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#Ableg News Time!!! (1/12)

Quite frankly, this is the WORST Week I’ve seen for the UCP yet!

Dog whistles, gaslighting, and abandoning their role to protect Albertans…and several awful stories in-between

Ready to ride?
Buckle Alberta…let’s go!
#Ableg News 🧵 (2/12)

1. Kenney lands historic Child Care Deal!


Kenney announced a “child care plan for Alberta” but NOT the $10/day. They ONLY signed an extension of a 2017 deal reached under the NDP

This was the first big lie of the week it just gets worse.
#Anleg News 🧵 (3/12)

2. The CBC found that UCP lied about new covid cases. The ACTUAL cases were 176% higher than what was reported. WTAF 😳 y

3. An Alberta-dominant Senate committee appoints an Albertan, making Kenney’s referendum useless! Kenney pouts about fairness. 😂
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Protest getting underway outside the McDougall Centre in Calgary, with people protesting against the province's decision to remove many remaining COVID-19 protocols in Alberta. @jvipondmd speaking to media now. #yyc #ableg
Vipond says Premier Kenney, Health Minister Shandro, and Dr. Hinshaw should resign because of this. Says this will go down as the "oh my god moment of Alberta politics." #yyc #ableg
Several NDP MLAs are on hand, but Vipond doesn't want them to take to the mics right now because he doesn't want this to be a political event.
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THREAD: Alberta fundraising totals – second quarter (April-June) 2021

UCP: $769,847
NDP: $1,515,420

#ableg #abpoli #alberta #cdnpoli #yyc #yeg #yql
2. Year to date totals (Jan-June) 2021

UCP: $1,361,445
NDP: $2,701,420

#ableg #abpoli #alberta #cdnpoli #yyc #yeg #yql
3. This marks the third consecutive quarter the NDP has out fundraised the UCP. The NDP has won 4 of the last 5 quarters.

#ableg #abpoli #alberta #cdnpoli #yyc #yeg #yql
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Health Minister Tyler Shandro is making an announcement in Edmonton this morning, but I will monitor for his response to questions surrounding changes to COVID-19 response in Alberta. Watch live here: @660NEWS #yyc #yeg #ableg
Moving on to the questions now. @CTVMarkVillani asks the doctors in attendance if they were consulted on the plan announced yesterday.

Dr. Joffe with AHS says he was "aware of the discussions" but it was mostly the public health teams involved.
Shandro jumps in to supplement, says CMOH Dr. Hinshaw and her team were primarily in charge of it, his understanding is the work was done by her and her office to bring the proposal forward.
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How it started, and how it's going. However, final design for the Calgary Event Centre is still not set in stone. #yyc ImageImage
More on design, officials say seating capacity of the new rink would be 18,300 (about a thousand fewer seats than the Saddledome). However it puts it in line with the average NHL rink, near the same as the new Edmonton rink Image
Administration saying a final design may be ready by this Friday. Then a development permit can be issued.
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Median household income in #Calgary is about $100/k.

This is literally designed to exclude more than 50% of of families.
“but @youseepeeYYC, the families who earn much more than median income don’t need subsidized childcare as badly, they can afford to pay out of pocket, and therefore should”

Someone, probably.

Let’s briefly examine why this is the wrong way to look at a social program.
When a service is universal and benefits *everyone* it is more difficult for politicians to play identity politics and wedge issues to divide people over cutting it.

That’s why *universal* programs are so much more powerful than boutique programs.
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Recirculating (ha) this documentation for making an affordable, effective air filter #yyc #yeg #ableg #COVID19AB. Kid-sized N95 equiv mask recs to follow. Trying to focus on ways we can keep kids safer this fall bc it’s now clear we may now be on our own. Cc: @jvipondmd @CPita3
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This morning we saw something we will NEVER forget.

We were at the #Walmart in Southeast #Calgary. We were shopping for some groceries when my stepson saw someone take a package of meat and put it under their shirt and then slowly walk over to their cart. #Food #Hungry #Alberta
This person had very few things in their cart. My stepson knows what I do here at @HarvestHillsYYC & he asked if we could help them.

I said yes we could but that this person would feel ganged up on if we all walked over to them, so I told him to stay here and that I’d walk over.
I walked over to where they had their cart and said “I know what it is like to struggle. I would love it if you’d let me help you and I’d like to pay for your groceries.”

