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"What were you wearing when you were sexually assaulted, and can you send us a picture of it?
This is the question @CalgaryPolice have just asked a woman more than 2 months after she reported this assault. It gets worse. Follow this thread. 1/7
#yyc #rape #abpoli #ableg
2/7 When first reported to @CalgaryPolice more than 2 months ago, the police didn't even ask for or try to acquire evidence or document the bite marks & bruising. Fill out a report online they said & we will get back to you. They did...a couple weeks later #yyc #calgary #abpoli
3/7 @CalgaryPolice took so long to follow up with the bar on video evidence that the bar had long since deleted the footage. Despite being told that the sexual assaulter had been told that the assault had been reported to police they took more than 2 months to talk to him.
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🧵We'll be dropping updates and information from researchers and journalists about various #CanadaDay incidents and events in this thread. ⬇️

If you see something we should include, send us a DM!

#CanadaDay2022 #Ottawa #cdnpoli #cdnmedia
We'll start with a roundup of some coverage from yesterday.

@atRachelGilmore covered Poilievre's walk with James Topp here:…
@atRachelGilmore Despite some people saying they are not planning to occupy Ottawa, other organizers have previously said they plan to stay throughout the summer.…
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Good morning from city hall!

Executive Committee is meeting today. We’re hearing about Stampede financials and Calgary Fire resources among other things this morning. #yyc #yyccc @GlobalCalgary Image
Calgary Fire chief Steve Dongworth is at committee this morning for a report on what resources would be required to bring the fire department up to National Fire Protection Standards in Calgary. #YYC #YYCcc @GlobalCalgary Image
Chief Dongworth is speaking about what NFPA 1710 benchmarks would mean for Calgarians. Increased investment for the fire department but could also impact home insurance rates. #YYC #YYCcc @GlobalCalgary Image
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Good morning from Virnetta Anderson Hall, where ENMAX is holding its annual meeting of the shareholder with city councillors. #yyc #yyccc @GlobalCalgary Image
This meeting is not being live streamed, unlike the other meetings of the shareholder earlier this month. #yyc #yyccc @GlobalCalgary
Alright - moving on to an 2021 business update from ENMAX. #yyc #yyccc @GlobalCalgary
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Good morning from the city’s infrastructure and planning committee!

Committee will be debating a 2023-2026 growth strategy today.

#yyc #yyccc @GlobalCalgary Image
Committee chair Coun. Gian-Carlo Carra opening up the committee meeting talking about city growth and its impacts. He mentions the business cases for new communities back in 2020. #YYC #YYCcc @GlobalCalgary…
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#Ableg News 🧵

While it’s officially summer - it’s bad news season for the @UCPCaucus:

✈️ Critics Balk At Kenney’s Trip to DC (Story #1)

🪙 Kenney’s Crypto Bet Falls Flat (#2)

😳 3-Posts on Michelle Rempel’s failed UCP Leadership Run (9-11)

Here’s 12 Bad News UCP Stories!
#Ableg News 🧵

1. Kenney left on a trip to the US Congress to discuss energy

Multiple critics are questioning “what’s the point” since Kenney’s resigned as Premier

One critic observed he’s “not a decision-maker…he’s walking in with no credibility”

No costs were released 😳
#Ableg News 🧵

2. Since UCP MLA Doug Schweitzer announced Alberta will be “A Canadian Cryptoland” and part of the UCP “diversification strategy”, crypto market prices collapsed by ~60%.

Kenney tweeted his support for crypto on Sunday, suggesting he still remains Bullish 🤦🏻‍♂️
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This is a day many of us hoped we would never see.

The destruction of basic human rights for hundreds of millions of people in what was once one of the world’s great democracies.

#ableg #yyc #yeg
Only a short drive from where I am standing today, our neighbours are being stripped of the right to make decisions about their own bodies.

Today’s ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States is abhorrent.

#ableg #yyc #yeg
It destroys generations of hard-won progress towards equality for women, girls, and all people who become pregnant.

#ableg #yyc #yeg
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Live tweeting the first UCP leadership panel?

Sounds like a plan!

1/ um… probably a whooooooole bunch.

#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli
Just jazzy elevator music so far…

The comments are…

They aren’t great. So far, we need more guns, land acknowledgements are terrible, and the MAGA crowd is here in force.

In true UCP fashion tho, definitely not starting on time.
Aaaaaand here we go!

Rob Anderson opens the show up.

He says 7 of the UCP candidates are here, one wasn’t invited because they’ve never been an MLA, that’s Bill Rock.

Introductions are underway and the screens are so TINY!

#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli
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It's okay if you're feeling anxiety about the weather and the possibility of flooding. If you need to talk, phone or text us at 403-266-4357.

