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Oct 31 4 tweets 2 min read

Yesterday, Alberta saw 2 of the most undemocratic, anti-Canadian bills in our history.

Bill 3 and 5 mark a new low.

Rock Bottom.

Let’s go through these gross abominations and see if you agree
#Abpoli Image #Ableg.

Bill 3: Opioid Damages & Health Care Costs Recover

Vulnerable Albertan will be mandated to forced labour (to UCP employers) to “recover” costs of mandatory treatments

Marshall Smith, Danielle’s drug “expert” was BUSTED for a similar illegal operation when he was in BC Image
Oct 4 9 tweets 4 min read
MASSIVE #Ableg shoutout to @CorbLund

Corb is calling out SNEAKY UCP Minister of the Environment @rebeccakschulz and the Australian Benga Mines secretly applying to operate coal mines.

Let’s look at the timelines and what Rebecca is attempting to hide from Albertans….

Image #Ableg

1. 2021-22 Benga Mines application to operate an open pit mines was REJECTED 2X over concerns of the massive environmental damage they’d cause

It was so bad that UCP Enviro Minister, Sonya Savage, put a moratorium on future applications

However…that was under Kenney
Oct 3 6 tweets 3 min read

Sneaky UCP MLA @rebeccakschulz, Minister of the Environment and Protected Areas, has a MAJOR credibility problem.

Let’s look at 3 recent decisions made under her watch that raises MASSIVE questions about her suitability for this important role…

…/1 Image #Ableg

1. Mountain Ash Ltd.

This private project has MAJOR concerns due to the HUGE impact to groundwater resources and threats to the Big Hill Provincial Park

Despite the MASSIVE red flags, Rebecca STILL approved it AFTER she was lobbied by a major UCP donor in July 2023 Image
Oct 2 6 tweets 3 min read

It’s been 7-days.

@rebeccakschulz continues to hide from Albertans as her husband is paid by O&G to convince Rebecca to change 5 laws environmental laws and protected areas

Let’s explore Alberta’s Conflict of Interest act, simplified for Rebecca

Rebecca - take notes📝 Image #Ableg

1. Are MLA’s allowed to personally benefit from legislative decisions?

- NOPE! 🚫

The Act says Members MUST NOT participate in decisions that MAY benefit themselves, their partners, their associates, or their children.

Rebecca CAN NOT touch ANYTHING Cole is lobbying Image
Sep 29 8 tweets 4 min read

UCP Environment & Protected Area Minister @rebeccakschulz is pretending there’s no conflict of interest as her husband is lobbying to change environmental laws and regulations.

Let’s look at 5 policies he’s looking to change and YOU decide if there’s a conflict….

Image #Ableg

1. Cole is lobbying to “cut administrative burdens” in Alberta’s “TEIR carbon pricing strategy” in order to help maximize O&G profits.

TIER (Regulation 133/2019) falls DIRECTLY under Rebecca’s portfolio as our Environmental and Protected Areas Minister
Sep 22 9 tweets 4 min read
#Ableg 🧵

Danielle Smith broke a MAJOR promise announcing her intent to steal from the CPP and illegally create an APP.

This is part of her “Free Alberta Strategy”; a document focused on ushering in Alberta separation.

Let’s look at what her dangerous plan entails:

#Abpoli Image 1. The Alberta Sovereignty Act

This act attempted to illegally circumvent the Canadian Constitution by claiming Danielle had more power than the federal gov’t on taxation, pipeline approvals and environmental laws.

Danielle was forced to water this her original act. Image
May 19 11 tweets 6 min read
#Ableg 🔥 🧵

Alberta is on fire.

Alberta had one of the BEST wildfire programs in the world until 2019.

Despite MULTIPLE warnings, the @Alberta_UCP cut TENS of MILLIONS from firefighting programs.

We’re now seeing the consequences

Let’s review 6 MAJOR UCP wildfire cuts! Image #Ableg 🔥 🧵

1. The UCP Eliminated the 63-man Aerial Rapattack Team

This early intervention squad had a 94% success rate containing fires <2 hectares

Municipalities BEGGED the UCP to keep them; the UCP chose to save a messily $1.4M instead (ONLY 4% of the UCP War Room budget) Image
May 19 4 tweets 3 min read

“The surprise hero is Tyler Shandro”

Here’s Tyler’s 3 charges with the law society:

1. Shandro ILLEGALLY accessed confidential health care info to obtain phone # for doctors who publicly disagreed with Shandro

Shandro called / harassed MULTIPLE physicians at 9pm

1/4 Image #Ableg Shandrogate

2. Tyler Shandro used his MLA e-mail to THREATEN an Albertan after she messaged Shandro’s wife’s company, Vital Partners, concerning a perceived conflict of interest

Shandro threatened to use his powers to have her arrested!

