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[Thread] Many people say that #France does “no longer” need #Africa. Their argument: France’s declining trade share in the continent, and esp. with the 14 countries still using a colonial currency controlled by the French Treasury, the #CFA #franc.
They stress in particular that Africa represents around 5% of French global trade. So, for them, this is evidence that any claim of French dependence on Africa or #neocolonialism is an exaggeration.
Their argument has a name: the “small ratio argument” (SRA). It was used by those who denied the tremendous economic impact of the slave trade on the economic development of the West. It is now used by the cheerleaders of French #neocolonialism.
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The daily🧵for the last day of September, Day 219 of #Russia's war. Today #Putin completes the land grab of 4 regions of #Ukraine

If we do nothing it will happen again. Appeasement is not an option.

Have spare £/$/€? Please donate, just 2 weeks left:

The big news of the day in #Ukraine is the murder of over 20 people in #Zaporizhzhia when a civilian convoy was hit by #Russia's missiles.

More on that in a moment, but if you missed anything yesterday, here's the link for Thursday's thread:

23 people are known to have died, another 28 injured when bombs hit a convoy of vehicles in #Zaporizhzhia

The cars were mainly families heading towards the checkpoint & Occupied part of the region. Of course Putin loves to make a statement on the day he tries to annex all of ZP
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Day 2 without wind

#Germany #Atomkraft Image
When it applies it is typically true for all of Northern Europe for those of u who read somewhere not to worry as in the future wind power will be imported from neighbouring countries. It won’t. ImageImageImageImage
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Survey of key Western countries finds US "still perceived as the most influential actor in the world" BUT 'respondents predict its influence will decline sharply over the next 5 years"

per @gmfus' #TransatlanticTrends2022
More: "Younger people generally have a less positive view than their elders of US influence in the world" per @gmfus' #TransatlanticTrends2022
More: @gmfus' #TransatlanticTrends2022 finds "A clear majority of respondents in #Europe approve of
[@POTUS @JoeBiden's] handling of international affairs, w/approval highest in #Poland & lowest in #Türkiye"
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German security & energy policy blunders are caused not only by corruption. #Germany also faces an acute crisis of competence. The structure & culture of 🇩🇪 political parties have created a self-sustaining mediocracy that threatens our national & collective European security. 1/3
Career politicians with little to 0 experience outside party life rise through the ranks. Ppl who wouldn't even qualify for internships at respected security/for pol institutions end up leading major portfolios. They don't know what they don't know. Dangerous mistakes follow. 2/3
This problem exists in all the major parties (& not just in #Germany), but the extent of it here is acute. It's a national security threat. Every 🇩🇪 party must commit to reform our culture of mediocracy & elevate serious experts within their ranks. Our future depends on it. 3/3
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I learned a long time ago, from an ex-cop, that when trying to figure out who committed a #crime, one has to consider 3 broad categories:

1. motive

2. means

3. opportunity

This video clip addresses category one, motive.

#Russia #Germany #USA #Nordstream #pipeline
In its zeal to attack perceived enemies, the *Empire of Chaos* occasionally reveals its hand. This makes a strong case for addressing motive.
Having established motive, the second category is means.

Did the *Empire of ‘La Cosa Nostra’* actually have the technological and logistical capacity to pull off the hit?

(Also note the date at the bottom. This is like leaving a calling card.)
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#BREAKING Germany 2023 inflation to hit 8.8% as economy shrinks: think-tanks
#UPDATE Inflation will keep rising in #Germany next year while the economy goes into recession, as the soaring price of energy weighs on households and businesses, the country's leading economic institutes said in a forecast published Thursday.
#BREAKING German inflation accelerates to 10.0% in September: data
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Thursday 29 September
Day 218 of #Russia's war on #Ukraine and the start of another daily thread.

Quite a lot of late news yesterday. To catch up on what you missed, click and scroll through yesterday's 🧵

Some breaking news to start with and #Sweden says it has found a 4th leak on the Nord Stream pipeline.

Previously 3 leaks were found on the gas link from #Russia to #Germany, caused by sabotage.

#StopRussia #SaveUkraine
More threats on neighbours by #Russia

This time the leader of the "A Just Russia.." party targets #Kazakhstan.

Sergey Mironov threatens (military) intervention after "seeing manifestations of #Russophobia..
The persecution of Russian-speaking citizens will inevitably begin"🤡
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Who benefits from interrupting the Russian gas supply (and all energy, trade and commerce) to Europe?

The #USA.

#Russia could have turned off the flow without damaging a very expensive infrastructure. Russian gas to Europe is still flowing.

Who wants to be very close to the investigation and follow closely what can be discovered?

