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The Science of Scientific Writing!

I don't have to stress about how much a PhD student has to write. Yet, sometimes we find ourselves in such an apprehensive situation that it becomes difficult to write.

A 🧵

@PhDVoice @OpenAcademics @AcademicChatter @ThePhDPlace @PhD_Genie
These points are helping me in a way to become a better scientific writer day by day. I hope it will help you too.

My major inspiration to write these points is from this article:… which my supervisor suggested.
And I wish, I should have read this many years back. Anyways, you're never too late to learn anything.

Note: If you know these points already, I hope it turns out to be a reminder for you. Happy reading!
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I’ve been training people in how to peer review today.

Here are the top things they didn’t know before the class that they thought you might find helpful 🧵 #AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter #gradschool #PhDChat #HigherEd #ResearchTip
1. Peer reviewing is an essential research skill. And as with any skill it takes tuition, time, practice, respect and accountability to get right. The more you do it the better you’ll be.

#AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter #gradschool #PhDChat #HigherEd #ResearchTip
2. Peer reviewing doesn’t just benefit the person who’s work you’re checking. The more research proposals and publications you review the better your research will become.
#AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter #gradschool #PhDChat #HigherEd #ResearchTip
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And #ECRday2022 is off! We're kicking off with a panel on 'The Early Career Journey' with a team of @qub_belfast experts. Before we get started: some housekeeping! Thanks are due to @DNIRE1, Alice at @QUBPostdoc & @WrayRamona for being so amazingly helpful & supportive 🙏
@DNIRE1 @QUBPostdoc @WrayRamona We also need to thank @QUBResearchPol for the funding that enabled us to pay all our speakers & chairs: only right to reward their time, expertise & generosity!
@DNIRE1 @QUBPostdoc @WrayRamona @QUBResearchPol Speaking of chairs, today we are in the hands of @J_O_McCullough, who is a @nbcdtp PhD Candidate at @ModLangs_QUB. Image
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Looking over all the access measure at #DisGaze22 and imagining what it would be like to apply for a conference and just not need to request accommodations, because meaningful access measures were already planned, by design, into the conference from it's outset. 1/3
There are many many moments where I feel like I cannot safely stay in academia. The rampant ableism makes me feel distanced in so, so many spaces. But scholars like @jaivirdi and conferences like #DisGaze22 give me hope. 2/3
Maybe colleagues can plan for me to be here. Maybe it doesn't have to be me performing access labor every single moment I engage with the academy. Maybe we can normalize best practices by just listening and following models set by disabled scholars. 3/3 #AcademicChatter
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Sharing “April” tweets and threads regarding PhD resources that I wrote. So that it's all in one place. I think it will help me too to find everything together.

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@AcademicChatter @OpenAcademics @PhD_Genie @ThePhDPlace @PhDVoice #AcademicTwitter #scicomm #phdchat
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PhD students: Check these points in your CV when you apply for any awards.

You may be already familiar with some points but still, it's worth reading (I guess)!


@AcademicChatter @OpenAcademics @PhD_Genie @ThePhDPlace @PhDVoice #AcademicTwitter #scicomm #phdchat
I recently had a chance to review some applications for a certain type of award and here are some points I hope can be helpful to you.

The selection process for any awards still depends on many factors but if you think these points may improve your chance then best wishes.
1. Make it simple: A simple and easy to follow CV will provide more insights, stick to one colour and make use of “BOLD” or “italics” wherever necessary.
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A PhD student checklist to keep track of!

It helps me be efficient enough to keep moving ahead in my program. I expect this will help you too!

A 🧵

@PhDVoice @ThePhDPlace @PhD_Genie @PhDspeaks @CouragePhD @AcademicChatter @OpenAcademics #phdchat #scicomm @PhDForum
1. Weekly summary report: My supervisor has made a point to submit a weekly summary report before every meeting. This has been a game-changer for sure because it helps you keep a track of what you did and what goals to have to set forth.
Here's the weekly summary report format (if you need it).

> Previous Meeting Highlights
> Activities (What you did/accomplished)
> Difficulties (Problems that cropped up / things that stumped you)
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Today's #ResearchTip is referencing is not just for work you are directly quoting. If you've read a book, paper or report, or watched a podcast or someone's talk that is directly informing your work THAT needs citing too! #AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter #gradschool #PhDChat
A lot of academics seem to believe if they're sharing other people's ideas but from their perspective, or they aren't using a quote or image directly, then this does not need crediting. It does! If you're passing off someone else's work as your own it's unfair and dishonest.
It's very much an issue that academics, often those with higher profiles, lift work from minoritised scholars and/or those not working in universities. They get credit for stuff that is not their work while the original authors remain unacknowledged and further sidelined.
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Tools for your PhD Journey...

I have found a list of “22” things which I have found quite helpful over the years as a researcher, writer and designer.

A 🧵

@PhDVoice @ThePhDPlace @PhD_Genie @PhDspeaks @CouragePhD @AcademicChatter @OpenAcademics #phdchat #scicomm @PhDForum
1. Digital notebooks like @Labstep and a physical notebook: To write your experiments, short and long-term goals, updates etc.

