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Official Delegation of the 🇪🇺 to Syria; بعثة الإتحاد الأوروبي إلى سورية تعمل حالياً من بيروت وتقوم بزيارات منتظمة إلى دمشق؛ القائم بالأعمال: @DanStoenescuEU

Jul 5, 2021, 7 tweets

#Syria 🧵:10 years into the Syrian conflict, the Syrian regime is still trying to twist the facts. Social media and mobile messaging apps have also made it easier for #disinformation to spread. If you spot any of the 👇myths in your feeds, call them out.!yXWTYB

Syrian officials blame the #sanctions to say that they prevent refugees from returning to a "safe" #Syria. In reality, the regime's security forces arrested many of those who returned to the areas under its control and forced many to enlist in the army. 👉!yXWTYB

The Syrian regime claims that the sanctions are an economic siege imposed on the Syrian people, while Bashar al-Assad himself admitted that the crisis began years after the so-called "siege". Our sanctions target the Syrian regime and its allies.👉!yXWTYB

Reopening of embassies in #Damascus by Member States is not new. Any diplomatic presence does not mean the #normalisation of relations with the regime. Chargés d’affaires to Syria operate in a reduced capacity to carry out humanitarian and aid projects.👉!yXWTYB

The Syrian regime and its allies want the world to believe that the #chemical_attacks were orchestrated. In April 2021, #Syria lost its voting right at the #OPCW, in response to the regime’s use of poison gas against its own people. Know the facts 👉!yXWTYB

“The West supports terrorism” the Syrian regime says; While we are actively combating #Daesh threat through sanctioning its members and by participating in the @coalition against Daesh as a non-military member. We debunk this misleading info here👉!yXWTYB

Since day one, the regime presented inconsistent narratives about the killing of peaceful protestors. One day protestors in #Daraa were an "armed gang", another time they were “victims of individual mistakes”. The ultimate fact? Protestors were killed. 👉!yXWTYB

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