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My friends with kids're now beginning to express their fears about schools opening up in just over 4 weeks time. I don't know what to tell them other than I don't see how it can be done. Safely? No way. For the first time in this whole coronavirus era I'm absolutely terrified.
I'm of the mind no generation of parents have been forced to make tougher decisions than you are now currently being asked to make. If you're feeling overwhelmed, understand you're not alone & that's probably the most normal and rational feeling you could possibly have right now
For those of you based in Calgary that are able to contemplate keeping kids home for schooling I've attached a link from the Calgary Board of Education @yyCBEdu outlining a program for that. I hope it's useful to you #yyc…
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Pediatricians and school health specialists are describing the Jason Kenney's plan to reopen schools as dangerous.

They're calling on the UCP to offer more support before classes start in September

THREAD #ableg #abhealth #abed #SafeSeptember #abdocs4pkids
"This UCP plan as it stands is essentially a large, human-scale experiment without safety nets to see what will happen to kids, their teachers & their respective families. - Dr. Tehseen Ladha, a pediatrician with a Master in Public Health

2/ #ableg #abhealth #abed #abdocs4kids
She said any notion by the UCP Government that children are unlikely to be infected by the virus is highly questionable, pointing to a recent study out of South Korea that found children over the age of 9 spread COVID-19 at a rate similar to adults.

3/ #ableg #abhealth #abed
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Albertans are becoming increasingly aware that the objective of the UCP government is not to serve them but the corporate sector that keeps them in power.

The challenge for Albertans is to find a way to keep up with the barrage of UCP changes to legislation, regulations....
... and policy that, under the guise of progress are dragging us backwards.

One way to sort through the flak that pours into your media feed every day is to read it with two principles in mind: mutuality of interest and follow the money.
Mutuality of interest

The UCP and corporate Alberta share a mutuality of interest.

The UCP depends on corporations and their shareholders and executives for financial support to stay in power. Corporations support political parties that free them from regulatory oversight...
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There's been some questions to me why we in AB need a mask mandate given that our numbers are "lower" than ON and QC.
ANSWER: We need to compare apples to apples, not the raw numbers. ON and QC have +++ population than the west, but we can look at Rates per 100K:
You can see our AB rate of 202 cases per 100K ppl is closer to the 253 case per 100K in Ontario as of today July 13, 2020, #COVID19AB #COVID19
More closer comparisons: The tables look different because there's no uniform reporting across provinces.

Here are comparison tables of Calgary (1.35 mill), Ottawa (1.25 mill) and Toronto (2.9 mill).
Calgary #yyc is close in population size to Ottawa.

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The team behind the Calgary Innovation Academy met today (actually met, like in person meeting!) to finalize the overall strategy of our school so we can incorporate and submit our application to @AdrianaLaGrange. Our key ideas are these:
1) Our school will provide opportunities for students year-round. We will support @yyCBEdu schools too if they want to access or learn from our model.

2) We will run tutorials and academic enrichment opportunities from 8-10 each day. The formal school day will run from 10-4
3) We will also run after-school artistic, design, STEAM and athletic programs from 4-6 each day. No more worrying about after school or holiday activities for kids - these will be built in.
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How does a mandatory mask mandate support #yyccc's commitment to anti-racism work after this week's poignant and heartbreaking stories retold with such vulnerability & risk at the public #antiracism consultation? #yyc #COVID19

As the consultation's Co-Chair, Dr. @MalindaSmith said, “We would have failed significantly if we do not act with integrity, with courage. If we do not hear them and act to change the situation.”

#COVID19 had already being laying bare the structural inequities in #yyc and Canada
#COVID19 has disproportionately affected essential workers- those whom our society relies upon for daily essentials. They did not have the luxury to lockdown. Many belong to racialized communities & rely on transit to get to their essential jobs.…
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Cities lack the power, funds, & revenue raising tools they need to function in a post-Covid world.

While the #UCP slowly strangles #yeg & #yyc, a narrative is brewing that it’s somehow the fault of cities that our economy is tanking.

This is intentional. This is a tactic.

In our time of need, while we’re struggling to pay for core services like transit & we don’t have budget to cut grass, the UCP left us decay.

“A strong Canada needs a strong AB.” Well, a strong AB needs strong cities.

Cities are the powerhouses of this prov & co.
Abandoning them at this time is akin to deliberately sabotaging the AB economy.

The UCP is actively turning citizens against their local gov & taking advantage of the lack of jurisdictional literacy among the general population. This makes it easy for them to blame cities.
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#abpoli #ableg is proposing, among other things, to remove or increase donation and spending caps for elections in Alberta.

The "rationale" is that this will make elections more "fair." Research strongly suggests otherwise: a thread
This study looks at where candidates in the US get their $$ from. Higher individual contributions = more extreme, or polarized candidates getting elected…
Constraining corporate contributions = increases other corporate expenses, such as lobbying.

