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🧵 Jason Kenney has a long, painful and dangerous history of international gaffes which has:

😳 Embarrassed Canada on a global scale
🥊 Jeopardized trade relationships, and -
💥 Caused potential long-term damage

Let’s focus on his most recent 3...
#ableg #abpoli #cndpoli
May 2020: China 🇨🇳

🇨🇳 is Alberta’s
- 2nd largest Agri Goods buyer
- has $51B in O&G

Kenney threatened 🇨🇳 over #COVID19AB, saying there’d be a “great reckoning”

🇨🇳 responded giving Kenney “A final friendly reminder for the Premier: You are based in Edmonton, not Ottawa”
Nov 2020: Michigan

Alberta NEEDED Michigan’s Support for Enbrigde Line 5

After Gov. Gretchen Whitmer stated concern for the aging Line (it leaked 5x since 1966) Kenney came out and said she was “Brain Dead”

5-days later Whitmer moved to shut down the pipeline completely
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Kenney's pugilistic approach may have played well with #ableg voters but it has alienated and isolated him from the allies he needs in Ottawa and in board rooms to get jobs, economy, and pipelines. What could he do differently? #cdnpoli
1) Rhetoric - treating climate change as some Euro-socialist conspiracy as oil producers, banks, and institutional investors have pulled financing has been detrimental to how serious people view Alberta and our climate performance.
2) Climate Leadership - removing the consumer carbon tax (which was replaced with an enhanced industrial emitters tax AND a federal consumer carbon tax) - sent a signal that Alberta didn't care about climate. Suspending Energy Efficiency Alberta further damaged our reputation.
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We can bitch, moan, and pout like our Premier about @POTUS cancelling KXL but let's take a step back here.
Obama cancelled the project in 2014 citing environmental impacts in consideration to the economic contribution it'd make to the US economy. #ableg #abpoli (1/17)
Trump signed an Executive Order on the second day of his presidency which was shot down in a lawsuit held up in Montana. In 2019 he issued a new Executive Order revoking the previous order and issuing a new one, (2/17)
circumventing Montana's concerns with the project (which we're not going to get into here).
Despite all the pushback, @jkenney decided to commit $1.5 billion in an agreement with TC Energy, formerly Trans-Canada Pipe Lines Limited which was (3/17)
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Here’s another way to look at @jkenney’s pipeline debacle...

Given a minimum income of $2000 a month.

That’s $24,000 a year.

There are about 6,000 homeless in Alberta.

That ends homelessness in Alberta.

With $1.356 billion left over


#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli
So let’s carry some of that over to #AISH.

There are about 70,000 Albertans reliant on AISH.

To top them up to the same level?

That’s just over $264 million a year.

We still have over a billion dollars left.


#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli
Let’s see, what else does our province need?

How about training a bunch of electricians to install solar panels?

The course is $1000

Let’s put 10,000 electricians to work upgrading our electrical system.

That costs us $10 million in training.


#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli
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Alberta, an energy-producing jurisdiction, needs a Premier that isn't 5 years behind on energy and climate issues. #AbLeg
Let's remember, this is the guy who thought that coal power was going to come rushing back in Alberta. Why? Because he was living in an era of electricity with expensive gas and prohibitive renewable power costs.
He's also the guy who, during his campaign to lead Alberta, called climate risk assessment a flavour of the day, and essentially a thing that Alberta didn't need to worry about. Turns out, it matters.
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@drdagly @AB_MD_WarRoom @joececiyyc @RKSAlberta #ableg Sitting in emerg. Fever with chemo is life threatening. Because I have a fever I’m assumed to be covid. So far today I’ve heard two admissions from other rooms on the unit:
1 - she took a Mexican vacation “to support west jet”. I wish I was making that up. She said while struggling to breathe while during her questionnaire pre swab. Heard doc tell her her chest X-ray is quite bad. She was admitted an hour later.
2 - we had a New Years party at my house. I thought it was just like a flu and ok. He said after vomiting for over an hour. His chest X-ray results were also very bad and they told him his O2 was dropping.
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Some KXL-related thoughts as I go through last minute prep for a lunch talk to CPA Edmonton. First, no one should be surprised that the permit could be revoked. Here's the text of the presidential permit issued by Trump with some important passages in bold. 1/n #AbLeg
Second, there's a lot of noise about the narrow lens analysis that pipe vs rail is lower GHGs/bbl. While that's true, the wider-lens view have always seen KXL increasing GHGs relative to a case where the pipeline isn't built, with larger net impacts at lower oil prices. 2/
Third, on AB equity share, it's project equity not TC equity, and so if the project ceases to have any value, the equity share in it also has no value. The project will likely be able to recover some costs from prospective shippers, and so AB may end up recovering some $. 3/
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@YourAlberta #ETW #BFE #IS

EFFECTIVE JAN. 18th 2021…

The short end of the stick that Min. Rajan Sawhney is wielding
is that Income Support Clients require Incessant Micromanaging
The UCP Classic Rendition of “Reorganizing and Streamlining”
Is #DeathBy1000Cuts

When that doesn’t work or is found to be Unappealing to the Palates of Albertans en masse. They creatively find other ways to bring harm to our most vulnerable citizens.

