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The second day of the 2022 White House Tribal Nations Summit is about to begin. Tune in!


#TribalNationsSummit #WHTNS
It looks like those streams are already down so for those tuning in from home or the office, try this one instead:

Or even try this one, which seems to be working:…
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India ink preparation of CSF from a patient with cryptococcal meningitis showing the budding yeast cells of C. neoformans surrounded by a characteristic wide gelatinous capsule. The yeasts also show narrow-base budding and characteristic variation in size.
The space occupied by the capsule shows as a clear space between the gray background of the ink particles and the refractile edge of the cell.
India ink/nigrosin stain is a negative, acid stain. This means that the dye easily gives up a hydrogen ion (proton) and the chromophore of the dye becomes negatively charged. Since the surface of most organims cells is negatively charged, the cell surface repels the dye.
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1) #MeToo comes to STEM. The @NIH shared new data detailing complaints it has received in recent years, comprising of more than 300 complaints against NIH-funded scientists. Consequently 75 investigators were removed from their grants
Gisela Rusteholz, Mauro Mediavilla, and Luis Pires published a case study on the Impact of bullying on academic performance. A case study for the Community of Madrid, in IEB working paper 2021/01…
If witnesses to harassment, members of investigative committees, journal editors, and individuals at every level of the scientific community all leverage their knowledge & power to combat bullying, we can create a safer & more civil #scientific environment
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#NEOM aka “#TheLine”, #SaudiArabia will take 10 years to build, 105-mile-long linear city for 9 million people. No cars. Super-high-speed train to connect end-to-end in 20 minutes. Mirrored exterior. 500 meters tall. My thoughts follow... #Future
2/ #CitiesSkylines #STEM Don't get me wrong. I love technology and was fascinated by giant space stations in the sky as a kid. But... The first problem I see is there's no existing anchor town or organic reason for #NEOM to exist where it is to be built.
3/ #Ghosts People don't like moving 1,000 miles to an empty city where there is no one and especially no one they already know. The city is actually a series of modules / mini-cities. I'd build one of these around a metro stop in Riyadh and see if anyone moves in.
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Here are 18 books that will radically change the way you think about AI, algorithms, and technology📚🔥
Buy one for yourself and gift one to a loved one!🎁
And support indie bookstores!✊🏾…
#AI #tech #ethics #bookchat #justice #diversity Covers of 18 books in this thread
1. Algorithms of Oppression
Safiya Umoja Noble @safiyanoble challenges the idea that search engines like Google offer an equal playing field for all forms of ideas, identities, and activities. #AI #tech #ethics #bookchat…
2. Automating Inequality
Virginia Eubanks @PopTechWorks systematically investigates the impacts of data mining, policy algorithms, and predictive risk models on poor and working-class people in America.
#AI #tech #ethics #bookchat…
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THREAD: Sign up for our FREE @NBCUAcademy Next Level Summit on Tuesday, Oct. 18th!…


Want success in the new media landscape? @thenewsoncnbc's Shepard Smith & top @NBCUniversal leaders share tips News & Entertainment in the Digital and Streaming Age. Our p

See how new tech jobs change how we deliver the news. @AlRoker, @SteveKornacki, @EmilieIkedaNBC & @PriscillaWT show off cutting-edge tech!

@bcheungz also speaks w/ @NBCNews, @MSNBC, @CNBC & @TelemundoNews execs:…
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Some academic tools that I discovered recently for research students. Also, attaching two of my previous lists too!

A 🪡

@OpenAcademics @ThePhDPlace #AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter #scicomm #STEM
1. Paper Digest: It summarizes academic articles for you!
2.Paperpal: It's a real-time, topic-specific language suggestion that makes your writing better and faster.
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1/ #Trains #Trainspotting #TrainThursday #Railways - Who likes trains? I always have... Here are some from Chattanooga, Tennessee at the Tennessee Valley Railroad and Museum! #TN225
2/ #Trains #1940s #1950s #forests - Admission gets you on to a 40 min. train ride through the forest, Missionary Ridge Tunnel and bridges in a vintage train... Each compartment is different, but all are from the 1940s to 1960s or so IIRC.
3/ #STEM - @tvrail's turntable operation at the second station at the "end" of the ride is great. It takes ~15 minutes. Then we all re-board for the 20 min. ride back to the first station. Nicely done and worth the $22/person tickets!
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@Flash43191300 HERE IS REAL #Chernobyl story. IN 1992, Bill Zoller, 79, visited Chernobyl a #UW chemistry professor who studied the atmosphere. #AEA asked Zoller, for his assessment of what was going on with Ukrainian reactor meltdown that had taken place on April 26, 1986. #nuclearmeltdown
@Flash43191300 #Uranium, steel, concrete and sand had melted to form a radioactive, glasslike lava that melted through several #floors, eventually #solidifying in the #basement. Because of its shape, it was called the Elephant’s Foot.
@USNavy @USArmy #STEM
@Flash43191300 his Ukrainian host gave him a photographic slide. It was of the Elephant’s Foot.
“Go ahead; pass the image around the West,” Zoller says the man told him. “I don’t have any way of getting it out there. @washingtonpost @guardian @NATO @USNATO
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Undergrads & new grad students - NOW is the time to start thinking about applying for the @nsf GRFP!
A thread of advice I've accumulated on how to write a successful application...🧵
#AcademicChatter #phdchat #NSFfunded #STEM #scicomm #sciencetwitter #NSFGRFP
I applied to the NSF GRFP twice, & was successful the 2nd time; I chalk up that success to my advisors at RGGS, Carthage, & Marquette, & so most of the advice below comes from them.
First, what is the GRFP? Put simply, it's a competitive fellowship funded by the @NSF that replaces or supplements your graduate stipend & provides some funding to your institution. It is open to US citizens who are, or will be, grad students (MS & PhD) in #STEM fields.
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Research students-- If you're considering making your portfolio or a website.