Translate that to #abpoli, and I'd expect that unfettered group spending in municipal elections will = a lot of corporate money dropped into the campaign…
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Bill 29, folks! An Act to Sell Democracy to the Highest Bidder! This bill will do almost nothing to level the playing field except for grant #yyccc the power to add an additional returning office or two... Strap in! We're about to go on a ride! #ableg #abpoli
Let's start with this gross misrepresentation on behalf of AUMA, who actually said the following, but you get points for trying there, @KayceeMaduYEG #abpoli #ableg
Min. Madu also claims that these changes were a result of robust consultation... I provided one on behalf of myself and consulted with multiple organizations who explicitly expressed concern around these changes.
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1. Be VERY clear, Jason Kenney is lying through his teeth about this.

Withdrawing from the Canada Pension Plan would cost Alberta $133 Billion.…

#ableg #abpoli #alberta #calgary #edmonton #yyc #yeg #yql
2. That’s TRIPLE the current provincial debt. Alberta would go from having the lowest debt to among the highest.

Why so much? Because doing so requires approval of 2/3 of the provinces. #ableg #abpoli #alberta #calgary #edmonton #yyc #yeg #yql
3. The cost to those provinces of losing AB’s younger population to the remaining CPP fund is $133B.

Kenney hid this report. He didn’t want it out. He doesn’t like what it says because it shows how dangerous his plan is. #ableg #abpoli #alberta #calgary #edmonton #yyc #yeg #yql
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I love the Weaselhead and it's in need of some attention and care. Today my girlfriend and I visited one spot and found this much garabge 1/6 #yyc #yyccc @JeromyYYC @EWoolleyWard8 @DruhFarrell @CTVCalgary @CBCCalgary @GlobalCalgary @LiveWireCalgary @cityofcalgary @CalgaryParks
This is such a beautiful, important ecosystem. In one trip I've seen over 20 species of birds, ducks, and geese as well as beavers, deer, moose, and muskrats. It's amazing to have something this intact within city limits 2/6
I visit here 3-4 times a week. Each time I see people bringing bikes where they shouldn't, taking unleashed dogs into sensitive areas, leaving garbage, throwing dog bags into the bush, and after every weekend there's always huge amounts of of garbage from parties 3/6
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Nearly half a million Albertans are unemployed or working reduced hours. Albertans are worried about jobs, our province’s economic future & the security of their families.

The Fair Deal report released today does nothing to address these real & urgent priorities. THREAD #ableg
Sadly, it is nothing more than a cynical, political distraction from this government’s failure to make progress on things that matter to Albertans.

Much of what is contained here is far beyond this government’s authority or jurisdiction. 2/ #ableg
One thing that is within the UCP government’s authority, are pensions.

The last thing Albertans want, is this Premier’s hands anywhere near their retirement savings.

3/ #ableg
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The UCP's Fair Deal report does nothing to address the real and urgent priorities of Albertans worried about jobs and the economic future of their families.

#ableg #abpoli #YYC #YEG #YMM #YQL
It is nothing more than a cynical, political distraction from Jason Kenney's failure to make progress on jobs, the economy, or pipelines.
Much of what is contained in the UCP report is far beyond this government’s authority or jurisdiction. But having worked in Ottawa for decades, Kenney would know that.
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So the CMOH has asked Albertans who attended any rallys for Black Lives Matter in #yeg or #yyc to book a test for COVID-19…just in case.

I wanted to go through a couple items for people wanted to know what the process was like and what to do:
The first thing I recommend is to set up your My Alberta Digital ID to access your health records online for two reasons:
1) The verification process includes a PIN mailed out to you to verify your address so it takes a couple DAYS to get things set up and it's better to have that taken care of first.
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Women who want to cycle:
Here are things you need to know. (A thread)

1. You are allowed to be there (in the space, in the sidewalk, in the road, in the saddle)
2. You can wear whatever the hell is comfortable for you. I vacillate between shorts and dresses
3. You can go as fast or as slow as you want, enjoy your ride.
4. Don’t assume that how you’re treated in bike shops is because you know very little. It’s probably because you’re female. I know a decent amount, and I’m still treated as a child or ignored when I’m with a man
5. There are shops out there that really do respect you. They are gems and you should hold tight to them. Looking at you, @BikeBikeYYC
6. You can bike as a parent, and there are many options for carting kids around via bike. Cargo bikes are an interesting option out of many
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From The AISH client:

“Oh my lord Hellberta I am writing this with tears running down my face. I am extremely grateful for the help of other Albertans especially at this time ive lost sleep trying to think of things I can to to raise enough to pay my rent and anything...
...think of I will end up having to tell my worker about it. For instance if I pawn something or sell something and I get money from this and I don’t inform my worker I could get in trouble. Last year we had a garage sale & my worker actually stopped in unaware it was my house...
...she didn’t say anything at the time but the next week sent me a letter that inquired about how much I made at my garage sale as it could “potentially” affect my cheque. Look at me I’m getting sidetracked back to the issue at hand...
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One of the most odious aspects of Mr @jkenney's draconian, authoritarian #Bill1 (Critical Infrastructure Defence Act) is it criminalizes peaceful public protests/marches down city streets–like the #BLM protests in #YYC yesterday
I explain how dangerous this is below– #THREAD 1/12
#Bill1 defines as "essential infrastructure" a highway as defined in the Traffic Safety Act––thoroughfare, street, road, trail, avenue, parkway, driveway, viaduct, lane, alley, square, bridge, causeway, trestleway [public or private, incl *SIDEWALKS*, ditches, ROWs]

