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When the #SDF liberated Raqqa, the shaping was done largely with US air power. When it came to hunting #Daesh in the dense city, @USMC M777 gun crews provided the fire support. Russians in #Donetsk & #Kherson are about to enter hell. Round-the-clock, brutal and terrifying.
With counter-battery radars, the Ukrainian gunners can immediately hit any Russian artillery that fires. RF rocket and gun crews will be wiped out unless they simply refuse orders to fire. In the first Russian invasion the cowardly Russian gunners fired from amid civilian homes
in Donetsk and the Ukrainians did not return fire for fear of killing civilians. But with the accurate US artillery rounds they can put the shot right on the Russian artillery. Civilians in Donetsk & Kherson should run if there is a Russian gun or rocket system nearby.
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Disturbing & disappointing developments in continued assaults by #Turkish military in #Syria + #Iraq , particularly Turkish claim that this has been coordinated with Iraq/KRG authorities, which has serious implications for #Yezidi #Yazidi in #Sinjar; and many others.

In this @washingtonpost article, it implies that cooperation exists among various authorities to green light #Turkey airstrikes in Syria and Iraq. This has serious implications for the so-called "Sinjar Agreement", which has failed to help Yezidis there.…
The situation is extremely grave. ALL authorities throughout #Iraq , including Iraq govt & KRG govt, have a solemn duty to protect citizens in their territories. The deliberate targeting of #Yezidi #Yazidi in #Sinjar is an abominable human rights violations that is ongoing.
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1️⃣On peut estimer qu’il reste beaucoup à faire face à l’islamisme. Mais prétendre, comme l’extrême droite, que la « France ne fait rien » face à ce fléau est mensonger. J’enquête sur le sujet dans tous les pays européens et j’affirme que la France est le pays qui agit le plus👇
2️⃣Comparativement à tous les pays européens, sous différents gouvernements, la France a érigé d’abord une doctrine antiterroriste, dès les années 1980, sous Mitterand, ensuite pourchassé le GIA à travers Pasqua notamment, durant les années 1990 et enfin les séides d’Al-Qaida👇
3️⃣ Entre 1998 et 2012 une multitude d’attentats a été déjouée, des imams salafistes expulsés, des mosquées fermées sous plusieurs gouvernements. Jacques Chirac a envoyé des troupes en Afghanistan contre Al-Qaida et les talibans. Lutte poursuivie sous @NicolasSarkozy 👇
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1. I reported on the first Russo-Ukrainian war starting with the Maidan Jan 2014. After Merkel & Macron's Minsk I and II, I focused on Syria in a belief that ISIS was a Russian and Iranian operation to destroy Syrian Sunnis political unity. I worked to arm and assist the Kurds.
2. The force grew and establishment of the #SDF brought #Sunni #Arabs, #Christians & #Turkmen to join a single umbrella force with US airpower taking back large parts of #Syria. They still hold it much of it but #Putin gave large parts to #Erdogan who folded in ISIS & Al-#Qaeda
3. and along with #Russia, #Turkey, #Iran and #Assad act as a sort of overwatch. With US SOF and Bradleys from the 4th ID there as democracy's last hope.

When the Battle for Raqqa started in 2017, I observed ISIS military leadership made up of mostly Chechens started to leave.
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UPDATE: Fighting raging for a 3rd day in/around al-Sina'a prison in #Hasakah #Syria

#SDF statements say the US-backed forces continue to battle cells of #ISIS fighters, both inside the northern section of the prison & in neighborhoods to the south of the prison
MORE: #SDF officials says an estimated 200 #ISIS fighters were involved in the initial attack on the prison in #Hasakah

An estimated 175 #ISIS have been killed

SDF says 27 of their own soldiers have died in the fighting
The US-led coalition w/ongoing support for #SDF vs #ISIS in #Hasakah

The coalition has said that support includes airstrikes

Apache attack helicopters, F-16s have been active

Bradley armored vehicles also seen in the area
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NEW: @CJTFOIR confirms, in Arabic, that its combat mission vs #ISIS in #Iraq is over
More from @CJTFOIR on anti-#ISIS ops in #Iraq:

"Today our transition from a combat role is complete. We remain committed to #AdviseAssistEnable our Iraqi partners to maintain the enduring defeat of #Daesh"

"As we complete our combat role, we will remain here to advise, assist, & enable the ISF, at the invitation of Republic of #Iraq" per @CJTFOIR Cmdr MajGen John Brennan