He NEVER apologized
2/4 Image
May 14 9 tweets 6 min read

6 Facts to share with your Mother today about:

🤰 Danielle Smith and the @Alberta_UCP negatively impacting mothers and their young children


✂️- Cuts to funds for children-in-need

✂️- Cuts to child care programs

✂️- Cuts to women’s health

Let’s jump in! Image #Ableg 👩 🧵

1. The UCP DEFUNDED early intervention programs for children in need by $128,000,000

This resulted in:
- #YEG public schools closing 76% of early learning programs
- 68% cut for language programs
- Criteria changes to make it harder for parents to access key funds Image
May 13 9 tweets 6 min read
#Ableg👩‍⚕️ 🧵

1. In February 2020, UCP MLA Tyler Shandro met with Alberta physicians concerned with UCP health policies

When Shandro was given a copy of a new contract the province proposed for physicians, he tore the contract in half in front of physicians and other attendees Image #Ableg 👩‍⚕️ 🧵

2. The aftermath of Shandro's tantrum was significant

Many physicians saw the incident as an affront to their profession and a sign of disrespect from the UCP.

It added to existing tensions between the UCP and MD’s over changes to the Alberta’s healthcare system Image
May 12 8 tweets 5 min read

12 Facts to share with your family about:

👮‍♀️ Danielle Smith and the @Alberta_UCP silently defunding Alberta Police Agencies by $96,000,000 since 2019 (despite saying “they’re tough on crime”

Let’s explore the HUGE impact on 61 rural municipalities and major cities #Ableg Police 🧵

1. On April 1, 2020, the UCP SUDDENLY began taking a 50% higher cut of fines collected by municipalities

This left 61 cities with MASSIVE holes in their policing and traffic safety budgets

Which cities and by how much???

May 6 6 tweets 5 min read

As Alberta burns, we NEED our leaders to step up and lead us forward.

The @UCPCaucus decided to ignore the plight of 24,000 displaced Albertans and dance, hug and take selfies.

This is NOT leadership; this is COWARDICE

Shame on Danielle Smith and the ENTIRE @UCPCaucus ImageImageImageImage So how has YOUR UCP MLA helped their constituents during the wildfires?

1. Miranda Rosin wanted you to check out her new jacket!

Banff-Kanamaskis is experiencing a wildfire that’s out of control.

#Ableg Image
May 5 6 tweets 4 min read

As @UCPCaucus “pray for rain” let’s look at what @drloewen and his UCP MLA’s did to help:

1. The UCP DECIMATED funding for Alberta's wildfire prevention and response programs by $15,000,000, reducing the total budget for the province's wildfire management programs

…/2 Image #Ableg

2. The budget cuts resulted in the CLOSURE of Alberta's wildfire training center

This provided CRITICAL training to wildfire crews and helped ensure Alberta firefighters were equipped with the skills and knowledge they needed to combat wildfires effectively

…/3 Image
Jan 24 4 tweets 3 min read
#Ableg reminder of Tyler Shandro’s 3 charges

1. Shandro ILLEGALLY accessed confidential health care info to obtain phone numbers for doctors who publicly disagreed with Shandro

Shandro called and harassed MULTIPLE physicians at 9pm

He NEVER apologized or faced discipline
1/4 Image #Ableg Shandrogate

2. Tyler Shandro used his MLA e-mail to THREATEN an Albertan after she messaged Shandro’s wife’s company, Vital Partners, concerning a perceived conflict of interest

Shandro threatened to use his powers to have her arrested!

He NEVER apologized
2/4 Image
Jan 24 5 tweets 4 min read

Tyler Shandro replaced @KayceeMaduYEG as Alberta’s Solicitor General AFTER Madu was guilty of attempting to politically interfere with the police

Who replaces Shandro when he is found guilty of 3-major conduct violations with the Alberta law society this week?
#Abpoli An #Ableg reminder of Shandro’s 3 charges

1. Shandro illegally accessed confidential health care information to obtain phone numbers for doctors who publicly disagreed with Shandro.

