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I'm following the Alberta Party again today on the #abvote campaign trail. Leader @SMandel_AB will announce at 10:30 a.m. he plans to double the number of educational assistants in schools while reducing class sizes. #ableg #abed
The Alberta Party is promising a "boost in funding for inclusive education." Current provincial budget for inclusive education is $461 million. Some smaller school boards have said they divert $ from other areas to meet the needs of students with disabilities. #abed #ableg
Mandel’s education announcement is at Al Mustafa Academy in SE #yeg. Not sure if this is a signal about his position on private schools, or because of public school rules about no political campaigning on grounds. #abed #ableg
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So, Kenney’s trolls are out today trying to convince us that Kenney has a spotless record on LGBTQ issues. We looked at his record and thought we would share what we found. (cc: @LGBToryCanada) #ableg #abvote #YouthMatter
USF Foghorn, Jason Kenney Op-Ed “Let’s Look at the Facts” ... oh don’t worry, Jason, we are on it!
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You mean the party that has a homophobic leader, no LGTBQ candidates, official anti-gay policies, a member that compared gay people to nazis twice on video, also had a candidate that didn't like Pride parades!? I'm shocked! Shocked I tells you. #ableg
Also, I told everyone four months ago that @caylanford sympathized with homophobes. But no one ever believes gay people. I don't know how much more proof you need. Think of the worst things you could say and Kenney has said and done them. That's who he is.
I don't care that a white nationalist doesn't like Pride, I care that the UCP will wipe out LGTBQ education and health and they couldn't be more obvious about it.
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I respect Duane Bratt, but claiming that Jason Kenney "is as far away from being a white supremacist as you can be" because he devised and executed a plan to engage minority communities on behalf of CPC as MP is shows a profound misunderstanding of race
Frankly, such a bold, uncontextualized statement shows a remarkable level of ignorance, and the fact that #ableg media commentators and reporters are amplifying this view shows how deficient the coverage is of politics in this province.
You know the type of person who "is as far away from being a white supremacist as you can be." Likely a person of colour. The type of person you should most likely ask to comment on white supremacy generally, and in relation to Jason Kenney specifically.
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My dude, the average wholesale power price has been lower during the NDPs time in office than at any time since deregulation in 2001. Don't make stuff up.
Kenney: "The NDP drove up power prices"

Dude, do you even graph?

Yeah, but what about transmission and distribution charges? They've actually been more stable, although still increasing as we pay for mid-2000s build-out in transmission. Graphs from the Utilities Consumer Advocate.
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the Canadian Freedom Institute (@CanFreedomInst) Twitter account has been jumping into my conversations to challenge my views on Alberta's carbon tax and my criticisms of the #UCP.

it's a registered charity, so i looked into it...
here's a link to its listing in the CRA charitable database. its most recent filing dates back to Dec 2017.…
its stated program: "Canadian Freedom Institute is committed to improving public knowledge in the principles of free market economies. The organization conducts research to provide information or topics from health care, taxation, democratic reform."
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Caylan Ford was a UCP candidate because of Jason Kenney. She was handpicked. and given the star candidate treatment. Kenney persuaded Ford to run after she corrected him misquoting Burke. The UCP leader called it “political love at first sight.” (Thread) #ableg
Watch this video of Jason Kenney interviewing Caylan Ford. He is extremely effusive in his praise for her. He's practically giddy to be interviewing her. #ableg
Jason Kenney on Caylan Ford: "You are the personification of what I call the new generation of leadership... It's great to see your idealism and your depth of experience." #ableg
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At the first press conference if the day — Derek Fildebrandt and the FCP. He says he’ll be here defending free speech and fighting agains uncontrolled spending #ABleg
Fildebrandt does not hold back about the Kenney news. He has called us all liars, but he's the liar, and he deserves an apology, Fildebrandt says #ableg
"We will provide a principled alternative to the NDP," Fildebrandt says. #ableg
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I have some words to say regarding a lowered wage for people under the age of 18. I have real life experience and some pretty harsh opinions on why this isn't a good idea and why this isn't a fair idea.
#ableg #abpoli #abvote #FightFor15 #abndp #UCP
Point #1. I was on my own paying rent, utilities, food, clothing & transportation when I was 16. My rent, utilities, food, clothing and transportation was NOT at reduced cost because of my age so why should my wage have been reduced because of my age?
Unless we don't care about putting vulnerable people in poverty and holding them there? Unless we don't care about all people in society and if they have the ability to meet their basic needs?
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Student safety is our government’s top priority. Students should be able to go to school every day without being harassed by people with graphic images.
@shoffmanAB announced today our government will consider amending legislation to extend abortion protest bubble zones around K-12 schools in Alberta.

