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State Senator Doug Mastriano, Donald Trump’s pick in the Republican Primary for Governor of #Pennsylvania, spent thousands to lead a busload of protesters to the January 6 “protest” at the Capitol in Washington.…
His chosen running mate for Lt. Governor (PA elects Gov and Lt. Gov separately) is Teddy Daniels. Daniels was also at the January 6th Capitol protests.… Image
In 2021, PIF photojournalist @zdroberts filmed Daniels speaking at the Unification Church — made famous by their worship services that include AR-15’s. Here is the wannabe Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania...
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On #ElectionDay in #Pennsylvania, campaign of @JohnFetterman announces the lt. governor and US senate candidate is having a pacemaker with a defibrillator implanted following his stroke. Image
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@TheOfficerTatum @Kathy4Truth 13 months ago she declared her run for Senate, not 100% sure but I believe even earlier than McCormick and Dr Oz whom were the front runners.

@TheOfficerTatum @Kathy4Truth March 2022

The 5 candidates from 50,000 feet all look and sound decent. People have been distracted by COVID, Fauci, Biden, lockdowns, masks, Rona stuff, Ukraine, Inflation etc.

McCormick leads.
@TheOfficerTatum @Kathy4Truth McCormick gets backing by Ted Cruz, Pompeo, Sean Parnell others.

As a businessman and Military Veteran pretty solid.
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#tomwolf #pennsylvania
PPL need to KNOW the truth
1. PA dem Gov TomWolf attended this secret summit. His name is listed. The theme was titled #Resistance. Secretive Liberal Donor Summit Increases Security, Changes Itinerary
2. Pa Gov zoom Wolf joined
Soros, Pelosi Meeting To Fund And Plot Democratic ‘Resistance’…
3. Here's the documents from the meeting…
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#COVID19 #VariantDashboard - #UnitedStates

BA.2.12.1 is the top circulating lineage in the USA

Its not the dominating strain yet by looks like it will get there in 2-3 weeks!

Tracker (by State):

#OmicronUpdates 04/29/22
#COVID19 #VariantDashboard

TOP lineages (15-DAY TRENDS) - #UnitedStates:

23.76% BA.2.12.1, <-S:L452Q
19.22% BA.2,
15.47% BA.2.9,
11.81% BA.2.10,
10.45% BA.2.12,
9.31% BA.2.3 and
2.64% BA.1.1

Tracker (by State):

#OmicronUpdates 04/28/22 Image
*Typo corrected: Its not the dominating strain yet *but* looks like it will get there in 2-3 weeks!
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So some interesting things have surfaced in the last few weeks that I want to share. Be patient with me, I’m slow & get interrupted a lot. But, I think it’s worth it to share this information before the mid-term elections.

😃 Please don’t forget to vote in November…💙
This article from 04/06/2022 has been weighing on my mind…it’s regarding the #RockbridgeNetwork, defined as a coalition.

What is a “political coalition” in the US?
Not much. It’s basically a verbal, non-regulated agreement to finance an agreed upon political agenda.
While #RockbridgeNetwork is being considered a “new GOP coalition”, it isn’t, think #CambridgeAnalytica. Plus, it is not the only “new GOP coalition” popping up before mid-term elections. #ChestnutStreetCouncil has been started by Matt Schlapp, think #KochNetwork
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The vanity I bought had photos in it. The vanity is 1930s/40. #Pennsylvania stamp underneath. Bought in #Houston - #Spring area of #Texas. I don't know if they go with the vanity.
I'm posting the pictures in case anyone recognizes themselves or others. I'll return the photos to family if they want them.
Most don't have writing. A few do.

"My dad" on reverse.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 01/15/2022…
Doomsday Glacier in Antarctica Could Collapse Soon: New Research - Rolling Stone…

#ThwaitesGlacierCollapse, #antartica, #IceShelf, #ClimateChange
America’s Divisions May Have Passed the Tipping Point…

#PartisanPolitics, #tribalism, #polarization, #TippingPoint, #CivilWar
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Wednesday's #Covid19 megathread makes an early start as there's so much news to bring you!

#Omicron takes centre stage in Europe with a raft of records (recap coming up), but #UK ministers are increasingly confident the NHS won't be swamped despite England's lack of restrictions
It turned out to be a terrible Tuesday, not just in #UK, which was just one of TEN European countries to hit all time high daily #Covid19 infection numbers.