"We are confident that the fruits of our strong partnership will ensure #Daesh will not reconstitute"
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1. I think the daily reports that I have seen reported of Taliban casualties are in-line with these numbers, though the ratio of KIA to wounded seems unusually skewed towards KIA. Image
2. I found historical #Afghan war #casualties from Brown University.
Total war casualties in #Afghanistan: 2,324 US troops, 3,917 US contractors, 69,000 Afghan government
3. troops and police, 1,144 allied troops from NATO and many other countries, 46,319 Afghan civilians, 52,893 #Taliban fighters and other opposition forces

From 1 July through 5 November 2019, Afghan National Defense Forces reported
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1. Monday, @unsc will hold an Arria-Formula meeting on accountability for war crimes and crimes against humanity in #Syria. In support of why we should turn the #UN into a public park, #Turkey will participate while its hands are daily soaked with fresh Syrian civilian blood.
2. Going after war criminals is important. But the meeting should recognize that there are still tens of thousands of #Daesh war criminals in Howl camp and Turkey continues to interfere with security and facilitate their escape.
3. That should be on the agenda. And if they want to fix #Syria, stand up to Erdogan and get Turkey out of northern Syria. Also give democratic, secular #SDC UN observer status. @POTUS @SecDef @SecBlinken @USAmbUN @WHNSC @NATO @WHCOS
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1. I see that @nytimes has published a story on the battle to defeat the last holdouts of #Daesh in Baghuz. Unlike the Times reporters, I reported on it in real time. Daesh was attacking and we stopped them overrunning the #SDF. Women were often #Daesh fighters and wore vests.
2. This report shows the reporters are clueless as to what this war was about and who combatants were. My guess is that by the end of the battle, Daesh had started to murder the Yazidis sex slaves so they could not be witnesses of the atrocities that Daesh committed since 2014
3. that Daesh and Turkey continue to commit while the @nytimes says nothing about it nor the slave markets in Turkey because Turkey tells @nytimes and the rest of the MSM what they can report.
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#RDC: Poursuivant l'écriture de mon livre sur la connexion entre les islamistes #ADF (RDC) et Ahlu-Sunna wa-Jamma (#Mozambique), je vous recommande cette lecture, qui creuse au cœur du Jihad dans la région Sub-Sahara, publiée ce jour par @ICSR_Centre…
Vers 2012 l'#ADF commence à changer de dénomination en Madina at-Tawhidwa-l-Muwahideen (#MTM), se référant
à son camp principal et plus tard à l'ensemble du groupe avec 1 nouveau drapeau, mais à l'époque son objectif restait d'établir un gouvernement islamique en #Ouganda
Les relations internationales de l'ADF commencent avec les voyages de Jamil Mukulu en Afghanistan et au Pakistan vers 1970 pour recevoir un entraînement militaire. Il a noué des contacts dans bcp de pays d'Afrique, d'Europe, au Moyen-Orient pour financer les activités de l'ADF.
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1. Why would Erdoğan prepare for the meeting @POTUS @JoeBiden by attacking near US forces in Syria? IMO it's because he's terrified. One week ago the US Court of Appeals ruled that the Turkish state-owned #Halkbank had no sovereign immunity because conduct in violation of US
2. law was done as part of commercial rather than official conduct, and thus, under US law, not subject to sovereign immunity. My reporting on the Zarrab case since 2015 left me with the district impression that there were connections between the crimes & top Turkish officials.
3. Now that the issue of whether there is any immunity for the commercial criminal conduct, those Turkish officials may soon be named as defendants in a superseding indictment. For an autocrat like Erdoğan, manipulating the court system is just business as usual.
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1. Battle map of presumed NRF Taliban positions around Kabul.
2. The number and scope of the #DaeshK attacks in #Afghanistan strongly suggests that #DaeshK have been successful at increasing force size as an anti-Taliban alternative. By not being engaged in defeating #Taliban, both @POTUS and @KremlinRussia_E risk building a more deadly
3. international #Daesh terrorist force. The Russia's southern flank will be more-sooner impacted, but this will eventually spread if no action is taken to stop it, especially with #Pakistan's undeterred malign involvement and terrorist infested north.