Then, do check these points.

A 🧵

@PhDVoice @ThePhDPlace @OpenAcademics @PhD_Genie #AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter #scicomm #STEM
1/🧵 Image
2/🧵 Image
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It's a season of lab rotations for PhD students!! Students - Go to every lab with a broad, open outlook, interact & learn. Think about which topic drives the passion in you, see which lab environment you would fit best into! #AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter
There are many factors to carefully ponder upon before you choose & make your decision. Think it through as grad school forms the basis & foundation of your career in science be it academia, industry, other allied careers!
#science #sciencetwitter
You spend a significant amount of time of the peak of your career in grad school in the lab hence choosing the right lab & the research that you are most passionate and driven about becomes highly important!
@VoicesofIndAcad @PhDVoice
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If you're working on multiple projects, starting or completing your PhD.

Here are some tools/suggestions that can help you manage your time and productivity.

A 🧵

@OpenAcademics @ThePhDPlace @PhDVoice #SciComm #AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter #STEM
1.Gantt Chart: is a project management tool that illustrates a project plan. It has two sections: on the left side, it outlines a list of tasks or projects, and the right side has a timeline with schedule bars that visualize the work for a particular week or month.

I quite enjoy using the Gantt chart sometimes. I used it often when I was working my schedule on the Monday app. It looks very organized. Yes, at first it may feel intimidating but it's easy to follow.
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Some of the best universities/ business schools to do a #PhD in #Finance =>
1. @LBS
2. @Wharton
4. @ChicagoBooth
5. @MIT
6. @LSEfinance
7. @BerkeleyMFE (Quantitative Pathway)
8. @StanfordGSB
9. @NYUSternRisk
10. Columbia Business School (Financial Engineering)
This is not an exhaustive list.
I am just sipping coffee and writing this tweet.
There are many other institutions which might be damn good.
@Harvard Business School is the best for Business econs / #DBA.
Other Ivy League universities not aforementioned have superb PhD programs.
@Columbia offers MSc Financial Maths and MBA.
Financial Maths Degree was a conjoint project undertaken by Industrial Engineering and Operations Research Departments (plz check the website now)
Great if you want to do a Quantitative Finance PhD sharing expertise of different depts
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How I search and read scientific papers now…

A 🧵

After trying many methods of reading research papers effectively, I have now (at least) settled on this format.

@PhDVoice @ThePhDPlace @PhD_Genie @OpenAcademics #AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter #scicomm #STEM
I think it's just 4 step method! At first, it may feel time-consuming but once you get a grip on it then it's quite easy.
1.I first start by searching for the main topic that I am working on -- #AntibioticResistance in @OK_Maps. Now “Open Knowledge Maps” creates a visual knowledge map of the topic you're searching for. Also, lets you know if a paper has open access.

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Kudos 👏 to the 15 faculty members @Yale who co-signed this ⬇️ powerful statement in support of #Jewish, #Zionist & #Israeli students & post docs on the campus. Incredibly important to see professors 👩‍🏫👨‍🏫 standing up and speaking out like this!! #academia…
Key takeaway: whether it’s at #Yale or USC, CUNY, UPenn or any number of other 🇺🇸 universities, it’s increasingly faculty in #STEM fields who are speaking out against campus #Antisemitism & the ostracism, harassment of #Jewish, #Zionist, #Israeli students & junior professionals.
We are incredibly fortunate to have these faculty as members in our growing network @TheAENetwork and look forward to continuing to support their efforts & hard work to improve the campus climate for Jewish & all students! #DiversityandInclusion #academia
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How I stay a bit organized in research.

