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Nov 12, 2021, 17 tweets

#Ableg News 🧵:

This week was the WORST!!!

✅ A new Alberta-Sask Covid Variant (Story 1)
✅ The @UCPCaucus promoting Nazis in our curriculum (Story 5)
✅ The NDP leading new polls! (Story 14)

Altogether: It’s been a BAD week for the @UCPCaucus!

Let’s explore 17 stories!

#Ableg News Story:

1. 🎉 WE DID IT: thanks to the @UCPCaucus: Alberta has the distinction of a COVID-19 variant! “AY-25”!

2. 🎊 New @StatCan_eng data is out: Alberta lost 9,100 net jobs in October 2021 (and over 16,000 less women employed)!

The REAL UCP Alberta Advantage!

#Ableg News 🧵


3. During Kenney’s “We Got Amazon Cloud Service”, he claimed we’d IMMEDIATELY land 1,000 new jobs!

Sadly, Amazon ONLY confirmed 409 direct jobs … by the year 2037…and many of those are temporary!!

The REAL UCP Advantage!

#Aboeg News Thread

4. During a BRUTAL presser UCP MLA LaGrange said ONLY 2% of all students in Alberta was good “enough” to test her racist, baseless and hate-filled curriculum!

She REFUSED to provide data or demographic info to back up this up

Let’s see why this is an issue:

#Ableg News 🧵:

In the @UCPCaucus draft curriculum:

5. The UCP ACTUALLY want Alberta’s youth to say Nazi’s aren’t so bad…because they benefited the Germany economy! (@bymichaeldunn)

6. They can’t even bother with BASIC spelling of their own draft curriculum!

#Ableg News 🧵:

7. Only 5-days after the UCP liquor abuse scandal: a proud @jkenney “humorously” held a press conference a a bar at 10 AM to say “Alberta was backl

8. Alberta was the LARGEST recipient of federal spending increases (per capita) in 2020! By a wide margin…

#Ableg News 🧵

A challenger has arrived!!! 🤡

9. Brain Jean’s official campaign for a UCP Seat is: “something must done”…Jean admitted his campaign is about removing Kenney as leader

Reminder: an “anything goes” UCP policy convention is next week (but…see the story 13!)

#Ableg News 🧵

10. UCP MLA Schulz LIED during a conference why the UCP didn’t approve $10/day care!

She blamed a FED election & Alberta’s “unique” mixed market…forgetting 7-provinces signed and most provinces have the same mixed market (for-profit & non-profit) provider system

#Ableg News 🧵

11. UCP MLA #Pitt was forced to apologize after making a disgusting Facebook comment

A man posted a wish for a closer hospital in Airidrie to care for his dying wife…

Pitt responded it was a waste as his wife didn’t need a hospital…she needed a hospice 😳

#Ableg News 🧵

12. Days after a MASSIVE expert-led alberta-wide study said the UCP “ban coal mines in the Eastern Slopes”…UCP Sonya Savage said her “pro-coal mine” study needed an extension!

Savage was also in charge of the much maligned 3.5M Steve Allen “anti-Albertan” report

#Ableg News 🧵

13. 😬! Kenney’s suddenly changing the UCP leadership review requirements after 18 UCP constituencies (CA) are DEMANDING a leadership review next weekend!!

Currently the UCP bylaws requires 22 UCP constituencies signing of (25%) Kenney now wants 29% (33%)!

#Ableg News 🧵:

14. 🚨 New Poll Alert 🚨

Comparing 2019 polls:

NDP: 58 Seats (+34)
UCP: 29 Sears (-34)

A total #YYC and #YEG wipeout!

(Source: leantossup.ca/alberta)

#Ableg News 🧵

15. After Kenney changed the legislation to allow him to have more oversight in Aimco in early 2020, AIMCo announced a loss of $2,100,000,000!

This is a result of risky and poorly monitored investment strategies and is blowing a MASSIVE hole in their returns!

#Ableg News 🧵

Lair Lair!

16. So back in story 5, we talked about LaGrange’s pro-nazi stance.

Today, the Minister said she’d pull the nazi stuff and had ZERO clue about it…unfortunately, @kim_siever found that not only did she know about it - her people helped update it!

#Ableg News 🧵

17. Kenney’s good friend, Dreeshen’s drinking pal & **alleged** sexual harasser Ivan Bernardo was fired from his job this week!

Sadly, the offender Dreeshen & @JasonNixonAB (who helped fire the victim and cover it up) are still sitting MLAs with no consequences

#Ableg News 🧵

So the good news? Kenney’s “Hot Boy Summer” by @Grindstoneyeg is SOLD OUT!

The reviews are fantastic AND they’re going to be live streaming it! More info will be posted soon!

Congrats to @Stephwolfe101 @AtomicImprov and the entire crew (see you next week)

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