The headline for this article is alarming, but check out this quote from it in the next tweet 🧵…
“As of this morning, things are looking a little bit more positive than they were looking yesterday." - Calgary Emergency Management Agency chief Sue Henry. “We are not completely out of the woods. [...] But the forecast is looking a little bit better.”
If you only read the headline you may assume that worst case scenarios are the most likely.
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Following the #yyc flood of 2013, some friends and I spent months, years really, researching Calgary’s flood risk and mitigation options. We formed the @CRCActionGroup and this is what we learned:
1. Our area is more prone to flooding than we had believed. History and tree ring data shows that Calgary experiences long periods of both drought and remarkably wet weather. Between 1876-1910 we experienced 5 or more large scale floods. One significantly bigger than 2013.
But then we did most of the development here during a period of drought. Our city development is - by historical standards- very new. We built an entire city at the confluence of two rivers not really understanding the real nature of the land. Downtown is in a flood plain.
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1/🧵 about global oil demand. Alberta, pay attention.

Peak oil demand is determined by electric vehicles. Full stop.

How fast is global transportation electrifying? Really, really fast. Faster than we ever expected.

@colinmckerrache @BloombergNEF #ableg
2/The internal combustion engine has already peaked, according to BNEF.

Next up, peak oil demand. That happens mid to late 2020s...just a few years from now.

The solid line on the first graph is EXISTING POLICIES. If govts do nothing else.
3/This interview with economist Werner Antweiler is one of the most interesting and important I've ever done.

He explains the economic reasons why the global economy (not just energy) will be disrupted during the 2020s.

Rapid change is coming, #alberta.
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June is #OralHealthMonth.
Oral health's important but don't push #fluoridation.
It saves maybe 1 dental cavity after many years adding extra #fluoride to drinking water.
The evidence of harm from this practice is now overwhelming.
Post a study-I'll start
Can #fluoridation be fatal?
It sure can be.
A study recently published showed increased fluoride in drinking water increased hip fractures in post-menopausal older women.
#IsSaving1CavityWorth Grandma breaking her hip and dying? (survival is low after hip fractures in old age). Image
Can #fluoridation be fatal?
Yup. Here's another example. A fluoridation overfeed accident killed a truck driver in Ontario Canada involved in a pile up on the highway when he was doused in fluoridation chemical.
#IsSaving1CavityWorth Ian Melville's life? Image
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First up from the Hub, Executive Director @AngyMcIntyre with a little bit about us and our #CleanConnectedProtectedCommunities ask. #yyc #yyccc
Here's Hub co-chair @RobTPublic talking about what we mean by CLEAN /3
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#Ableg News 🧵

2022 is the year of “Really Bad News” for the @UCPCaucus:

🤦🏻‍♂️- Elections Alberta is investigating Kenney (AGAIN!) (Story #1)

🤫- UCP hide documents during FOIP Requests (#7)

👩‍⚖️- A judge warns Kenney about divisive language (#16)

Here’s 17 UCP Bad News Stories
#Ableg News 🧵

So It Begins…

1. Elections Alberta is OFFICIALLY investigating allegations of bulk UCP membership purchases made by Kenney’s camp right before this year’s leadership review

The investigation involves 4,000 new UCP memberships purchased by only 6 credit cards.
#Ableg News 🧵

2. 13 motions to improve accountability & transparency in Alberta’s Lobby Act, including several made by Alberta's Ethics Commissioner, were rejected by the UCP!

It’s noted Kenney has close, secretive “relationships with firms who regularly lobby his government”
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#Ableg News 🧵

This was the WORST bad news week for the @UCPCaucus in 2022:

🤬- The UCP suddenly defund critical diabetic care (Story #1)

🤫 - Jason Nixon secretly removes park protections (#2)

🤐- Kenney’s silent on Women’s Rights (#7)

Here’s 22 (YUP!) Bad News UCP Stories!
#Ableg News 🧵

1. Thousands of Albertans were SHOCKED after the UCP announced a plan to “improve” diabetes care…by partially defunding insulin pumps for diabetics

Sick Albertans may see expensive premiums, co-payments or they’ll be forced to abandon their treatments altogether
#Ableg News 🧵

2. 🤫 Shhhh….pro-coal UCP MLA Jason Nixon is AGAIN silently changing legislation to weaken protections of our provincial parks!

Critics say he is attempting to now allow activities in provincial ncisl parks and public lands that are currently prohibited ⛏
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#Ableg News 🧵

I told @AB_AgainstUCP it’d be a “quiet” week for the @UCPCaucus

I was wrong: it’s AWFUL:

🥊 UCP MLA Nixon Gets Away With Bullying (Story #1)

😨 Another UCP MLA Calls Kenney Out! (#5)

🏥 4 Major Health Care Crisis’s! (#7-10)

Here’s 16 bad news UCP stories!
#Ableg News 🧵

1. UCP MLA Jason Nixon will not be sanctioned for comments he made during an angry exchange that included him swearing at Speaker Nathan Cooper in the leg.

It is noted Nixon didn’t ACTUALLY apologize…rather an “I’m sorry” letter was read by another UCP MLA.
#Ableg News 🧵

2. UCP MLA Fir announced private schools, which receive 70% of funding from taxpayers, won’t need report how much they charge for tuition under a new bill. 