2. Portable reading tools like @AmazonKindle or iPad. It's easy to carry (anywhere), read, highlight, and jot down notes.
3. Bibliography manager: Not a secret anymore! You can use @zotero and @mendeley_com. Also, @ConnectedPapers to build a graph of similar papers.

4. @unpaywall to access the full text of scholarly articles.
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Today’s #ResearchTip is if you’re writing a substantial piece of work (paper, report, book or dissertation) the help of a writing skills workshop or an editor can vastly improve your tone and messaging. #AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter #gradschool #MedEd #HigherEd #PhDChat
A lot of us aren’t taught to write at all. And if we are taught it’s to write to a formula for a specific journal. We don’t often get taught basic writing skills, or learn from those whose job it is to communicate with clarity. Reading widely helps, too.
All of us have strengths with how we communicate our research. That might be in how we write and different styles (theoretical, chatty, persuasive, pragmatic). Or in using other ways to share messages including visual and audio options and co-writing with colleagues
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I turned 40 a few days ago. Here's some stuff I learned so far.

Inspired by / reflecting Paul's thread below.
#actwitter #phdchat @ProfessorIsIn
1) The academic world in which your PhD advisors lived is gone: academic jobs are no longer abundant and well payed. Their intuitions about what you should do to be successful are likely unreliable.
2A) The moral injury involved in an academic career is real (100% agree w @ProfPaulRalph). The consumerist model of education, the instrumentalization of knowledge, etc. (all borne out of economic uncertainty for young adults) have undermined our ability to educate.
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No one should be surprised when PhDs leave academe due to lack of jobs. Over past decade non-casual academic positions have grown by ~900 per year (excl. 2018), HDR completions by ~9,600 per year. Some disciplines haven't grown at all for teaching staff #phdchat #highered (1/n) ImageImage
Public data does not show RO positions by discipline (ROs have grown by ~3,300 to ~19,000 from 2010 to 2020). Adding RO and "no info" staff and apportioning them to each field according to teaching staff improves the situation somewhat, but not by much (2/n) ImageImageImage
Public data does not show casuals by discipline (grown by ~2,500 to 13,500 from 2010 to 2020), but these (like ROs) are insecure. Apart from retirements & other separations, very few new positions, particularly in low rank. Main exception is Health (IT had a bumper 2020) (3/n) Image
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📄 Here's my take on literature review and note-taking in grad school 🙃 ↓

#AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter #phdchat #phdlife #phd #gradschool @PhDVoice @NotionHQ
📄 I take my notes on the papers that I'm reading in Notion.

I have a Notion page template that I duplicate each time I read a new paper: Image
The template has some useful metadata: the year of the publication, title, web bookmark to the online version, authors, number of citations or any additional comments that I want to make for myself (e.g. Really cool paper! 🚀).

I also made a couple of tags ready to select: Image
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3 story frameworks you can use to make your research presentations 🔥 🧵

1. The Journey
2. The Mystery
3. The Conflict

These 3 frames drive curiosity which will make people want to listen to your talk.

#AcademicChatter #ResearchTalks #ECRChat
1. The Journey

Great for talking about how a project went, reporting or chronological storytelling.

The curiosity driver here is - what we've done/happens next?

#ResearchTalks #PHDChat #ECRChat #Academiclife #PHDLife #Research A sketched image of a path into the sunset. A sign reads &qu
Structurally the journey tends to follow the mountain.

A uphill march towards a goal, with successes and failures along the way.

These ups and downs keep us interested enough to listen to the whole thing.

#AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter #ResearchTalks Simple drawing of a mountain. at the bottom is the start, at
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Ok #AcademicTwitter. This month, I'm entering my 3rd year of PhD! yayy🎉

I was looking through my 1st research journal and found these "tips" I had written for myself. I thought I'll share them here.

So, here's a 🧵of #PhDtips for those starting their PhD!

#PhDlife #PhDchat Image
1. Maintain a #PhDjournal📒
Experiments, results, failures, meetings w/ guide, seminars, weekly plans, proposal brainstorming, talk prep - everything related to your PhD in one notebook.

(coursework & journal notes can be separate, but I used the same note. 1 note/year for me)
2. Read a lot of journal articles. A lot.
It is the best way to take your research forward!

(I wanted to try the #365papersChallenge, but couldn't keep up. I read way fewer papers than I want myself to. This could be my sign from the universe to step up!)
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3 things you need to know to deliver great presentations 🧵

#AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter #Research #PHDChat #ECRChat

You've got to know why you are doing the talk.

What's the point? What are you hoping to achieve? You could educate, inspire, motivate, show off, entertain etc

But you've got to know why you are bothering

#AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter #Research #PHDChat #ECRChat

Who is your audience?

Presentations change depending on who you are talking to. Get as much info about them as you can, careers, interests, ages, attitudes, pre existing knowledge

Only by knowing them, can you effectively talk to them

#AcademicChatter #Research #PHDChat
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How to build slide decks fast. ⚡

Building slides so often kills time!