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1. Unclear if this is a signal of a change in #Russia's policy in #Syria, but it deserves note. #Erdoğan's deal with #Putin allowed #Turkey to occupy much of Northern #Syria using forces made up of al-#Qaeda & #Daesh fighters. Recent #Russian bombing in #Barad in SW #Afrin
2. hit and killed several of these Turkish backed al-#Hamzah Division terrorist forces. That group is embedded with Turkish forces and reported to be commanded by the Turkish special forces. Hamza is a monstrous terrorist force that commits crimes against #Kurds and religious
3. minorities and abducts women who are enslaved. There are also reports of Russian helicopters dumping flares over Turkish terrorist held region of North East Syria. IMO there will never be peace in Syria with Turkey and its terrorist occupying any part of it. Putin may have
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1. Federalism can be frustrating, but is a way people with little in common can live together without killing each other. Far from perfect, but it works. It takes buying into a set of norms but after that, if done right, functions efficiently. US is federalist.
2. The people we are fighting alongside in the war against #Daesh are federalists. They see Syria becoming peaceful when each region is self-governing. The state controls borders and foreign affairs and the national army but the people govern themselves. Like here.
3. Taliban will never rule in peace. If ever a map cried out for a federal solution, it's Afghanistan. Kabul could become a seat of government, but render all control and wealth distribution at provincial and then local level.
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1. Is Joey Hood trying to complete a #Daesh genocide of the Yazidi? What specific terrorist acts have #PKK committed in Sinjar? They are at most a separatist group engaged in a Turkish civil war for…‘Future-is-bright’-for-US-Kurdish-relations
2. over 40 years. The idea that the #KRG government will protect the Yazidi who they abandoned to #Daesh is absurd. This statement is going to give license to the Turks to attack more hospitals and refugee camps like yesterday's attack and they give license to the Turks
3. to kill our #SDF partners who, because they are Kurds, are all considered fair game by Ankara and apparently by the @SecBlinken @StateDept. IMO complicity in these political assassinations are EO 12,333 violations that can have people like Hood, @CENTCOM McKenzie and
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1. I warned @JoeBiden @whitehouse April 14, the day he announced Afghan withdrawal, and I’m warning them again: Stop Turkey’s attacks or Syria will erupt into a nightmare that you can’t control. Read the linked SDF White Paper if you care about defeating……
2. If Congress does not reverse the misguided Biden @StateDept policy in Syria, we'll witness war in Syria that pales to anything we've seen. @davidcicilline @repdonbacon @ColinAllredTX @davidcicilline @RepDonBacon @ColinAllredTX @RepJudyChu @TedDeutch @michaelgwaltz
3. But moreover, the guaranteed explosive resurgence of #Daesh in Syria and Iraq will be hung around the necks of @TheDemocrats candidates in every contested @HouseDemocrats and @SenateDems race.
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1. We will never end the war on terror until we focus on the state-level terrorist affiliates who fund and provide logistics to spread terrorist forces globally and amplify their social media reach. Failure to simply face the truth about so-called allies costs American lives.
2. IMO it is widely known that both Turkey and Qatar have acted as state sponsors of terrorism. I believe that fact could be proven in a US court and establish this fact for past and future victim claims against the heads of state US held bank assets under 18 USC 2333.
3. IMO the Muslim Brotherhood is the real "base" not al-Qaeda that is just one of its off-shoots in the global Islamist terrorism web and the US must consider listing it as a SDGT organization like the Taliban's listing and imposing sanctions on its members.
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1. When @CENTCOM McKenzie gets our forces out of Kabul, IMO his relationship with the Turks has made him unable to complete the Defeat #Daesh mission in #Syria. The perception is his hands are still covered with Kurdish blood from both of #45 Syrian Kurdish betrayals.
2. Doing nothing, that is the apparent @CJTFOIR plan, is clearly giving Russian Iran and Turkey an opening to wipe out the Kurds and allow Daesh to re-surge in #Syria and #Iraq. If the @POTUS @JoeBiden @WhiteHouse political shop likes loosing one war against terrorists this month
3. they're about to find out what it's like to lose two. And for @CYBERCOM_DIRNSA. Even a dog knows the difference between being stumbled over and being kicked.

