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I've previously made a short timeline of what we're told happened to the #Skripals on the day they were poisoned (Sunday, Mar 4 2018) using only official/MSM sources. This is an expanded version, again focused on the day of the poisoning. 1/43
Sources are [numbered] and listed at the end of the thread. I have added some sourced *comments and used brackets <where the exact point in the timeline is unclear from the sources>. 2/43
9:15 #Skripal's red BMW is seen in #Salisbury in the area of London Road [1]. It is reported Sergei and Yulia were going to visit the graves of Sergei’s wife and son: Yulia’s mother and brother. 4/43
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In response to the @BBC defamation campaign in which @chloehadj is suggesting that I am a "Russian agent", a claim now amplified by #Syria "regime change" promoter, Michael Weiss - photo below, embedded with extremist armed groups #Aleppo.

.@bbclysedoucet @BBCMonitoring
2. @chloehadj took information from Paul McKeigue emails given to her by CIJA sting op managers. This alone suggests some collusion on part of @BBC to entrap McKeigue. In the emails McKeigue made a claim that I can be contacted through a Russian diplomat in Geneva.
3. This claim was repeated by @chloehadj in a @BBC front page article & in Mayday audio episode. CH claimed I had not responded to claim. This is a lie. CH never contacted me to verify claim. See emails below dated back in March 2021.

McKeigue also emailed CH to retract claim.
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The @OPCW's Investigation and Identification Team (IIT) has issued a new report determining that Syria used a toxic chlorine gas against its own people in February 2018. Damascus did not cooperate or provide relevant access to the IIT.… 1/
The IIT provided to member states the names of responsible Syrian officials. It is now up to UN member states (facing a Russian veto) -- and more likely to individual states -- to sanction the Syrian officials who were responsible for the attack. 2/
As @NatSecAnthony & I wrote for @ForeignPolicy, it is time for OPCW member states to vote to suspend Syria's rights and privileges at the OPCW, which includes its voting rights. They can do so at the April 20-22 Conference of States Parties (CSP):… 3/
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(1/12) #OTD in 2017, an air strike hit the town of #KhanShaykhun in #Syria, releasing large amounts of the nerve agent #sarin. It killed dozens of people, including children, and injured hundreds. Today, we remember the victims of this #warcrime.
(2/12) The OPCW-UN Joint Investigative Mechanism concluded with confidence that the sarin identified in samples taken from Khan Shaykhun had most likely been made with a precursor from the original Syrian stockpile. 👉…
(3/12) On April 8 2020, the #OPCW Investigation & Identification Team released its report into 3 #chemicalweapons attacks in #Ltamenah on March 24, 25 & 30, 2017. It concluded with confidence that individuals from the Syrian Air Force perpetrated them. 👉…
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@ClareDalyMEP highlights the #OPCW scandal regarding the alleged chemical weapon attack in #Douma, Syria @wallacemick @Tim_Hayward_
1) A new Statement of concern, signed by former OPCW inspectors as well as many eminent figures can be read on the @couragefound website… and also the Berlin Group 21
2) It calls on the @OPCW DG to provide a 'transparent and neutral forum in which the concerns of all investigators can be heard'
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1. Let's dissect latest effort at #Syria Chemical Attacks denial & undermining of inspections.

OPCW FFM Final Report - w *no* dissent by those n investigation - concluded "reasonable grounds" for chlorine attack n April 2018, killing 43 people n building n #Douma

2. As soon as #OPCW issued report in March 2019, #Russia launched campaign to discredit & undermine inspectors. This has been parallelled, & sometimes interwoven w, #Syria Chemical Attacks denial by activists in "West".…

3. So why would "progressive" @aaronjmate go to hard-right, arguably white nationalist outlet over #Douma case?

Cuz he knows @TuckerCarlson will amplify misinformation and false claims in @wikileaks campaign, paralleling #Russia line


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The US, UK and French governments have repeatedly sort to prevent objective and rigorous @opcw investigations of the alleged chemical attacks in Syria @MaryLouMcDonald @RonanLTynan.
1) At the @couragefound attended by Jose Bustani, the 1st DG of the #OPCW, an OPCW official reported procedural and scientific flaws with respect to the alleged Douma chemical weapon attack.…
2) Since then a significant volume of leaked documents have corroborated the issues raised at the @couragefoundation panel…
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Dear @RobertWrighter:

I have benefited in past from @BloggingHeads, so it is disturbing that the platform was handed over for 90 minutes to an activist pushing misinformation on #Syria, primarily to attack #WhiteHelmets and to deny #ChemicalAttacks.
In 90 minutes, the activist offered almost no reliable information. Instead, he used @BloggingHeads for a series of misrepresentations and sometimes falsehoods.

1. He claims "journalistic malpractice" in BBC Radio 4 documentary #Mayday w/o citing single example.

2. His only "evidence" on #Douma #ChemicalAttack is a misrepresentation of tweets by @DalatRM and an incorrect claim about Robert Fisk.