Here’s my guide to making endless reusable slides to help you build quickly🧵

#AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter #ResearchTalks #PHDChat #ECRChat
🤔Stop thinking about the presentation as 1 long 10 minute thing.

Big talks, are made of smaller bits of content, things you say in every talk.

These are content chunks.

• That introduction you always do
• That key finding
• the story you always tell
• the method you used
💡 Stop thinking about slides as more than one bit of information

For this to work every bit of key information must have its own slide

This may mean having lots of slides, but that doesn’t matter

1 key idea = 1 slide

#AcademicTwitter #ResearchTalks #PHDChat #ECRChat
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How extra-curricular activities make me a better researcher!

A short presentation. Hope you can find some relation.

A thread 🧵

#phdchat #research #volunteering #mentorship #applications
@PhDVoice @AcademicChatter
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As a PhD student, my supervisor never answered my emails.

Then I became a PhD supervisor and realised why

A thread🧵 of my mistakes and how to avoid them

#phdchat #AcademicTwitter
🔹️Not being specific

Many of my emails didn't clearly state what I wanted my supervisor to do or the timeline. So he assumed the email was an FYI.

Now I use actionable email subjects
❌️"Re: Revised grant"

✅️ "Re: Revised grant: approve by COB"
🔹️No context

My emails assumed my supervisor remembered all my project details. He didn't, leading to mamy back & forths

Now I give enough context to remind of the last interaction
❌️Revised grant attached

✅️ Revised grant attached with your feedback from the meeting
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Are you starting your career as an assistant professor and guiding #PhD students for the first time?
Here are a few mentoring tips from the perspective of a current PhD student that may help you.

@AcademicChatter @PhDVoice @PhD_Genie #research @PhDsofIndia
1) Never keep lab meetings on Monday, Tuesday and weekends. Putting on Monday or Tuesday will force them to work on weekends. Respect the social life of PhD students. It's also good for their mental wellbeing.

2) Regularly talk about the long term and short term impact that the PhD project is going to produce, like patents, high impact journal papers as well as the societal impact. This will motivate the PhD scholars to work harder, smarter and better.
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New episode out today! Join us for a conversation with @LesinskiLab where we chat about his professional journey and his career as a translational researcher. Listen in and hear some #sciencebehindthescenes. #behindthemicroscope
@LesinskiLab @WinshipAtEmory @EmoryMedicine @EmoryUniversity @A_P_S_A @sitcancer @CancerBioEmory @laneygradschool @LaneyEDGE @emoryhealthcare Dr. Lesinski (@LesinskiLab) completed his undergraduate studies at @bgsu before continuing on to Medical College of Ohio (now @UToledoMed) to complete his PhD in biomedical sciences.
He then continued on to @OhioState to complete a postdoctoral fellowship and an MPH in clinical investigation, eventually joining the faculty at @OhioStateMed.
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Today’s #ResearchTip is a reminder that badmouthing is a distressing and destructive form of bullying we need to be alert to in academia. What is it? Find out in the thread ⬇️ #AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter #gradschool #HigherEd #MedEd #PhDChat #PhDHelp
What is badmouthing? It’s when
- untrue
- unkind
- unfounded
information or rumours about a person are shared by one or more individuals, behind the person being badmouthed’s back.
#AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter #gradschool #HigherEd #MedEd #PhDChat #PhDHelp
Badmouthing in academia happens for a variety of reasons. Most commonly bullying, but also due to
- bad communication or poor management skills
- passive aggressive behaviour
- jealousy or spite

#AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter #gradschool #HigherEd #MedEd #PhDChat #PhDHelp
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Universities that expect #MentalHealth sessions for students and staff but do not have any budget to pay for this are truly showing how little they value safety and wellbeing. #AcademicChatter #AcademicMentalHealth #AcademicTwitter #gradschool #HigherEd #PhDChat #MedEd
I am asked on a daily basis to write and deliver talks on #AcademicMentalHealth, usually with a matter of days or a week’s notice. With the assumption I can provide this service either for free or a very low fee. It’s a big 🚩 #AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter #HigherEd
This approach from unis is exploitative. If students and staff need training it should be from those who’re experienced and skilled. Whose time and expertise should be appropriately compensated. It mirrors other uni extractive practices. That ironically worsen mental distress.
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WHY MEDS WORK AND WHY ITS NORMAL TO BE HESITANT TO TAKE THEM AT FIRST: A thread 🧵(slightly long read so bear with me)
Today was the 1st group meeting of the sem! I usually have silent panic attacks every meeting & mask it by staying silent since everyone in my group sounds so smart & they know what they're doing as opposed to me who's not been able to generate a single dataset in the last year +
I was diagnosed with anxiety & depression a couple of months ago - I was really really scared to take meds since I couldn't believe I wasn't strong enough to produce the chemicals I needed. It took a great deal of persuading from my psychiatrist to start them and cut to today, +
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