By far this is the Latter
A little farther down you will read upon

Matters subject to appeal to an Income and Employment Supports Appeal Panel include any decisions of the Director relating to:

• Continuing Eligibility
• The Amount OR Value of Assistance
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The Pension War Room™️brings you this informed and insightful commentary from Dr. Bob Ascah. This is the greatest one article account of the entire sordid affair. #ABLeg #handsoffmypension #Travisfail…
"The key point reiterated by the union leaders was the money being managed was not government money but the savings of hundreds of thousands of Alberta public sector workers and retirees."

Take that into your MLA meeting. #ABLeg #handsoffmypension

"Firstly, it seems the UCP government is following its formula of acting in an adversarial manner with public sector workers....Affected parties simply are not consulted." #ABLeg
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A short thread on the UCP, parks, and knowing your audience:

1/ On top of a war with doctors, laying off EAs, proposing racist curriculum, and an embarrassing plea for personal responsibility at the height of the pandemic, the Parks file will be the UCP’s downfall. #ableg
2/ I’ve said before that Kenney doesn’t know or understand Albertans. Conservatives in Calgary love their parks. All Albertans love their parks. Waking back the delistings last year was the first course reversal we’ve really seen from this govt due to outspoken Albertans. #ableg
3/ You’d think the UCP would learn a lesson from the delisting parks fiasco. But alas! Here they come with coal - a MUCH worse outcome for our land than the “third party partnerships” they pushed in 2020. On top of continuing to misread public sentiment on parks... #ableg
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Big Jason is just sitting in the office kitchen, stirring a cold cup of coffee and staring out the window. He's been like that for 35 minutes.
Sometimes he mutters things like "we're the party of fiscal responsibility" or "who else can we fire"
We're gonna try and help
We sent in ol' Miranda, and she tried to tell him that the worst of our scandals is behind us, but he didn't seem to hear her.
We tried to send in ol' Adriana, but she refused, saying that she brings no value by visiting him. No one could disagree!
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When the amended Early Learning & Child Care Act and Regulations are finally made available for all to see, here's some things to keep in mind:


#ableg #abpoli
The UCP eliminated accreditation last year, quality standards for child care. @rebeccakschulz committed to addressing it in the new legislation. That didn't happen. I tabled an amendment to expressly include quality standards in the legislation. The UCP voted that down. #ableg
I tabled amendments to recognize affordability & inclusiveness as critical for families, the important role of qualified & supported educators, children's right to access quality early learning & the importance of indigenous families & educators. The UCP voted these down. #ableg
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Local news reports that UCP government is cancelling the coal leases. Looks like they are back on their heels, as the saying goes. #cdnpoli #abpoli #ableg
Not back on their heels insofar as policy change is concerned, back on their heels insofar as pushback is concerned.
We acknowledge your "passion" as Sonya Savage noted, but we're going to do what we'd mostly planned to.
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This is your daily pension announcement. The Pension War Room™️ is going to DEFCON 2, live lawsuit on the horizon! Ohh boy this will be something.... They quote me as well. Ain't that some shit? #ABLeg #handsoffmypension…
Let's have a trip to the Supreme Court of Canada, because the nature of the fiduciary duty of the ATRF Board needs to be enforced. No one in the UCP gives a shit. But do remind your MLA how much this is going to cost AB taxpayers. They have legal advice already about this. #ABLeg
The SFPP (municipal police officers pension plan) doesn't even have anything directly to do with the GOA. Municipalities and police officers both make contributions and run the plan. They have been upended into AIMCO as well. #ABLeg #UCPsucks
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Oh hey, the Alberta Government did one of those 4:52 p.m. news releases.

They're cancelling 11 recently issued coal leases.

That might sound significant but the affected areas are very small additions (black) to much larger existing coal leases (grey) in the area. #ableg
This is interesting news but it's unlikely to significantly affect any of the proposed projects in the area.

Here's some more background / context from a thread I tweeted in mid-December:

Also the new (black) leases & existing (grey) coal leases in that map are zoomed in on just southern Alberta.

Here's that map in the full context of Alberta's coal leases & former coal categories.