This person looked up at me and said “did you see me take the meat?” I said “yes I did. I’d like to help”.
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The rapid flow COVID-19 immunization clinics in #yeg and #yyc will close by the end of July. Demand for immunization continues; however, rapid flow clinics are no longer needed given the increasing percentage of immunized Albertans.
Seamless access to immunization services will continue to be provided 7 days a week in both cities. Immunization locations include public health centres, some pharmacies and some physician offices.
Staff who were supporting the EXPO Centre in Edmonton and the Calgary Telus Convention Centre will be transferring to other immunization sites, wherever possible.
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We have a serious emergency.

Late this afternoon we were contacted by a senior named “Helen”. She only had one meal left in her kitchen.

She called us for help and we are helping.

We will be using the last of our available funds to get her some much needed groceries. #YYC #YEG
We will hopefully be giving her enough groceries for an entire month so she doesn’t have to worry about having to choose between medications/food, food/electricity, food/rent.

Too many #Calgarians are being ignored and forgotten. Too many #Calgarians are afraid to ask for #help.
We need help. If anyone can help with a donation towards her food hamper, we will be here for about 2 more hours because we are shopping for four seniors tonight.

You can help by donating by any of the options ⬇️ #Donate #community #donations #DisabilityTwitter #BeKind #Alberta
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A blanket of smoke is covering #Alberta today.

Climate change events like this are becoming more frequent. So here is a short thread on air quality.

#cdnpoli #ableg #abpoli…
Right now there are air quality advisories across the province.

Health Canada uses a 1-10 scale where 1 is nice clean air and 10 is a like a #Conservative government in your lungs.

Alberta uses the same scale.🔗

#ableg #cdnpoli #absmoke ImageImageImage
A 1-10 scale is beautiful in it’s simplicity, but it also fails to communicate what’s really going ok with air pollution.…🔗

@environmentca does offer explanations for these numbers, but you have to go looking for them. Image
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Jason Kenney’s vaccine lottery prizes now include free access to enjoy and explore Kananaskis Country, an area that used to be free to access before the UCP formed government.

#abparks #ableg #explorealberta #defendabparks #yyc
In a news release Wednesday, the Government of Alberta added 10 free $90 Kananaskis Conservation Passes to a second vaccine lottery prize pool, requiring Albertans to re-submit their entry.
Environment Minister Jason Nixon only introduced the pass a few weeks ago, and it came into effect June 1.
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Now I want to see a sort of buddy-cop show with @aaronpaquette and @AndrewKnack going around #yeg helping people, & generally making the world a better place.

Every episode some Dark Money “Dr. Claw” type figure tries some evil scheme that gets thwarted…

Maybe call it #yegcc?
In one scene @aaronpaquette needs to look “tough” for some weird reason. He pulls it off, but prefers smiling.

In another, @AndrewKnack’s blue tie is missing, so he ends up wearing a pink one. Everyone he meets loves the pink tie!

@RyanParkers photographs them both.📸
In a crossover episode, The Littlest Hobo shows up to help @AndrewKnack & @aaronpaquette solve a problem.

@RyanParkers gets the photo!

Dark Money Dr. Claw is thwarted again!

Everyone cheers.

Littlest Hobo heads out to help another town. Maybe #yyc or #reddeer. Roll credits.
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Mike Nickel's campaign paid for a billboard attacking Aaron Paquette and Andrew Knack for not being anti-maskers.

#yeg #yegcc #abpoli…
Posted to reddit about @scotiasinger's tweet asking about the billboard.

Looks like @CrystalGlassLTD donated $5000 to Mike Nickel's election campaign.

disclosure here:…🔗

I wonder if they donate to the #UCP too.

#yeg #yegcc Image
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Today, the Prime Minister of Canada and the Mayor of Calgary came together to announce construction of the Green Line will begin this fall.

Noticeably absent was Premier Jason Kenney.

1/6 #ableg #yyc
Four years ago yesterday, I was proud to stand in Calgary and announce my provincial government’s full commitment to getting the Green Line underway as soon as possible.

2/6 #ableg #yyc
We heard clearly today that, under the leadership of Jason Kenney, the project was stalled and delayed by at least one year.

3/6 #ableg #yyc
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#COVID19AB Data Warning 🧵

With #yyc Council meeting Monday to decide on mask bylaw, I must warn against zooming into Variant Data too closely.

eg. B.1.617 is going 🔼🔽or ↔️ by week.