The #USA

Who is excluded from the investigation and is the (partly) owner of the sabotaged infrastructure?

Which continents are highly damaged from the #NordStreamSabotage?

#Europe and #Russia
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🚨 @Keir_Starmer @faisalislam @kdhdownunder

Here why major currencies have been plummeting for ONE YEAR NOW.

A quick thread 🧵

🚨 After Covid, #Biden came to office in January 2021.

His RECKLESS green policies and FECKLESS spending made him borrow $7 trillion for 2021, which is UNPRECEDENTED in US history.

Note that there was NO #Ukraine in 2021.

🚨 As a consequence, #inflation started in the US resulting in a much lower confidence for both businesses and consumers.

Here is the data supporting my statement.

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🧵🚨 Gazprom 🇷🇺rejects Naftogaz 🇺🇦 demand for arbitration due to "unfriendly" arbitration environment in Switzerland 🇨🇭. This means we might be looking at ZERO #Russia gas to Europe this winter. 1/x
3 #NordStream pipes are severely damaged due to this week's explosions, technically 1 pipe of #NS2 could work, but not likely anytime soon. Hard to imagine #Germany 🇩🇪 will agree to use it. 2/x…
We were already looking at no gas via #NordStream this winter, but adding a 2009 Russo-Ukraine gas dispute style event is cause for concern for some EU member states, like #Italy 🇮🇹 when they are in process of forming their next government. 3/x
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#NorthStream2 #Nordstream #UkraineRussiaWar #deglobalization #Germany

"Chronicles of the EU's death.
Carthage must be destroyed.

The real US objectives in Ukraine are the destruction of Europe and its economic leader: Germany.


Let's describe the world

situation in early 2022 (note that I'm giving not exact figures, but approximate figures do not affect both disposition and conclusions itself):

China. GDP: 16.9 trillion USD. Industrial sector ~30.5% or 5.1 trillion USD. Export economy 15.3% with an
export sophistication of 1.35 (easily replaceable, not technologically advanced, but massively price elastic, requiring small producer margins and not expensive labour, as well as agglomeration of producers)

Germany. GDP 4.2 trillion USD. Industrial
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So it looks like someone committed a terrorist attack and a defacto declaration of war, against both the European economy and Russia. Wonder which submarine equipped power could have done it? 🤔
#USA #Russia #Ukraine #EU #EUpoli #WorldPoli #terrorism…
A former Polish Defense Minister, Radek Sikorski, has attributed to the United States the sabotage of two pipelines, Nord Stream 1 and 2, which carry natural gas from #Russia to #Germany.
#USA #Ukraine #EU #EUpoli #WorldPoli
Poland’s Secretary of State denounced Sikorki’s claim as “Russian #propaganda,” calling it “a smear campaign against Poland, the US and Ukraine, accusing the West of aggression against #NS1 and #NS2.
But Russia literally controls the taps, so self-sabotage claim makes no sense!
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Tracking BQ* lineages (BQ.1* & BQ.1.1*) over time

Emerging Hotspots:

BQ.1* (aka #Typhon) : #USA, #UnitedKingdom, #Denmark, #Canada, #Germany

BQ.1.1* (aka #Cerberus): #UnitedKingdom, #USA, #France, #Denmark, #Belgium


Updated 9/27/2022 12 pm
Tracking BQ.1* (aka #Typhon)/BQ.1.1* (aka #Cerberus) in the #UnitedKingdom over time

#England is a BQ.1/BQ.1.1 hotspot!

Please get #boosted and #MaskUp!

Note: Latest Epi Weeks are incomplete ImageImage
Tracking BQ.1* (aka #Typhon)/BQ.1.1* (aka #Cerberus) in #USA over time

#Texas, #NewYork, #NewJersey, #California, #Georgia #Maryland #Connecticut are emerging BQ.1/BQ.1.1 hotspots!

Please get #boosted and #MaskUp! ImageImage
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Rest in peace Nord Stream 1.

#Europe is paying the price of decades of colonisation and of being colonised by the #US.

Do we think we are tough enough and allow ourselves to impose whatever sanctions on #Russia? We have a blow in our face and no Russian gas ahead of us.
Which solution is the #US bringing to Europe now? Image
Believe it or not, #Russia still delivering gas to #Europe via #Ukraine, but not for long.
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Hello again, nice to see you here for Tuesday's daily thread on #Russia's illegal war against its peaceful neighbour.

Day 216 of #Ukraine's Resistance. Also the last day of "voting" in the sham (illegal) referenda in Occupied parts of Ukraine

All the news, events and analysis⬇️
If you missed anything yesterday, here's the start of Monday's thread. Scroll at your leisure!

