్త్రబద్ధంగా వివరిస్తుంది. Image
ఖగోళశాస్త్ర్రం అత్యంత ప్రాచీన విజ్ఞాన శాస్త్రాలలో ఒకటి. దూరదర్శిని (టెలిస్కోపు) కనుగొన్న తరువాత ఖగోళశాస్త్ర్రం కొత్త సాంకేతిక పరిజ్ఞానంతో అనంతంగా విస్తరించింది. 20వ శతాబ్దంలో ఖగోళశాస్త్రం రెండు ఉపశాస్త్రాలుగా విభజించబడింది. అవి:

పరశీలక ఖగోళశాస్త్రం (Observational Astronomy):
టెలిస్కోపులు, కంప్యూటర్లు వగైరా పరికరాలతో ఖగోళ వస్తువులను పరిశోధించి సంగ్రహించిన విషయాలను ప్రాథమిక భౌతికశాస్త్ర సూత్రాలతో వివరించడం, వాటి ఫలితాలను విశ్లేషించడము.
సైద్ధాంతిక ఖగోళభౌతిక శాస్త్రం (Theoretical astrophysics): విశ్వ రహస్యాలను వివరించడానికి గణిత సంభూతమైన
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Io, a World around Jupiter a few hours ago

Full size Video:…

Orbit (Perijove) 49
Alt: 64994 to 52515 km
Time: 2023-03-01

#Space #Astronomy #Jupiter #Io
NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS /AndreaLuck
This was partially stabilised at 51525 km

Here's the video link in case the one above doesn't work:

And the full image sequence is here:
This was the previous approach... Io is getting closer!

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New Thread🧵⛓
#numerology and #Numbers
Focusing on #Gann #Natural, Secret Numbers
#Cycles that help in #trading #price and #time
Sacred numbers, #Astrology and #Astronomy
First Number 360 (#Circle)
All can post views ,if good
will combine and post here
#stocks #stockmarket (1)
Circle is 360
Planets Circling, elliptical, waves,
Electrons , Nature many are in spirals or circles
Circle with in Circles
360 has 24 divisors
(From 1 to 10)
/7=51.428(not divisible)
All the numbers are important cycles! (2)
36 its all the same
6x6 = 36 , 6 square
6x6x6 =216 (666 beast cycle bible)
216 -72 = 108
holy trinity 3x3x3 =27
27x4 =108x2=216
9,18,36,72,144,288,(360),576 etc.
360/24 (hours a day)=15
we live in cycle of 144,360 etc (3)
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The night sky has always been an object of great fascination to Humanity and India has been one of the oldest civilisations to study and chart the sky.
@SciMuseumDelhi a unit of @ncsmgoi @MinOfCultureGoI has taken the initiative to re-introduce our own heritage to the people of India through a programme called #AstroTourism. A large number of people have gathered at Red Fort to get a glimpse of the night sky.
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Un piccolo thread a tema astronomia e astrologia ispirato dal mio recente genetliaco, che ha dato il via alla mia trentesima orbita intorno al Sole. Mettetevi comodi, si parte!

#thread #longthread #astronomy #astrology #astronomia #astrologia #divulgazione #fun
Sono nato a Lugo (RA) il 14.01.1994 alle 11:10. Quali sono il mio segno zodiacale e il mio ascendente? Scopriamolo insieme: secondo gli affidabilissimi @simonandthestar e il mio segno è quello del Capricorno e il mio ascendente è Ariete. Come si calcolano?
Segno = costellazione zodiacale (ossia: una delle costellazioni attraversate dall'eclittica, la linea su cui sembrano muoversi il Sole, la Luna e i pianeti) che “ospitava” il Sole al momento della nascita. Secondo gli astrologi, il Sole il 14.1.94 alle 11:10 era nel Capricorno.
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#Vaccineswork Here is an antivax-astronomy crossover. When Halley's comet was coming back to Earth, cyanogen was discovered in its tail, along with the knowledge that Earth was going to pass through. There was great consternation that we were going to get cyanogen poisoning.
People capitalized on the opportunity to sell cyanogen protection kits, pills, and gas masks, all the while - forgetting a fundamental principle of physics known as density. That's 3.75$ per pill, in US $ in 2023 approximately. #astronomy #charlatan #ScienceTwitter
While it is true that concentrated cyanogen/ cyanide is toxic, you are highly highly unlikely to get hurt by 10 molecules of cyanogen blowing past you. The dose makes the poison. The anti-comet pill dudes don't want you to know that.
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I have this curious notion, entirely unprovable of course, that being from the far North of the Earth does something to your worldview, because of how the *sky* looks at night.

consider that near the Equator, you can see almost every constellation, almost every star.

the entire celestial vault revolves into view, from North to South celestial poles.

but near the North Pole, you see the Pole Star high up, and the entire sky wheels around it—and you *don't* see most of the stars in the Southern celestial hemisphere.