#ableg 2/12
#Bill1 also defines as "essential infrastructure" a prov'l highway, transport. facility, transport. system or urban rail transit system as defined in the Hwys Devel'pmnt & Protection Act––which is also incredibly broad & includes *anything* Cabinet designates as such!
#ableg 3/12
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The Green Line is vital to building a modern economy in
Calgary and will create 20,000 jobs at a time when our city desperately needs
them. But UCP insiders have launched a coordinated campaign to kill the
project. #yyc #yyccc #YYC4transit #GreenLineYYC #ableg
The group took part in a closed door meeting with city officials in February in an
attempt to stop the project.…
This group includes Steve Allan, the commissioner of the
UCP’s inquiry into the funding of environmental organizations and campaigner for @doug_schweitzer.…
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BREAKING: The Alberta government is increasing access to medical masks, and partnering with A&W, McDonalds and Tim Hortons. You can go to the drive-thrus and obtain four masks per visit. #yyc #yeg #ableg
The gov't has ordered 20 million masks for distribution, beginning in early June. Every Albertan can get four masks for themselves.
Province also working out ways to distribute masks to people who don't have as easy access to these fast food restaurants. Official distribution launch date will come soon. Meanwhile, you are encouraged to find and use your own non-medical masks.
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Today, Calgary City Council will vote on the proposed Conversion Therapy Prohibition Bylaw.

Watch Live Here:…

Get the facts on Conversion Therapy in Canada with this new infographic! #yyc #yyccc #cdnpoli #LGBTQ
Councillor Woolley opens discussion by suggesting that the same organizations opposed to the bylaw are the same ones that opposed legalization of same-sex marriage.

Woolley calls the bylaw nation leading work. He encourages Council to ask what side of history they want to be on.
Councillor Chu is trying to argue for inclusion of "informed consent", which is a massive change to the bylaw. As administration rightly states, this would be a "loophole" that would allow conversion therapy to continue to occur.
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Hey #Calgary, I have to say I feel so worried for your many businesses & livelihoods disrupted at 10 o'clock last night when we all heard Mr. Kenney & the UCP changed their minds about your city's reopening. The Premier's 11th-hour decision is expensive. (Thread) 1/ #AbLeg #yyc
Fact is, the UCP and their Calgary MLAs would have known many days ago that #yyc virus numbers remain a concern. People warned about this, but it seems Mr. Kenney preferred a nice political story and he'll play games with the #Calgary economy and jobs to get it. #ableg 2/
Look, it's not a choice between "reopening" or "not re-opening." Mr. Kenney often posits this false &dishonest choice in his remarks. It's a question of reopening with a plan or without one. With no support for small biz in guidelines or PPE, no help with costs...#yyc #ableg 3/
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Shandro starts off today's update by talking about how some non-urgent surgeries are starting up again. #ableg #abhealth
Shandro says as more surgeries are phased in, they will monitor and evaluate if more procedures can resume, such as short-term overnight stays. He says if there's too much risk, they may take a step back if need be.
Hinshaw says 70 new cases have been identified, total now in #AB is 5836. 2942 cases have recovered. #abhealth
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Alberta relaxing our stance inre the lockdown is an enormous risk for the still upwardly-trending Calgary and according to the curve-specific Science/Math/Metrics that rule this pandemic is *very* likely to be a disastrous decision. THREAD #abpoli #ableg #yyc #yyccc Image
Prelude: ImageImage
Here in Alberta we're opening a lot of things up on Monday & as far as I can tell we're not past the hump yet. Certainly Calgary isn't. Watching a drastic mistake happen in slow motion around me, knowing all the while exactly why it's happening. Good thing there's whiskey /3
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THREAD: It's a different time. Every day more folks're questioning the assumptions behind our entire system. A non-zero number of countries'll choose to build anew rather than rebuild a system needing enormous structural changes. Canada'll be one of them. What of Alberta? #abpoli Image
The brightest countries'll make the switch to the next generation of energy, a circular and/or donut economy & a future-facing climate-friendly approach. Canada'll choose this route & it's up to Albertans to decide whether we show leadership or get dragged kicking & screaming /2 Image
The challenge facing Albertans during the coronavirus (other than #FlatteningTheCurve) is the same one we've been staring down & *mainly* ignoring for many decades now. Maybe the history books'll say it took a global pandemic for us to finally start making the right decisions /3 Image
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