Critics suggest the UCP is hiding how much wealthy private schools make in tuition payments from parents
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On my way to #CCME22 Look forward to seeing #MedEd folks in person soon in #YYC …This year I’m proud to be supporting 5 student collaborator presentations…
On Sunday #CCME22 in OA1-3 Khadija Ahmed will present on exploring how admissions stakeholders grapple with their biases. This one will be in person! Hope to see folks there.
also on Sunday #CCME22 Caitlin Loo will present on bias in dentistry education and Snow Wangding on how arts and humanities foster transformative learning.
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Another Wednesday, another conference filled with misinformation.

@JasonCoppingAB says not all hospitals are overcapacity. Only some in #yyc and #yeg ... And okay, perhaps that true. But that should not be reassuring to anyone, and here's why.
#YYC and #YEG contain the main tertiary car centers for AB, where specialized surgeries, procedures and transplant medicine occurs. It's where resources such as telemetry beds, specialized equipment exists as single point access for all Albertans.
If those hospitals are overcapacity, they can no longer safely accept patients from the peripheral sites, the rural hospitals, the smaller centers that do not have all of the necessary medical tools and personnel to care for every patient.
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#Ableg News 🧵

Despite it being “Good Friday”, it’s been a BAD News Week for the @UCPCaucus:

🧳- Alberta has the WORST job growth in Canada (Story #1)

🤦🏻‍♂️- LaGrange’s BRUTAL Presser (#8)

📈 - Alberta Insurance Profits Skyrocket (#13)

Here’s 13 Bad News UCP Stories
#Ableg News 🧵

1. Despite record job growth all across Canada - Alberta is being left behind under Kenney!

#YEG saw the unemployment rate jump to 7.1% (from 6.9%); #YYC saw a tiny drop at 7.7% (8%) — these are some of the HIGHEST unemployment rates among major Canadian cities
#Ableg News 🧵

2. In just 3-months in 2022, Alberta Health Services has posted 52 news releases alerting the public that Alberta emergency rooms and urgent care centres were closed or relying only on nursing staff because there wasn't a doctor available.

This is a crisis 😬
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Here's your pre-Easter weekend look at #COVID19AB wastewater data.
At the risk of sounding glib, something has risen and it isn't a holy figure... 🧵
Fort Mac #YMM has seen a general upward trend for the past 3 weeks (last data point today)
Grande Prairie looks to be starting a swing upward from an apparent nadir a few weeks ago (last data point Apr 12)
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A known white supremacist has been comfortably marching with the anti-mandate rallies in Calgary for months. #yyc

With a free police escort.

Meet Jason Harley, former member of the Aryan Guard, who loves to swing a tall anticommunist flag around.
It's not subtle. #yyc
Here he is attending #yyc rallies:
September 25, 2021
October 2, 2021
October 9, 2021
October 16, 2021
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Political fixer says he was hired by Jonathan Denis Q. C., former Conservative MLA & Justice Minister in Alberta, to get the phone records of Alanna Smith, a former Calgary Herald reporter now of The Canadian Press.

Elect Conservatives, expect corruption. #ableg #yyc
Political fixer David Wallace said he has had a 30-year career in political backrooms. He said he was lured to the West by the promise of lucrative contracts from people prominent in Alberta conservative circles.

Jonathan Denis Q.C. is a corrupt Conservative. Image
“Jonathan Denis, a former Alberta Justice minister, is being accused of interfering in the wrongful dismissal trial of former chief medical examiner Dr. Anny Sauvageau.”…
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So you've made that critical, brave decision to step up to the greatest challenge in human history. A #ClimateActionHero is always born asking the exact same question as those born before:

"So...what the heck do I do now?"

Take heart.

You're not alone.

This 🧵's for you
Answering a call to action (after first ignoring or refusing it) is textbook superhero origin story material, which means the first steps of your adventure are already taken. But Climate's been in popular culture since 2006. Something specific's compelling you now. What is it? /2
Something drove the point home to you. Activated you. Take a moment and enshrine it because you'll be explaining it time and time again, to allies, detractors, society's gate-keepers and even future #ClimateActionHeroes just like you. It's #TheBigWhy & every hero's got one /3
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#Ableg News 🧵

There’s no “Good News Weeks” in Alberta; only slightly less awful weeks under the @UCPCaucus:

🤦🏻‍♂️- Kenney’s expensive referendum was useless (Story #1)

👨‍⚖️- Provincial Lawyers Threaten To Strike (#5)

📉- More Bad UCP Polls! (#X)

Here’s XX Bad News UCP Stories!
#Ableg News 🧵

1. Despite spending $10,000,000 in taxpayer 💰, Kenney’s “Equalization Referendum” had 0 influence on Canadians' support for the program, revealed a new national survey

This 100% goes against Kenney’s claim his referendum sent a “powerful message” to Canadians🤦🏻‍♂️
#Ableg News 🧵

2. Dr. Verna Yiu was fired by Kenney’s AHS Board, shocking health workers who admired her calm, compassionate leadership

Critics say she stood in the way of Kenney privatizing health care + supported COVID-19 mandates. Multiple UCP MLA’s publicly attacked her
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