Category 2 lands, where open-pit mining was banned from 1976 to 2020, are in blue
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Jason Kenney is giving a press conference that was supposed to be an update on vaccine supply but Kenney is currently blustering about the upcoming cancellation of Keystone XL. Follow along for updates. #ableg
Jason Kenney is currently making the ethical oil argument. Incredibly persuasive stuff. As we've seen.
Jason Kenney now acknowledging that PM Justin Trudeau also really, really doesn't want Keystone XL cancelled. "It is our fervent hope that the US will keep that promise to engage with its top ally."
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Alberta's multi-billion $ public investment in KXL takes another step toward a write-off. It leaves me wondering: what role did an erroneous understanding of "indemnification of political risk" play in getting us here? #ableg
There is a logic to public investment to indemnify a project against political risk in some situations: where the government making the investment has some control or influence over that risk.
It serves the same function as a change in law provision in a contract with government: the government accepts the losses of the prospective policy change that creates the risk. The losses are allocated to the party who can best avoid them.
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The risk surrounding the Keystone XL pipeline has been very obvious for some time. Nevertheless, Jason Kenney jeopardized up to $7.5 billion of Alberta taxpayers’ money on this project and now we’re learning it may be stopped altogether. #ableg 1/5…
While there’s no question that the successful completion of KXL can be beneficial to Alberta’s economy, the Premier has never come clean on the economic and risk analysis associated with his massive gamble. #ableg 2/5
From the moment that Albertans’ dollars were put at risk, Jason Kenney has also continued to reject the importance of a strong environmental and climate policy that would help make the case for KXL. #ableg 3/5
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Today, Jason, I am writing you with an important statement on behalf of most Albertans. I know it might not have gotten through you already considering how you didn't even live here before Ottawa spat you out like a bad taste, but here's the thing,

ahem 👇🏻


I will not stand by and let you steamroll over us to do whatever the fuck you want like you did with your bills in the legislature during the 2020 fall session.
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Thanks for tagging me, @BartMLL.

I basically never use FB, but I'm on my (very old) laptop today.

Let's get some screen shots.
"Today I decided to head up the Oldman to see what the coal companies have been getting up to. I forgot, however, that the forestry trunk road is closed at Dutch Creek each winter, ostensibly for wildlife protection. So I parked at the locked gate and started hiking."

"Newly gouged test pit for coal wayyyy up on the mountain ridge. Note coal dust deposited downwind on the snow."

#ableg #DefendABParks
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The Pension War Room™️ brings you the ATRF annual Report! A glorious day. Download your copy below if you like. A reminder that the year end for ATRF is Aug 31, unlike the other funds. Be cautious making comparisons. #ABLeg #handsoffmypension…
First thing to note: no change in contribution rates for next year. This is good, considering we just came off a decrease last year. In a DB plan the benefit is defined in law, but the cost sure isn't. Keep an eye on costs. #ABLeg
Fund now over $19 billion. Investment return was 5.5%, below a benchmark of 7.3% Not unexpected. Go to the bottom of Pg 93 and you will see this is the first time in 10 years ATRF has been below benchmark. #ABLeg
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What if, & hear me out, we get on Tinder & find the men in Alberta holding fish in their profile pics. We fill them in re. open pit coal mining/what it does to our lakes/rivers/fishing.
See how fast they get politically involved. #AbLeg #NoToCoalAlberta #CowboysAgainstCoal
Troll so hard. 🎣💟 Image
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One wonders if Alberta's Energy Regulator has any expertise about the costs of "restoring" open pit coal mines in mountain environments, or the past records of the companies being licensed to mine in this province. 1/n #Alberta #ableg @ReclaimAlberta @Pembina
What research has the AER done to establish that existing regs, incl. the MSFP requirements, are adequate? 2/n @OKWesternWheel @ABlawg @AER_news @SPhillipsAB
Because the record of open pit coal mining in the US, Australia, Turkey, and elsewhere really isn't reassuring. I don't see any evidence that mountains & their unique ecosystems can be put back together the way they were before being blasted apart. 3/n @CorbLund @paulbrandt
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I'd like you, for a moment, to imagine an alternate reality in which a Rachel Notley government, concerned about the real source of funds to groups like Canada Action and the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, launches an inquiry into conservative influence on government policy. 1/
The inquiry will cost millions, be staffed by the former Chief Financial Officer of Unifor, a long-time NDP donor. The first public postings of the inquiry come out months late. It turns out they've commissioned 3 reports on the activities of conservative "astroturf" groups. 2/
One of those reports is written by Andrew Nikiforuk. The second, and most expensive, is produced by a US think tank started 20 years ago by an American union and still funded by union dollars (like EPI). The third is from Regan Boychuk, roofer and part time policy wonk. 3/
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