This isn't about freedom of speech, this is about freedom from intimidation tactics being used on children.
Our government has already passed a bill to establish a 50-metre zone around health-care facilities providing abortion services. I’m now committing that we will look to extend that safe zone to include our K-12 schools.
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“And say not of those who fell in the path of God- they are dead. Nay, they are alive, but you do not know”.

Today, in New Zealand, our beautiful brothers and sisters faced violence as they stood in congregational prayer. (1/5)

#ableg #abpoli
One of the shooters- this terrorist- who according to a circulating manifesto, described his will to slaughter children whenever possible to further his self proclaimed Islamophobia and racism- those actions have shook all of us today. (2/5)
As he attacked, apparently with the name of Quebec City shooter Alexandre Bissonnette on his rifle, we know that the problem of Islamophobia is a pernicious cancer in liberal democracies, and one that we must root out. (3/5)
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The report also alleged the Principal told students that not just anyone could come in the school and present, they had to fall under the catholic mission, and referenced the KKK in comparison. #abed #ableg
The Principal told students they should be vested in protecting all minorities, not gays and lesbians.
The Principal told students they were in a catholic context (despite the board being catholic and public).
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Hey, remember that deleted emails complaint against government? The privacy commissioner has finally released her report, and found the UCP complaints were "unsubstantiated."… #ableg #cdnpoli
I did a bunch of stories about this at the time. If you fancy some background reading, here you go. First Wildrose found through two FOIPs that 860,000 emails had been deleted by government and political staffers. And were like, 'Hey, wth?'… #ableg
So then the privacy commissioner looks into it, and retains this bloke from Ontario who played a key role in the Ontario government gas plant probe… #ableg #cdnpoli
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Hi Jason, I'm curious how your proposed changes to property rights would affect NEB Act provisions for pipeline companies to obtain rights of entry. Would you expect any changes to that process? Do you feel it's worked well? What about surface rights for oil and gas drilling?
Here's the existing @AER_news landowner rights document… and a similar document from the NEB regarding pipelines… #ableg
@AER_news In Alberta, if companies and landowers can't reach agreement, they are referred to alternative dispute resolution (ADR) which is detailed here. This would apply for both drilling and within-Alberta pipelines…
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My @TorontoStar colleagues have asked me to detail an evolving Alberta politics story I and my Calgary co-worker @TSHowell have been digging into since December, and it’s quite the odyssey, so strap in for like, 16 tweets.