3. He misrepresents creation of #WhiteHelmets

4. He falsely claims WH "took part in executions".

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The US & UK working in concert to discredit the OPCW whistleblower is petroleum geopolitics at its most nefarious
Ironically, the neoliberal tendency to outsource & privatize government functions allowed us to see in great detail the farce of this latest propaganda operation. @aaronjmate carefully deconstructed the subterfuge #Syria
Fortunately Aaron Maté had the last laugh
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BBC hack is now threatening potential legal action against me for exposing #WhiteHelmets as #AlQaeda auxiliary. If WH are embedded wth terrorist organisation in occupied hospitals & involved in persecution of civilians, they make themselves a legit target for liberating forces.
2. I stand by my statements to that effect. This was threat fm BBC:

"That you call the White Helmets a ‘legit target’ in order to back the right of the Syrian and Russian military in their efforts to bomb them." .....
3. "One lawyer who we have spoken to tells us that someone who spends time wth Syrian ministers & who is publicly calling 4 humanitarian workers to be bombed may be liable to face charges of aiding and abetting, inciting or conspiring to commit a crime under international law."..
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#BREAKING Kremlin sees 'no reason' to blame Russian state over Navalny Image
#UPDATE The Kremlin on Thursday rejected claims that Moscow was behind the poisoning of opposition leader Alexei #Navalny, as calls mounted for international action after Germany said he had been dosed with the nerve agent Novichok
#BREAKING Chemical weapons watchdog OPCW voices 'grave concern' over Navalny poisoning case Image
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Hi guys. My name is Prof Ben Gidley of @BirkbeckUoL. I'm an apologist for Jihadist rebels in Syria and I defame any who claim chemical attacks were staged - even if you're an #OPCW whistleblower. However, I'm a coward, so I do all that from my @bobfrombrockley account. ImageImage
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Here's a helpful infographic from Russia depicting 4 alleged chemical attacks. Only 1 of which was investigated by the #OPCW. That 1 was also determined to have been staged by the inspectors on-site. That 1 was #Douma. The others were deemed "too dangerous" to send inspectors. 😕 Image
When biomedical results were witnessed by the FFM, guess what? No nerve agents were detected. Image
I wholeheartedly agree with this: - @RussiaUN

"As a result, we state with regret that the OPCW reputation as an authoritative expert body in the field of chemical disarmament has actually been sacrificed to the Middle East geopolitical ambitions of a small group of countries."
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Several investigations are concluding into the #OPCW-IIT's report on #Lataminah, which I dissect piece by piece using an evidence-based approach vs their inverted logic, blind faith methodology.


@ForeignPolicy were leaked #M4000 spec from @OPCW-DAT in August 2016.
They received the leak from the US-OPCW representatives who, like all other state parties, were provided with this 75 page Turkish Director-General summary of the DAT's findings.

This leak was directed to Colum Lynch (@columlynch), whom I've communicated with on the issue.
Colum, in turn, communicated directly with Gregory Koblentz on the matter, I'm reliably told. Gregory would then communicate these findings with Eliot Higgins and #DeclassifiedUK's Eyal Weizman of @ForensicArchi fame.
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Be under *NO* illusions folks, the #OPCW Technical Secretariat and Director General's Office have been hijacked by western powers. There's no question about that.

The #IIT relied up video recorded on the 26/3/17 to confirm an attack for the 24/3/17. Think about that carefully. Image
You cannot trust a word in the OPCW reports, but let's assume the videos exist & the metadata matches the 26/3. What that shows is that videos were recorded on the 26/3 showing a scene on the 26/3. It doesn't confirm anything of the 24/3.
And why would you wait 2 days before recording the site of a "sarin attack" especially given witnesses allegedly visited the crater that day? Image
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Absolutely atrocious from the #OPCW.

Here's an example of why you should *not* assume an @OPCW report is truthful and based on facts. Always assume their reports are wrong until proven otherwise.

2 different reports; 2 different locations of casualties; 500m apart. ImageImageImage
The second image is heavily blurred due to the poor quality of the FFM-Report PDF image. Here they both are smaller but at higher resolution: ImageImage
Use the red & white boundary line as a guide if you are looking to check this for yourself on Google Earth. Image
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Today's lesson on what *not* to do when staging a chemical attack.

*Do NOT simply stick a hose into a valve opening 5x its diameter and then tape it to the cylinder to stop it falling out. When the oxygen is turned on it'll just blow your head about. Image
Someone should have told him there's nothing coming out of that mask.
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#OPCW wants to visit the al-Shayrat airbase twice a year to check for chemical weapons. Yet Russia & Syria pleaded for them to visit al-Shayrat immediately after Khan Sheikhoun. They declined. Then in October 2017, OPCW eventually arrived at the base but refused to take samples! ImageImage
I wrote about this here:…
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A we birdie told me a short while ago that Ben Gidley has "had the wind knocked out of his sails" and is currently "licking his wounds" after my 2 articles. Apparently he's "upset" at his personal tweets being published in such manner. My response: Good.…
I reiterate, if Ben Gidley wanted to attack people under his own name then I would have respected him more for at least having the honour of his convictions. But he decided to hide behind an alias whilst launching attacks on whistleblowers from Assange to Ian Henderson.
His detest for said whistleblowers is shared by Brian Whitaker (who was used as a useful fool by the DG office of the #OPCW via a Welsh conduit to try and out another whistleblower), it's also shared by NATO sponsored #Bellingcat. Why would anyone wish to silence whistleblowers?
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Professor Ben Gidley (@bengidley) of @BirkbeckUoL believes that Julian Assange is a "pompous tosser" (cc @wikileaks). This position sits rightly with his anti-whistleblower position re #OPCW #Douma. Image
cc @MrsC_Assange @DefendAssange @DEAcampaign @couragefound

Professor Gidley uses the pseudonym of @bobfrombrockley. For proof of this see these two article by myself:
Here he calls Julian a "rapist". Is that acceptable language towards a man that hasn't been charged with such @BirkbeckUoL?
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