I feel like...growing up with that, and knowing only half the stars in the sky...I think that does something to the human mind. something subtle but lasting.

it's not fashionable to think of the stars as having any effect on the human mind or human behavior...

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we in the Pnictogen Wing are perhaps nearly alone in thinking that "flat-Earth" people, i.e. human beings who cling to the notion that the Earth is not a spheroid but instead a disc, are not totally pointless.

flat-Earthers are, for most of Western society, safe targets.

for that reason alone, we are drawn to try understanding the phenomenon better, rather than simply discard flat-Earthism and its adherents as worthless and laughable.

what drives a person to endorse such a quixotic worldview, one that insures their permanent ostracism?

there's emotional benefits to belonging in a mostly-despised faction, of course. the faction experiences so much pressure from outside, the society *inside* the bubble is practically forced to be orderly and well-disclipined—a safe haven from an otherwise chaotic world.

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#Thread on what was happening in the world during passage of #Kaliyuga "A Celestial Clock Reset" caused by planetary conjunction dating 18th Feb 3102 BCE
#Archaeology #Astronomy

1/26 Pic Src https://www.deviant...
During 3100-3200 BCE lot of Geological, Meteorological, Weather, Oceanological, Civilisational changes occurred. It was very tumultus. Hindu Epoc #Kaliyuga Started during this period only

Meteor Showers & Comets recorded 3100 BCE
• 4 comets one month apart made terrestrial orbit intersections with the Earth-Duncan Steele
• Comet Proto-Encke made its closest pass to the Earth
• Fall of dust veil all over the world - Tree Rings in Ireland and England

3/26 ImageImage
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Lever de Jupiter sur le Saint-Laurent

#planets #NightPhotography #astronomy #Jupiter #photooftheday
Aussi incroyable que cela puisse paraître, voici un lever de Jupiter au-dessus du fleuve Saint-Laurent. En bas à gauche, on peut apercevoir les îles Manowin et Corossol et, complètement à gauche, les lueurs qui émanent de la Pointe-Noire et de Sept-Iles.
N’est-ce pas franchement extraordinaire qu’une planète située à 965 millions de kilomètres de la terre nous renvoie la lumière solaire avec une intensité telle qu’elle produise un reflet sur le fleuve?
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The #lionsgateportal is not today… calculate in the 24 degree axial change to Earth since the time of Babylon and you see the alignment happening on the 23rd of August, precisely at 2.30am EST If this event is something that you pay attention to or generally #astrology. 1/2
The best way to find deeper explanations is to look into what is the difference between tropical and sidereal astrology. Sidereal calculates in the axial changes and it’s also aligns with Vedic astrology.
🧵 as some of you are so interesting (upset) with your DMs regarding my above post on #tropical vs #sidereal #astrology. Let me share my thoughts so you can better understand where I stand regarding and why. I hope it helps… so here we go…
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Cute sections from the astronomy section of Popular science monthly in 1902 talking about the Andromeda Nebula and the Spiral Nebula of Canes Venatici because it hadn't clicked yet they were different galaxies.

#Space #Astronomy
This realization is in fact surprisingly recent.

The "Great Debate" of astronomy as to wither "spiral nebula" are actually local nebula or different "island universes" happened in 1920:…
A bulletin from 1921 still discussing the scale of the universe and listing the evidence for and against the extra galactic "island universes" theory:…

Also worth noting, the conclusion:
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A quick direct linklist to the high resolution images of #JWST first images in case you have trouble finding them:

(All, as well as future ones, can be found at:…)

"SMACS 0723"

NIRCam Image (28Mb version):…

#space #astronomy Image
Southern Ring Nebula

NIRCam Image (21Mb version):…

Mid Infrared Image (1.6Mb version):… Image
Stephan’s Quintet

NIRCam Image (172Mb version):…

Mid-Infrared Image (5Mb version):…

Composite (181Mb version):… Image
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#BookOverview Sringeri Vidyāśaṅkara Temple Astronomical Theater By Viswa Nath Sharma

The present work reveals with scriptural support that the Vidyāśaṅkara temple is a Sun Temple unique in India & the world