Shandro called and harassed physicians at 9pm at night.

No permission was EVER granted
Dec 17, 2022 17 tweets 14 min read
#Ableg News 🧵

This week was a quiet Bad News Week for the @UCPCaucus:

💰 Alberta has the most EXPENSIVE car insurance in Canada (Story #1)

🤦🏻‍♂️ Danielle compares Alberta’s “struggle” to indigenous genocide (#9)

📉 New (Bad UCP) Poll (#15)

Here’s 15 Bad News UCP Stories #Ableg News 🧵

1. A new report found that after the UCP removed caps on car insurance premiums in 2019, Alberta now has some the most expensive rates in Canada!

Alberta now pays
- 155% more than BC
- 172% more than Manitoba
- 169% more than Saskatchewan
Dec 10, 2022 30 tweets 21 min read
#Anleg News 🧵

This was BY FAR the WORST Bad News Week for the @UCPCaucus EVER!

🤷🏻‍♂️ The UCP can’t account for $657,000,000 (Story #1-2)

🤦🏻‍♂️ The Sovereignty Act Makes International News (#19)

😬 Two (Bad) Polls on Smith! (#23-24)

Here’s 27 (TWENTY SEVEN) bad news UCP stories! #Ableg News 🧵

1. 😬 Alberta’s Auditor General is asking the UCP to account for over $657,000,000 in Covid funding!

The UCP’s “Small & Medium Enterprise Relaunch Grant program ONLY put 1,055 of 101,762 (1%)
approved applicants through a post-payment verification process!
Nov 26, 2022 20 tweets 16 min read
#Ableg News 🧵

This week was typical for the @UCPCaucus: HORRIBLE!

😡- An AHS Board Member Calls Smith Out! (Story #1)

😞- Five Stories About Alberta’s Health Care Crisis (#4-9)

📉 - Alberta Makes International News [For Bad Reasons] (#16)

Here’s 16 Bad News UCP Stories! #Ableg News 🧵

1. Ouch!!!

A former AHS board member called out Danielle Smith in a SCATHING letter!

He called out her messaging as “dangerous rhetoric that endangers lives” and that she’s a “pretend-leader of Albertans” representing “the bleakest of role models for women.”
Nov 19, 2022 18 tweets 16 min read

This week was as HORRIBLE for the UCP as it was for Twitter

😷- 7 Stories on the UCP (mis)handling school outbreaks (Story #1-7)

🤥 - Smith’s claims about her ingenious ancestors is LIE (#8)

🚨- New Poll show the UCP is in TROUBLE (#15)

Here’s 15 Bad News Stories #Ableg News 🧵

1. Since Smith said “no” to masks in schools; over 75% of #YEG 213 schools hit an illness absenteeism rate triggering AHS to investigate infectious disease outbreaks.

Over 160 schools had 10% of students out of class; over 20,000 Edmonton students were absent!
Oct 28, 2022 20 tweets 17 min read
#Ableg News 🧵

This was the WORST Bad News Week for the UCP in 2022!

😳 Smith’s New Cabinet faces NUMEROUS questions (Story #1-4)

🤦🏻‍♂️ Alberta makes (embarrassing) international news…2X! (#11-12)

🚨 2 UGLY #Abpoli Polls for the UCP (#18)

Here’s 18 (YUP!) bad news UCP Stories #Ableg News

1. Danielle Smith was forced to defend having one of the largest + expensive executive councils in #Abpoli history

Smith dismissed a suggestion she’s “rewarding supporters and garner loyalty among MLAs” by saying she’s against “top-heavy gov’t models against AHS”
Oct 22, 2022 17 tweets 15 min read
#Ableg News 🧵

Let’s jump into the week that was:

🤦🏻‍♂️ New Premier Smith’s take on Ukraine makes international news! (Stories #1-4)

🚨A deep dive into Danielle’s SECRET posts raises alarms (#6)

📉UCP support PLUMMETS across Alberta (#14)

Here’s 14 REALLY Bad News UCP Stories! Image #Ableg News 🧵

1. After calling the unvaccinated the MOST victimized group in generations, Danielle Smith was criticized for saying Ukraine needs to be neutral in Russia’s takeover, and linked Ukraine to “secret US biolabs

Critics say her words are “unforgivable and dangerous” Image