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1. In 2017, @coalition spearheaded by #SDF liberated #Raqqa from #Daesh, Here's Maj. Gen. Jarrard, @SOJTFOIR responding to a question in a presser on total SDF causalities. #NuffSaid
via @YouTubeArmy @USSOCOM @SDCPress @barbarastarrcnn @rabrowne75
2. IN 2017 the @USMC moved M777 155 mm Howitzers into the field in Syria in support of the battle for #TabqaDam. Guns were deployed NNW of #Tabqa dam as I recall. Great video from @DVIDSHub via @YouTube #SemperFidelis
3. And one of my favorite memories of what was often a very sad five years was the Kurdish Navy relieving #Tabqa. Resulted in a strategic victory. IMO Tabqa would likely be Regime held now if they hadn't relieved it.
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Trump's tactics of division seeks to conquer the news cycle, we may unite behind the idea of fake news, but the cult mentality and self-projected "politics of revenge" keep Trump supporters from seeking common ground.
The mastery behind the term #FakeNews is that it is a simple way to describe one's argument. Both sides, all Americans, every point of view is being agitated to create more division. Trolling is too nice of a word.…
The reason division occurs, is because our minds have formed an opinion based on current knowledge and when anyone challenges that opinion, our perception literally sends a red flag and decides to attack or wonder. (fight or flight) Does the GIF below bring you joy or agitation?
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1. Remember Kobane in 2014? A sense of hopelessness with #YPG & #YPJ soon to be overrun? We begged and @JohnKerry & @BarackObama and they took a gamble & despite Turkey's ire, began to support a mostly Kurdish force in Kobane. Soon they moved from victory to victory.
2. Arabs Christians and other soon joined and ISIS began to recede to a pocket in Syria's eastern Euphrates River valley. Today, Americans including our service members around the world will stop to watch the #SuperBowl. That will include our forces in NES (Syria).
3. And while we're watching the game, a force of #SDF #MMC @USSOCOM are closing in on the last #Daesh refuge in the Euphrates valley. The war to rid NES from ISIS was IMO among the greatest successes in US military history. @realDonaldTrump Don't screw it up. #GoPats
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1. And now I'm going to tell a story. Another false flag. This time is to force @POTUS not to take the US army out of #Syria.
They already have a lot of experience (8 years) to make chemical attacks to accuse the Syrian government.
OH, and they even have a manual.🧐😲🤨
2. ISIS terrorist? 😲Seriously?🤨 Have they investigated? 🤓And they already know who it was? 🧐Super efficient 🙃.

Preliminary reports say at least six people were killed & 19 injured by the explosion. US official: 4 US army Killed & 3 US army wounded.
3. ISIS took responsability?😲Seriously?🤨Have they investigated?🤓They already know who it was? 🧐Super efficient 🙃.

The Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) took responsibility for the attack that reportedly targeted the US-led coalition’s patrol.
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HILO de #DENUNCIA contra el #periodismo irresponsable e irrespetuoso con las #víctimas del #terrorismo:

1/Tremendamente lamentable que el periódico @periodistadigit y su redactor @JMRMontero sigan teniendo en su web el vídeo de la decapitación de Louisa Jespersen y Marién Ueland
2/ Es repugnante y deleznable que un medio de comunicación publique este tipo de vídeos terroristas y los mantenga disponibles es su web desde el pasado 20 de diciembre. Cualquier adulto o niño puede acceder al mismo y eso es gravísimo por múltiples razones.
3/ El primer vídeo muestra de forma explícita cómo unos asesinos decapitan a las dos jóvenes citadas. El crimen es aberrante y monstruoso pero el hecho de dar difusión al vídeo para ganar visibilidad es igual de enfermizo. Esto es propaganda terrorista y no debe difundirse
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Syria Report: NB not yet confirmed:
1. During last 24 hours, @coalition destroyed a full military convoy of Syrian regime while trying to cross into the eastern Euphrates areas in the area of Halabiya & Zlabia, and it was confirmed that the bridge has been put out of service.
2. Disappearance of a whole convoy of Iranian militia as they passed through the Syrian desert to Deir al-Azur. @DefenseIntel @OIRSpox @LindseyGrahamSC @NancyPelosi @RepAdamSchiff @DefenseUnits @maddow
3. Report of continued presence of @coalition patrols in northern areas of Manbi. American presence inside the city is normal. Americans visited the Euphrates hospital today morning and denied all the news propagated by Syrian opposition about SDF fighters leaving city.
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#SAA General Staff come to the conclusion that the current Syrian contingent in #AlSafa front against #ISIS/#Daesh militants won't be decided by the present forces & sent reinforcements to the area
At first,only 1 #SAA armored division & 1st Commando Division fought there #Syria
Now almost all of #SAA combat units are concentrated on #AlSafa
1 Armored Division Corps
3 Armored Division Corps
Mechanized Infantry Division
4 Armored Division with Golan rocket launchers
Armored Division
Commando Division
Armored Infantry Corps
Al-Quds Brigade
Elnimer Force
Pic of #Russia/n soldiers participating in #SAA #AlSafa offensive on #ISIS/#Daesh militants #Syria
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Whelp time to get this done. #Thread on the absolutely embarrassing loss that the #SDF just took in the #Hajin pocket.

DISCLAIMER: This thread will contain heavy amounts of salt.
At the time of this tweet, information I received was 3 hours old and attacks were ongoing.