@IndicaBooks #Thread #Astronomy
@IndicaBooks An astronomical theater with twelve zodiac pillars having a zodiac sign carved on them is the Navaraṅga of the Vidyāśaṅkara Temple at Sringeri, a town established by Shankaracharya
@IndicaBooks The pillars are illuminated each month, causing observers to conjecture that the illumination patterns represent a calendar. Scientific studies at the temple have not been able to resolve the issue
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#Thread #Astronomy #Stars #UPDATE

An international team of scientists led by #Indian #astronomers has spotted a new member belonging to the extremely rare group of young stars that exhibit what's called episodic accretion. 1/n Image
Episodic accretion is a process where stars accrete via a disk from a more spherically distributed envelope which adds mass to the disk & makes it unstable on an irregular basis. Such instability dumps extra material onto the star & accretion rate & luminosity increase. 2/n
Indian astronomers from the @ARIESNainital as part of an international team, including from @TIFRScience and @IIABengaluru have discovered “Gaia 20eae”, the latest member of episodically accreting young stars, according to @IndiaDST . 3/n
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1/6 A year and a half later, I finally finished my black hole project. #madewithunreal and now powered by #Niagara, this shader/sim implements physically correct gravitational lensing, which bends the light in all kinds of groovy ways! #gamedev #realtimevfx #astronomy #UE4 #UE5
2/6 A weird phenomena of gravitational lensing is the photon-sphere. @ScienceClic hooked me up with the equations I needed to represent this. When done correctly, zooming the camera in yields the same image repeat over and over to infinity (it gets small though)!
3/6 The accretion disk was my main focus this time around. I ended up learning how to write fluid solvers because I didn't want a static texture that was just warping around the event horizon. I wanted something alive, dynamic and violent.
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Have you ever heard of the “Orion Correlation Theory”? It’s the correlation between the location of the 3 largest pyramids & Orion's Belt of the constellation Orion, & that this correlation was intended as such by the original builders of the #Giza #pyramid complex. #Archaeology Image
The Orion correlation theory was put forward by Robert Bauval, & the theory was first published in 1989 in Discussions in Egyptology, volume 13. It was the subject of a bestseller, The Orion Mystery, in 1994. Source:…
The evidence shows patterns of stars that is frozen on the ground at Giza in the form of the 3 pyramids & the Sphinx represents the disposition of the constellations of Orion and Leo as they looked at the moment of sunrise on the spring equinox during the astronomical age of Leo. ImageImageImage
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Saturn🪐( Shani ) - The King Maker

🌟SADESATI the word makes everyone frighten but the truth is Saturn’s Sadesati could be the most beneficial time for any native BUT it comes with some restrictions

#ASTRO #Saturn #astronomy Image

Sadesati takes on the entire list of Karmas ( Good/Bad ) you did & it results according to it.During Sadesati the native could face challenges related to the things they feel restricted/hidden for e.g - False manipulative finances, cheating someone, uncared health, etc

🌟If Sun is the King of all planets than Saturn is the King Maker. And with discipline, dedication & patience lord Saturn becomes more stronger and gives its earthy blessings. Saturn simply represents your Karmas and gives a very unbiased result in its Sadesati or Dasha
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Some #Astronomy highlights for November 2021:

3rd: A good chance to see #Mercury this morning and just above it is the 3% lit crescent #Moon. Look E at 6am. Good photo opportunity.

3rd: The dwarf planet Ceres is very close to the star Aldebaran in Taurus this evening.
4th: The less than 1% lit #Moon is below #Mercury this morning at 6am. A very tricky spot before the Sun rises.

5th: The ice giant #Uranus reaches opposition today.

6th: The Galilean moon Callisto transits across #Jupiter's disc this evening from 16:45 to 21:20 UT.

7th: Look low to the SW from 5pm to see bright #Venus to the left of the 11% lit crescent #Moon. Good photo opportunity.

8th: A now 20% lit #Moon is to the left of Venus this evening. Look SW from 5pm.

9th: Ganymede's shadow crosses #Jupiter's disc from 15:00 to 18:35 UT.
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0/16 Just like the real #NASA Webb Telescope, I’m so big that I have to fold up to fit in my #rocket for launch and then unfold in #space. Follow this thread to see each step of my deployment throughout the coming days. Image
1/16 Not long after I launch 🚀 into space, I need to deploy my solar array to keep the power flowing. My solar array folds flat, just like the real thing! #solarpower
2/16 📡 Next I release my medium- and high-gain antennae so that I can #communicate better and send data to you. My antennae are gimbaled, allowing me to aim them directly at #Earth! 🌍
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