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Dec 13, 2021, 9 tweets

7 Google Search tricks and techniques to make your searches more effective! 😉

A thread!

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1. Limit your search to a particular website or domain

Include search term and “site:” and the domain (e.g. .ac.uk, .edu, .gov. , .org) or website name

E.g., PhD scholarships site:.ac.uk, covid 19 rules site:gov. uk

2. Limit your search to specific file types

Include search term and “filetype:” and the filetype (e.g., pdf, pptx, docx)

E.g., materials science presentation filetype:pdf, 3d printing filetype:pptx

3. Use quotation marks to search for exact phrases and limit search results

Using “ ” gives results that exactly match with the search term/phrase/sentence

E.g. “Data science with pandas”

4. find similar websites

Include “related:” and the website

E.g. related:sciencedirect. com, related:scopus. com, related:youtube. com

5. Check if you can access a publication/journal/textbook at your university by linking Google Scholar to your university library (especially when using a personal device/laptop)

Go to Google Scholar > Settings > Library links > Search your university > tick the check box

6. Search within a particular time period

After your initial search results, go to Tools > Any time > Custom range

7. Search for exact phrases within the title of a webpage or article

Include “allintitle:” and the exact phrase or sentence in quotation marks (“ ”)

E.g. allintitle: “machine learning with python”

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#PhdChat #AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter #SciComm

@AcademicChatter @OpenAcademics

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