Turkey has funded, supplied and given tactical support for #Daesh and TSK is fully embedded with al-Qaeda in Syria.
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1. I have daily reported on the war against #Daesh fka #ISIS since the summer of 2014. I watched them on Turkish TV broadcasts interacting with Turkish TSK force members. They had near total control of Gaziantep reported that @CIA had to remove their people from there IMO
2. likely because Daesh was operating a #Yazidi child sex slave market in Gaziantep. IMO @CIA @StateDept @CENTCOM all know that Turkey is an ISIS al-Qaeda affiliate. We have even recently sanctioned persons connected with the al-Qaeda affiliate HTS in Idlib that is allied
3. with Turkey. Until we make an example of all nation states that support terrorism in all its forms, groups will continue to grow and be a threat the to US national security. Today as we watch this unfold Turkey's terrorists in Syria will attack our partnered force and we
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1. In Northern #Syria members of al-#Qaeda and #Daesh fka #ISIS are embedded with #Turkish #TSK forces conducting daily attacks on US partner forces #SDF and civilians including #Kurds, #Ezidis and #Christians. IMO Turkey force is funded by #Qatar that with #Turkey and #Pakistan
2. forms a terrorist front that advances both ISIS and Al-Qaeda. Both Turkey and Qatar use the US bases and Pakistan uses US overflight as the way to keep our eyes averted to their terrorist affiliations. We will never be free of the FTO threat if we ignore state sponsors.
3. We need to give Turkey and Qatar 48 hours to disclose all their terrorist affiliations or @StateDept should list both as State Sponsors of Terror and block assets. This will never happen because both @StateDept and @CIA are fully infiltrated by Turkish intelligence service as
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1. I think this was my first use of the term "rout" noting I reported on April 14, the day we announced it, that the Taliban would attack in force. How can I be better at intel than the Pentagon and the CIA? Let's put all this off and get our people out but we have to view an
2. operational decision like this from the point of view of fighters who are on the ground in a partnered force. 45 betrayed more than Afghans and our partners are still fighting terrorists in #Syria who we don't have to fight. Every time we say what great allies the #Turks are
3. while their al-Qaeda/Daesh mercenaries are shelling #Syrian children & their air force flies US supplied F-16s to bomb a #Yazidi hospital serving victims of #Daesh genocide we become less effective & risk Daesh & al-Qaeda spreading throughout the #Mideast to
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#BREAKING: #USArmy 82nd Airborne Division is still sending troops to #Afghanistan. Not only, the number of #US troops there is reduced rather it is increased 3 times. These two #USAF's C-17As (06-6166 & 08-8190) supported by three KC-135R/T tankers are sending 300 more troops.
Two #USAF KC-135R tankers (61-0298 and 63-8045) and an RC-135W Rivet Joint (62-4138) have headed to #Afghanistan to support the evacuation of Afghan & #US citizens from #Kabul airport. It is first time that a Rivet Joint is getting involved in this operation.
Tanker activity in the Al-Dhafra-#Kabul airbridge. Two Al-Udeid based #USAF KC-135Rs are going #Afghanistan while a KC-10A tanker returns to Al-Dhafra.
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Guten Morgen - Tässle Kaffee? ☕️

Hammer-Nerd-Satz von Hans #Blumenberg in „Arbeit am Mythos“ zum Sonntag: „Die gnostische Dämonisierung der Welt macht die Lage des Menschen in ihr zum Notstand.“ Vgl. #QAnon, #Querdenken, #Rechtsextremismus, #BDS, #Daesh…
Für noch sehr unterschätzt halte ich den #Gnosis-Schaden durch sog. Crash-Propheten (!) wie #MaxOtte & #MarkusKrall, die mit pseudo-ökonom. Wissenschaftsleugnung inkl. #Verschwörungsmythen Ängste schüren & Papiergeld abzocken. Via @VerschwoerungYT
Als Kollege Felix Klein, @anetta2552 & @KuehniKev mit dem antisemitischen Verschwörungsmythos des sog. #Kulturmarxismus angegriffen wurden, verteidigte ich sie. 👇 #Krall klagte gegen mich & verlor. Verschwörungsunternehmern geht es nicht um #Freiheit!…
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#Marib Initiative during peace talks mediated by #Oman

The head of #Yemen’s national delegation, Mohammed Abdulsalam had on Monday affirmed that Leader of the Revolution Sayyid Abdul-Malik #alHouthi, has presented an #Omani diplomatic delegation with “a fair and just
initiative that would achieve the conditions for peace.”

He pointed out that Sayyid #alHouthi “presented a fair and just initiative to the #Omani delegation, to be implemented in conjunction with the humanitarian file as a priority,” pointing out that “the initiative takes
into account the interests of the people of #Marib first and foremost.”
Abdulsalam indicated that the initiative was presented with nine points that detail conditions of peace. He added: “We are still open for #Omani mediation, which is still making commendable efforts.”
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