#ableg #cdnpoli
2/ Alberta is at the brink of a pivotal election set to be held sometime in April or May. The brand-new United Conservative Party, led by former federal minister Jason Kenney, will square off with the NDP and Premier Rachel Notley. The UCP is way ahead in early polls.
3/ But the UCP has been recently plagued by allegations surrounding Kenny’s campaign to become leader of the party in 2017. They involve dark money accusations, a “kamikaze mission”, and alleged voter fraud. There’s at least one investigation ongoing.…
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#BalanceForBetter THREAD: For too long, women in our province have faced barriers to work, unequal pay and high levels of violence.
On #IWD2019 I’m so proud of the concrete steps that @RachelNotley and our government have taken to make REAL, positive change for women.
Steps like:
Creating the first standalone Ministry for the Status of Women in the country.
Proclaiming May as Sexual Violence Awareness Month.
Increasing supports for survivors of sexual violence + increasing funding for women’s shelters. #IWD2019
We passed Safer Spaces legislation allowing Albertans experiencing domestic violence to break a lease and flee their homes. This helped over 400 people in the first year after it was passed.
We covered the cost of abortion pill so it is free to all women who need it. #IWD2019
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Happy #IWD, folks. Today, @jkenney & @Alberta_UCP will to try to tell you they love women, they support women, they defend women. Let’s revisit the short 2 yr history of the party and their action on women’s issues - because we all know that actions speak louder than words #ableg
One: @JasonNixonAB, UCP House Leader fired a woman for speaking up about sexual harassment. Nixon was her boss and he fired her for speaking out. #MeToo
Two: Every single member of the @Alberta_UCP caucus walked out on a historical bill to protect women while they access healthcare. They walked out not once, not twice, not five times, BUT TWELVE TIMES while MLAs debated legislation.
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Illegal donations. Voter fraud. Collusion.“Kamikaze” candidate. Jason Kenney’s leadership campaign scandal shows he'll do anything for power & can’t be trusted to deliver for anyone but himself. This thread has the details.(spoiler: there's a lot) #ableg #Albertadeservesbetter 1/
A week and half before Jason Kenney launched his UCP leadership campaign, he and his campaign manager met with alleged “kamikaze” candidate-to-be Jeff Callaway. Callaway registered as a candidate for UCP leader six days after Kenney’s launch. #ableg 2/x…
Summer 2017: key Callaway supporter Wendy Adams is secretly recorded, admitting Callaway’s leadership campaign is a “kamikaze mission.”
And Callaway’s campaign co-manager Cam Davies admitted he’s “100% behind Jason Kenney” 3/x
#ableg #AlbertaDeservesBetter…
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Ooookay, @jkenney just said male candidates “understand tactical politics a little better than women”. He must be talking about voter fraud, intimidation, and creepy video recordings. 1/8 #ableg #abpoli #tacticalwoman
Let’s unpack: he went on to say that rather than racking up years of “tactical political experience” women are doing “more useful things like professions and running businesses and helping with families”. 2/8 #abpoli #ableg #tacticalwoman
That’s flat out patronizing. Low representation of women and gender diverse folks in politics is a long standing issue. Nothing to do with aptitude, or skill. We don’t need to take lessons from people like @jkenney on how to do politics. 3/8 #abpoli #ableg #tacticalwoman
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@jkenney was asked two seconds ago if he will keep energy efficiency programs when he scraps the climate leadership plan. He said: No, gone! 1/6 #ableg #abpoli #climatechange
To be clear, the programs funded through EEA are saving Albertans over $510 million. Kenney says they'll be "gone". 2/6 #ableg #abpoli #climatechange…
Albertans get $3 back for every $1 they invest in energy efficiency products. Kenney says they'll be "gone". 3/6 #ableg #abpoli #climatechange
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Jason Kenney announces another new UCP election platform - cut business tax by a third, from 12% to 8% over four years. He's estimating that will create 50K jobs. #ableg
He's in Calgary doing this, by the way. Apparently in an empty office building of some sort, if what I heard over the dial-in are anything to go by. #ableg
Kenney accuses the NDP of thinking profit is a "dirty word" and "businesses should be punished for what they do." #ableg
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It's really remarkable that Jason Kenney wants to reference this article and this report to justify his complete lack of a climate plan for Alberta. For a number of reasons. #ableg #abpoli
1. The report completely ignores the comprehensive approach that Alberta has in place to preserve industry competitiveness for trade-exposed industries, and prevent the "carbon leakage" that it references. It chooses not to address these elements.
1.a. In fact, I'm not even sure that the author is aware of them. The report does not reference the concept of "output-based allocations" even once.
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Today's data: payroll jobs! Alberta ends 2018 with a 3.5k drop in December. Overall, disappointing. I'll highlight a couple things below.… #cdnecon #ableg
The change by sector reveals large declines in construction, mining oil and gas, retail, etc. But gains in hotel/restaurats, admin, transport, health, etc, partially offset those declines.
Earnings were largely flat (and continue to be higher than any other province). But, for 2018 as a whole there was little change. Another sign of how 2018 had a disappointing pace of recovery.
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I was a kid/teenager who was pulled out of sex ed for religious reasons. #ableg #ucp

I didn't know it was illegal for a 25 yr old to be "dating" my 15 yr old friend.

I didn't know it was illegal for my 16/17 yr old friend to be "dating" a youth pastor.

2/? I didn't know someone could withdraw sexual consent.

I didn't know one could get birth control from a dr w/o parental consent.

I didn't know you could access an abortion w/o parental consent.

I can go on.
3/? These "parental rights" for sex ed mean that young people aren't taught proper consent, medical access, personal rights, any of it.

It is a form of parental control over their childrens' lives - and then assumes remaining "pure" is more important than understanding abuse.
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