#Cyprus #France #Greece #Iceland #Italy #Malta #Montenegro #Portugal and #Spain the others to set new records.
Concern in #Norway. The #Omicron wave looked to be beyond the peak; is it making a comeback or is it still delayed Christmas cases?
4,702 new #Covid19 infections, fewer than 100 down on last Weds.

Better health data. 315 in hospital, down 13 since y'day, although 120 are in ICU
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The story of the #BuildBackBetter has yet to be written. Let’s examine the 50 Republican US Senators who are voting against lifting children out of poverty, education,elder care, affordable prescription drugs, child care & family leave? What does this mean for YOUR STATE? Image
#ALABAMA Sen. Richard Shelby is voting against the #ChildTaxCredit “The Center on Budget &Policy Priorities found making the program permanent would benefit 93% of #AL children,lift 162,000 #AL children above/closer to poverty line & benefit 480,000 #AL children under 17. Image
#ALABAMA Sen. Tommy Tuberville has offered you no solutions; he has admitted that he “wouldn’t have a clue” how to address the current pandemic and recently told people that $600 per week in federal unemployment benefits was just “too much.”… Image
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#Pennsylvania Alert
Insurrectionists need cookies in Elizabethtown. FREEPA people who protest vaccines, masks & democracy & part of the audit pusher brigade are having a Xmas thingy. 18 N Market St
It shouldn't be so easy to celebrate sedition.
@clayberg @lolo13251797 @RanceWilla
#Pennsylvania FREEPA has multiple County Chapters and supports Doug Mastriano

Mastriano is described by @EverettStern1 as a Mike Flynn operative and a danger to democracy.
#Pennsylvania FREEPA had friends dealing with consequences. SAD.
And also multiple private Facebook groups.…
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7 U.S. states have confirmed #Omicron cases (as of right now). They are:
🔸 California
🔸 Colorado
🔸 Hawaii
🔸 Maryland
🔸 Minnesota
🔸 Nebraska
🔸 New York…
After adding #Pennsylvania to the list, there are 9 U.S. states with #Omicron cases
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Marissa Fuentes from Havertown #Pennsylvania was 32 wks pregnant when she was placed on life support due to COVID. 7 months later she returned home to her family, including her infant son, who was safely delivered via emergency c-section #TheySurvivedCovid…
Her nurse, Elena Casanova, said most patients average 10-15 days on ECMO support. Fuentes lasted around five and half months.

Casanova called Fuentes a medical miracle.…
Fuentes was not vaccinated, but now says "If you can get the vaccine, get it...Because it could save you, it could save your child's life."
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Dr. Hassan Amhaz from Dauphin County #Pennsylvania was shocked seeing his own neighbor, 32-year-old Kyle Schriner in the COVID ICU on a ventilator. After a prolonged hospitalization, Kyle returned home. #TheySurvivedCovid…
"I just kind of glanced in and I saw Kyle. And, I just stopped. I just walked back and I looked in and I was like 'oh my God.' And I looked and you know it was just really scary," said Dr. Hassan Amhaz
Kyle had just become eligible for the vaccine when he began to feel ill in April. He admits, he wasn't sure about getting the shot as he is scared of needles and he questioned what was in the vaccine and how fast it rolled out.
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@Philly852 Right on! This "totalitarian control system" started round October 2004 newly arrived #Paris, my gut told me that i m the primary target of it... getting ready to head to london to family members when the 2005 bombing occurred & a brasilian man cold bloodly killed in the #metro
@Philly852 I mean 2004, travel #BiometricPassport...
Start of it...
As a targeted, using my color, my migrations statue, a water truck driver #NY during 9/11, i & my name was on this satanists/eugenics high list to instill Fear & ensnear, coerce citizens to give up on their privacy
@Philly852 I show what was happening inside #WTC, i flee to Paris, Firenze, Milan, always on the run, dodging to be framed or lured into terrorist attacks scenarios, then the murder of #MeridthKercher ,i started to get the message i got of raping a woman #Pennsylvania hotel... Image
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Hi folks! Welcome to a bare-bones #Pennsylvania #MoCTrack for the week ending 10/31/21.

Since it is so close to #ElectionDay2021 (which should be your focus), I’m just going to run down the votes and quotes, with basic links.
#MoCTrack 1/20
Full Report-
The House passed a bill to fund shelters and programs to address #DomesticViolence.