Here are some points which I follow that help me in my research journey.

A 🧵

@PhDVoice @ThePhDPlace @PhD_Genie @OpenAcademics #AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter #scicomm #STEM
I know... This might be some infinite times you must have read a post or thread on how to stay organized! So what makes mine different? Maybe nothing earth-shattering but these are some tested points that I have been following for quite some years now.
1.I draw a “Pie Chart”: When in doubt, I draw a pie chart. I see what work consumes most of my time and divide them accordingly. So what I do is, make a pie chart and divide how much percentage I want to dedicate to each task.

For example:
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After giving several presentations right from bachelor's to master's to PhD currently and at various conferences. Here are some points that I keep in mind.

A 🧵

@PhDVoice @ThePhDPlace @PhD_Genie @OpenAcademics #AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter #scicomm #STEM
Even I develop my presentation skills through feedback that I receive from my supervisors, audience/readers etc. I hope these points are helpful to you. Also, you may already know some of them if so, thank you for your time. Thank you for reading!
1. The first slide: I now stick to one image which looks neat and simple for my research presentations. I add 2-3 images if it's something about creativity or something else.

Sample 1:
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Esta tarde tienes una cita con #MásMujeres en el @Senadoesp

📅Hoy, 27 de junio


📍Sala Clara Campoamor

Si no puedes venir, síguelo en directo en este enlace:…
¡¡Empezamos!! #MasMujeres
Si hay algo que aglutina a la derecha y la ultraderecha es meterse con nosotras, las mujeres. Más que la fiscalidad o el orden social o cualquier otra cosa.
Pero las socialistas hemos hecho de #MásMujeres el lema de nuestro grupo parlamentario.
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Dear #hr in #niin #ksom #usc, I know you are busy,but could you spend 8 mins on my emails pls? I sent 6 emails from April to June, and called you every day this week, but I didn’t get any reply. #neuroscience EAD will be expired at 07/10😩@USC @KeckMedUSC @KECKSchool_USC @USCNIIN ImageImageImageImage
Thanks,friends in #twitter in #niin,#ksom, #usc, in #neuroscience, #neuroimaging, #neuroradiology. I really appreciate your support. I got the email this afternoon. It’s my fault. Even leave, leave with pride, grace, and gratitude, no regret. The 4 yrs will be the best memory in Image
my life, although it is also the hardest 4 yrs. Hope other colleagues could take my lessons, and prepare everything earlier in the future.
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PhD students don’t want to be postdocs. Faculties are leaving academia... Intriguing discussions are published by both Nature and Science.
Key points are:

#science #research #engineering #academia #PhD #AcademicTwitter
1. U.S.-based researchers reported challenges recruiting in all #STEM fields: “This year … we received absolutely zero response from our posting,” one wrote. “The number of applications is 10 times less than 2018-2019,” another wrote.
2. Faculty: “It took 2 months to receive a single application [for a postdoc position]. Money is just sitting there that isn’t being used … and there’s these projects that aren’t moving anywhere as a result”.
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If you're writing a statement of purpose or research statement then check these points.

A 🧵

@PhDVoice @OpenAcademics @ThePhDPlace @PhD_Genie #AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter #scicomm #phdchat #STEM
P.S. Even I used to get confused between an SOP, a research statement and a personal statement initially but there's a clear difference between each one of them.
1. SOP or research statement: for this type of essay generally you will be asked a few questions for which you should discuss your purpose for getting into a particular program or research/academic interest.
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The #NS21 crew is inside the Astronaut Training Center doing final preparations for their flight to space. Learn more about who’s onboard today:
Evan Dick, a crew member on #NS19, embarks on his second #NewShepard flight today. He’s an ATP-rated pilot, an avid sailor and motorcyclist, and a volunteer for Starfighters Aerospace.
.@hespanha_victor is a civil production engineer and will become the second Brazilian citizen to fly to space. Victor’s #NS21 seat is sponsored by @cryptospaceage.
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1/ A reflection about @timnitGebru's recent commenc. speech at @UCBerkeley! I've known her for 5 years now. My 1st encounter was when we met to feature her as a guest on my TV show. Our convo was great. I've a respect for her. She is someone with a solid academic/prof credential
2/ She is fighting to create an equitable digital future by ensuring AI won’t go astray. When our sisters didn’t have someone to look up to who looks/speaks like them, I was happy to have @timnitGebru on my show. I'll always be open for her to come inspire the next gen in #STEM.
3/ Her journey has been inspiring & the equity of black women in STEM was/is so important to me that I also featured her in the book that I've authored & published in 2018 so that many could follow in her footsteps. I also defended her publicly during her departure from Google.
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