Variant ID is released in wildly swinging lumps, ranging between 30% and 150% of cases.

So if you're watching Daily Variant Count, you can get misled by large swings, eg:
-1 case on 15 Jun
+ 72 cases on 17 Jun

Some days, AB Health makes large retrospective adjustments, even months prior; other days it is just the prior 3-5 days that get retroactively adjusted.

Even looking at Variants by Case Date (when pos swab was reported by lab to AB Health), especially with weekends off now, it can take 5+ days for prior days to "fill out", eg.
• On Mon 28 Jun, prior 6 days adjusted +85 cases
• On Wed 23 Jun, zero fill-in from 22 to 20 Jun

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More evidence of Indigenous genocide @ another residential school, amidst an extreme #heatwave caused by #climatechange, while struggling through a pandemic that's killed ~4 million people.

Too many people are dying because of our broken society. The time for change is NOW! 1/n
Nearly all of our societal issues are the result of #colonialism and the capitalist system forced upon the world by colonizers, including (but not limited to): Indigenous genocide, anti-BIPOC racism, #climatechange, biodiversity loss, wealth inequality, homelessness, etc. 2/n
All of these crises are connected & if we are going to address all of them at once, we need an immediate shift away from a society built on the exploitation of people and the environment, towards a more equitable society for all living beings - both human and non-human alike. 3/n
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Grateful I got to spend a few hours listening to front line workers who have kept transit running throughout the pandemic and are now feeling fearful and betrayed.

We need effective, accessible and reliable transit in #YYC

One of the biggest questions I was asked is if I support the further privatization of city services.

Let me be clear.

I do not.

Calgary is facing an uphill battle in our economic recovery, and while there’s no question that Council needs to keep costs low, introducing instability to the lives of people who kept Calgary running is just wrong.

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It’s clear there’s a lot of confusion out there about whether or not masking will still be required by the province after July 1st.

Unless I’m missing new information, the province will still be requiring some masking.

#Ward3YYC #YYC #abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli


Taxis, public transit, and health care settings to name a few.

And to my knowledge, there hasn’t been any information provided as to when those requiremnts will be lifted.

This highlights to me one really important thing…

Because the relationship between the province and the CoC has gotten so combative, many, if not most, Calgarians are unaware these masking requirements remain.

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Mayor Naheed Nenshi is giving more details on how to celebrate Canada Day in Calgary. It starts with thousands of kits including things like a beach ball and sidewalk chalk that can help you mark the day. #yyc
There are also online kits (without the beach ball and chalk). Special show on CJSW on Jul. 1. Nenshi adds that, for the last time, he will push the "big button" to launch fireworks. They will be launched from Tom Campbell Hill, so it should be visible around most the city.
The fireworks will be launched at 11pm.
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Council has returned to debating the City's mandatory mask bylaw.

You can recap this morning's debate here:

#yyc #yyccc
Councillor Farkas kicks off the debate by introducing a motion to repeal Calgary's mandatory mask bylaw on July 1st, the same day that the Province's requirement will be removed.

Councillor Farrell call this reckless and ridiculous.

#yyc #yyccc
Councillor Woolley is also opposed. He says he's opposed to many of the positions the province has taken in this pandemic.

He also claims that Alberta has had the worst COVID outcomes in Canada. (That's not true, that is Quebec).

#yyc #yyccc #misinformation
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Calgary councillors are set to make a decision about the face coverings bylaw. During discussion this morning, councillors heard from Dr. Raj Bhardwaj and I have some more details here. #yyc #yyccc…
Cllr. Farkas starts off this new round with an amendment. He is pushing for the city to repeal the bylaw on Jul. 1, wonders what the city knows that the province and the CMOH doesn't.

There are several options on the table for the bylaw, listed here. Image
"Let's embrace hope over fear," says Farkas. He adds that people can still wear masks on their own and businesses can set their own policies, even if the city repeals the bylaw.
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Today's Council Meeting is underway at City Hall, and first up on the agenda, Council are debating whether to repeal their mask mandate when the province removes their mandate at the end of June.

#yyc #yyccc
The City Administration / Staff are recommending Calgary KEEPS its mandate until at least August.

They say that the Provincial move is too hasty, and the City should take a slower and more cautious approach.

#yyc #yyccc
City staff also say that, while Dr. Hinshaw advises it is safe to remove the mask mandate, other "independent" medical groups disagree.

#yyc #yyccc
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