Over 95% of #GOP MoCs voted No on this. #Shame.

8 of 9 #Pennsylvania GOP MoCs were NO votes, only #PA01's @RepBrianFitz voted YES.
#MoCTrack 2/20…
In case you were wondering why all those #GOP House members voted NO a #DomesticViolence prevention bill? This portion from the speech of Rep. Bob Good of Virginia gives you an idea.

The bill passed, thankfully.
#MoCTrack 3/20…
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Sad to hear that Mahmoud Ayoub (1935-2021) one of the pioneers of #ShiiStudies and #intrafaith and #interfaith #MuslimChristian studies has passed away earlier today - a 🧵
Much of his career was in #MuslimChristian understanding partly influenced by his own biography - born into a #Shii family in Qana in Southern Lebanon in 1935 and converting to Protestantism 2/
He went onto study at #AUB and #Pennsylvania finally writing a PhD on Redemptive Suffering and #Christology as an approach to #ShiiIslam in 1975 at #Harvard 3/
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#OTD October 25th 1960 in the Evening Star
1. Queen Elizabeth's plane buzzed...
2. Wernher Von Braun - Man to Mars Soon!
3. Vice president Nixon in Johnstown #Pennsylvania #OTD 1960
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#Constitution of #Pennsylvania 1776


I. That all men are born equally free and independent, and have certain natural, inherent and inalienable rights, amongst which are, the...
...enjoying and defending life and liberty, acquiring, possessing and protecting property, and pursuing and obtaining happiness and safety.

II. That all men have a natural and unalienable right to worship Almighty God according to the dictates of their...
....own consciences and understanding: And that no man ought or of right can be compelled to attend any religious worship, or erect or support any place of worship, or maintain any ministry, contrary to, or against, his own free will and consent: Nor can any man, who....
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🧵Very important election on 11/2 in #Pennsylvania

We must show up and vote or request your mail in ballot

#VoteLocal2021 elect Dems for School Boards, Judges & Row Offices


👂to John Lewis 💗
@ConOHanlon is running for Doylestown Township Tax Collector

Connor's chair of @DoylestownDems and is ready to serve

We MUST support young Dems who have stepped up to run! Please give him a couple 💵 it will 100% help him out ⤵️…

Colleen Mullin is running for Doylestown Township Supervisor

Colleen is currently on the Ways and Means Committee and will hit the ground running!

Visit ⤵️

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I noticed there was a lot of interest in #Pennsylvania in my tweet about the inoperable high-pressure coolant injection (HPCI) system at the Limerick-1 #nuclear reactor. The HPCI is needed to provide emergency makeup water if a small-break loss-of-coolant accident occurs.
The Limerick plant was previously allowed to operate for 14 days without a functioning HPCI. Last year @NRCgov approved a "risk-informed" license amendment allowing outages of HPCI or other emergency systems of up to 30 days. For more details, please see…
The basic logic is that the likelihood of such an accident occurring is so small that the increased risk to the public of the outage extension is also small. Plant owners must demonstrate this using detailed risk calculations.
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🧵 Very important election in November #Pennsylvania 11/2

We must show up VOTE & support our local/state Dems for School Boards, Judges & Row Offices


Help by following, amplifying & $ if you can

@ConOHanlon is running for #Doylestown Township Tax Collector

Connor's chair @DoylestownDems and is ready to serve

We MUST support young Dems who have stepped up to run! He needs to buy signs please donate couple 💵 if you can


Colleen Mullin is running for Doylestown Township Supervisor

Colleen currently on Ways and Means Committee & can hit the ground running

Visit ⤵️

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I would have already filed my embezzlement case I have with my trust fund in Mississippi but unfortunately I had to have a woman in Pennsylvania stalk me for 4 years and have me charged with a false stalking charge. She set me back now I have to worry about my stalker
Because she's put my life in danger. I'm in fear for my life I'm scared to leave my home. I'm scared to leave my home because I think people are going to kidnap me & kill me. I live in fear every day because two police officers helped a woman from Pennsylvania stalk me for 4 yrs.
Every time I want to start working on my draft for my complaint for my embezzlement case I have I get in fear and think about how if I don't start my civil rights case this woman from Pennsylvania is going to kill me. I'm seriously scared for my life and I will not put myself in
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