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before Snowden,Assange,I was in their cross hair;Call dem the 1%,deep State,Freimauer ,Illuminati so on.I call dem the real sects/Pedöphils,sexual psychopath...

Nov 23, 2021, 10 tweets

@Philly852 Right on! This "totalitarian control system" started round October 2004 newly arrived #Paris, my gut told me that i m the primary target of it... getting ready to head to london to family members when the 2005 bombing occurred & a brasilian man cold bloodly killed in the #metro

@Philly852 I mean 2004, travel #BiometricPassport...
Start of it...
As a targeted, using my color, my migrations statue, a water truck driver #NY during 9/11, i & my name was on this satanists/eugenics high list to instill Fear & ensnear, coerce citizens to give up on their privacy

@Philly852 I show what was happening inside #WTC, i flee to Paris, Firenze, Milan, always on the run, dodging to be framed or lured into terrorist attacks scenarios, then the murder of #MeridthKercher ,i started to get the message i got of raping a woman #Pennsylvania hotel...

@Philly852 Anytime they cld have cold bloodly killed a lot of citizens using mercenaries contractors from turkey or Ukraine ( citizens who move freely inside #EU & have the logitics to do it successfully & tagged on me & my name(after killing me)... For success to use the person belongings

@Philly852 For success of the operation, the belongings of the accuser (s) must go through Satanist voodoo/ Sorcery rituals & the person himself lure by job opportunities through infrastructures set only for that purpose, for the open human sacrificial to go smoothly, making everyone numb

@Philly852 #germany where Atta & co originated, guess what: who descended to fitness to come in contact with me : an ex Dr, homosexuel Oberbürgermeister (mayor)( do your guys get the awareness i m bringing here, mostly those that lost loves ones these past yrs be at 9/11 or wars afterwards)

@Philly852 1st contact was nature criminal in the locker room, after monitoring me, tracing etc, all the girls working #LIDL Buchstr #SchwäbischGmünd moved...
Hiswords were: a black guy in Coma, he brought him flower ( coma + flowers?), his partner was there too & died later ( coincidence?)

@Philly852 Stil lucky tweeting & alive...
But completely cut off and isolate, right now i m standing outside #Lidl #Brainkofen in the cold tweeting, my fingers frozen...

@Philly852 Satanist/eugenics infrastructures set in front of me for VOODOO etc , Mr Ulrich Sorg, can't move, sat in his defecation & urines for weeks till the sister Walk. During my sleep Witchs will come & tried 2 lay in my foot blood stream germs/Virus
The guy is dead 2 as mayor partner

@Philly852 one heard #underwear bomber, who the hell put bomb inside a underwear and seat on it?
Baghdadi dirty & stinky #underwear #Warzone where western journalists heads chopped off on MSM
You said wait a mn, does Putin or XI utter these words where citizens lives are at risk?

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