#DMC forces had been forced out of the area in #Susah blocking #Marashidah… and were holding positions in the Palestine neighborhood…

DMC retreated to areas with #YPG in this neighborhood. At this time inghimasi units appeared from tunnels behind and within the YPG positions. Because apparently no one had fully cleared the area. This caused a serious issue and caused YPG to retreat.
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THREAD: #1 Police arrested 8 men including 7 foreigners for alleged connection to an Islamic learning centre in Perlis state allegedly related to a #terrorism group in Yemen and spreading salafi jihadi ideology in Southeast Asia, Malaysia police chief @Fuzi_Harun said today.
#2 Arrests thanks to info from foreign intelligence agencies. The suspects - foreign instructor & students at the Islamic learning centre, are connected to a madrasa in Dammaj, Yemen, founded by Sheikh Muqbil bin Hadi al-Wadi'i, an extreme salafi jihadi ideologue.
#3 The Yemeni madrasa is a staunch believer in salafi jihadi ideology which makes it permissible to kill non-Muslims & Muslims not in line with them, also labels democracy as "toghut", says Malaysian IGP @Fuzi_Harun.
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All the forces killed in #terrorist attack on military parade in SW city of #Ahvaz are from #IRGC forces, at least 7 guards injured. 2 terrorists neutralized and 2 on the run. #Iran
This video shows moments following terrorist attack against military parade in #Ahvaz. #Iran
According to Fars news agency 1 terrorist has been injured, another arrested following clashes with Iranian security forces in #Ahvaz, SW of #Iran.
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Once again protests against the #Assad regime have erupted all over rebel-held #Idlib and nortern #Aleppo.

Syrians in the town of #Kafranbel sing "we want freedom!"
#Syria: anti-#Assad protest in the village of al-Ibizmu in western #Aleppo
#Syria: anti-#Assad protest in the town of Darat Izza in western #Aleppo.
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#Lavrov now: De-confliction b/n #Russia & #US in #Syria wotking wrll, when there's a need Americans turn to us for explanations of certain things and we do the same
#Lavrov now: When we intervened in #Syria in Sep'15 #ISIS wad at the gates of #Damascus. Not a single power that are today raising voices about humanity, rights, etc moved their finger to prevent #Daesh from almost capturing the city & making it the capital of their caliphate
#Lavrov on @realDonaldTrump tweet on #Idlib: #Trump's right-we need to avoid a humanitarian crisis there. That's what we always try to do w/ humanitarian corridors & other coverups for civilians unlike Americans,say,in #Raqqa who just ironed the city. Now they want to cover Nusra
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DEVELOPING: #ISIS force strength now may be close to its peak in 2015.
As of June 2018, estimated 28,600 to 31,600 #Daesh fighters in #Iraq #Syria per IG report

US intelligence estimates had 33,000 #ISIS fighters at group's peak in 2015

h/t @nickglavin
The same report says there are about 200 #ISIS fighters in #Philippines…
#ISIS caliphate gone but it's foot soldiers remain-as many as 32,000 #Daesh in #Iraq #Syria per latest @DeptofDefense intel

At its peak US intel officials said ISIS boasted about 33,000 fighters…
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BREAKING: #Russias's MoD reports first large group of #FreeSyrianArmy militants sided with #Syria/n gov forces in southern de-escalation zone.Reps of Rus Reconciliation Center in SYR & Syrian authorities negotiated w/ FSA and ... 1/3
...the leader of the Tajammu al-Wiyat al-Omari announced his group would be siding w/ #Syria/n gov.The statement released by #Rus Reconciliation Center says Omari Brigades leader stressed his group will fight against #Nusra Front & #Daesh together w/ SAA in the south of SYR..2/3
According to @mod_russia's Reconciliation Center first units of #Syria/n army entered the settlements of Dama and Ashiyah in the Southern zone of de-escalation by Friday evening 3/3
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Riddle me this Col. @AllenWest:

** Would Comey/Obama/Brennan and ALL of their crews go down with HRC over selling Uranium?

** Why does Eric Holder chime in all the time about a spying scandal that he wasn’t a part of?

#FastAndFurious is the tie that binds

2/ First I want to say:

Scandals this big are manufactured at the very top- when we say #FastAndFurious we should also say #HolderGate!

Front-line Agents DO NOT design these plans; cannot cover them up!

Eric Holder owns this one and it is heating up!
3/ The reasons #FastAndFurious is #HolderGate are many!

For starters:

** He was in command of DOJ

** Federal Prosecutors report to him

** He clearly wasn’t going to prosecute himself!

He owns the planning & cover-up!
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After the liberation of all the towns and cities of Iraq, #ISF and #PMU are now preparing to clear the desert of Anbar, Ninawa, and Salahuddin, from #Daesh militants
#ISF #PMF liberate Sheikha, Malha, Sabeeha, Ali Al-Mani, Arab Abdullah Al-Furaiji, Beir Aziz, Umm Al-Akarab, Masilili, Sarjaimah, Abdullah Al-Obaidi, Sabihat al Badwa v @TomTheBasedCat

Umm Dhiyabah, Zubaydi, Sakriyah, Ab al Ali, Siyah adh Dhib, Sarjaimah, Baka v al-hashed .net
@TomtheBasedCat 24/11 #ISF #PMF liberate Am Alfutur, Aldikani, Aljahrayz, Khalf Alshamran, Bika, Tal 'Iithara, Abu Amdman, Albinyat Aljanub, Alghuzlaniat, Muhamad Samin, Albarit, Tabilat Kunash, Am Alwuhush, Am Alsikar, Almasaheif, Afk Alhuaa, Dahi Mudihat, Am Haziz, Abu Zawir v al-hashed. net
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