The British Intelligence daily update is out and it covers Putin's immediate plans over the fixed "votes" in 4 of #Ukraine's partially occupied regions.

#StopRussia #StandWithUkraine
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#NordStream2 pipeline leaking in the Baltic Sea, according to #Denmark.…
Update: Two leaks also identified on the #NordStream 1 pipeline in the Baltic Sea, following a similar incident involving #NordStream2, according to Scandinavian officials.
No impact on security from the #NordstreamLeaks, according to @EU_Commission.
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A Dark Age Winter of Discontent in Europe Part 3 - On the brink of a banking crisis, energy shortage, hard landing recession, food insecurity, and collapse of industrial base and households - by @TraderStef #DarkAge3 #EnergyShortage #FoodInsecurity #Winter… Image
#DarkAge3 #EnergyShortage #FoodInsecurity #Winter - "An Arctic chill blowing across western #Europe through next week will be the first test of how willing people are to delay switching on the heating in a bid to save energy and ease household budgets."…
#DarkAge3 #EnergyShortage #FoodInsecurity #Winter - #manfacturing European Industries Shut Down Even Before Winter Months Set In…
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JUST IN: Olaf Scholz (@OlafScholz), German Chancellor met Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE President on Sunday, and signed an accord on energy cooperation and the country's hosting of next year's U.N. climate talks.
Scholz is on a two-day visit to the Gulf region focused mainly on securing new fossil fuel supplies and forging fresh alliances against Russia.
Germany is trying to wean itself off energy imports from Russia in response to the invasion of Ukraine, while avoiding an energy shortage in the coming months.
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JUST IN: 100,000+ businesses in Italy are in danger of closing down due to soaring energy bills, as reported by Carlo Sangalli, head of the Italian business association Confcommercio.
Sangalli said, "Already many companies are reorganizing or reducing services… Between now and the first half of 2023, at least 120,000 small businesses in the service sector are at risk… This is a cautious estimate that does not take into account the largest companies".
Sangalli warned that, due to this situation, there could be a loss of over 370,000 jobs. Energy prices in Italy are much higher than in other countries, which puts a strain on small and medium-sized businesses.
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(1/4) Ein Retweet (Tread-1&2) vom 05.09.22 zur Frage der eiskalt einkalkulierten #Kanibalisierung D's & der #EU durch die #USA in/d Folge des #Ukraine-Krieges: die Sache rechnet sich je länger der #Krieg dauert umso gewinnträchtiger f/d #Amerikaner, darüber besteht kein Zweifel:
(2/4) ... Im 2. Teil der unbarmherzig klarsichtige Artikel von Michel Houdson (US-Ökonom) vom 01.03.22:

[...] ... So the most pressing U.S. strategic aim of #NATO confrontation with #Russia is soaring #oil and #gas #prices, above all to the detriment of #Germany. ...
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JUST IN: A new survey by S&P Global revealed that the Eurozone’s economic downturn deepened in September, with business activity contracting for the third consecutive month. Image
The report found that manufacturers across 19-country unions were hit hard by rising energy costs, with the purchasing manager's index (PMI) sinking to its lowest level since 2013.
The PMI, which is seen as a good gauge of overall economic health, fell from 48.9 in August to 48.2 in September. S&P Global expects the euro area’s economy to shrink by 0.1% in the third quarter.
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JUST IN: Germany wants European Union citizens to be banned from taking up top posts at Russian state firms. Berlin is urging Brussels to ban EU citizens from holding senior positions at Russian state-owned companies.
According to reports, the document states that EU citizens should no longer be allowed to be on the supervisory or management boards of Russian state companies.
The proposal is justified by the problem of “strategic corruption”. It states that it is a long-standing Russian strategy to offer “well-paid positions in the governing bodies” of state companies to EU residents allegedly in order to exert political influence on EU countries.
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The Saxon Palace was one of the most distinctive buildings in prewar #Warsaw. It was destroyed by Germans in #WWII.
A 🧵:

#PolishHistory #Poland #ReparationsForPoland #BeLikePoland #unredeemed #ReparationsNow #PałacSaski

The Palace, erected as a result of the expansion of the 17th-century palace of Jan Andrzej Morsztyn (a leading poet of the Polish Baroque), was rebuilt many times in the following centuries. During the Second Polish Republic, it was the seat of the General Staff of the 🇵🇱 Army.
After the destruction of the Palace by 🇩🇪, the only trace of it that remained was a fragment of the 3 central arcades with the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier–a symbolic grave commemorating the nameless soldiers who died in the defense of 🇵🇱”
#PolishHistory #WW2 #ReparationsForPoland
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